GH Update Monday 5/29/06

General Hospital Update Monday 5/29/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Sam awakens in her hospital room and believes she’s been in the presence of Jason. Elizabeth comes into her room. She tells Elizabeth that maybe she was just dreaming.

Meanwhile, Jason is alone at home noticing the hole in the window where the bullet almost got Emily. And he remembers that when Sam was unconscious, he caught one of Escobar’s men in her room disguised as an orderly ready to kill her.

At the hospital, Robin is wondering whether she should go on a picnic with Patrick.

At Kelly’s, Lucas tells Georgie that it looks like she’s going to a lot of trouble for Dillon’s birthday party considering they are ready to annul their marriage. She admits to him that regardless of the fact that she and Dillon are too young to be married, she still loves him. He asks her if she is ready to face all the people who want to tell her they told her so. She tells him that she and Dillon made a mistake to move into that tiny room above Kelly’s. And she admits it was bad timing for Dillon to be flying to the Markham islands with Lulu. He asks her if she is ready to forgive him for that. She assures him she is. But right then, Dillon and Lulu walk in the door together laughing and looking happy to be together.

At the hospital, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he needs to get back to work. She tells him it’s too soon and if he pushes himself, he could become paralyzed. Mac then comes and tells lucky that he will not let him return to work. He is on medical leave.

Sonny has a guy helping him remodel his house. Alexis comes in and tells Sonny they must talk about his incident with Escobar. He informs her that now that he is no longer in the business he was once in, he no longer needs all of the security in his house. The guy leaves and Alexis reminds Sonny of how things were in the past. They used to get along. So much has happened. And she has finally been reunited with her supposedly dead daughter. He asks her why she is going down memory lane. She tells him that now that she is DA, regardless of her reluctance to make trouble for him, she will have no choice except to prosecute him if he screws up. She tells him if he wants to “go legit”, he needs to do it without these behaviors. He needs to spare Emily and Kristina and his kids all the pain. At that point, he says to her: ”screw you”.

After Mac appears at the hospital and tells Lucky he cannot return to work, Lucky immediately assumes that Elizabeth went behind his back and asked Mac to prevent her poor crippled husband form working. Right then, Nikolas walks in and asks what is going on. Lucky angrily tells him that he knows that Elizabeth wants to prevent him from doing his job. Nikolas then tells Lucky that if she did that, then good for her. He is in no condition to get back on active duty. Lucky angrily tells them both that he is tired of being treated like a child and believes that they both just want him to fail and be able to make themselves look like they are better than he is.

At the bar, Diego talks to Coleman about his secret plan with Escobar. Diego tells Coleman that he is not as cautious as some people and he needs to know if Coleman knows anybody who needs him to work for them. He notices Maxie not far away drinking. He asks her what is up and reminds them both that she is underage. She tells him that she’d like to stick to their original agreement. He leaves her alone in exchange for her staying out of his business with Georgie.

Sonny screams at Alexis telling her that he does not have to answer to her for anything. He will treat her no differently than any other DA. He doesn’t want her to be using their daughter as a manipulation tool and he will not put up with her carp. Max then comes in after hearing the yelling. He asks Sonny if he wants him to show Ms. Davis out. Sonny yells to get rid of her now. Alexis looks at Sonny stunned. She knows that something has happened to him. Alone, Sonny grabs a drink and pushes the chair over. It looks like he’s really losing it.

Nikolas comes to see Sam in her hospital room after she’s asked him to come by and help her with something. He brings her a gift. He tells her that it’s imported form Belgium. It’s caramel. They discover that they both like caramel and that it might be genetic. He asks her what the favor is that she asked him for. She tells him that now that they are family, she would like him to help her get out of the hospital so that she can see Jason. Elizabeth walks in and Nikolas asks her if she thinks it would be a good idea for Sam to leave the hospital. Elizabeth tells them she does not think so. Sam asks Elizabeth if she had to fight for Lucky, would she care about something like that?

Lucky walks into the bar and although knowing that Maxie is underage when he is a cop, he says he does not care if Coleman serves her. He tells them all that none of that matters and he would like a strong one.

Emily goes to Sonny’s. He tells her she must appreciate the good old days where there is no more danger. He informs her that he just talked to an architect and they discussed building a boat and having a new place. She tells him that sounds great. But she reveals that she is a little worried about the condition he is in. he tells her that he would like to swim with her, make love to her and have privacy at their own boathouse.

Patrick and robin walk outdoors and they talk about how they both need to have a break from their jobs as doctors.

Diego walks into Kelly’s. As usual, Georgie is friendly to him and invites him to Dillon’s party. But Dillon tells Diego he is not welcome there. Georgie is angry at Dillon. She tells him he is selfish. He tells her he does not want Diego at his party and would like to go for one day without arguing about Diego. Right then, Lulu walks out the door. Lucas asks her where she is going. She makes it clear that she is disappointed to see that Dillon only loves Georgie.

At the bar, Lucky asks Maxie why she is drinking there by herself. She tells him it’s because it’s Memorial Day. She remembers all of the brave people who died in the line of duty. He tells her that he is also thinking about Jesse and asks her if she wants to go with him to Jesse’s gravesite.

A police detective comes and tells Jason that it’s very obvious that Escobar’s guys put that hole in his window. Alexis come and asks Jason what he knows about Escobar. Jason admits that he knows him. The cop informs Jason that he knows that Sonny was in an altercation with Escobar until Jason showed up and broke it up. He asks Jason if he would like to come down to the station to make a statement. Jason tells him he’d rather not. Alexis then concludes that maybe it would not be necessary. She concludes that maybe Jason’s “warning” scared Escobar off.

Patrick and Robin get caught in the rain and find a house to take shelter. They notice all of the amenities. There is a fireplace. She says they can start a fire. She then goes and looks in a drawer. She notices that he is staring at her. He tells her that he won’t apologize. She is beautiful.

Emily asks Sonny if he’s sure he wants to start the project now. She reminds him that they will spend the summer with the grounds torn up. He tells her there is no time like the present. He wants to get it done as soon as possible. She then reminds him that they both know Spanish. He tells her he can cook her a dinner. They laugh and seem happy to be together. At that point, Mac shows Nikolas in. Sonny asks Nikolas why he has to come to his house right now. Nikolas tells Sonny this will only take a minute. He needs to talk to Emily alone.

The detective tells Jason that he knows he killed Juan Escobar. But Alexis tells him that he cannot arrest Jason. There is no solid evidence. And she would like to talk to Mr. Morgan aloe. The detective leaves and Alexis privately tells Jason she will congratulate him again for getting away with murder. And this is precisely the reason why he needs to stay away from Sam.

When Elizabeth is taking care of Sam in her hospital room, Sam asks her what she would do if she had to fight for Lucky when they are having problems. Would she give up? Elizabeth tells Sam that maybe her situation with Lucky is different than Sam’s situation with Jason. But she tells Sam that she believes when Jason is coming from a place of love, it is impossible for anybody to change his mind. Elizabeth leaves. And right then, Sam gets up out of her hospital room and is ready to go find Jason.

Diego and Lulu are alone in the bar. She turns on the jukebox and asks him to dance. They dance together. He tells her that he knows that she is flirting with him in order to keep him away form Georgie. But he knows that she wants Dillon all for herself. He tells her that maybe they can work together to break up Georgie and Dillon.

While in the house, taking shelter from the rain, Robin tells Patrick that she has learned that things rarely turn out the way you plan them. You have to find joy where and when it is unexpected. He holds her and kisses her. He then tells her that he has to go to the car. She reminds him that it is 5 miles way. He tells her that he needs to get the condoms, the spermicidal jelly and the written materials. She acknowledges that he has been giving this whole thing a lot of thought. He reminds her that aside from being selfish and shallow, he has been known to deviate from what people think of him. At that point, she pulls out some protection that she has been carrying. And she admits to him that she has been thinking for a long time about the two of them together. He tells her that she is full of surprises. And they kiss.

Maxie and Lucky are in the rain at Jesse’s gravesite. She tells him that she would like to think of the good things in her life and all the people in her life who want to support her.. She tells him she knows that he is suffering. And she kisses him.

Alone with Emily, Nikolas tells her that he can give her some property. She tells him that is very generous but she does not want it. He tells her he does not want it either and asks what she thinks he should do with it. She suggests donating it to the hospital charity. They look happy to be together. Sonny is not far away. He picks up a bottle and looks like he’s going to use it for violent purposes.

Alexis goes the hospital looking for Sam but discovers she is missing. She asks Epiphany if they’ve taken Sam anywhere for tests. Epiphany replies no and tells her that it is too soon for Sam to be going anywhere.

Sam then appears at Jason’s. She tells him that she just came to pick up her keys.

Patrick and Robin sleep together.

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