GH Update Wednesday 6/7/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/7/06


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At the Quartermaine house, Edward concludes that after Luke has allowed himself to get robbed, it looks as though he has lost his touch. Tracy tells them that she does not buy that the robbery happened so conveniently before Luke would get a lien on the property. Robert hides and overhears their conversation knowing what has really happened. Right then, Luke gets a letter. It looks like Lulu has something to do with it. Diego is with her. Not far away, Dillon demands that Diego gets away from Lulu

Jax and Carly are at his home trying to figure out which church to christen little John. They come to an agreement that maybe it should be by the gazebo right where he married Courtney. Right then, Nikolas appears and tells them that he’s heard about the christening.

Emily invites Lanie to Sonny’s house with a plan. Lanie tells Emily she’s not certain how she wants her to “play” this. Emily tells Lanie that she will fake, to Sonny, that she is getting a call and leave Lanie alone with Sonny. Lanie tells her she’s not certain that this is the best way to get a “diagnosis” on Sonny. Emily informs Lanie that she has told Sonny that she is an avid gardener so that Sonny will believe there is some common ground between him and Lanie to talk about. Right then, Sonny appears. And instantly Emily and Lanie are silent. Sonny asks Lanie why she is there.

Georgie talks to Justus about having him represent her in her divorce. But they notice that Dillon is late.. He assumes that the reason could be that Dillon does not want to go through with the divorce. But she tells him Dillon wants this divorce more than anything He never shows however..

Dillon tells Diego that he is concerned about him with Lulu. He cares about her which is more than Diego does. Dillon threatens to call the cops and Lulu tells Diego maybe he should leave if Dillon is going to “be like this”. Diego leaves and Dillon asks Lulu just what she sees in Diego. He asks why so many women are under the spell of this loser and cannot see him for whom he really is.

Luke looks at the mysterious letter and tells the others that it’s from his pilot. Robert and Edward question where the letter came form. He leaves and Edward tells the others he believes that that free loader (Luke) is up to something. Tracy says she agrees and tells Robert that she knows that he knows what it is.

Nikolas tells Jax and Courtney that he was honored that they would consider him to be John’s god father. Carly admits that that was what Courtney would have wanted. He graciously admits that Courtney would understand that it maybe it shouldn’t happen if it would put the baby in danger. And he tells them he has an idea. If they are looking for a place to have him christened, they can do it in one of his gardens. He then says hi to baby John. Right then, a guy appears and tells Jax he’d like to to speak to him and Mrs. Corinthos immediately. Knowing that Carly and Jax are distracted, Nikolas pulls out a syringe and looks like he has a secret plan.

Emily tells Sonny that she has invited Lanie to have dinner with her and Sonny and she informs him that Lanie is into gardening and maybe she can discuss some ideas with him. Right then, Emily’s phone rings and she tells her “contact” that she has a problem with her grandfather and Tracy and needs to go and handle her family crises. Sonny asks why she can’t postpone it. She tells Sonny and Lanie she is terribly sorry and leaves. Sonny invites Lanie to sit down with him. She tell him that it’s good to see him again. He then says that he’d like to let her know something. He tells her he did not appreciate her giving Emily the “pamphlets” and scaring her into thinking that Sonny is crazy.

Dillon asks Lulu just why Diego is contacting her. Just what are they doing together?. Does he want to get her in the sack or get her involved in his problems.? She tells him he doesn’t need to worry about that. He should be concerned about his own relationship with Georgie. He informs her that he and Georgie are divorcing. He then asks her if he did not help her and have her back at the Markham islands. He asks her where Diego was when that happened? She then spits out to Dillon that Diego had some guys rob her dad and she is helping them set up the plan.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy tells Robert that she knows that Luke robbed himself.

Jax and Calry are busy with the guy who tells them he has to discuss business issues about the hotel. They tell him they do not want him bothering Jax at home again. This gives Nikolas enough time to conduct his plan. They return to him and he apologizes if he barged in upon them. And he asks if it would be ok for him to attend the christening. They tell him certainly. He thanks them, apologizes and wastes no time going out the door.. carly follows him to the door. When he’s gone, she concludes to jax that Nikolas obviously believes he can show up whenever he wants. Jax tells her that maybe now it’s time to set some boundaries. She tells him that now is the time to get Nikolas out of John’s life for good. Right outside the door, Nikolas is collecting a DNA sample he got from the baby to prove paternity. He may have even asked the guy to come by in order to distract Jax and Carly.

Tracy tells Robert that she knows that he knows that Luke set up the robbery of the Haunted Star. That has cleaned out her money. And he better help her or she will remove him form her payroll. He indirectly flirts with her, telling her that he always likes a woman with spunk. She then tells him that that is good because she will have him out on the streets if he does not get her money back.

Coleman meets privately with Diego and tells him that if Luke goes after him for the failure of the plan and he gets in trouble, he will go after Diego. Diego then returns to Kelly’s to meet Georgie. She asks what was going on and tells him she knows that he is working for Coleman and probably breaking the law.

Lulu reveals to Dillon that she has prevented her dad from collecting the money that he pretended Coleman’s’ guys stole from him. He tells her that he wishes she would not get involved in her dad’s dirty schemes. They return inside to see Diego rubbing Georgie’s arm. Dillon watches them coldly.

Alone in the Haunted Star, Luke admits to Lucky that he robbed himself. Lucky then asks his father why he would report a robbery but keep the money. Luke then informs his son that he needs his help because the people he hired to rob him have been robbed and probably been blackmailed. Not far away, Robert overhears their conversation.

Jax tells calry that he suspects that Helena believes that Nikolas is John’s father and so does Nikolas. She tells him that they are getting too paranoid to assume that. Neither of them have a clue.

Nikolas then goes to the hospital and calls a contact on his cell phone. Dr. Lee meets him and asks if she can help him with anything. He tells her that this is a personal issue. She tells him that she has heard just about everything and can keep whatever he tells her confidential. He then informs her that he thinks that he s a father and would like help in proving it.

Emily returns to Sonny’s and she and Max observe Sonny and Lanie out on the patio talking comfortably and laughing and enjoying being together. Sonny sees her and tells her that they saved her some exotic fruit. They smile and laugh and Lanie tells Emily that she and Sonny have been having a great time together.

Lucky asks Luke what he expects him to do after admitting that he has knowingly falsified information about a robbery to the cops? Luke does not answer his son’s question and asks him if he is still in pain because he notices Lucky is drinking early in the day. Lucky then tells her father he does no want to evade the question. Luke will probably end up in prison, he tell shim. But at least that way, he will know where to find his father. He gets up to leave and Robert appears.

Dillon goes and confronts Georgie about her being with Deigo. She asks him why he was with Lulu when he was supposed to meet with her and Justus. He admits that he totally forgot about their meeting but tells her at least he did not spend the afternoon with a convicted felon. She then tells him he should not trash Diego just because he suffered the consequences of his actions and had the courage to reform himself. From outside the window, Diego and Lulu watch and look confident that it won’t be long before Dillon and Georgie break up.

Dr. Lee tells Nikolas that she understands very well why some people need some answers about certain babys’ paternity. She admits to him, before he has told her, that she has had her own doubts about the paternity of little John jax.

At Jax’s home, he holds John and Carly encourages him to believe that he is doing the right thin in order to protect the baby. He mustn’t feel bad. He then tells her that she is an amazing woman, so different than the person he first perceived her to be. He tells her that there have been many things he’s wanted to ask her. She then tells him he may ask away. He then asks her how she feels about the two of them together.

Sonny leaves Emily and Lanie alone to talk. Emily asks Lanie what type of “findings” she’s gotten from her interaction with Sonny. Lanie tells her that she is really impressed that this man can cook. He’s fun to be with. She did not do a thorough psychiatric evaluation on him. But she doesn’t think Sonny is emotionally messed up. If anything, he is much healthier now that he’s given up the business. He seems comfortable and happy and as though he is enjoying his new life. She admits that some times this can cause panic attacks and mood swings and shopping sprees. But she does not believe that Emily has any reason to suspect Sonny of having a breakdown. She tells Emily that she needs to be happy that she has a great catch. This man is really charming and genuinely loves her. Emily admit that she loves Sonny too. Lanie tells her in that case, she should not look for trouble where there is none. Sonny is doing just fine. Right then, Sonny appears and they both stop talking as soon as they see him.

Lulu and Diego watch Dillon and Gerogie and observe that they are arguing. Georgie tells Dilon that they spend so little time together. And what little time they have, they spend arguing about Diego. She protests that she did not travel across the world with Diego the way he did with Lulu. He protests that lulu is not a criminal. She needs his help. She then angrily asks him what is so terrible in the life of poor little Lulu Spencer that sheneeds his help with. He gets up to leave.

Robert meets privately with Luke and reads the letter where somebody is blackmailing Luke to give them a lot of money or else they will go to the cops. Right then, Tracy appears and tells them that she knew it.

Carly evades Jax’s question about where their relationship is going by talking about the christening. She then admits that she cannot describe how she feels about him. It’s kind of like a high dive. It’s kind of like rock climbing and sky diving. He tells her that maybe it’s like making a big jump without looking down. She admits to him that she used to think that she ruined everything she touched. But she does not feel like that person anymore. He brings out the best in her, she tells him. He is good for her. He tells her that she is good for him. She tells him that she feels like she can be herself around him. He’s easy to be with. She enjoys his company. He tells her that she has the same affect on him. He tells her that they have a lot in common. They live in the present.

Sonny and Emily are alone after Lanie has left. She apologizes for having to leave him alone with lanie. He then tells her that he gets a little warded out talking to shrinks but it was no big deal. Once he had some wine with her, they were both able to relax. And he thinks he showed her that he is a pretty normal guy. Hearing that, Emily is a little puzzled.

Tracy tells Luke that she knows he rented robbers to rob him. They really robbed her. And then Robert robbed those robbers. So it means that Robert is the real robber and he is out to rob them both. Luke then looks at he stunned and admits that that would make sense.

Georgie tells Dillon that he doesn’t want her to speak a word to Diego but he can have his entire life wrapped up in Lulu. She then concludes that maybe divorce isn’t’ enough for him. Maybe they need to be separated. She walks off and Diego calls out to her.

Jax and Carly admit that they both saved the other from a lot of hardship. He then tells her that he said he wants to live in the present. But he can’t help but wonder what will happen next. He tells her that he is a bit concerned about what would happen if Nikolas finds out that he is John’s father. What would it mean for his relationship with John and with her?

Dr. Lee asks Nikolas what if he finds out that he is not John’s father. He admits if that is the case, then he will give up on the whole thing, realize that he is Jax’s child be grateful that Courtney’s baby is at least not a target for his crazy family.

Emily tells Sonny that she knows that he knows how to charm so many people. Especially women. He asks her why she thinks he would manipulate Lanie Winters. Unless she did not come there for lunch or to talk about gardening. Unless Emily invited her there for another reason. Sonny then asks her if it was a social invitation or if she invited that shrink down there in order to evaluate him. She does not answer his question but smiles. He smiles back at her and concludes that she must think he’s going crazy.

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