GH Update Monday 6/12/06

General Hospital Update Monday 6/12/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ric comes to see Sonny and tells him he’s found a way to help him get his business back while letting Jason falsely believe that he still has it. He explains to his brother that he has found some legal maneuvers that would enable Sonny to reap all the benefits while Jason incurs all the risk. At first Sonny smiles and acts calm. But he then, suddenly, throws books off of his table, screams at Ric and tells him he better stay out of his business. He grabs a hold of Ric and tells him he is a sick, nasty person who only wants to hurt everybody Sonny loves. Ric is a little surprised by his brother’s sudden, unexpected outburst. Sonny pushes Ri on the couch, tells him he will kill him and is ready to hurt him when Emily comes down and breaks it up.

Lucky and Diego have a shoot out. But unknown to Lucky, Jason is hiding behind the scenes and it is he, instead of Lucky, who shoots the suspect. The guy falls to the ground.

While Sam is outside on the patio of Alexis’’ new house, unknown to her, Manny is hiding in the bushes watching her. Right then, some guys appear and inform her that Mr. Morgan sent them to make sure that she is safe. That is not what she wants to hear. She wants Jason back. But she has no clue that she really does have something to worry about. Manny continues to keep himself hidden.

Little John’s christening is underway. The only person there, besides Jax and carly, who knows that Nikolas is really the baby’s father, is robin. She comes with Patrick who has no clue why she is lashing out at Carly. Carly invites Patrick to meet Jax’s mother and doesn’t seem friendly to Robin. At that point, Robin is ready to disclose the truth to Nikolas. Nobody can figure out what her problem is. Nikolas appears and tells the others that he has to confess something. Robin hears him and is hoping that he’s discovered the truth. But she already knows that Calry tampered with the DNA test. He announces that he did a ‘bad thing” He distrusted Jax and carly by sneakily snipping a lock of hair from the baby to get it tested. He admits to them that he had that guy come over and distract them and he confesses the whole thing. And it “confirmed” that Jax is the real father. He apologizes. When Robin hears that, she tells Nikolas he has nothing to apologize for. She lashes out at Carly, tells her she’s a despicable liar and she will not get away with what she did. She’s using an innocent baby just to win points with Jax. Patrick takes her aside and has no clue why she is so angry. Right then, Patrick gets a call and has to go to the hospital. Carly and Jax hold the baby and look so happy. Nikolas watches them looking disappointed. Robin stares and is ready to blow their nasty little secret out of the water.

After Lucky has shot the dealer (or believes he did when Jason really did), the lieutenant congratulates him for a job well done. And the guy needs medical care.

Right then, Jason meets with Sanford(?) Epiphany’s son. He informs him that he shot the guy and made Lucky believe that he busted the drug dealer. He tells Sanford that he noticed something very odd about Lucky. It could be pain killer addiction.

After Sonny goes after Ric, Emily tries to get him to calm down. She is a little worried.. Ric then leaves and when he’s out the door, he asks Max what is up with Sonny. Max tells Ric that he really should not worry. But it looks like Ric really is worried.

At the christening, the reverend speaks. Jax, carly, Mike, Jax’s mother, Alexis, Nikolas and Robin gather around. Observing, Robin and Alexis agree that it’s really sickening to see carly looking to them like the perfect mother figure. She is manipulating once again. Nikolas leans over and asks them to keep their attitude about Carly to themselves. The baby is happy and healthy and that is all that Courtney would have wanted, he tells them. Right then, the baby cries as Jax holds him. For just a moment, jax does not look content as he has a flashback of Courtney, on her deathbed, telling him that she is going to tell Nikolas that he is the baby’s father and Jax better stay out of her business with her child and his father. And it just unfortunately happened that she died before having a chance to tell Nikolas the truth.

While Alexis is gone. Sam keeps Kristina and Molly company in the house. Kristina tells Sam she notices those strange men outside. Sam apologizes and admits that they are there because of her and she tells her little sister she can make them go away so that they can have their tea party in private. Kristina also expresses that she wishes she could be at the christening with her mom. She expresses that she’d like to see her brothers.

Lorenzo and Skye go to the hospital to have an ultrasound. Dr. Lee comes to assist them. Lorenzo then gets a call and goes to where he cannot be heard. It’s Mac Scorpio informing him that they have his son on a parole violation. Diego has apparently gotten involved in the shoot out with Lucky and the alleged criminals.

Patrick goes to assist in removing a bullet from the guy in the shoot out. Elizabeth meets her husband at the hospital and is happy that he is ok. Not far away, Maxie is holding Lucky’s bottle of pain killers. Elizabeth and Lucky act happy that he is ok. He apologizes to her for the way he has been behaving and promises to get things back to the way they used to be.

Lorenzo goes to see his son at the station after being informed by Mac that he will be shipped back to pentonville for his part in this shoot out. Diego tells his father that he did not ask him to come nor asked for his help. Lorenzo tells his son he did a really stupid thing. And he is even stupider if he keeps up this attitude. He reminds him that he(himself) is the only person who can help him right now and Diego must put his pride aside.

At the station, the cops gather around Lucky and give him a round of applause.

But during surgery, Patrick informs Elizabeth that he can tell that it may not have been Lucky who shot the dealer.

Ric goes to Jason’s. Jason tells him to go away. But he tells him that he has some information about Sam. Jason then lets him in. Ric tells Jason he’s a little concerned about all of the guards who are posted outside his house. Jason then admits to Ric that Sam admitted to him that she faked that she was in danger in order to get him back. Ric then tells Jason that he has some concerns about Sonny.

Sonny attempts to explain to Emily what his “conversation” with Ric was about. At that point, he is calm and does not appear uptight or angry. He explains to her that Ric has this competitive thing with Jason. He tells her that what he did to Ric “appeared” to look a certain way. She argues that she knows what she saw. He tells her that ric had an idea about helping him get his business back. Ric has a real need to get respect from his big brother and he hates Jason. He tells her he knows that Ric means well, cares about him and wants what is best for him. But in the end, Ric always takes the angle of what is best for Ric. She then asks Sonny if he is saying that he went after Ric in order to “make a point”. He smiles and tells her that’s true. He apologizes for scaring her and tells her that he just had to set Ric straight. It looks like she is worried.

At the christening, Mike and Jax’s mother hold the baby and act like the elated grandparents. Neither has a clue what Jax did and that he is not the baby’s father. Nikolas looks disappointed. Alexis looks like she knows that something is up. And Robin is very upset. Alexis asks Nikolas to go and take a walk with her. Robin can sense that they are as unhappy as she is although they do not have a clue as to why. Michael and Morgan join their mom and Jax and their new cousin. They all look like one big happy family. Nikolas watches and tells Alexis and Robin that they have no reason to worry. His son is surrounded by his family and they all love him. Right then, Robin cannot keep the secret to herself one moment longer. She then breaks up the happy reunion and informs everybody that Jax is not the baby’s father. Hearing that, Carly attempts to smooth things over. She tells the people that everything is fine. Robin made a mistake. Nikolas asks Robin what is going on. He has now confirmed with DNA that Jax is the baby’s father. She tells him she knows that Carly rigged the test results. Carly then asks Robin how she can be so spiteful. First, she had to spill the beans to Michael that AJ was his father. And she tells Robin that Nikolas is nothing to this baby.

Lucky tells Mac that he did what he had to do. Mac tells Lucky that he must admit that maybe he was wrong to have had his doubts about Lucky. And he tells him that they will have a thorough investigation. Lucky acts happy but secretly knows that an investigation might get him into trouble. Mac leaves and Lucky pops some more pain pills.

Lorenzo asks Diego if he wants to keep choking on his pride or if he wants to let his father help him. Diego asks Lorenzo if there is actually a way to beat the charges. Lorenzo replies that he knows of ways to do that.

Sam goes to Sonny’s. Outside his door, she tells Max that maybe she can turn things around. She comes in to talk to Sonny. He tells her he’s glad she’s out of the hospital. She tells him she really appreciates the support of him and all the others who donated blood. She tells him that she has a plan. And if it works, she can have the man she loves and he can get his business back.

Ric tells Jason that he must realize that Sonny is having serious problems right now. Right then, Jason is ready to escort Ric out the door. Elizabeth comes and tells Jason she cannot “thank him enough”. But when she sees Ric, she freezes as if there is something she does not want him to know.

Sam tells Sonny that she knows, at first, Jason may not listen to what they tell him. But he must know that there are ways to convince Jason that giving Sonny back the organization will be the best thing and she can get back the man she loves. He then tells her that that is a brilliant idea and he does not know why he did not think of this.

At Jason’s, when Elizabeth sees Ric, she says she did not mean to interrupt. Ric goes out the door. And Elizabeth tells Jason that Patrick discovered that it was not Lucky who shot the dealer in the leg. So it must have been Jason. She tells Jason she really appreciates all he has done. But she tells him that Lucky must never know what happened in that alley tonight.

Skye returns form her ultrasound appointment and tells Lorenzo that it will be a surprise whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Right then, Lorenzo gets a call. Skye overhears that he has to “arrange” something that is probably illegal. And it’s obvious that he’s hiding something from her.

Calry tells Robin that she did not tamper with any paternity test. She was just in the hospital to get some prescriptions for her son. Robin had to watch over her. She’s paranoid and crazy. Alexis then tells carly if she’s so certain that Nikolas is not little John’s father, then she would not mind another paternity test. Nikolas then tells them that he does not want to have another test done. Robin tells them that Maxie confirmed that Nikolas is the father. And Nikolas concludes that he believes that Maxie lied to him in order to help him because she has a crush on him. She means well. And he wishes more than anything that he was the baby’s father. But he realizes that wishes are not facts. And Jax is the baby’s father.

Sam returns to Alexis home and tells the guards they no longer have to be there. She tells them she apologizes for lying. She asks them to please leave because they are making her little sister nervous. They then get ready to leave. And Manny lurks through the bushes.

Sonny tells Emily that he will go and talk to Jason. She firmly tells him that he cannot go and talk to Jason in the state he is in.

Ric goes to the hospital and talks to Lanie about bi polar disorder. She asks whom he is concerned about having this condition. He tells her that it’s himself.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he noticed that Lucky made some very unusually bad shots. He was closer to the dealer than Jason was. And, knowing that Lucky is trained as a cop, what he was doing was not normal. And if he did not know better, he’d think that Lucky was under the influence of something.

Lucky goes to find Maxie and asks her if he can get some more pills. She reminds him that he previously told her that he wouldn’t need the pills after he was done with the drug bust. She expresses to him that she can see he’s been taking too many of those pills already. It looks like he’s becoming addicted. He then urges her to let him have some more pills. She gives them to him. He pops them again. And right then, Patrick comes up to Lucky, corners him and tells him he knows what he is doing.

Carly protests that Robin needs to get a life. But right then, Jax confesses that robin is right. He is not John’s father. Nikolas is. Nikolas stares speechlessly at him.

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