GH Update Friday 6/9/06

General Hospital Update Friday 6/9/06


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Sam knocks on Jason’s penthouse door and tells him that since she’s a target, she needs to move back in.  He tells her that he shouldn’t have sent her away and they kiss.  The whole thing turns out to be a daydream as Sam steps out of the elevator and heads towards Jason’s penthouse door.  After she knocks on the door, Jason opens up and tells him the same thing.

Lucky is on the stakeout waiting for the bust.  He’s loading his gun and popping some pills as he waits there in pain.  A somewhat  drunk/hung over Maxie stumbles into the area.

At Sonny’s, he is getting impatient with Max while waiting for them to deliver a package.  Sonny gets irritable with Max as Milo enters with the package.  Emily wonders who it is for and Sonny tells her that she’ll see – it’s something that he wanted to do for a long time.

At the gazebo, Jax is holding John waiting for the christening to begin.  He tells him that this is the day that he becomes his son in the eyes of God.

Nikolas comes out of the elevator and over to Dr. Lee in the hospital.  She hands him the paternity results.  He anxiously opens up the test results as Carly looks on.

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Nikolas thanks Dr. Lee for the test results.  Nikolas is looking at the test results that Carly doctored to make it look like John is Jax’ child.  He shows disappointment in the fact that he is not John’s father.

Robin walks over to Carly, who was eavesdropping on Dr. Lee and Nikolas.  She wants to know what Carly is doing sneaking around the hospital.

Mike comes to Sonny’s.  Sonny had requested his presence.  He assumes why Sonny asked for him here, but Sonny tells him that he’s wrong.  Emily leaves and asks Max why Sonny was upset.  She wonders if Sonny’s mood swings are getting worse.  Sonny hands him the present and Mike is shocked.  He thought Sonny was going to cut him off.  Mike opens the present to see a baseball glove – just like the one Mike bought Sonny when he was a child.

Alexis comes home to see if Ric is going to John’s christening.  Ric tells her that he wasn’t invited to the christening.  Alexis tells him that he’s practically related to John, but Ric tells her that he has to spend the day at Sonny’s.  She wants to know why and he wonders if she’s asking as his wife or as the DA.  He tells her about the plans to renovate the coffee house.  She questions whether he plans to help Sonny get the mob back from Jason.

At Jason’s penthouse, Sam puts her suitcase inside and they talk about Sam being in danger.  Jason points out that no one was there.  He had his men check the perimeters of the lake house.  There was no sign of anyone or forced entry.  He asks her if she made it up for him to come over.  He tells her he’s fixing her being in danger.  She wonders if she was really attacked, would he care any less because they weren’t together.  He apologizes for hurting her, but doesn’t want her to lie to him.

Liz is calling Lucky to see where he is.  Epiphany wonders why Liz keeps calling and she says she’s worried.

Lucky surprises Maxie by grabbing her.  He tells her that he is on a stakeout.  She tells him that she was at an all night club.  She catches him popping some more pills and tells him that she thought he wasn’t taking them anymore.  He tells her he strained his back when they were struggling.  She tells him that Mac would give him time off, but Lucky says he doesn’t want that.  He thanks her for helping him and asks him for more help.  Maxie tells him that she doesn’t think he should handle a gun if he’s on drugs.

At the hospital, Carly covers by telling Robin that she has to pick up a prescription for Morgan and came by the Nurses station to see if her mom was on duty.  Robin tells her that she’s not a very good liar and wants to know who she was spying on.  Patrick intervenes.  Carly wonders if people need a hall pass now to wander General Hospital.  Carly tells Robin to find someone else to harass – she has a christening to go to.

Alexis is worried about how Ric getting involved in the business is going to affect them.  Ric tells her that he just wants to help his brother and that Jason is still the mob boss.  She stresses the conflict that her being the DA will cause – they will each be sleeping with the enemy.  Ric brings up the connections that Alexis already has with the mob; Kristina being Sonny’s daughter and her other daughter being in love with the current mob boss.  Ric tells her that if she doesn’t like the conflict, she can resign as the DA.  She tells him that if he wants power, he can try to take over ELQ, but Ric would rather work in Sonny’s business.  She tells him that one day she’s going to have to take them down, but he reminds her that it would be a conflict of interest and wonders who would come out on top.  A shocked Alexis wonders if he is messing with her or not.

Mike and Sonny take a stroll down memory lane.  They reminisce about playing catch when Sonny was a child.  Mike is glad that Sonny has some good memories.  They talk about Sonny’s mother and Mike’s relationship with her and the gambling.  Sonny remembers that Mike was generous with the people he loves.  Mike brings up his gambling addiction and how it’s a sickness.  Sonny tells him he’s feeling sentimental.  Mike tells him he’s going to John’s christening.  Sonny tells him that he’s not going because Carly is still mad at him.  He tells Mike to take Michael and Morgan to the park to play catch.  Mike thanks him for the glove and leaves.  Emily tells Sonny that he made Mike happy.  He hugs her and again calls her Lily.  Emily looks disturbed.

Liz is calling up Lucky’s cell phone again to check what’s going on.  Epiphany, after catching an error in Liz’s work, tells her to ease her distraction by going to the
PCPD and finding out where Lucky is.  After Liz leaves, Epiphany catches Maxie in the hospital.  She wonders what she is doing there and Maxie covers by telling her she’s making up for lost days at the hospital.  After evading Epiphany, she gets one of her friends who works in the hospital and asks him to get her a bottle of hydrocodone.

At Sonny’s,  he is talking about how surprised Mike was by Sonny reaching out to him and getting him the gift.  When he wonders what is wrong with Emily, she tells him that he called her Lily for the second time.  Sonny admits that she’s been on his mind lately.  When she inquires further, he tells her that he’s been thinking lately what the business cost him and the first casualty in the business was Lily and the baby.  He tells her he doesn’t regret it and that he’s happy now.  His life is better because he thought he wanted the business more than he really did.

Jason is taking Sam back to the lake house.  Sam is upset because Jason is treating her like she’s invisible.  Jason tells her not to come back to the penthouse because it’s not safe there.  When Alexis comes in, she wonders what is going on. She tells him not to walk out on her because she might be right about her being in danger – the person who shot her is still out there.  Sam tells her that someone was after her, so she went to Jason’s to not put the kids at risk.  Jason tells Sam that he’ll get guards for her and leaves saying that if someone is going to come after anyone, it will be him.  When Jason leaves, Alexis offers police guards to make same feel safe.

Robin wonders if Patrick is going to the christening.  Patrick thinks that Robin will just dwell on Carly’s secret, but Robin tells him that she’s mad at what Carly is getting away with.  Patrick warns her that it doesn’t involve her directly so she should just stay out of it.  Patrick offers to help Robin be distracted about Carly by giving her a kiss.

At the gazebo, Carly is showing Lady Jane where the christening is.  They talk about John and how he’s lucky to have Jax as a father.  Lady Jane tells Carly that they’re both lucky to have Carly.  She thanks Carly for taking care of Jax and John.

Nikolas arrives at the gazebo as Helena shows up.  She wonders if Nikolas is thinking about his own son’s christening.  Nikolas admits to Helena that he thought John might be his son.  Helena tells him that if John was his son, she’d want more for his son than to be baptized in a public park.  Helena tells Nikolas that all the things she does is for the good of her family.  Nikolas disagrees thinking that the only reason Helena wants an heir is because she can’t control him.  He vows to never let any of his children come under her influence.

At the lake house, Sam tells Alexis that she lied about being in danger.  That she sent Ric and the children away and set up a trap for Jason to think she was in trouble.  She tells Alexis how she put on something sexy thinking it would make him remember how much he cares about her.  Alexis is shocked and tells her that she’s setting herself up to get hurt.  Sam tells Alexis that she’ll fight dirty for Jason if she has to because it’s important.  Alexis tells her that she’s sure she’ll do what she thinks is best.  Outside, Manny is watching her.

As Jason arrives, Liz is waiting outside the penthouse.  She tells Jason that she is worried about Lucky.  She tells him that he went out on the stakeout, but has never come back.  Jason tells her that it may take time, but Liz says that he wants this badly.  Liz is concerned that Lucky could get hurt.  She wants Jason to find him to make sure he’s okay.

Lucky watches as Diego is with a guy.  Diego hands the guy some money in exchange for a gun.  Just as they are about to make the trade, Lucky jumps out and looses his balance.  Bullets start flying as a doped up Lucky shoots his gun.

At Sonny’s, he shows Emily some of the plans for the gardening and asks for her input.  She tells him it would be nice to see a rose garden.  Ric comes in and Emily excuses herself.  Max asks Emily how he’s doing and she says she’s doing calmer.  Ric goes over the plans for the warehouse expansion.  Sonny wonders why Ric didn’t want Emily around when he’s going over the plans.  Ric tells Sonny that he was looking at the plans and thinks with the right changes, they can make the warehouse into a transport operation.  Sonny questions Ric if he wants him to get back into the business.

At Jason’s penthouse, Liz is impatiently waiting for a call back from one of Jason’s men.  Jason is having his guys check it out.  Liz feels guilty for asking for favors.  She admits that she’s freaked out.  Lucky gets a phone call from Stan telling him that bullets are flying.  Stan lets Jason know where he is and Jason runs out of the penthouse telling Liz to go to the hospital and wait for his call.

At the gazebo, Nikolas and Robin are talking about Patrick.  Robin tells Nikolas that Patrick is the complete opposite of him.  Nikolas is kind and gentle, but Patrick is a caveman.  Nikolas admits that he’s not that great.  He broke up Courtney and Jax’ marriage.  He tells Robin he has no place in John’s life, but Robin tells him that he has every right to be there.  Nikolas tells Robin that he’s ashamed to admit it, but he had another paternity test run on John last night and it came back as Jax being the father.  Robin puts two and two together and figures out that is why she saw Carly at the hospital.  When Nikolas wonders what she’s talking about, Patrick interrupts the two of them.

Ric and Sonny are discussing the plans to take over Jason’s business.  Ric figures the cops will be all over Jason, but won’t suspect that they’re working things for another angle.  Sonny is confused, but realizes that Ric has been working this all along.  Ric tells Sonny that he’s trying to help him get back what was stolen from him.  Sonny loses his temper and tells Ric that he is sick and twisted and doesn’t want to be trapped back into the business.  He tells Ric that he won’t let him be trapped.

At the lake house, Sam is outside holding her necklace that Jason gave her.  Manny comes up from behind with a rope.

Jason arrives at the scene and tells Stan to get going.  While bullets are flying, Lucky reloads and Jason comes up from behind and shoots the guy.  Diego tells Lucky that he hit him as Jason looks on from behind.

Jax is holding John.  Nikolas thanks Carly for inviting him to the christening.  She tells him that Courtney loved him and would want him to be there.  Carly greets Mike to the christening.  Alexis asks Nikolas how he is and knows that it’s not easy for him.  He tells her that he won’t wish that he was John’s father anymore.  Carly comes up to Patrick and tells him that he needs to meet Jax’s mother in front of Robin.  Robin tells Carly she would love to meet her.  The two women get into an argument about “the family” and John.  Carly tells Robin to leave and she gets angry at Carly; telling her that she’s the one that is ruining things.  She tells her that she is building a mountain of lies around a child and she’s not going to let her get away with it.  A shocked Carly just looks on as Robin turns around to tell Nikolas the truth…

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