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General Hospital Update Friday 5/26/06


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Jax is getting over the elevator planning John’s christening and runs into Nikolas. Jax invites Nikolas to the christening. A stunned Nikolas wants to know what has changed. One minute he isn’t allowed to see John, the next minute he’s invited to the christening. Nikolas tells Jax that he’s confused. Jax tells him he’s doing it because of Courtney.

Robert is banging on Patrick’s door yelling at him to open the door. He wants to discuss his intentions towards Robin. Robin opens the door and asks what he’s doing there. Robert tells her he would like to ask her the same question.

At Jason’s, he’s looking at where the bullet hit and tries to absorb it all. He tells Stan that he’s still going to the meeting. Carly walks in and sees the glass. She asks if anyone was hurt. Jason tells her that if the glass did hold, Emily would be dead.

Emily is at Sonny’s gathering some books. Sonny walks in and tells her he thought she was at the hospital. He wants to know why she’s upset. Emily wants to avoid telling him. After being pushed to tell from Sonny, Emily informs Sonny that while she was at Jason’s, someone tried to kill him while she was in front of a window. Sonny realizes that Emily could’ve died.

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Jax tells Nikolas that he isn’t worried about him, but he’s worried about the rest of the Cassadines. Nikolas informs Jax that since John isn’t a Cassadine, he won’t be a concern for Helena. Jax disagrees thinking that if Helena knew the child was even remotely important to Nikolas, she’ll intervene. Jax tells Nikolas that he won’t take any chances.

Robert walks into Patrick’s apartment; interrupting the two of them. He wants to know about Patrick’s intentions towards “his little girl”. Robin corrects him and tells him that she’s not a little girl anymore. Patrick says that he’ll tell Robert anything he wants to know.

At the hospital, Maxie calls Robin to find out if she said anything to Nikolas. Lucky catches her on the phone, but admits to not hearing the conversation. Maxie covers when she “looks guilty” and tells him that she doesn’t want Epiphany to catch her on the phone. She tells Lucky that the dance made her forget about Jesse. She wants to know if that pain ever goes away. Lucky thinks that everything would be different if Jesse was still alive. Maxie thinks that he should skip physical therapy. Lucky tells her he actually needs to fill his prescription, but doesn’t think it’s going to be easy.

In Sam’s hospital room, Dr. Lee is examining Sam. Alexis wants to know how she is and Dr. Lee said the surgery was a complete success and that there was no side affects. Sam wants to know how soon she can go home and Dr. Lee tells her in a few days. They just need to make sure her vitals are steady. When Dr. Lee leaves, Alexis asks Sam where she expects to go after she’s released. Sam tells her back to Jason’s. Alexis informs Sam that if that doesn’t work out the way she expects, she’s more than happy to stay with her family. Sam doesn’t think that’s a good idea because the apartment is too small. With that, Alexis informs Sam that her and Ric purchased a house.

Jason is getting ready for the meeting with Escobar and tells Carly that he really doesn’t have a lot of time to talk. Carly wonders if the shooting is something that she should be worried about. Jason assures her that her and the boys aren’t in danger. Carly tells Jason that that isn’t what she meant and figures that this isn’t the best time to tell him to change his mind about Sam.

Emily assures Sonny that Jason’s apartment has bullet proof glass. She wasn’t in any danger. Sonny is upset because she almost got killed, but doesn’t show it. He tells her to go to her presentation. When she leaves, he tells Max to find out who shot at Jason and Emily.

At Patrick’s, he’s playing with the race cars with Robert. Robert is strolling down memory lane with racing. The “boys” bond until Robin gets fed up and disables the game. Robin realizes that Robert is just trying to prove that Anna was right about him being exactly like Robert. Robert and Patrick wonder why he would do that. Robin tells him to freak her out to dump Patrick. Patrick reminds Robin that they aren’t really together. Robert finds it all amusing.

At the hospital, Alexis is frantically on the phone trying to locate any house that would accommodate her, Rick and the three girls. She tells them she needs the house today. She runs into Jax at the hospital, who has just finished a check up with John. Alexis tells Jax that the shock of finding out that she’s Sam’s mother is freaking her out. Jax wonders why. Alexis tells him about asking Carly for help. Alexis informs Jax about Jason breaking up with Sam for her own good. She says that she’s passed on her “self destructive” gene to Sam because despite almost being killed, she still wants to be with Jason. She tells Jax about her role in keeping Sam and Jason apart and hates the idea that she is lying to Sam already. She wants to have a relationship with her daughter, but feels that she can’t do that if she’s keeping the truth from her. Jax reassures her that sometimes parents need to do what they need to in order to protect their children.

Carly tells Jason about Alexis seeking Carly’s help to keep them apart. Carly admits that Sam makes Jason happy and that she doesn’t agree with Alexis. Jason tells Carly that he’s happy knowing that Sam is safe. Carly tells Jason that he’s getting better at lying because she couldn’t see through this one. Jason says that he can’t be a hypocrite and expect Sonny and Emily to stay apart if the rules do not apply to him and Sam, especially after Sam was shot and Emily was almost shot. Carly warns Jason that he’s going to be alone. Jason admits he doesn’t care as long as Sam is alive.

At the hospital, Lucky comes out of his appointment and tells Maxie that he was refused a refill. Maxie is sympathetic and tells him that he should get another doctor, especially after thinking that Dr. Drake is in love with his wife. Luke throws the empty bottle away. As he leaves, Maxie picks up the bottle of pills out of the garbage.

Robert tells Robin that he just wants to give Patrick a warning. Robin wants to talk to her father alone. Patrick leaves to give them a moment. Robin wants to know why Robert is looking to ruin her life.

At the hospital, Maxie steals a few prescription pads from Dr. Lee’s pad.

Jax comforts Alexis about her decision to keep Jason and Sam apart. Alexis fears that she is just rationalizing. Jax says that if it was John, he would do whatever he could to keep him safe and points out that Alexis did the same with Kristina.

At Sam’s room, Emily enters and informs Sam that she isn’t much help. Sam asks what happened and Emily tells him that there was another shooting, but Jason is alright. Sam realizes that this shooting has made Jason realize that he’s even more of a danger to her, but still holds out hope that Carly can get through to him. Nikolas walks into Sam’s room.

At the restaurant, Juan Escobar is upset that one of his men tried to kill Jason at his home. At that time, Sonny walks into the restaurant and breaks a glass over Escobar and takes him to the ground; beating him up and kicking him. Escobar’s men hold him back and punch Sonny. Jason walks in with one of his men holding a gun demanding they let Sonny go.

Emily tells Sam that she hopes Carly has luck with Jason, but even so, there’s plenty of other people who care about her. Emily leaves and Nikolas asks how she’s doing. Sam tells Nikolas that she can’t wait to get out of the hospital. He tells her that she inherited the Cassadine trait of impatience. The makes Sam think that she has all of this family and she knows nothing about them. Nikolas gives Sam the Cassadine 411 and have a conversation about the history of the Cassadines. Nikolas informs Sam about Helena being back. Nikolas tells Sam that she’s lucky to have Alexis – the sanest Cassadine – for a mother. As for the rest of the Cassadine clan, she should be careful what she wishes for.

At the hospital, Maxie hands Lucky a prescription for his medication. Lucky is shocked, but Maxie tells him she did it because he was in pain. Lucky realizes that he needs the medicine to go back to work and support his family.

Robert tells Robin he’s trying to make up for lost time. Robin tells him to slow down, but Robert still sees her as a 7 year old. Robin protests that Patrick is not her boyfriend. Robin tells Robert that she wants to end up like her mother.

Carly meets up with Jax and the boys on the docks. They hand her a map and tells Carly they need to christen her. Carly is lost, but the boys tell their mom that Jax bought her a boat. Jax named the boat after Carly; “The Silent Lady”. Helena is lurking in the shadows watching them.

Carly is pleased with Jax’s surprise. Jax wants to spend time with the boys and they plan to teach the boys how to sail and John how to swim. When Morgan gets too close to the edge of the docks, Helena takes the opportunity to seek out an unattended John.

Robin tells her father she doesn’t want to discuss sex. He says that he’s worried about her HIV status, but Robin assures her father she has been dealing with it for 10 years, so she can handle it on her own. Robert grosses Robin out when he wants to hear about her sex life. Robert thinks she’s taken too much precaution. He believes she’s hiding her heart from getting broken.

At the Metro Court, Ric comes over to Alexis from several urgent messages that she left for him. He wants to know what the emergency is. She hands him some forms to sign. She shows him a standard contract and wants to close escrow on their new house as soon as possible. A stunned Ric just stares at Alexis

Jason barges into Sonny’s and berates Max for not following Sonny and allowing him to enter a dangerous meeting. He warns Max and Milo to protect Sonny. He walks into the living room where a doctor is with Sonny, who has stitches on his nose. Sonny asks Jason if Escobar is dead. Jason informs him there were too many witnesses and wants to know what Sonny was thinking. He tells him he was going to protect Emily because Jason couldn’t.

Robert and Robin have a talk about love. She tells her father that loving Stone is what shaped her into who she is today, as did loving Jason. She tells Robert that she may never find love again. Robert wants to know about Dr. Drake. Robin says that she’s not in love with Patrick, but she wouldn’t mind sleeping with him – just as Patrick walks back into the room.

Lucky manages to get the prescription from Maxie filled. He rationalizes that he’s doing it for Liz and Cameron. He makes Maxie promise that she doesn’t do it again. He thanks her for her help. They hug.

Back at the Metro Court, Ric tells Alexis that he’s wanted to move out of the apartment for months. He doesn’t get why Alexis has changed her mind. She tells Ric that she took a virtual tour on the Internet and it has a good school system. Ric is shocked and wants to know what else there is before he signs. She tells Ric that when Sam is released from the hospital, she wants her to come live with them. Ric thinks that she should discuss that with Sam first. She says she will, but she wants Sam to know she has a home and a family. Ric then signs the papers. Alexis is happy and gives Ric a kiss.

At the hospital, Nikolas runs into Emily and warns her that Helena is at large. Emily tells him that it was never about her, she was just using her because she didn’t want her with Nikolas. Nikolas says that unfortunately, he doesn’t have anyone in his life that she can do that to.

Back at the docks, Helena is making goo goo noises to John. Jax tells Helena to get away from his son. He reminds Helena how she put John at risk and drugged Courtney. Carly threatens Helena just as the boys come over to ask to tour the ship. Helena threatens Carly and makes a passing comment about her boys, and Carly threatens Helena back with a bullet between her eyes.

Jason tells Sonny that he will handle Escobar his way. Sonny reminds Jason that it’s different being the one in charge and running the organization is different from taking the orders and executing them. Sonny asks Jason if he misses how it used to be. Jason admits that everything turned out different than he thought it would. Sonny throws it in Jason’s face that he thought taking the business away from him would protect Emily, but it didn’t. Jason lays on the guilt to Sonny telling him that he was wrong for going to the restaurant without a gun or protection. He admits that the business was the one thing he thought he could make Sonny give up so that he would stop seeing Emily. Jason says that he will continue to run the business, but doesn’t want Sonny to get himself killed.

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