GH Update Wednesday 6/14/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/14/06


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After the would-be christening, Nikolas is alone wondering what to do. Emily finds him and asks him how it went. He informs her that he just found out that John is not Jax’s son. He’s his. She is shocked to find out that Jax lied to him about it this whole while. He tells her that Jax and Carly covered it up this whole while until Robin revealed the truth. She then tells him that this is so wonderful and also so unbelievable. She asks him what he’s going to do now. He tells her he does not know.

Carly and jax return home and wonder what they are going to do next and what they can expect Nikolas to do.

At Kelly’s, Dillon surprises Georgie and tells her that he wants her to have her graduation party with him and do it right this time.

Lucky is outside, telling the police detective that h has to find out who shot Sam McCall and solve that crime. When he sees Maxie, he asks the detective to go in and get them their coffee. He approaches Maxie and asks her if she can get him some more pain pills.

While Jason and Elizabeth are talking, Sam notices them and asks what is going on. Elizabeth informs her that Jason just did her a favor. Sam then tells Jason that since he’s “passing out favors”, what about her

At Kelly’s, Mike puts a sign on the door that there is a private party so that Georgie can have her graduation party with only the people they invite. Georgie is very surprised and happy the Dillon came to her graduation. Dillon talks to her about how they have been fighting recently and how they want to get their relationship back. He tells her that after all she has been through in the last year, she deserves a proper celebration.

Maxie tells Lucky that she already gave him pills recently and he promised not to need any more. He tells her that he just needs a few more. He plans to get off of them soon. But he just wants to be able to keep working and be able to not have to go back to the hospital. She remembers that she just go him some pills earlier this morning and ask him if he’s gone through all of them yet. He then wonders if he did, but pulls them out of his pocket to reveal that they are almost gone but the bottle is not completely empty. She tells him that if her father ever found out, they are both dead. He tells her that he needs this in order to save his career and he will owe her big time.

When Sam finds Jason with Elizabeth on the docks, she tells him what he can do for her is admit that the reason he broke up with her is because of Alexis. He tells her that he does not want to discuss that now. She then turns and asks Elizabeth what she knows about the day of her surgery when she was unconscious. She tells them that Patrick just informed her that Alexis got a court order to stop the surgery and overrule Jason. She concludes that Alexis has done everything she can do to get Jason out of her life. She is glad she’s cleared that up. And she asks Jason if she can come home with him now.

Nikolas tells Emily that after finding out that John is his son for the first time, Alexis told him that he is not prepared to take his son back right now. She tells him that maybe Alexis is right. He has plenty of time to plan a future with his son. He then asks her what about all the time that he has already lost with his son. He gets very emotional and sounds like he’s going to cry when he tells her that Jax has moved heaven and earth to keep him away from his own son. He asks her if he knew that Jax took out a restraining order to keep him away form his son son. jax’s explanation for doing that is that he wants to protect him from Helena. He then concludes that maybe being raised a Cassadine is a fate worse than death. She tells him that he mustn’t think that and he must know that he will be a great father to his son

Jax asks cary if she really believes that John will live to be 18 without ever knowing the truth about his real father. He tells her that he noticed today, a little boy telling him that the baby does not look anything like him and what his mother asked for before she died. So what he did today, he did it for the good of baby John. And he tells her that all of their hopes and dreams together would have all ended when the baby goes away. It was inevitable. And they have to realize that. She tells him that she cannot believe that they’ve lost him. He tells her that the baby needs his father. He tells her that even though she does no care for Alexis, jax is good friends with him and maybe can convince her to convince Nikolas to let him be in the baby’s life. He tells her that there is no way that Nikolas will let him in his son’s life. They blame each other for the lie and then for exposing the lie. But then they realize that they can’t argue or give up. She tells him this is not his fault. It’s Robin’s. She tells him there is somewhere she has to go. Before she leaves, she tells him this is not over. She will not let it be. She kisses him and he holds her tight. She goes out the door. Alone, he cries.

Sam tells Jason now that she knows the truth that Alexis wanted to prevent her surgery, she now knows that they can get back together. Alexis has obviously blamed Jason for her getting shot. Even before that happened and before Alexis found out that she was Sam’s mother, she has believed that Jason is a danger to Sam. She filled his head with all of this crap and made him feel responsible for what happened to Sam while she was unconscious. But he tells her that it’s not as simple as that. He has made his own decision. Right then, carly appears.

At the hospital, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she can tell that Lucky might very well be addicted to his pain meds. Elizabeth asks her if she thinks she should confront him about it. She says she doesn’t want to do that now that he is succeeding and happy. Epiphany tells her that she could always wait. But if she does that, it might be too late. The longer she waits, the harder it will be to get him to quit. Elizabeth then concludes that she must talk to Lucky now. She calls him.

Robin and Robert come to join Georgie for her graduation ceremony. Robin talks about how she had a family when she graduated that excluded him. Mac then comes in and takes a video camera to photograph georgie. Robin looks envious that Georgie has a father who is there for her.

Jax tells his mother that he wanted to protect baby John from Helena. She has tried to kill Emily when Nikolas was with her. Then Courtney. He could not take that chance with the baby. She tells him that maybe there is more to it than that. After losing Courtney she knows that her son was very upset and depressed and empty. And maybe baby John filled that empty void for him. He tells her no. Carly did that.

After Jason tells Sam that there is nothing more to say, Carly goes up and talks to him.

Dillon and lulu sit together and she tells him that she never told her family that she graduated because she knew that if she did that, everybody would be there except her father. He tells her that he never had a father and has given up on fathers all together. Right then, Maxie goes out the door and Robin follows her out to inform her that she told Nikolas the truth about baby John.

Jax tells his mother that he is afraid that without John to keep him and Carly together, he is afraid hat she will go back to Sonny.

Right then, Carly goes to talk to Jason. He asks her what happened. She tells him that Robin happened. Right in the middle of little John’s christening, she stood up and announced to everybody that Nikolas was his father instead of Jax. He asks her how long she’s known this. He asks her if Courtney knew this. She admits that she did. He tells her she should have known that this would have blown up in his face. She protests that she encouraged jax to keep the secret That baby could have had a safe and happy life if he’d been raised by her and Jax. But because of Robin, it can’t happen. She is very angry at Robin

Elizabeth calls Lucky to meet on the docks. He kisses her and pulls the bottle of pain killers out of his pocket. She asks him why he lied to her.

Nikolas goes home and he asks his servant how he feels about babies. The man tells him that he thinks infants are pretty cool. Nikolas replies that that is good because they are about to have one. He has just found out that he is a father. Right then, Alexis enters. Nikoals admits to his aunt that he cannot think of a room in this mausoleum that he could make into a baby nursery. She tells him that she is certain that he can find a way. He then asks her if she is really there to help him or if she is there to plead Jax’s case. Does she believe that he did the right thing to protect the baby from the cassadines?

Jax stares at a picture of himself, carly and the baby. His mother tells him that she knows he can heal from this. He tells her he does not know where to begin. She then tells him that she was thinking of taking a little nature trip. Maybe he could join her. He thanks her but assumes it will be at the amazons. She tells him hat his brother just called and invited her to Africa. She tells him tat Jerry will need jax to come and help him in Africa. Jax sounds like he assumes his brother is in trouble. She tells him that sometimes other people’s problems can help you forget your problems. He tells her he cannot leave now because he does not know what Nikolas will do. She tells him that he doesn’t have to make a decision right away. He can wait. And maybe he can have some faith in Carly. Maybe she will come around and prove him wrong in his suspicion that she does not really care about him.

Carly tells Jason that Robin has done a despicable thing. It will ruin baby John’s life to be taken from jax and be part of Nikolas’ family. She also tells him that she and jax were building something really good. And she’s afraid that without the baby, it will all be over.

Lucky protests to Elizabeth that he is just taking the pills because of his back pains. She asks him why he did not tell her. He tells her he wishes she would just trust him. She asks him how he could get the pills when Patrick did not refill his prescription. He then informs her that he did not get them from Patrick. He went to another doctor. He did not think that Patrick had his best interest at heart. She then tells him that she believes that he has a problem.

Sam calls Jason from Alexis’s home and tells him that she believes that somebody is watching her. She does not want him to get a guard to protect her. She wants him. But he hangs up, assuming that she is crying wolf once again.

At Kelly’s, Mike announces a graduation dance. Dillon and Georgie dance. Lulu sits by herself and Mike tells her she can take her pick because there is a room full of great guys. Robert then goes and tells Lulu that he would be honored if the daughter of his best friend would have this dance with him. She gets up to dance with him. Dillon tells georgie that this day is about her. He loves her he is proud of her. Robert tells Lulu that she must realize that her dad is crazy about her. He tells Robert that all the time. He knows that Luke is unpredictable. But the only reason he comes back is because of Lulu. Robin sits by herself. Dillon tells Georgie that he would like them to start over again. She tells him she wants that also.

Maxie goes and tells a guy at the hospital that she needs him to do a favor and steal a few more pain pills. He tells her that he is not a drug dealer. She tells him that this is just one more time. Epiphany then informs the guy that he is pulled off night duty because some drugs were stolen from the supply room. He then tells Maxie that she needs to get her drugs elsewhere.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that he must realize that he has a problem with these drugs. He reminds her that she must realize that she did not give him a chance. She asked Mac not to let him return to active duty. She even went behind his back to take on another job because she did not think he could provide for her. She tells him she is sorry. She loves him and is concerned. And she is afraid that he will get addicted to this pain medication. He tells her he promises not to get addicted. Ad he can prove it. He then tosses the bottle into the river and asks her if that makes her feel better. She knows that it’s only a matter of time before he goes and gets more.

At Alexis’s, Sanford(?) Epiphany’s son, finds Sam and tells her that Jason asked him to come and see that she is ok. She is very disappointed, once again, that Jason did not come.

Carly comes to jax’s to say goodbye to baby John. She tells him she does not mean to intrude. He tells her that he wants her to come in and see him. He tells her that the baby ate and woke up from his nap smiling. She tells him that she knows that he loves jax and knows that Jax loves him. Jax then tells baby John that nothing will ever change how much he and Carly love him. They may not see him for a long time. But they will always be there for him. Just like his momma, watching over him. Carly then cries when she hears Jax talk about Courtney. Jax tells baby John that he was so grateful to be his father. Even if it was only for a little while. Carly comes over and puts her arms around jax and touches the baby.

Alexis tells Nikols that when she kept Kristina’s father in n the dark about his child, she did not do that to punish him. She just did it to protect her child. It’s the urge that parents have. They look into that little child’s eyes and want to stop at nothing to protect them. She tells him that he could have Jax arrested if he wants. But personally, she believes it’s a waste of time. Because once he has that baby in his home and in his arms, he will see how much that means and how petty his anger and need for revenge upon Jax was. He asks her if he must realize that the only way to protect any child of his is to make sure that he never knows that he is a Cassadine. She comes and puts her arms around her nephew and tells him that she knows that he can take carte of his child and nobody is better fit to be a father to that little boy than Nikolas. Right then, not far away Helena appears and spies upon them unseen.

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