GH Update Thursday 6/8/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/8/06


Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is right outside of the Lake House. She’s staring out towards the lake as she begins to fidget with her engagement ring. She takes it off for a second and then puts it back on.

Over at Jason’s, he is staring at the window where the bullet hit. Liz walks into the apartment and asks Jason why he doesn’t just call Sam.

Emily and Sonny discuss what Emily believes is Sonny suffering from Bi-polar disorder. She tells him how it can be treated and that Sonny needs to find out if this is what’s happening to him.

At the hospital, Nikolas is discussing the paternity test with Dr. Lee. He wants to know how long the paternity test results will take. She tells him that she will put a rush on it. As Nikolas is talking to Dr. Lee about him possibly being the father and wanting his son back, Carly walks into the hospital and overhears.

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At the Lake House, Kristina comes outside and asks Sam what she is doing. Sam tells her sister that she is just missing someone. She asks Sam to read a story to her and the two sit down and talk about the book that Kristina brought. Sam tells her that fairytales do happen in real life too.

As Liz walks in she notices that Jason hasn’t lived much in the penthouse since Sam got shot. She asks him if he has slept at all. Jason tells her that he doesn’t sleep much lately. Liz brings up Sam and compares it to when she was without Lucky. Jason stops her from talking about Sam and wonders why Liz has come over. She tells him that she needs his help with Lucky, even though she didn’t want it before. He asks how he can help. She explains to Jason how she wants to give Lucky his self-confidence back. Jason still doesn’t follow. Liz asks what if Lucky can solve a crime that no other cop can.

Lucky is at the PCPD for shooting practice. Detective Rodriquez comes in to see if Lucky is okay. He tells Lucky to take it easy, but Lucky just continues shooting.

Sonny covers by making excuses for his actions. Emily tells him that he doesn’t remember things that have happened. He brings up the incident with Alexis and she reminds him that he threatened to kill her. She then reminds him of his other erratic behaviors such as the pasta incident, digging in the garden, the car. Sonny makes a joke to cover for the behavior, but Emily confesses that she is concerned. Emily believes that Sonny is covering the illness and that it is connected to what Jason has warned her about. Sonny insists that he is fine and that Lainey agreed. Emily admits that it wasn’t a complete evaluation. Then, Sonny admits to her that what he left out is that he actually misses the business. He misses the power, respect, the money, Jason and being in control. He tells her that his life is different because she is in it and he just wants to focus on the positives.

At the hospital, Robin shows Maxie the invitation to John’s christening. Robin tells Maxie that she believes Jax wouldn’t be lying about John if not for Carly. Maxie tells Robin to make the right choice and say something. Robin agrees, but she wants to protect the child from the Cassadines. Robin is torn and Maxie sees Robin’s both points of view. Maxie hints at something, which Robin inquires about. Before she can get it out of Maxie, she leaves.

Nikolas thanks Dr. Lee for helping him. He tells her that he would rather know now and do something about it than wait a year from now. He tells Dr. Lee that it would be easier on John to take him away from Jax sooner than later – to that Carly overhears. Dr. Lee tells Nikolas that it is good to see someone fighting for the child and that he is very loved. Nikolas admits that John would be loved no matter where he is. A horrified Carly looks on as Dr. Lee takes the hair sample and the mouth swab from Nikolas to Epiphany to being the paternity test.

At the penthouse, Liz reveals her plan to give Lucky an easy arrest to boost his confidence. She thinks that if Jason gives Lucky someone he doesn’t like as an arrest, it will help him. She asks Jason if he can get a “regular bad dude” for Lucky to arrest – to which Jason laughs at. She just wants to give Lucky something to be proud of by snagging a bad dude, but nothing too dangerous where he could get hurt. She wants to know if Jason can arrange something like that. Jason says yes, but wonders if she is being fair to Lucky.

Lucky is still firing away at the PCPD, ignoring Detective Rodriguez’ suggestion that he takes it easy when he begins to have back pain. He starts popping some pills when Detective Rodriguez walks back in and catches him. He’s surprised he is still on pain medications. Lucky tells him he still had some more left over and laughs it off to shooting too long. Lucky doesn’t want Mac to put him on disability though. Lucky assures him that he doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his partner again. Detective Rodriguez assures him that no one blames him and then proceeds to give him the update that the person who shot Durant also shot Sam. He tells Lucky that the person to bust the shooter will be a hero.

Nikolas catches up with Robin and they talk about the christening. He tells Robin about Jax asking him to be Godfather and then took it back when Helena showed up. Robin wonders if Helena’s presence had anything to do with it. Nikolas assures Robin it most certainly does.

Carly sneaks into the hospital locker room and catches Patrick changing. She runs away to not be noticed, but Patrick catches her anyway. When Patrick leaves and Carly thinks the coast is clear, she checks the lockers for some scrubs. As she is changing into the scrubs, Patrick sneaks back in and catches her in the act.

Sonny tells Emily that she doesn’t have to worry about him. Emily tells Sonny that he just needs to be honest and not perfect. Sonny tells Emily that he wants to buy a plane to fly over Port Charles. When Emily looks oddly at him, he says he was joking. He shows Emily some blueprints and tells her that she shouldn’t be drinking in her condition. A shocked Emily just looks at him.

Carly tells Patrick that she needs his help in forgetting that he saw her here. Robin walks in and wonders who Patrick is talking to.

Liz tells Jason about her past with Lucky and how they are connected by going to the docks when things are rough. Liz tells Jason how Lucky is accusing her of cheating on him with Patrick. Jason thinks it’s crazy, but Liz tells him that he never apologized for the accusations. She tells Jason that she just wants her husband back instead of being mean to her. She hopes that the bust will boost his confidence, but Jason cannot guarantee anything.

Sam is at the Lake House by herself. She’s breathing very heavily and begins to make a phone call when Ric walks through the door. Ric wonders what’s wrong with Sam, but she covers saying she was just upset about Jason. She wonders what he is doing home, but he tells her that he’s there to work. She apologizes for snapping, but Ric says he understands. Sam frantically tries getting rid of Ric by telling him to go join the girls at the park. Ric wonders why she is trying to get rid of him.

Emily laughs off Sonny’s statement thinking it’s a joke. Sonny is clueless and doesn’t remember, but he wonders if she’s pregnant to which Emily says no. Sonny tells her that she’s being emotional and wondered if it was pregnancy. They both say they haven’t discussed that and Sonny says why start now. He takes her outside to show her the garden. When Emily leaves, Sonny walks around the place. He looks as if there is something going on mentally and he begins to shake.

In the hospital locker room, Robin wants to know who he was talking to. Patrick says he was on his cell, but Robin is certain that she heard a woman’s voice. In order to not spill Carly’s secret; he dares her to look around and then accuses her of being territorial. Robin gets all defensive. They kiss and then leave the locker room. When the coast is clear, Carly sneaks away, but Epiphany stops her to go change a bed pan.

Back at the Penthouse, Jason tells Liz of a guy that he wouldn’t mind seeing get busted. He tells her of his connection to Sam’s shooting and that he wants the guy arrested anyway. Liz thinks it’s perfect, but Jason tells her that it’s still dangerous. Liz admits that she’s always afraid for Lucky, but can’t stop him from living his life.

Sam calls Emily and asks her to call Ric to ask him to come over the house so that Sam is alone. She tells Emily that she may have found a way to convince Jason that they should be together. Emily ok’s the plan. After she gets off the phone, Ric asks why she wanted to get rid of him. Sam covers saying that she wanted to be by herself. When she leaves, Emily calls and tells Ric that Sonny needs to see him right away. Ric leaves and lets Sam know that she’s going to have the house to herself.

Carly is wandering around an office. She gets over to a computer to access the paternity records for John Jacks.

Sonny wonders why Ric is on his way over. Emily tells Sonny that she called Ric to help Sam. She explains that Sam thinks she can win Jason back and asked for her help. Emily thinks that if Sam can get Jason back, then there is hope for accepting Emily and Sonny together. Sonny thinks its wishful thinking. They try to decide what they should tell Ric their excuse is when he comes in order to keep Ric there.

Jason tells Stan that he wants to arrange for an easy setup for Lucky. Stan wonders why they are cooperating with the police. Jason thinks that the target has some information that he can give to the cops that might help find out who was behind Sam’s shooting, but he only wants Lucky involved. Stan says okay and leaves. The phone rings and Sam tells Jason that she thinks someone is after her at the Lake House. She says she’s scared and Jason tells her that he’ll be right there.

At the hospital, Lucky apologizes to Liz for being a jerk. She accepts the apology. He tells her of a potential bust that he might have. She acts surprised as Lucky tells her that it feels great to be getting back to work. She’s happy for Lucky being genuinely excited. He tells her that he’ll be home late and will tell her all about it later. She waves goodbye as he gets in the elevator; hesitating to take some more painkillers before he leaves.

Patrick invites Robin out to a date, but Robin tells him that she has the christening to attend. He wonders why that’s more important and she tells him because Jax and Nikolas are his friends and she wants to be there. He questions why Nikolas is so important to the christening. She covers saying that he was there earlier saying that he was going. She leaves and tells him to deal with it.

At t he hospital lab, Carly has found the paternity test stating that Nikolas is the father. She deletes Nikolas’ name from the results and puts “Jasper Jacks” in instead.

At the Lake House, Jason comes walking up with a gun in hand toward the door. He looks around before entering. Sam pretends to be cowering behind the couch. She looks out and sees Jason as he calls her name. She runs over to him and gives him a hug.

Ric comes into the house and wonders what the problem is. Sonny covers by telling him about Alexis getting into his business with the warehouse and not having the proper permits to work on it. Ric asks Sonny if he has any paperwork handy. Sonny replies yes and begins to show Ric. He tells Emily to give him and Ric a minute, but calls her Lily instead…

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