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General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/13/06


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After watching Sonny have one of his episodes and then hearing him say that he wants to go and talk to Jason, Emily urges Sonny not to do that. He is in no condition to be in the presence of Jason, she tells him.

At Jason’s, after he’s told Elizabeth that he observed Lucky behaving as though he was under the influence of something, she tells him that could not be. She does not believe that her husband would be using anything while working on the police force and operating a gun.

Lucky goes to the hospital where Patrick tells him he is way out of line to be accusing Elizabeth of cheating on him. Lucky appears happy and tells Patrick that he is not there to make accusations. He is there to apologize and state that he does trust his wife.

At the christening, after robin has spilled the beans that Nikolas is Johns’ father and everybody else (including Nikolas) does not believe that, Jax suddenly decides that he cannot go through with having everybody believing that John is his son. He then opens his mouth and admits to Nikolas that he is Nikolas’ son. Calry urges jax not to do this. Nikolas is shocked that Jax would falsify the paternity test, lie and keep his child away from him. He asks Jax if Courtney knew that Jax falsified the paternity test. Jax admits that he did. Nikolas asks him how she reacted. Jax says she was not but she understood that he had his reasons. Nikolas then tells Jax that he remembered right before Courtney died. She was struggling to tell him something but could not. Now he knew what she was trying to tell. And it just worked out for Jax that she died before she had a chance. Jax went against her final wishes on her death bed. And he was going to say nothing if nobody else found out and do this despicable thing not only to Nikolas but to Courtney.

At the hospital, Lucky tells Patrick that he still thinks he’s scum. But he does not accuse him of having an affair with Elizabeth. He goes to the elevator and Patrick says congratulations to him. Lucky then turns and seems baffled to hear Patrick say that, and sounding insincere. He wonders how Patrick would know about the shoot out and Lucky’s supposed victory in catching the drug dealer. And it sounds like Patrick knows all about Lucky’s drug habit as well as the fact that he did not fire the shot in the first place.

Elizabeth protests to Jason that she believes that Lucky is completely professional on his job and would never compromise it with drugs. But she sits down and realizes that he was taking lots of pain pills and it’s kind of unrealistic that he has recovered from his painful injury so soon.

Ric talks to Lanie about bi polar disorder. He tells her that he believes it is himself who has it. She asks him when he first started experiencing these symptoms. He tells her in college. He talks about his mood swings. At one moment, he feels euphoria. He makes extravagant purchases. He stays up late at night and then crashes and gets depressed. She asks him what this is really about and why he is talking to her about this. He tells her that he would like to be able to control this and prepare for it if it happens again.

Emily tells Sonny that she is very concerned about his mood swings. He tells her that he is moody. That is part of his personality. But it’s not that big of a deal. She tells him that Jason has concerns about him. It’s because of that very thing Jason told her about, Sonny’s dark side, that is the reason why he took over Sonny’s business s in the first place. It’s not because Jason wanted the business. It was in order to motivate Sonny to give up his relationship with her. Jason was afraid that Sonny would hurt her. Sonny then tells Emily that Jason is overreacting. She asks him what would happen if they had another confrontation. He tells her that he does not believe that Jason would wrong him. But Jason would see to it that Sonny and Emily can never be together.

Ric asks Lanie if there is a way to be able to do a blood test to find out if somebody has bi polar disorder. She tells him unfortunately no. The only way to identify it is to do an evaluation. He asks her how to manage it. She says medication and staying away form alcohol are the only ways to keep it under control. He then leaves and Emily tells Lanie that she believes that Sonny is getting worse.

Jason tells Elizabeth when he was in the alley, Lucky was firing wildly. He had trouble loading his weapon. It looked like Lucky was hurt. So Jason thought he’d have to step in and help him. Elizabeth tells Jason that that does not sound like Lucky.

Patrick tells Lucky that from what he observed in the OR when removing the bullet, it did not sound like Lucky fired the shot. Lucky tells Patrick that he knows how to do his job.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Lucky did not even recognize him and took a shot at him instead of at the suspect. She remarks that they can thank God that Lucky missed Jason. He tells her that maybe Lucky just panicked and was firing in a very sloppy manner. She concludes that maybe Lucky was on drugs.

Sam is with Kristina on the patio of Alexis’ house. She goes away and Manny comes out of the bushes to say “hi” to Kristina. He tells her she may not remember him. But they met outside of Kelly’s when she dropped her doll. And he realizes a lot has changed since then. She’s moved into a new house with her mother and step father and has a grown sister. Right then, Sam calls to Kristina to come inside while Sam gets ready to her doctor’s appointment. Manny then says good bye to Kristina and keeps himself hidden from Sam.

At the christening, Carly tells Nikolas that Jax did what he did as an act of love for the baby. He asks her what kind of love he has to steal another man’s child. Jax protests that Nikolas did not even believe it when robin first said it and thought that Maxie lied to him in order to impress him. He tells them that that is no excuse for what they did. He tells carly that if she claims to be Courtney’s best friend, how could she do that to Courtney? Jax tells Nikolas that carly did this for him. Robin asks jax why he keeps defending Carly. Why can’t he see Carly for the dishonorable piece of trash she is. She tells jax that she knows he’s a good man. But Carly is not a good person. She tells him that Carly just wanted to manipulate him into having a relationship by worming her way into the baby’s life. Carly tells Robin that she wanted this baby to have a family where there is love and security and not to be raised by a pack of lunatics. But now that Robin had to open up her mouth and reveal this secret, it’s going to ruin his life. Jax then tells them that the blame is all his. He started this whole thing. Nobody else is at fault.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she realizes that Lucky really did push himself too hard to get out of the hospital and return to work. But she didn’t think much of it because she knew that Patrick did not refill Lucky’s prescription. Because of that, she had no reason to believe that Lucky could be hooked on drugs. But now she knows that he must be finding away to get the drugs and maybe illegally. Right then, Jason’s guard announces that Officer Spencer is there. Elizabeth goes into another room and hides, believing that Lucky cannot know that she is there. Lucky tells Jason that they have to talk.

Sam goes and has a check up with Patrick. He tells her that she is a very lucky woman to have recovered so well. But he informs her that there is something she may not know. Alexis got a court order to prevent her surgery. And it could have killed her.

Emily tells Lanie that Sonny ahs been having delusions. He called her Lily and thought she was pregnant. There is something wrong with his judgment. He asked her and Sam to help him convince Jason to see that he is making bad decisions. And she knows that Sonny would have never suggested that the three of them do that under normal circumstances, knowing that Jason would never respond well to that. Hearing that, Lanie tells Emily that she needs to get Sonny into treatment right away.

Ric comes to see Sonny and tells him that he must realize that he threatened Ric’s life when he suggested Sonny go back to his old business. Sonny then responds that Ric must know that that subject is off limits. He tells ric that he’s made it very clear to him that he’s not going to take back the territory or double cross Jason. Ric tells Sonny that they need to talk about what happened to Sonny when he was left alone with ric’s father. Sonny pours a lot of alcohol and tells Ric that he knows Ric is upset that their mother abandoned Ric for Sonny. Ric then asks Sonny to remember the exact day she died. Sonny asks him why. Ric tells Sonny that he knows a lot of information and dates and facts that Ric does not know. Sonny tells Ric he does not want to remember that.

Nikolas tells Jax that he and Carly have kept his son away from him for the first few months of his life. And he can never get that time back. Carly tells Nikolas that Jax only had good intentions for the baby. Nikolas asks them if Jax is going to tell him that he had good intentions when he got a restraining order to keep Nikolas away from his son. Is Jax going to defend himself after causing him to have to grovel and beg to be with his son and to just be able to hold him? Is that justified? Right then, Alexis tells Nikolas that maybe all of his anger and bitterness will not benefit his son. Mike tells him that Courtney would not want this. Carly tells Nikolas that nobody can undo what has already been done. Nikolas tells then that this is over now. He’s going to take back his son. Alexis tells her nephew that he needs to think clearly and realize that now is not the time to take his son home. He is not prepared. He doesn’t even have diapers. He tells her he will find everything he needs. But she tells him that she will help him through this and maybe he just needs a day in order to process this. He’s been through a terrible shock. He tells his aunt he will consider what she his asking. Right then, Jax and his mother leave. Nikolas tells Robin he’d like to talk to her.

Patrick explains to Sam that Alexis got a court order to prevent the medical staff from performing the surgery that Jason wanted them to perform and she actually got the put in jail. She asks him why.

Ric probes Sonny about their mother. Sonny keeps telling him he does not want to talk about it. He then looks like he’s having a trauma and demands that Ric shuts up when he keeps talking about their mother.

Robin tells Nikolas that she realizes he is furious at jax and has every right to be. She knows that he made a serious mistake. But she believes that jax meant well and was only acting in the baby’s best interest. She does not believe that Carly had good intentions and she will never be able to figure out how Carly manipulated Jax into doing what he did. He tells her he does not understand why she defends Jax. But he smiles and tells her that he is so grateful to her for having the courage to do what she did. Were it not for her, he would never have the opportunity to raise his son. He hugs her.

Jax, Carly and his mother return to his house with the baby. Michael and Morgan are all excited to have the party. But they tell he boys that unfortunately there will not be a party. They ask Leticia to take the boys so that the adults can mull over the shock that has just happened. Jax picks up baby John and tells him that he will miss him so much.

Lucky tells Jason that he knows how to do his job. He will find the guy who shot Sam and he will find Manny Ruiz. He tells Jason he mustn’t get any ideas or go after this guy on his own. He leaves and Elizabeth comes out of hiding. Jason asks her why she hid.

Ric then apologizes to Sonny for grilling him. He tells him he could not imagine what it would be like to have a stepfather like Deke. He was the man he looked up to and a role model. But he was a wife beater. And he asks Sonny if he’s ever thought about what it would be like…… Sonny asks him about what. He then replies that he means has Sonny ever thought that he could do to a woman what his stepfather did to his mother. Sonny looks like tears are in his eyes and he tells Ric he better not ever say that. Right then, Mike appears and knows that the two of them are in a very heated discussion. He asks what is wrong. Ric tells Mike nothing. They are just talking about the warehouse and business deals. Ric leaves Sonny alone with his father.

Elizabeth explains to Jason that she did not want Lucky to know about her private conversation with Jason because he’d suspect something. Jason promises he will keep his mouth shut. She tells him that Lucky must never know that Jason “helped” him. And she wants Lucky to be receptive when she confronts him about the drugs. He asks her if she really wants to do that. He tells her that he believes that she’s been really great through all this. They look happy to be together. Right then, Sam appears and sees them together and asks what is going on.

At Jax’s home, after the big shock, he thanks Carly for defending him to Nikolas. She tells him that he gave John a safe home. He tells her that as soon as Nikolas calms down and thinks about this, he will realize that John needs her. She tells him that John needs him. She tells him that as soon as Helena finds out that John is her great grand son, John will be in serious danger. She tells him that even after robin opened her mouth, everybody believed that Maxie falsified the test results in order to win points with Nikolas.. Nikolas had no clue that Carly rigged the test results that he got from the lock of the baby’s hair. She asks Jax why he had to do what he did.

Nikolas is alone in the park after the would-be-christening. Emily appears and asks him how it went. He informs her that he has just discovered that Jax is not John’s father. He is.

At Sonny, Mike informs his son that there was a big shock at the christening. They just found out that Jax is not the father of Courtney’s baby. Nikolas is. Jax lied about that. And Carly helped him. Mike tells Sonny that he realizes that he might be pretty angry at carly for lying about Courtney’s baby’s paternity. Hearing that, Sonny tells his father that he is afraid that now that Nikolas finds out he has a child, he will need a mother figure for him. And he’s afraid that he will lose Emily to Nikolas.

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