GH Update Wednesday 5/31/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/31/06


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At the hospital, Dr. Lee asks Patrick if he’s seen anybody suspicious walking through there. And she informs him that somebody took her prescription pad, wrote some illegal prescriptions and stole some pain pills. Not far away, Maxie overhears. Lucky gets off the elevator, (probably in search of more pain pills). And she informs him if he was considering refilling his prescription, he cannot.

In Sam’s hospital room, she asks Elizabeth about what she’d previously told her about when Jason acts out of love for somebody, that it’s hard to change his mind. And she asks Elizabeth just what she meant by that..

Jason goes to Coleman’s bar and tells him that since Sonny has helped him out with many things, he better pay up for the protection they offer him for this place as well as his chop shop operation. Right then, Diego appears and tells Jason he may forget it. He is not paying him a dime.

Lulu meets Nikolas at Kelly’s and informs him that when she went to the Markham islands to rescue her dad who did not even want to be rescued, she missed all of her finals. She has no choice except to go to summer school in order to graduate. He tells her that he can give her a better option. He knows of a good prep school. Right then, robin walks in. Carly hounds her, telling her that she knows she’s back because robin could not keep Patrick interested. At that point, robin is ready to divulge to Carly that she knows the big secret. Noticing Nikolas sitting right there, she knows it could be the perfect time. She tells Carly not that she really would enjoy seeing her embarrassed. Carly then rubs Robin’s nose in the fact that she never enjoys anything. Right then, Lulu steps up and tells Carly she has no right to be verbally abusing Robin. Carly tells her young cousin that she must know that her buddy, Robin has very high standards for everybody except herself so if she thinks Robin won’t trash her the minute she makes any kind of mistake, Lulu must not tell Carly she did not warn her. Lulu returns to her table with Nikolas where he tells her that she needs to stop taking care of everybody and instead get her grades up so that she can get into a good college. She then tells him that she has always known that he is the rich and fun big brother and it’s Lukcy that’s the straight and narrow one.

Right then, after Maxie informs him that she can no longer use illegal means to get him the pain pills, he tells her it’s no big deal. He can make due without them. But she tells him she knows of another way. She won’t let him live in pain. He needs the pain pills.

Elizabeth informs Sam that she has had a history with Jason and they know a lot about each other. She concludes that the reason it did not work out between them was because Jason thought his work would put her in danger. Sam asks Elizabeth if she was ever afraid to be with Jason. Elizabeth tells her no. But he realized that he was putting her at too much risk. Sam then tells Elizabeth that she has never had any problem with Jason’s work. And maybe she just needs to make him realize that.

While Jason is talking to Coleman and Diego buts in, Coleman tells Diego he better get out. He is taking care of business privately. Alone with Jason, Coleman tells him that he does not believe that Sonny ever made any effort to help out “small timers” like him. Jason then reminds Coleman that he does business a little differently than Sonny did. Sonny cut Coleman a lot of slack. He won’t

Alexis and Ric are moving into their new house. She is going all out and taking pictures of everything. But he has some reservations. He tells her he knows that this is Skye Quartermaine’s old house that Lorenzo Alcazar is putting up for sale.. And it does not look good for the new DA to be entering into a property deal with a known criminal. He tells her that she must realize that she is making a major sacrifice in her life and in her career in order to accommodate Sam when she has made it very clear that she does not want to live with Alexis. She rationalizes to him that he has wanted her to get a bigger house for the two of them and Kristina and Molly for a long time. And if it also provides another room for Sam, then what is wrong with that? He reminds her that Sam is a grown woman who has been fending for herself for a long time and does not want or need anything from her. He reminds her that it’s a little different than putting Molly down for a nap or reminding Kristina to brush her teeth. She cannot make Sam end her relationship with Jason. But Alexis is still very excited about the new house. She goes out the door.

Jason tells Coleman that he would like to share in the proceeds of his business. He also reminds him that Sonny did not allow drugs or under age girls and neither will he. Coleman tells Jason that is fine. Jason tells Colemn he better stay clear of all the people Jason cares about or he will regret it. Coleman then tells Jason that he never figured Jason to be the in charge kind of guy. He always thought that was Sonny’s job. But he can adjust to the new boss.

Georgie asks Mike if she can get off work early so she can go and meet Dillon. He then tells her that he was afraid that they would not last very long married. She tells him that getting married may not have been the right choice. But they still love each other. He tells her that all that matters is that they are still in love. Lulu overhears the conversation and looks very bummed out. Diego then walks in. Lulu informs him that Georgie is getting ready to be with Dillon so he can save his energy. He is there for other reason. He then comes up to her and asks her if she wants to have some “fun”. She asks why he wants to go anywhere with her. He tells her that maybe they can go and discuss how they can break up Dillon and Georgie. At that point, she goes out the door with him. Georgie then comes downstairs, notices the two of them going off together and seems to wonder what is up.

Lucky hides the pain pills that Maxie got for him when Elizabeth comes in by. He tells her he’s gotta get back to work. They cannot afford to have him stuck there with medical bills piling up. Patrick informs them that he will consider signing off on Lucky going back to work if he can pass some tests and prove that the pain is not too much for him. Hearing that, Maxie asks Lucky how he is going to accomplish that. He tells her he will find a way. At that point, he swallows a large dosage out of the prescription bottle.

Dillon meets with Georgie and she tells him that it’s totally ok if he decides who can be at his party and who can’t. She also informs him that she has been doing some research on the internet and has found out that they do not legally qualify for an annulment. He then asks her what they will do now. Stay married?

Diego takes Lulu with him while he hot wires a car. She asks him what he thinks he is doing. He asks her if she plans to get in the car with him or not. At that point, she joins him. He fires up the car and they are off.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth why Lucky has the idea that he(himself) has paid for Lucky’s medical bills and physical therapy. She informs him that she knows he did not. It was Jason Morgan paid for everything instead. She explains to him that because she risked her career in order to save Sam, Jason paid her back with that. But because Lucky noticed that Jason was able to save her from Manny instead of him, she knows he would not be ok with her letting Jason pay his medical bills. And for hat reason, she needs Nikolas to let Lucky believe that it is he who is paying instead. Nikolas then reluctantly agrees but tells Elizabeth that he does not think she should take any more money form Morgan.

Ric meets with Lorenzo and tells him he does not want him soiling Alexis’ reputation by having anybody knowing that he is selling her a house. Lorenzo informs Ric that he is no longer in “the business”. He does remember, however, that ric chained carly to a wall when she was pregnant. He has his own soil on his record. He also happens to know that Ric is joining forces with Sonny and Jason. Jason goes and finds Lorenzo and tells him if his son continues to be a problem, he will be dealt with. Lorenzo then tells Jason that he better leave his son alone. He asks Jason why he would be worried about Diego when he(Jason) is the boss. He tells Jason he knows he wants war with him. Not with his son. Carly is not far away, observing all of the conversations.

Alexis comes to see Sam in her hospital room and shows her pictures of the new house. Sam tells her thank you. She will come and visit. But she still plans to live with Jason. Alexis reminds her daughter that Jason has told her repeatedly that he does not want her to be with him. Sam again reminds her mother that she believes she can change Jason’s mind. And if Alexis has a problem with that, then too bad. She tells Alexis that she knows Alexis wants to believe that Sam and Jason are through. But she still believes that she can get Jason to come around and reconsider.. She tells her mother that Jason makes her happy. He loves and accepts and respects her for whom she is. She does not care about the “risk”. She has been at risk throughout her life. Alexis asks Sam if she really wants to keep making sacrifices for Jason. She tells her daughter that she’s a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman who does not need to have her life wrapped up in Jason. Sam then tells her mother that she may want her daughter to be an independent career woman like her mother. But Alexis must realize that she is 26. She is too old for her mother to mold her into the perfect image. She tells her that she wants a life with Jason. That is her main priority. Alexis then looks upset as she tells Sam that she knows she is not helping matters any. She gets up to go out the door. Sam tells her she hopes that she and her family like the new house and she will be in touch. Alexis tells her that she hopes she will reconsider. Sam tells her that she only wants to be with Jason.

Lorenzo tells Jason that he must think life is really great to be wearing the business suits and taking over Sonny’s business. After being Sonny’s subordinate for so long, it must look very glamorous. He tells him to enjoy it while he can. Jason then gets up to leave. Carly meets him and asks what is going on. Jason tells her that things have changed.

Lucky comes out of his meeting with Patrick who tells him he is very surprised that lucky seemed to have recovered so fast form the pain. It does not seem real. But he will recommend that he goes back to work He must stay with parking tickets for a while. But he can work again. Elizabeth happily congratulates her husband. Nikolas is nearby. Lucky, who still believes it was he who paid the medical bills tells him he will back him back as soon as he can.

Diego goes to find Coleman to collect the money Coleman owes him for helping him steal the car. Lulu is not far behind. Coleman agrees and pulls out the money but grabs a hold of Diego and demands that he only does what Coleman says. He better not slip up and better keep his mouth shut around Jason Morgan or Coleman will get rid of him. Diego grabs the money and leaves. Lulu asks what is going on. He tells her that he knows how to earn a living. She tell shim he doe not need all this money. He tells her that he refuses to live off of his father. He hands her some money. She asks him what that is for. He tells her this is her “cut”. And he says maybe they can do this again. She then takes it and smiles.

After finding out that they cannot legally annul their marriage, Dillon talks to Georgie about what that will mean. They agree that they are both better off single living with their families and being able to have their own lives. They still want to be young and have fun. But divorce is so cold. It would be like admitting that they have failed each other.

At the hospital, Epiphany tells Robin that it’s well known that she and Patrick are seeing each other. Robin tells her that they both know how to keep their personal life separate form their professional lives. Epiphany then surprises robin by telling her if she breaks that boy’s heart, then she will break Elizabeth’s neck.

Lorenzo asks Carly if she can persuade Jason to back off of him and his son. But she tells him he must realize that Jason hates him. He will always blame him for losing his and Courtney’s baby. And if Jason wants Lorenzo out , he will find a way to get him out. She tells Lorenzo she hopes he is serious about giving up the business like he says he is.

Elizabeth finds Jason at the hospital and informs him that she has lied to Lucky by letting him believe that it was Nikolas who paid his medical bills instead of Jason. Lucky would never accept that, knowing that Jason was able to save her form Manny when he could not. Jason agrees to keep the secret from Lucky. Elizabeth tels him that he can do her a favor by going in to see Sam and letting her know that he loves her.

Ric meets Alexis in their new house and tells her that he is concerned about her obsessive need to help Sam. She asks him how many times she has let him make sacrifices for Sonny. He tells her that her buying a house from Lorenzo Alcazar is a bit over the top. She then asks him if he knew that Sonny tried to kill her yesterday.

Dillon tells Georgie that maybe he can ask his mother for help with their divorce. She knows all about divorces. But she tells him that if Tracy gets involved in this, she will do everything she can to keep them apart. He agrees. And they both agree that they are not looking forward to being ex husband and wife. Outside the door. Lulu and Diego are happily talking about the thing they just accomplished and how they are looking forward to breaking up Georgie and Dillon. Georgie and Dillon watch them and wonder what they are doing together and what they are up to.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin that he cannot find his charts. Robin asks if he wants her to help him find it. They need an excuse to go off together.

At the metro court, Nikolas asks carly if they can talk about her problem with robin. They seem to get into a battle every time they see each other. He knows that it’s a lot more than calry’s anger toward robin for telling Michael the truth about his biological father. He knows there’s something much more going on. He thinks she’s hiding something form him about Jax.

Robin and Patrick go to “find the charts” that they’ve told their co-workers they need to find together. They go into a private room. She tells him that it does not look like there are any charts there. And they start kissing.

Right then, Maxie is grabbing a bunch of pain meds. Dr. Lee then catches her and asks her just where she thinks she is going with that.

Elizabeth finds Jason and tells him that Sam will be able to leave the hospital soon. He asks her if she can keep him informed about Sam’s condition. Right then, Sam comes out of the room and asks him why he cannot ask her himself.

Alexis tells ric that she recently saw Sonny like she has never seen him before. He told her if she did not stay out of his business, he would “get rid of her”. And they all know that in Sonny’s world, that means murder.

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