GH Update Tuesday 6/6/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/6/06


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At the hospital, Lucky asks Elizabeth who she was with. She responds by asking him why he’s asked her that and what he is accusing her of. He tells her that he knows she is interested in Patrick.

Meanwhile, Patrick and robin are getting it on in the hospital closet. Dr. Lee then walks in and startles them. She tells them she did not think anybody was there.

In the hospital lobby, Nikolas meets with Jax and Carly and holds little John. And right there, Helena appears and makes it clear that she is noticing him just as though he is the father of this baby. He then tells her although it saddens him that this is not his baby, he is very glad, at least, that she will never be a part of his life.

Jason goes to Alexis’ house to deliver Sam’s stuff to her. He waits until Sam is gone and leaves them with Alexis. But Sam notices him and tells him he cannot go. Inside, Ric asks Alexis if Jason came to find Sam. She tells him no. He just came to bring her things. She hopes that Jason can stay resolved and realize that it’s over between them. Outside, Sam tells Jason that he cannot just drop off her stuff and say it is over. She tells him that she fought so hard to save his life and she asks why he cannot fight for her.

After Dr. Lee has caught them red-handed, she promises that she will knock “next time”. She leaves and robin asks why she said: “next time”.

Elizabeth asks Lucky why he would accuse her of having a secret affair with Patrick. She simply works taking care of a client of his in his home. She tells him he can think whatever he wants because she is tired of defending herself for something she is not even doing. She goes away angrily. Not far away, he overhears Epiphany talking to somebody about how Dr. Drake needs his “privacy” and he asks what that is about. She then tells him that Dr. Drake’s business is exactly that; privacy. But she tells Lucky he must know that Dr. Drake is not doing anything with Lucky’s wife.

Emily meets Lanie in a bar and speaks of her concerns about Sonny’s mental health. She tells her that the mood swings are getting more intense. She noticed that Sonny just bought a masaradi and Sonny rarely ever drives. He also stays up all night tearing up the garden. Lanie asks Emily if she has discussed any of this with Sonny. Emily replies that of course she has. And Sonny explains that he is dealing with a major change in his life since he’s lost his best friend and is no longer in business since Jason has taken it from him. Lanie then tells Emily that maybe that is all she can do from now on. Right then, Elizabeth walks in and tells them that she is jut in time to join them for drinks.

At the hospital, Nikoals, Jax and Carly call a private detective and report Helena for threatening Jax’s son. Nikolas tells her she is not welcome there. But she keeps defending herself and acting nice. She tells him that she is so thrilled to see him taking an interest in children and she believes it’s high time that he gets an heir of his own. She leaves and Nikolas apologizes to jax and carly for her. Jax tells him he needs to have her locked up in prison for what she has done. Nikolas tells them that this will be solely his problem and not theirs’. And he then asks Jax why he called him there in the first place. At that point, after seeing what could happen if Nikolas knew that john was his son, Jax and carly do not respond to his question. Carly then tells Nikolas that Jax wanted to ask him to be the baby’s god father. But after what they have jus seen happen, Nikolas must agree that that would be a very bad idea. She then informs him that this is not he first time that Helena has found the baby. They inform Nikolas that they were on the docks and left the baby unattended for two seconds and she went right up to him. Nikolas demands to know why they left him unattended. Carly explains that they did no mean to be negligent and won’t do that again. She tells him she realizes it is not his fault. But his grandmother is dangerous and cannot go near the baby again. Nikolas does not argue and goes out the door.

Robin tells Patrick that since Dr. Lee revealed that she probably already knows that they are messing around, she tells him that she does not like being a subject of gossip in the hospital. But she notices he doesn’t’ seem to mind it. Se angrily tells him that she knows she’s just another “notch” on his stethoscope. And she gets up to leave.

At the bar, Emily, Lanie and Elizabeth talk about tier sex lives. Emily first talks about Sonny. Coleman then comes and asks them if they are having fun. Elizabeth then tells him that they need more salt for their drinks. Emily admits to Elizabeth that Sonny is complicated. Elizabeth then responds that at least there is an “advantage” that Sony already has a bad reputation. She is married to Lucky who is seen as a law abiding pillar of society. And she has to live knowing that her husband does not trust her. Right then, Dr. Lee enters and informs the others that she has just found out whom is Patrick’s latest notch on his stethoscope.

Ric tells Alexis that Jason may say that he loves Sam. But he loves the “business” more. And there is no way he’s going to take her back.

Outside, Sam tells Jason that he cannot just walk away. Can he really tell her that what he felt for her meant nothing? He admits to her that he is not denying what they meant to each other. But now, it’s time for them to walk away and move on. She then asks him how she can walk away from everything they had.

In the bar, Elizabeth, Emily and Lanie are very surprised to hear that Robin, of all people, is messing around with Dr. Drake. Right then, Robin walks in and asks them if this is a private party.

Lucky calls the hospital searching for Elizabeth and asks Epiphany where his wife is. She tells him that he needs to trust Elizabeth.

Jax and Carly get baby John home.

Nikolas returns home and tells his servant that Jax and Carly invited him to come to the hospital and encouraged him to hold the baby. They acted very much like they wanted to tell him something very important until Helena appeared. The servant acknowledges that his grandmother is a dangerous woman. He tells him that he knows she’s crazy but he does not think that she would hurt a baby. He tells him that it was very odd that he asked them why they called him to meet with them. They hesitated and then told him they were considering making him John’s godfather. He then tells the servant that he could sense that they were withholding some information. And he was hoping and assuming, for a while, that they would tell him that he is John’s father.

Ric asks Alexis if she can see Sonny going into forced retirement any time soon. He believes that Sonny will, eventually, want to go back and reclaim what he’s worked so hard to accomplish. He will need Ric’s help. And Ric wants to be there to help his brother.

Sam tells Jason that se knows that he loves her and asks him how he can do this to her. Was it all nothing more than an obligation to take care of her for Sonny, when they first met? Was it just pity? He tells her no. It was much more than that. She then asks him how he can walk away from her as though she meant nothing to him. She asks him if he ever really loved her or if it was all just a lie.

Ric tells Alexis that Sonny is a very powerful man and has relied upon Jason. She knows that in time, Sonny will take back everything he has worked so hard for. And he will be right there with his brother as his adviser. She then asks him, in that case, if he plans to be this “cozy” to the DA. He tells her that he thought he was talked to his wife. He reminds her that he supported her when she took the job as DA and wishes she would do likewise. She then responds that she is upholding the law and he is breaking it. He tells her that although she has her job in law enforcement, he still plans on representing all aspects of his brother’s business.

Jason emotionally tells Sam that he was there for her when her baby died and throughout all they have been through together because he loves her more than anything. She then comes up to him and tells him in that case, they have something to fight for. He tells her that it is over.

Patrick finds Lucky on the docks and asks him why he is checking up on his wife and distrusting her. Lucky tells Patrick he knows what he is doing. Patrick tells Lucky that he thinks Lucky is delusional. He tells him that Elizabeth is doing private nursing for him. And if Lucky does not believe that, it’s his problem. He tells Lucky that it is he who is pushing his wife away. He tells Lucky that he(himself) may not be there to catch her when she falls. But somebody will. He walks away and Lucky pops another dosage of the pain pills.

Robin joins the group of hospital women at the bar. They all drink and talk about their responsibilities in their careers and personal lives. They then conclude that they need to make time for themselves, throw away their inhibitions and let loose. They then all gather around Robin, intoxicated and reveal that they know what she is doing privately with Patrick.

When Nikolas believes that he is alone in his home and ready to go out riding, Helena appears uninvited. She tells her grandson that he should not go riding after dark alone. It is far too dangerous. At least until he acquires a Cassadine heir. He tells her she better get out. But at that point, a young woman appears. She tells him this is Sasha. She is there to assist him in conceiving a child.

After hearing Rick’s insistence to help Sonny. Alexis tells him even if he wants to disregard her job, he must think about his family and what it means to them. He tells her that he is simply working as Sonny’s lawyer. She once did the same thing. She admits that she once had a relationship with Sonny. But she would prefer to only be with men who are in power on the right side of the law. And she is disappointed because he told her that he would put their family first. He tells her that taking care of their family and working for Sonny are two things that are mutually exclusive. She tells him that she disagrees. He asks her if she does not want a man whom she can push around. She asks him if this is what this is all about. He tells her that he does not want some obedient, subservient wife. So maybe they can just agree to disagree. She tells him she’d like to ask him one question. Does he want to help his brother? Or does he want to be his brother? He replies that he does not want to be Sonny. But he wants to be there for him.

Sam tells Jason that this thing they have together does not go both ways. Because she knows that she could never walk away from him, not for his own good or for anything else. So he better not stand there and tell her that he loves her. Because if he can do this to her, then he does not know what love is.

After Helena has brought Sasha to Nikolas’ home, he asks his servant to escort her into the living room so that he can talk to Helena. He apologizes for them. Helena tells her grandson that all she wants to do is protect him. He reminds her that she tried to murder his ex wife as well as the woman he loved when she was pregnant. She tells him he must realize that she only has his best interest at heart. She then tells him that she needs him to produce a Cassadine heir. And she will rear him.

Jax and Carly return home. And he tells her that he doesn’t know what he would do without her. She tells him that she respects the fact that he has put John’s interest above all else.. And she knows that he has put his heart into this.

After finding out that everybody knows that she is messing around with Patrick. Robin tells Dr. Lee that she cannot believe that she told this to everybody. Dr. Lee tells her that when they made themselves so noticeable in a supply closet, it looked like they wanted to be found out. Right then, Elizabeth clarifies to her that what they are all trying to say is to ask her what Patrick is like. She then asks them why they are all wondering. And she tells them that he is so good. He’s like a stallion. He’s a raw, untamed animal. They all laugh. And every single time she just wants more and more and more. They all laugh. Right then, Patrick enters and tells Robin if she wants more, she can have it any time. The other women ask Patrick if he’d like to join them. He tells them he’d love to but he is just there to pick up his date. Robin leaves with him and he tells them to enjoy their evening. It looks like the others are very envious of Robin to have Patrick.

Robin and Patrick return to his home. He asks her if they should go in there and talk about the news and terrible weather. She then tells him to shut up and kiss her.

At Nikolas’ home, he asks Helena if she wants him to sleep with a stranger just to have a baby. She tells him that Sasha will merely assist him so that the real mother can be impregnated. He tells him that she will get her heir, and he won’t have to be with anybody he does not want to be with him. She tells him her theory is that he has never had any interest in any woman of appropriate breeding. And this is the only way that he can produce an heir. He tells her she is insane to think that he would ever go through with her plan. She tells him that he is a Cassadine prince and must produce a child. He tells his grandmother that if he ever had a child, he would raise him or her himself and he’d make certain she’d have nothing to do with his child.

Carly gives jax a gown for baby John to wear at his christening. He tells her this is great and he cannot believe that in a few more days, he will be little John’s father for the rest of his life. He tells her it’s all the better since he has her by his side. She puts her arms around him and kisses him.

Sam returns inside Alexis’ house after trying, unsuccessfully to get Jason back. Alexis tells her daughter she is so sorry. Sam admits that she did everything wrong in talking to Jason. She yelled. She cried. Se begged him to stay. And it only made things worse. It just pushed him in the other direction. But Alexis tells her daughter she must realize that she did not cause this and mustn’t blame herself. Sam asks if she is supposed to just accept this. She admits that she cannot because she cannot stop loving Jason.

Jason then goes to the gravesite of Sam’s deceased baby. He admits to her that he loves her mother more than anyone. She has made him happier than anybody else he’s ever known. But he knows he’s hurting her. And this is the only way he knows to save her. He says he is sorry.

Sam kicks the boxes that Jason brought to her. But she finds the blanket of her deceased daughter and holds it against her face. Not far away, Manny watches her from behind the bushes.

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