GH Update Thursday 6/1/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/1/06


Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Nikolas are together at the Metro Court.  Carly gives Nikolas the low down on her past with Robin and her supposed theory on why Robin keeps making threats.  Nikolas, however, is still skeptical when Jax walks in.  He tells Jax that he Robin keeps insinuating that she has information, but doesn’t know what it is.

At the hospital, Maxie tries to steal more medication for Lucky as he walks into the hospital.  As she grabs a bottle and begins to split, Dr. Lee catches her as Lucky looks on.  When Dr. Lee catches her, Maxie stumbles to try to get out of it when Lucky intervenes with a flimsy excuse about Sam’s condition.  Dr. Lee dismisses Kelly and tells Lucky that she thinks Maxie is stealing drugs.

Outside of Sam’s hospital room, Jason and Elizabeth are talking about Sam’s condition.  When Jason asks Liz to keep him informed of Sam’s condition, Sam exits her hospital room and tells Jason that he should ask her himself.  She wants to know why he’s there.  Jason tells Sam that he’s concerned about her.

At Sonny’s, he’s going over some sketches with Max for renovations.  He’s talking about the changes that he wants made and the plans for the future when he catches an error on one of them and loses control.  He starts flipping out about the architect not listening to instructions.  Just then Ric barges into the house and wants to know why Sonny was threatening Alexis.

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Max tries to quietly warn Ric that it isn’t a good time, but Sonny tells Max that it’s ok.  Sonny tells him that he wants to know why his brother is upset.  Sonny wants to know why Ric thinks that he would threaten Alexis.  Ric tells him what Alexis had told him regarding the incident.  Sonny, however, brushes it off.  He doesn’t remember a thing about the incident.  When Ric questions further, Sonny says that Alexis is making it up and that she hates him.

Back at the hospital, Jason apologizes for even coming to the hospital in the first place.  When he goes to leave, Liz stops Jason.  She tells Sam to go back to bed and convinces Jason to go into the hospital room to talk to her.  While in the room, Sam asks Jason when he stopped loving her.

Lucky steps into Maxie and Dr. Lee’s conversation by making up an excuse that Maxie probably found the drugs on the floor and picked them up to deliver them to a nurse.  Maxie hands the drugs to Dr. Lee and apologizes.  Dr. Lee also apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion.  Maxie leaves and Lucky bluntly asks Dr. Lee if she has noticed Patrick Drake trying to get Liz into bed.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Monica, Alan and Edward discuss Robert’s presence in the house and how they hope it will drive Luke out of the house.  Tracy enters and tells them she doesn’t see that happening.  Just then Luke comes in, apparently upset with Tracey.

Back at the Metro Court, Jax tells Nikolas that he’s never known Robin to intentionally lie.  Jax tells Nikolas that he thinks that Robin just disapproves of his relationship with Carly and that he takes everything they say about each other with a grain of salt.  He advises Nikolas to do the same.  Nikolas seemingly buys the excuse and leaves when Jax tells him he has a business meeting to go to.  Jax tells Carly to back off Robin or she’ll cost them John.

Carly tells Jax that she doesn’t think that Robin would keep her mouth shut if she had the information that John is Nikolas’ son.  Jax tells Carly that Robin will find something to use against Carly and him.  He reminds her that Robin is a doctor with access to hospital records, which could pose a threat if she decides to run a DNA test.  Jax figures that Carly just is after Robin for revenge and wants the same to Jax.

Liz gets off the elevator and runs into Lucky who gives her flowers he brought for her.  They hug each other and tell each other they love them, as Maxie jealously looks on.

At the Q Mansion, Luke is berating Tracy for pulling a stunt as Robert walks in after a nap.  Monica wants to know what Tracy has been up to.  Luke reveals that Tracy put a lien on the Haunted Star and he cannot touch any of his money from the place.  Tracy tells them that he is exaggerating and that she has given Luke an allowance.

Ric tells Sonny that he wants to continue getting along with him.  He asks Sonny what he thinks happened.  Sonny says that it was business as usual with Alexis, except for her acting in her official capacity as DA.  Ric reminds him of the Juan Escobar incident, but Sonny apparently doesn’t remember that either and think that Ric and Alexis are making stuff up.  Sonny tells Ric that there were some loose ends that he needed to tie up, which he did.  Ric seems puzzled by Sonny’s behavior.  Sonny brings the topic back to Alexis and tells Ric again that he doesn’t know where she got the idea that he threatened her.

At Sam’s hospital room, her and Jason are talking about Jason’s feelings.  Sam wants her life back, but Jason tells her that everything has changed.  Sam tells Jason that it’s not fair that she doesn’t have a say in how things end.  Jason tells her that he understands if she hates him for it, but Sam insists that she will find a way for them to be together.

At the hospital, Liz is putting the flowers up at the Nurses Station when Patrick comes by.  They discuss Lucky and his condition about him getting back to work.  Liz thanks Patrick for helping him get better and the two end up in an embrace as Dr. Lee looks on.  Remembering her conversation with Lucky from before, she tells Patrick about her chat with him.  She tells him that he needs to hit on someone that isn’t married – making the insinuation that she’s available if he wants to do that.

Over at Alexis and Ric’s new home, Alexis is working with some tools when Kristina comes over and tells her that she loves the new home.  Ric comes home and gives Kristina a hug and tells her that Sonny wants to see her soon.  Alexis excuses Kristina out of the room and yells at Ric for suggesting such a thing.  She reminds Ric that he threatened to kill her.  Ric, however, tells Alexis that Sonny didn’t know what she was talking about.  Alexis is shocked that he believes Sonny over her.

Sonny and Max are talking about the plans for the house when the conversation turns to Alexis.  He asks Max if anything unusual happened when she came by.  Max laughs it off and tells Sonny that Alexis was just exaggerating.  Sonny buys it and tells Max to get the architect over to the house.

Alexis accuses Ric of taking Sonny’s word over her’s.  Ric tells her that he’s just trying to understand what happened.  Ric wants to call it a misunderstanding, but Alexis doesn’t let it drop.  Alexis tells him again exactly what happened.  She admits to being scared about it.  She warns Ric that she’s not going to let Kristina near Sonny, but Ric says he just wants to understand what happened because he wasn’t there.  At that point, a delivery man comes in with flowers for Alexis.  Alexis assumes they are from Ric, but after reading the card, they discover the flowers are from Sonny – apologizing.

Sonny is with the architect going over the plans.  He tells him that he wants to begin work on the warehouse to expand it.  The architect informs him that industrial is not his area of expertise.  Sonny informs him that he better get someone who can do it and quick and leaves.  He tells Max to get the architect out.  As he goes to leave the house, Max gives Sonny the 3rd degree about where he’s going and why.  Sonny tells Max that what he does is none of Max’s business and leaves.

At Jason’s Penthouse, he is staring at the window where the bullet hit.  He makes a phone call asking for help with Sam.

At the Haunted Star, Robert and Luke are chatting about Luke’s financial woes.  Nikolas enters the Haunted Star.

Jax comes back to the Metro Court.  Jax tells Carly that he owes her an apology.  Carly accepts the apology, but reminds Jax that Robin is a sore spot for her.  She adds that she will try to get along with her for Jax.  Jax tells Carly that he’s putting the christening on hold.

Jax tells Carly that he still has a fear of losing John.  They talk about Courtney and her wanting to know that Nikolas is the father.  Jax is sad because their foundation is built on a lie and knows that Nikolas will stumble on the truth.  He thinks it would be easier if he told Nikolas that he had a son.

Luke asks Nikolas for more operating capital.  Nikolas reminds Luke that he only bought into the Haunted Star for his sister.  He also reminds him that he didn’t want to accept money from him because he was the “Spawn from Hell.” Luke begs Nikolas for more capital as Tracy confronts Nikolas about using his money.  With that, Nikolas reveals that he agrees with Tracy.

At the hospital, Patrick catches up to Lucky.  Patrick confronts Lucky about talking to Dr. Lee about him and Liz.  Lucky accuses him of trying to be nice to take Liz away from him, but Patrick tells him that if Lucky continues to act like an ass, he’s not going to have to work very hard to accomplish that goal.  After Patrick leaves, Maxie hands Lucky more pills as a thank you.

Sam is looking at the engagement ring when Justus comes into the hospital room.  He informs Sam that Jason had asked him to stop by.  He hands Sam a letter and tells her that Jason has provided for her to be taken care of.  At first Sam thinks it is in case anything happens to her.  Justus corrects her, informing her that Jason is giving her $5 million dollars to help start a new life without him.  Sam is upset and asks Justus if Jason left a message.  All Justus tells her is “I’m sorry” and walks out.  Sam is very upset.

At Jason’s, Sonny walks into the penthouse and asks how Sam is doing.  Sonny tells Jason that he wants to talk business.  Jason reminds Sonny that he’s not in the business anymore.  He tells Jason that he wants to expand the warehouse and turn it into a coffee house.

Carly asks Jax why he would want to ruin things just as they were starting to become a family.  Jax admits to not being able to raise the child with such a big secret and wonders what it will do to John.  Jax doesn’t know what it will do to him and Carly.   She reminds him of the Cassadines and how they need to protect him from them.  Jax thinks that maybe that should be Nikolas job to do that and not theirs.

At the Haunted Star, Luke realizes that Nikolas knew about the lien.  Nikolas informs Luke that he almost lost the place and doesn’t want to risk his investment.  Tracy tells them that Luke doesn’t know how to handle the money.  Nikolas leaves and Tracy hires Robert as the new manager.  Tracy tells Robert to report to her in case Luke is up to anything.  When they leave, Luke makes a frantic phone call to someone to rob him.

At the hospital, Lucky wants to know what Maxie was thinking stealing the drugs for him.  He makes her put the drugs back.  Maxie tells him that she’s only trying to help, but Lucky reminds her that he’s a cop and can’t take them.  She tells him that if he doesn’t want them, throw them out because she doesn’t want to take them back and walks away from Lucky.  As Lucky turns around, he sees Liz and Patrick getting into an elevator together an pops some pills.

Sonny tells Jason to give him a chance to go legit.  Jason tells Sonny that he can do what he wants with the warehouse.  Sonny pitches his idea for a coffee house and goes on and on.  He goes over merchandise, singing and dancing regarding the coffee house, etc.  While he’s doing this, Jason wonders if Sonny is okay.  He asks him if he’s okay, just as Sam barges in the penthouse.  She asks him if he honestly thought she was going to sign the papers like a good little girl.  She tears up the papers and throws it on the floor…

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