GH Update Tuesday 5/30/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/30/06


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Carly walks through the hospital and meets Jax. She appears to be in a good mood. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is dropping off the proceeds for the charity benefit.

Robin and Patrick awaken in bed together after the storm has passed. As soon as he awakens, she can sense that something inevitable has happened. She tells him she knows that it has hit him like a bolt of lightening. He has just has sex with somebody who is HIV positive. She knew it would happen. She tells him she can see that no matter what kinds of precautions he takes or what he does, he is totally freaked out right now.

Emily is alone in Sonny’s house and seems to be enjoying herself with Nikolas. Sonny is observing them and picks up a bottle of wine. It looks like his has violent intent. At that point, Max comes by and offers to open the bottle for him. Emily and Nikolas, then turn their heads to view Sonny and can tell by the look on his face that something is not ok.

Sam escapes from the hospital to go to Jason’s. She appears at his door and falls over. He carries her to the couch and tells her he can call a doctor. She tells him she does not want him to call a doctor. She wants him to sit down and listen to her. She tells him she is not just going to sit in the hospital and passively accept losing him. He asks her if she thinks he wants this. Does she think that he likes waking up all alone and not being without her. She protests to him that she is not afraid of him or his life style. She has chosen to be with him. Nothing has changed except that it used to mean something to him that she was committed to him. Right then, Jason gets a call from Alexis who seems to know exactly where Sam has gone. He confirms that she is with him and they both want her back at the hospital and away from Jason’s apartment.

Sonny tells Emily and Nikolas that he was going to make dinner and nikolas is welcome to join them. Nikolas thanks Sonny but tells him he des not want to intrude. He obviously knows that Sonny is not well and he leaves. Alone with Sonny, Emily tells him that since it’s just the two of them, she wants him to tell her the truth. What is wrong with him? Sonny then smiles and smirks and kisses Emily. She smiles and doesn’t want to assume the worst anymore.

Maxie and Lucky go to Jesse’s gravesite in the rain. And she kisses him. He does not stop her. But they pull away and she tells him that she really regrets doing this. She did not mean to kiss him. He has been a really good friend who has been there for her. She tells him she always has to ruin everything in her life.

After Robin expresses her concerns, Patrick rationalizes to her that he knows how to take precautions and is not worried. She tells him that he is taking a very cavalier attitude about a potentially life threatening disease. He asks her why she always has to assume the worst. And he believes her that her biggest worry about him is that he cannot commit. Hearing that, she tells him that he is the most arrogant egotistical blow hard she has ever met. She asks him why he’d put himself so high upon a pedestal as to think that she’d want or need a commitment with him. He then tells her that he is concerned that she maybe wants to have a deep and meaningful relationship. And he may not be able to deliver what she wants. Se then tells him that if she wanted deep and meaningful commitments, she’d have a better chance of finding that with a high school kid. She tells him that it may bruise his ego to know this, but this night was solely about sex. So he needs to get over himself.

Maxie tells Lucky that she got another chance at life when she had the heart surgery. But she wasted her chances with Jesse. She thought that maybe he would help her turn into a good and noble person. But it did not happen. She tells him that she is as far from noble as they come. She is self centered and shallow and spoiled. They look at Lucky’s gravesite. And he tells her that she cannot let this upset her so much. He then tells her he wants her to let him do what he should have done when he saw her at Jake’s. He asks her to let him take her home. They put their arms around each other and leave together.

Jason puts a coat on Sam, noticing she is soaking wet from the rain. She asks him if he still loves her. He tells her of course he does. But she almost died because of him. She then tells him that she has had many other close calls in her life. This was not very different form what she is used to. But she fell in love with him and that changed everything. She tells him she misses their faith and trust and closeness. And she asks him when his faith ended. He tells her that he does not want to be endangering her life. And he does not want to be a hypocrite to want to keep Emily away from Sonny, when he is putting her in just as much danger. She tells him that nothing has changed so she would like to know why he is now refusing to be with her. Right then, Alexis enters.

Sonny and Emily are kissing on the couch. She asks him to go upstairs. He tells her no.. They can go at it right on the couch. But she reminds him that anybody can see them from the terrace. He tells her no. Max has orders not to let anybody on his terrace. And he wants her to forget about everyone and everything and be with him and finish what they started.

Right when Robin and Patrick are together, Jax and carly barge in and inform them that this is his cabin. They can see what Robin and Patrick are doing together. Carly tells Robin that she can see that she is devastated to lose Jax to Carly. But to find such an “inadequate replacement” is pathetic. Hearing that, robin tells carly she better shut up or she will be sorry. She again indicates that she has something on Carly.

Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth and informs her that he and Courtney had a property that they were going to fix up when they got married. But they later decided they had no use for it and considered donating the proceeds to the hospital. Hearing that, she asks him what that has to do with her. He tells her that he can see that she and Lucky and Cameron are stuck in this tiny apartment where she and Lucky have to sleep on the hide-away couch in the living room which cannot be good for his recovery. She then tells him that she really appreciates this very generous offer. But there is no way that Lucky would agree to this. At that point, Lucky walks in to hear their conversation.

Sonny and Emily wake up together. They seem to be having fun. But he asks her if there is something between her and Nikolas.

When Alexis walks into Jason’s home and sees Sam, Sam tells her mother she needs to get out of there and accept that she is choosing to be with Jason. Alexis asks her daughter if she can just understand one very simple thing. She is putting her life in danger. She asks Sam how she got home. Sam replies she walked. Hearing that, Alexis tells her it’s not enough that she almost got herself killed because of Jason. After recovering, she’s going to put herself in danger trying to get him back by walking in the pouring rain.

Carly and Jax leave Robin alone with Patrick. He tells her there is no reason to be jealous of Carly. He is with her tonight. At least for tonight.

When Lucky returns to overhear Nikolas telling Elizabeth that he can give them his property, he asks Nikolas why he’d even consider that Lucky would agree to that. Lucky does not want him to pay his hospital bills. He asks Nikolas why he paid his rehab bills without even talking to him or asking. Nikolas then apologizes and tells Lucky that from now on, he will stay out of his business.,. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she really appreciates his generosity. Nikolas goes out the door and Lucky tells Elizabeth that he apologizes. He has been a real jerk. She then tells him that she really agrees with that and asks him if he is ok.

Emily informs Sonny that there is no way she will ever get back with Nikolas. They are only friends. But he discussed with her that he has some property that he might be able to offer her. Sonny asks Emily if she really believes it had nothing to do with Nikolas wanting her back. She tells him not to her knowledge. But it wouldn’t matter anyway. Sonny is the only man she wants.

Sam tells Alexis she appreciates her concern. But Jason is there for her. She has a place to stay and does not need to go back to the hospital. Hearing that, Jason tells Sam that she is better off living with Alexis. Sam tells them no way and asks Jason why he is letting Alexis manipulate him. Right then, some medical staff walk though the door with a stretcher to take Sam back to the hospital. Alexis confirms that she called them to take care of her daughter, Sam McCall. Sam then tells them there is no way she is going anywhere. Alexis tells Sam if she is not going to put herself under a doctor’s care, then she has to save her life for her. Sam tells Alexis that her life is what she is fighting for right now. She looks at Jason and tells him he must realize how wrong this is. She cries. But Jason does not respond. Alexis then tells her daughter she needs to get well, get her strength back. And then she can see how things will go with her and Jason afterwards. At that point, Sam agrees to get into the mobile bed and the guys wheel her out the door. Alexis follows her. Sam tells Jason that she is not giving up on them. Alone, Jason looks upset.

Sonny tells Emily that he got the idea that maybe when she sees Nikolas she might have second thoughts about being with Sonny. She was with Nikolas a long time. She assures him that that is by no means the case. She admits that she feels bad that people she loves are being hurt because she is with Sonny. She’s concerned about Jason pushing away the woman he loves because of this situation. That makes her sad. Sonny then tells Emily he never wants to see her sad. She then puts a blanket over herself and goes upstairs. Alone, Sonny grabs the car keys. Max follows him and asks him if he really wants to drive. Sonny asks Max why he’s worried about him. He also tells Max that he knows the reason why Max took the bottle away from him was because he was afraid that Sonny would smash it over the prince’s(Nikolas) head. Max doe not respond to that. And Sonny confirms to Max that, to be honest, he was considering doing that very thing.

After noticing Robin and Patrick together, Jax tells Carly that maybe she should be a little kinder to Robin. Carly tells him that Robin has never been kind to her. He tells her that he’s a bit concerned about Robin with Patrick. He knows that Patrick is a player and might use and hurt her. Right then, Robin comes outside and Jax reminds her that twice, now she has indicated that she “has something” on Carly. And he’d like her to tell him just what that is.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he would never intentionally do anything to hurt her. He promises. She tells him she knows. They kiss. But right when they are ready to get it on, they hear the baby cry. She goes to take care of Cameron and Lucky is clearly not ok. He takes some of the pain pills that Maxie illegally found for him. Elizabeth then enters and asks him where he got those pills.

Jason hears a knock on his door. Sonny is there. He tells him he came to apologize.

In response to Jax’s question about Carly, Robin tells him that she is simply warning him about Carly. He should not trust her. She is bad news.

While inside the cabin, Carly is talking to Patrick. He tells her he realizes that she thinks that Robin is as shallow as a mud puddle. But he’s gotten to know her and has discovered that she is really great. She tells him that she would like to save him from becoming a sanctimonious drone just like his little “bed puppy” At that point, Carly is lying on the bed with him. He then asks her how far she would like to go. Right then, Robin and Jax walk in and carly tells them that she might have to sleep with Patrick. Robin looks angry and Carly indicates she was just joking. Carly and Jax then go out the door. Patrick tells Robin that this is the time where she is supposed to slap him and storm out. She tells him she is considering that. He then tells her he is just joking and they start kissing again.

Elizabeth has a question about Lucky’s pain pills but doesn’t want an argument. So she acts happy. She tells him that she and Cameron have baked his favorite cookies for him. She leaves and while alone, Lucky grabs a hold of his pain pills and does not look happy.

Sam tells Alexis that she really appreciates having her mother in her life. But Alexis needs to know that she is committed to Jason. Alexis tells Sam that no matter how painful this is for her, she must realize that Jason’s “attempt” to protect Sonny and Emily have not protected her.

After Sonny has left the house, Emily asks Max what he thinks of Sonny’s ideas to renovate this new place. Max kind of evades her question. She tells Max she knows that he knows Sonny pretty well and she asks him if he thinks Sonny is happy. Max admits to her that he really does not know.

Sonny goes to Jason’s and tells him that he knows they had a really bad confrontation. And he now knows that Jason and Sam have broken up. He feels partly responsible for that. He does not think that Jason should end his relationship with the person he loves. He is older than Jason. He’s had a lot more experiences. And his advice to Jason is to hold onto Sam and not let her go for anything.

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