GH Update Monday 6/5/06

General Hospital Update Monday 6/5/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Luke hosts a party at the Haunted star. Everybody is happy and enjoying themselves. And, right then masked gunmen come, point guns upon everybody and demand money. It looks like they are the thugs that Luke has hired to stage the robbery. He seems way too polite and cooperative to look credible.

Alexis is with Ric cuddling on the couch telling him that this is the happiest day of her life. She wants this moment to freeze so she can remember it forever. She buries her head on Ric’s shoulder. But Ric looks outside the door to see Sam on the patio, not looking happy.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Jason he needs to get back with Sam and realize that they love each other and belong together. But he tells her that he almost got Sam killed and he will not put her in danger again.

Sonny is in the yard tearing up the garden with an axe. Emily tells him he needs to stop. He needs to listen to her. He is scaring her. He turns and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she is worried about him. It’s after dark and he is out there in his business suit tearing up the garden. He tells he that the architect made a mistake. They planted a rose garden. He wants an herb garden and he needs to get it started himself. He tells her that he has nothing left. He no longer has his business. Jason took it from him. He needs something to keep busy. He needs to feel as though he is doing something. This garden makes him feel as though he is accomplishing something. He is building it with his own two hands. She tells him he can always do it tomorrow, when it’s light. She asks what his rush is. He tells her he just wants to do it now and asks her what is wrong with it. She tells him nothing. Tears stream down her face as she observes him.

Elizabeth tells Jason tat she wants him to be happy. He needs to save himself all this grief and take her advice. He tells her he has a better idea and asks what time she gets off of work.

Sam comes into the living room to join Alexis and Ric. Alexis greets her daughter and asks her how she likes her new room. Sam seems courteous but a bit uncomfortable. Alexis tells her she knows that this must be difficult for her. She finally finds out about this new family she has. Alexis jokes with her that Kristina won’t let her leave and asks her if she wants anything. Sam suggests some tea. They discover that they both prefer chamomile. They go upstairs and Rick sits alone on the couch not quite content.

The two masked gunmen collect the money at the Haunted Star, head out the door and point guns on everybody, reminding them if anyone tries to follow them, they will be dead. When they leave, Robert asks Luke what his problem is. He just let them rob everybody blind and leave. He notices that this is so “unlike” Luke. Luke reminds him that there were four guys with machine guns. He just didn’t want everybody to get their heads blown off. Tracy also does not buy it for a minute.

At the hospital, Jax shows Carly a signed statement where he admits that Nikolas is John’s father. She reminds him that once he does this, then there’s no turning back. Before he goes through with this, he must make certain that this is the best thing for John, she tells him. He then tells her that the reason he showed it to her is because he was hoping she might talk him out of this and encourage him to keep up this lie. She then asks him to listen to her carefully. She tells him that if Nikolas finds out that this baby is his, then Helena will find out. She will probably kidnap him, take him to some private island and teach him to be some sort of self-entitled psychopath just like the rest of the Cassadines. He tells her that he does no like the thought of that. But maybe it’s Nikolas’ responsibility to rasie his own child. She protests that John can have a great life if he believes that jax is his father. He has Jax and his mother and her and her boys. He will have people who love him. Jax tells her that he is developing a conscience and realizing what he would do if Nikolas had done something like this to him. She reminds him that Nikolas would not have a reason to do something like this to him. He tells her if there could be some sort of guarantee that Nikolas never finds out, then there won’t be a problem. She admits that there is no way anybody can guarantee that.

Robert tells robin that there is too much crime in this town. Look at what has just happened here as well as all of the recent crimes. He tells her that as much as he loves his brother, Mac is completely ineffective in preventing crime. But robin reminds her father that Mac is a great police commissioner and an even better father. It was he who raised her as a child, not Robert.

Luke tries to sound to Tracy like he wants to go after those criminals and is very upset about how he’s worked so hard to make all this money only to get robbed. But she can tell by his unusually clam and content expression, that he probably set this whole thing up himself. He asks her why he would rob himself.

Jason takes Elizabeth back to his house and asks her if she can help him pack up Sam’s stuff and take it to Alexis’ house for him. She asks if the reason he cannot do it himself is because he’s afraid that he won’t be able to go through with it. He admits to Elizabeth that if he took all of Sam’s stuff to her, it would hurt her too much to see him again. So that’s why he needs Elizabeth to do it for him.

Alexis tells Ric, with Sam out if earshot, that she is not making up a story that Sonny did threaten her. She then gets a call from a contact whom she is having investigate Sonny’s illegal activities. The contact tells her that he did get some recent “leads” on sonny’s new coffee warehouse. He’s getting and architect to build it without a permit. She then gets up to go and tells Ric she needs to get back to “work”.

Lucky and Mac go o the Haunted Star and ask Luke if he got a look at the robbers. Luke replies that they were your typical garden variety criminals. Mac informs Justus that he believes his client, Jason Morgan might be behind this. And there will be a price to pay for both Carly Corinthos and for Jason Morgan. Right then, Lucky notices something on the carpet for forensics to check out. He goes away looking like he is in pain and privately pops some pain killers.

Jason looks at the crack in his window from the gunshot. Elizabeth comes out with a box she packed with Sam’s stuff. He notices that there is a blanket that she kept her baby in before she died. Elizabeth asks Jason if maybe Sam would want him to have that. She tells Jason that the whole reason why Sam escaped from the hospital, risking her life in the rain is because she loves him and needs him. And she asks Jason why he cannot admit that he needs Sam too.

At Alexis’s home. Ric asks Sam if she is ok. She admits that everywhere she goes she hears and sees Jason. He tells her hat he understands the adjustment that she is making. He remembers living in an apartment only a day ago. Now he’s in a big house. She tells him that when he married Alexis he did not sign up to find out that he has an adult step daughter. He tells her that she must know that Alexis wants to get to know her and make her a part of her life. Sam asks Ric what about him. Does he wants to get to know her?

Alexis then goes to Sonny’s and informs him that she knows that he is building a warehouse without a permit so she will have to fine him. He asks her if she came all the way down there because of that. She tells him that she came there for some clarification. She informs him that Ric told her that Sonny told him that he did not lose control with her when they had their most recent confrontation. She asks him if he is going to say that he did not rage at her like a mad man and threaten to kill her. Does he honestly not remember that?

At The Haunted Star, Mac sounds to Luke like he does not buy that he was robbed. Robert also tells Luke if he did not know better, he’d think that Luke wanted to be robbed.

Diego is doing business and collecting money. Not far away, Lulu observes him and catches him. She tells him she knows that he stole money form her dad. He then informs her that her father knows all about it. The robbery was Luke’s whole idea.

At Jason’s, Elizabeth asks him if he never plans to fall in love again. Does he plan to live lone for the rest of his life? He replies that he will if need be. She asks him how it happened that he fell in love with Sam. Did he plan it or did it just happen? He admits that it did just kind of happen. She then asks him how he can prevent it from happening again and if he wants to prevent it.

Emily comes down the stairs and asks Alexis what she is doing there. Alexis informs Emily that Sonny threatened her life a few days ago. Sonny then asks Alexis if she plans to keep harping on this. He tells her that he sent her flowers and intended to resolve their dispute. She admits to him that that act scared her more. He then tells her that he plans to go about business and will do his best to get along with her. Emily then tells Alexis that they could go on about this for a long time but there is no point. So why don’t they just call it a night? Alexis then tells Sonny he better not ever threaten her life again. She goes out the door and Sonny tells Emily that he notices that Alexis is always picking a fight with him and she always blows things out of proportion. Emily then asks Sonny if that is really the case.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she wants him to take Sam’s things to her. If he can control his feelings for her, then it won’t matter to him if he has to face her. But if he cannot, then it’s proof that he needs to take her back. She then goes out the door and refuses to deliver Sam’s things for him.

Ric tells Sam that he sincerely wants her to be part of this family. He knows that Alexis wants it with all her heart. So does he. So maybe Sam can meet him half way. Sam replies that she will think about it.

At Sonny’s, he tells Emily that he will not pretend that it is easy to have his best friend turn on him. He admits that he does not handle things well and he apologizes. She tells him that she just hopes that he is ok. He tells her that some days are better than others. He then tells her that he needs a drink and pours himself one. She asks him about his relationship with Alexis. He tells her that Alexis has had so many suspicions about having him around Kristina. And Emily must realize how Alexis overreacts about so many things. And he tells her that Jason must have told her about Sonny’s episodes and ever since Sonny and Emily got together, Jason told her that Sonny will lose control. He then tells her that she must realize that he is fine and she does not have to worry about him. Emily smiles but is not completely convinced. He then tells her that he must make one confession. The reason he wanted to get that garden started is because he wants to take her out to the boat. And if she wants, he would like to make love to her under the moonlight. He hugs her. She smiles but still looks a bit suspicious.

At the hospital, Jax and Carly hold baby John. She tells the baby she is going to miss him so much. She realizes that may never see him again but needs him to know that she loves him with all her heart. Jax then gets on the phone to call Nikolas and tells him he needs to see him right away at the hospital. He tells Nikolas he will tell him all about it when Nikolas gets there. Nikolas agrees to be right there. Jax then hangs up and confirms to Calry that it’s done. He tells her that when Nikolas gets there, he won’t tell him that she had anything to do with this because he knows that she needs to be a part of john’s life. She tells him he does not get it. John needs him too.

Sam comes downstairs and admits to Alexis that she cannot sleep. She is studying her law books. Alexis admits that she was looking for her earlier and asks her if she needs anything. Sam admits to her mother that it is awkward making conversation like this. Alexis says she knows and believes it will get easier with time. Sam thanks Alexis for bringing her into her home. Alexis tells Sam that this is her home too. Sam tells Alexis she realizes that she puts up a lot of resistance. Alexis reminds her that stubbornness is a mother-daughter trait that they have in common. Sam then concludes that she will go and study. Right then, Jason observes them through the door. He waits until Sam is gone to enter.

Coleman comes to see Luke. Luke informs Coleman that the cops are completely stumped and have no clue. He then tells him that he now needs his money. But Coleman tells Luke there is one small problem. He never got the money from the guys. Luke then asks Coleman if he’s telling him that he was really robbed. Robert hides nearby and watches them unseen.

After finding out what Luke did, Lulu tells Diego that she’s going to teach her dad a lesson.

Elizabeth comes to the hospital and admits to Patrick that she had a long day and just picked Cameron up a t the daycare center. Lucky then appears and looks angry and strung out.

Not far away, Patrick notices Robin motioning him to come to the supply closet where they make out.

Alexis sees Jason and tells him that Sam just went up to her room but she will tell Sam he came by. Jason then gets up to leave. But right then, Sam rushes out and tells Jason he cannot go.

Sonny drinks alone and then goes out to his yard. He notices the axe and is ready to pick it up. Emily comes by and observes him. They both look spooked.

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