GH Update Friday 6/2/06

General Hospital Update Friday 6/2/06


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Luke meets with Coleman at Luke’s club, The Haunted Star. Luke wants him and his men to stage a fake heist at the club that evening during regular business hours. Coleman wants to know why Luke doesn’t want them to break in after the club closes. Luke explains that he needs a public display. But he also makes it clear that there is to be no violence. Coleman then asks what he will get if he agrees to do it. Luke tells him he will get ten percent – “Take it or leave it!” Coleman wants to know why Luke wants to rob his own business. Luke tells Coleman that since Tracy has frozen all his assets, this is his way of getting them back. Thinking that the discussion between Luke and Coleman was of a totally different nature, Lulu enters the club and tells Luke not to listen to him. She exclaims, “I can explain everything!”

Back at General Hospital, Patrick compliments Elizabeth on her expertise as a nurse in the operating room. He turns on his usual charm with her by telling her how her sexy blue eyes peering at him from over her mask during surgery make time fly. Robin walks by and gives Elizabeth a chart for the morgue. Patrick gives her a look as she walks away. Robin stops and questions his look. She tells him that she is NOT jealous! Patrick just puts on his usual smug grin.

Emily arrives at Sonny’s to find Nikolas waiting for her. She tells him that Max told her that he wanted to see her. Nikolas explains that he has paperwork regarding the property that they forgot to sign. Emily asks him where she should sign. He gets the feeling there is something wrong. Emily tells him that he could have called first.

Alexis is on her way to visit Sam in her hospital room. On the way, she runs into a nurse. The nurse, who is also on her way to Sam’s room, tells Alexis that she heard Dr. Drake may release Sam this evening. She was just on her way to deliver the good news. Alexis asks if she can deliver the news to Sam instead. The nurse thinks that would be a good idea. Alexis opens Sam’s door and is surprised to find an empty room.

Sam arrives at Jason’s. She angrily confronts him by asking “What did you think I would do, Jason, sign your insulting paper like a good little girl? How dare you try to pay me off?” She rips up the paper into pieces and throws it at him. Jason responds by telling her that if she keeps leaving the hospital she’ll wind up killing herself.

Georgie is sitting on the bench down at the dock. She is looking over papers. They accidentally fall out of her lap. Diego comes along and picks them up. She thanks him. Georgie notices he is wearing a new wristwatch. She compliments him on his new watch but adds “Kelly’s customers don’t tip that well.” He tells her that he got a few jobs and decided to treat himself. He adds that he has nobody else to spend his money on. Diego asks if the papers she was looking at are divorce papers. She tells him that she and Dillon don’t qualify for an annulment so they are getting a divorce. He wishes her good luck and starts to leave. Georgie stops him and asks him “What’s going on with you and Lulu?”

Luke demands an explanation from Lulu. She begins to ask Luke if he was ever the victim of peer pressure. After his curt answer that Spencers are never victims and he has no peers, Lulu tries to explain that it was spur of the moment. She is interrupted by Coleman. He tells Luke not to get too angry over a few sips of beer. Luke is confused. Coleman continues to explain that one of Lulus college friends let her share a beer. He turns to Lulu, “Didn’t I promise you your secret was safe with me?” He tells her that she has made him look bad in front of her “old man.” Luke is shocked that Coleman would serve a minor at Jake’s. Coleman assures Luke that it won’t happen again. Luke drops the topic of discussion and then asks Coleman if they have a deal. He agrees on the deal. Lulu questions Luke about the deal, asking him how he could make a deal with the likes of Coleman, “king of Port Charles’ lowlifes.” Coleman resents Lulu’s comment. In walks Robert and Tracy. Tracy questions “Buck” about what he is doing at Luke’s.

Emily signs the paperwork that Nikolas gives her. However, she tells him that he could have dealt with signing the papers at the hospital in the morning. Nikolas becomes defensive. He tells Emily that he didn’t think it would be a problem coming to see her at home. Emily reassures him that it isn’t a problem, but it may make Sonny a bit uncomfortable. Nikolas then asks Emily if Sonny mentioned anything to Emily. She says he hasn’t but she is trying to be sensitive and respect Sonny in his own home. She doesn’t want to throw her previous relationship with Nikolas in Sonny’s face. Irritated, Nikolas says it won’t happen again. He takes the paperwork and walks out of the room. Max enters and apologizes to Emily. He didn’t know what to tell Nikolas. He mentions that it’s a good thing Sonny is out. She tells him that she told Nikolas to call next time. Emily asks Max where Sonny went. Max tells her that he went to see Jason.

Sonny tries to play mediator between Sam and Jason but makes it clear that he doesn’t want to get in the middle of their situation. He knows Jason is worried about Sam and he tells Sam to calm down. She informs Sonny that Jason offered her five million dollars to get out of his life. And to make matters worse, he didn’t do it himself. He sent Justus. Sonny reassures her that whatever Jason did she is probably making it out to be much worse. She tells Jason that it is the first time he has made her feel like a whore. Jason simply asks Sonny to take Sam back to the hospital.

Coleman flirts with Tracy. Luke gets angry with Coleman for flirting with his wife and serving his underage daughter. From behind the bar he pulls out a shotgun and aims it at Coleman. Tracy tells Luke to put the gun down. Coleman, with hands in the air, stumbles backward and wants no violence. Keeping the peace with Luke, he leaves The Haunted Star. Lulu asks Luke what he’s doing. Luke explains that he is protecting his princess, who is “young and impressionable.” She sees right through him and tells him “You are so busted.”

Robin and Patrick both argue about Patrick’s flirtatious ways with Elizabeth. Robin sees Patrick’s actions as threatening to Lucky’s recovery. Patrick claims Robin is purely jealous. Patrick and Robin agree to pursue other relationship possibilities with no strings attached. Robin tells him that his other possibilities should know that he is sleeping with a woman who is HIV positive.

Diego tells Georgie that he and Lulu were at Jake’s just hanging out dancing and playing pool. He mentions that Lulu is “a very spontaneous girl.” Hearing this, Georgie gets irritated then begins to leave. Lulu arrives and passes Georgie on the steps. Before leaving, Georgie comments to Lulu that Diego is all hers. Diego and Lulu both see that Georgie isn’t happy with their friendship. Diego tells Lulu that Georgie will probably tell Dillon that they are hooked up. Lulu says she isn’t sure she likes that idea. Diego tells Lulu he must take care of some business. Lulu also notices his new watch. He tells her that she can get one with the cut she made. He adds that he is meeting someone on the docks – alone. He will call her tomorrow.

Emily is angry to learn that Sonny is at Jason’s. She tells Max that Sonny can’t be anywhere near Jason. She tells Max that he should have stopped him. Max says he has seen Sonny’s mood shifts and that Jason is the only one who can deal with him. Emily knows that Sonny’s mood swings are exactly why Jason doesn’t want her with Sonny. She fears what Jason will do if he notices.

Sonny tries to escort Sam out of Jason’s apartment. She is furious and asks Jason how he could do this to her. She tells Jason that at least Sonny had the courage to stick with the woman he loves. She tells him that she knows he still loves her. Jason says it probably is his fault. He should have never gone to the hospital. Sam pleads with Jason saying that she already risked everything to be with him and that it is her choice. She wants to know if the promises they made together were just a bunch of lies. Jason is unresponsive. Sonny convinces her that they should leave.

Sam hesitates going back inside the hospital. She sits outside on a park bench and talks to Sonny about trying to convince Jason that they belong together. Sonny says that he thinks Jason is wrong but it’s hard to change Jason’s mind especially if he believes he is protecting someone he loves.

Lulu hides and overhears Diego’s meeting with Coleman. Coleman questions Diego on how he heard about the deal. He tells Coleman that “he knows people” and that he wants in on the action. At first Coleman turns him down, but Diego convinces him to trust him. Coleman tells Diego to be his “eyes and ears on the deal.” He is to make sure that Louie doesn’t double-cross him. Diego is to carry the money and when the job is over he is to give Louie and his boys their cut and bring the rest to Coleman. Coleman makes it clear that if they are caught, they are strangers to him.

Luke, decked out in a gray oversized sport jacket, shirt and tie, emerges from behind the bar tucking in a black handkerchief in his coat pocket. He notices Robert sitting alone at one of the tables. Clad in tuxedo, Robert is nursing a decanter of scotch. Luke grabs a shot glass and joins him. Luke tells Robert that he can’t believe he is letting Tracy pay him to watch Luke’s every move. Luke is disappointed in the “new” Robert. Luke tells Robert he has become compliant and is no longer “the man living on the edge.” Once the “scourge of the DVX”, he tells Robert that he is now simply just “a socialite’s lackey.” Robert comments on Luke’s marriage to Tracy. He says it redefines the term “ball and chain.” Luke tells Robert to just pick up that ball and go home. Robert says he made a promise to Robin and figures that if he can put up with Luke and the matters at hand, she will conclude that he is serious about making a relationship with her.

At the nurses’ desk, Robin apologizes to Elizabeth about Patrick. They both agree he is rather shallow. Robin tells Elizabeth that she is worried about Lucky. She knows he resents Patrick and is still threatened by him. Elizabeth understands Robin’s concern. She tells Robin that she loves Lucky and would never get involved with Patrick. She tells Robin that as charming and sweet as Patrick can be, he is not to be trusted.

Emily visits Jason. She explains that she heard Sonny was coming and is there to run interference. Jason tells Emily that Sonny has already gone. She asks Jason if his meeting with Sonny was OK. A bit bewildered, he tells her that Sonny was just talking about expanding the coffee business. He goes on to explain that there was no fight or confrontation and also mentions that Sonny acted as peacemaker when Sam showed up. Changing the subject, Emily mentions that Sam wasn’t yet released from the hospital. Jason comments that Sam has a mind of her own. Emily fuels the fire by stating that Sam has no intentions of letting Jason go. At this, Jason simply redirects Emily’s interest by telling her that if she wants to catch up with Sonny, he took Sam back to the hospital. Upon Emily leaving, Jason stops her and asks if she has noticed anything strange about Sonny’s behavior. He says he has noticed Sonny “bouncing off the walls” lately. Emily firmly denies noticing anything by saying “he’s never been better.”

Sam and Sonny return to the hospital. They both greet Alexis after stepping out of the elevator. Alexis says to Sam that she was hoping she would come back. Sam admits she went to see Jason. Alexis asks how it went. Sam admits it “wasn’t so great.” Elizabeth comes by to tell Sam that Dr. Noah Drake would like to examine her. If she is OK, she will get to go home. But if she compromised her recovery by sneaking out of the hospital, she will have to remain in the hospital. Sam thanks Sonny for his help. Elizabeth escorts Sam to her room. Alexis tells Sonny that he not so long ago threatened her life, but warns Sonny about harassing her daughters. Sonny questions Alexis about the warning. She tells him that he can’t pretend he doesn’t remember saying “if I don't act the way you want me to act, that you will make me disappear like any other D.A.?” Sonny is surprised by the accusation. Elizabeth comes to tell Alexis that Dr. Drake wants to speak with her about Sam.

Before leaving the nurses station, Robin invites Patrick on a date. Patrick jokingly asks if they should meet in the linen closet or actually leave the building. Robin decides to leave the whereabouts of the date a secret.

Luke gives Robert some family advice. Luke claims Robert is sending Robin mixed messages. Luke tells Robert he thinks both their daughters got “the short end of the stick.” He admits he isn’t the best father, but he will be there to get Lulu out of a crisis. Pick her up if she should fall. But she knows he won’t be around for soccer practice and homework. Luke says that he and “cupcake” (Lulu) have reached an understanding and they respect each other. He suggests that Robert should stop trying to play “make-up” dad and just be there when Robin needs him. Lulu walks in and asks Luke for help.

Jason questions Emily’s meaning when she says that he’s “never been better.” Emily warns Jason not to make something more out of Sonny’s behavior. She explains that he is the happiest he has been. Emily tells Jason that Sonny told her that once he let go of the business a weight was lifted off his shoulders. They are free to do things they could have never done before. Emily changes the subject by saying “We have a future – like you could and should have a future with Sam.” She asks why Sonny had to play peacekeeper. Jason explains that he had papers drawn up that guaranteed her a financially sound future. Emily asks Jason if it was an offer for Sam to go away. Jason says he did it out of respect and concern and because he loves her. Emily points out that women are sensitive about becoming financially dependent on a man. She tells Jason that he can’t leave it like that.

Alexis invites Sam to move in with her and her family. At first Sam is reluctant. She tells Alexis “You don’t even like me.” But Alexis is willing to give it a shot if Sam is. Sam gives it some thought.

Robert greets guests back at the Haunted Star. Lulu chats with Luke as she cleans up the bar. Tracy warms up to Robert trying to find out the latest dirt on Luke. Robert tells Tracy that so far Luke isn’t revealing much. Luke goes into the back room and places a cell phone call to Coleman. He wants to know when the robbery will occur. He tells Coleman that if it doesn’t happen in a half-hour his ten percent drops to five. Robin and Patrick arrive. Robin is surprised to see her father greeting guests. She asks what he is doing and he tells her that in order to stay in Port Charles, he has to have some kind of a good job. Robin doesn’t buy it and thinks he is up to no good.

Alexis brings Sam home. Alexis is eager but Sam states that she wants to take things one day at a time. Kristina runs to Sam to welcome her home. She gives Sam a picture she made. Sam tells her she will put it by her bed. Ric welcomes Sam home and asks how she is feeling. Sam says she is OK physically, just tired. Alexis tells Sam to lie down and she will make something to eat.

Sonny quizzes Max about his previous conversation he had at his house with Alexis. Sonny wants to know if he raised his voice to Alexis. Max admits that the conversation did get a bit hot. Sonny demands to know exactly what he said. Max told Sonny that he said to her “if she didn't back off, you'd treat her like any other D.A.” Sonny wants to know if he threatened to kill her. Max admits that he did hear Sonny say that he could have her locked up or she could disappear. Sonny then asks Max if the landscape architect dropped off plans. He is concerned about getting his garden started.

Tracy eggs on Luke about paying Robert to tail him. Luke comments that Robert is nothing but a freeloading fungal infection. She continues to compliment Robert and Luke is not so convinced Tracy is being sincere. Robert approaches Robin and Patrick to smugly remind Robin that he will be around to make up for lost time. As Lainey and Justus play the crap table, men in black ski masks enter with guns in the air. Shots are fired. They order everyone to put their hands up. One of the men notice Lulu come out from the galley and orders her hands up. She is sorry saying she has never been robbed before. Luke tells her to just chill and that they mean business. Lulu notices one of the robbers wearing a very expensive watch.

Alexis and Ric enjoy a glass of wine on the sofa. Alexis tells Ric how much she loves him and their new house. She thanks him for being so great with the kids and the new move. As Alexis cuddles under Ric’s arm, Ric turns and notices Sam standing out on the patio. She is wearing a sheer nightgown and is looking out over the lake.

Jason pays a visit to Sam’s hospital room. Elizabeth informs him that Sam was just discharged. Elizabeth tells Jason he is throwing away a great relationship and he should be with Sam. While she is speaking to Jason, she is being watched by Manny, who is hiding nearby.

Emily returns home to find Max. Max tells her that Sonny is again acting weird. She goes into the study looking for Sonny. When she doesn’t find him there, she goes out onto the patio. She finds him in the garden erratically digging up the lawn. She asks him what’s wrong and tells him to stop. He ignores her pleas. She then yells at him “Sonny, you’re scaring me!”

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