GH Update Thursday 5/25/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/25/06


Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is in the hospital as Emily walks in saying that she got her message. She asks Sam how she’s doing and Sam tells Emily that physically she is fine, but emotionally, not so much. She tells Emily that Jason broke up with her.

At Jason’s, Liz comes in to update Jason on Sam’s condition. She gives Jason the good news that defying Alexis’ court order was a good thing because it saved Sam’s life. Jason wants to know why Liz stopped by instead of calling her.

At the Quartermaine household, Luke is annoyed when he discovers that Edward has invited Robert to move into the Q household. When Luke asks how long, Edward informs him that he is there for as long as Luke is.

Carly and Jax are talking about Robin – Carly bashing her and Jax, of course, defending her. Jax claims that Carly is jealous, but Carly denies it. Alexis walks into the Metro Court and gives Jax a hug and a kiss; much to Carly’s dismay.

Robin and Nik are together at the Metro Court as well. Robin inquires about Helena and if she will stay out of the Little John situation. Nikolas tells Robin that Helena won’t stop until she is buried in the ground and that she is the reason why he would hesitate to have a family. Robin asks Nikolas what he would have done if John was his son.

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Jax tells Alexis that him and Carly were just about to call Alexis. Carly seems shocked at this news, and Alexis assumes that Jax is asking her to be John’s Godmother and accepts.

Nikolas tells Robin that he has accepted the fact that he’s not John’s father. Robin apologizes for opening old wounds. Nikolas tells Robin that John wouldn’t have had a moment of peace with Helena around because she would’ve accepted him as an heir.

Georgie and Dillon are outside of Kelly’ and Dillon tells her that when he was on the adventure with Lulu, he liked it. Georgie isn’t too pleased by that fact. Georgie tells Dillon that she loves him, but she’s not ready to be married. Dillon takes it hard, but agrees. Dillon and Georgie agree that they love each other and discussion an annulment and being apart. Dillon wants to know if they need to break up.

Liz tells Jason that while she was at the hospital, she found out that Lucky’s medical bills, physical therapy, and other bills were taken care of by Jason. She tells Jason that by process of eliminating Nikolas from helping, the next person was Jason. She wants to know how she’s going to explain it to Lucky.

Sam tells Emily that the hypocrisy must have gotten to Jason because he broke up with her permanently. Emily is upset that Jason didn’t give Sam a say in the breakup. Sam begs Emily to convince Jason to talk to her.

Carly pulls Jax away from Alexis to yell at him for inviting Alexis to John’s christening. Jax assumes that it’s because Carly is jealous that Alexis thinks she’s going to be John’s godmother. Carly, however, informs Jax that she sees Alexis a threat to John’s paternity and that if he invites Alexis, then he needs to reconsider inviting Nikolas, or not invite her at all.

Robin tells Nikolas that he cannot cut himself off from everyone because of Helena and that eventually he will fall in love with someone – or back in love with someone. Nikolas reminds her that Emily is with Sonny, but Robin tells him that she has serious doubts about that relationship lasting. Robin is sure Emily will come back to Nikolas, but he is not as sure.

Emily tells Sam that she wants to help her, but she doesn’t think that Jason will listen to her. She informs Sam that when she was shot, she went to his apartment to help him, but he barely said two words to her. Sam is shocked because she thinks that Jason is acting different. She knows that he didn’t expect Sonny to leave the business for Emily or Emily to go against his wishes, but they did and now Jason is stuck. She tells Emily that she feels that Jason won’t give her the chance to talk to him because he knows that she’ll make sense. She just wants Emily to get him to talk to her and she can plead her case.

Liz tells Jason that she isn’t too sure that Lucky will take kindly to the truth. Jason tells her to consider it payment for saving Sam’s life. Liz doesn’t think that Lucky will see it that way, but Jason tells her not to worry. He tells her that he would’ve done the same thing if she got fired from her job. Liz wonders if Sam is the only reason why he helped her. Jason wonders why else would he do it and Liz tells him that it’s because she cried on his shoulders. She reveals that Lucky is already upset because Jason is the one who saved her from Manny and now she is indebted to him. Jason assures Liz that it’s not a debt, it’s payment. Liz excepts Jason’s offer for Cameron and thanks Jason.

Dillon and Georgie agree that they still love each other. They agree to see each other even though they don’t want to married anymore. The topic of Diego comes up when Dillon says that he wants to be exclusive. Georgie brings up Lulu, but Dillon denies liking Lulu in that way. Georgie thinks making a commitment was too soon. Dillon brings up Luke and his adventures and Georgie admits that that is what she is jealous of. She can’t compete with Luke’s stupid adventures and the way that Dillon gets caught up in them.

Luke can’t deal with the stress of Robert moving in. He calls for Alice, but Robert tells Luke that whatever he needs, he probably has used it all up. Luke wonders if there is anything of his that Robert hasn’t had. To that, Tracy raises her hand and Robert says “Yet.” Luke warns Edward against moving Robert in, but Edward tells him that the only way that Robert leaving will happen, is if Luke leaves first.

Back at the Metro Court, Jax corrects Alexis in her thinking that he wanted her to be the godmother. He tells her that he still wants Alexis to be there. Carly, tells Alexis, sarcastically, that if she can’t make it with all that she has on her plate, she understands. She mentions her two daughters, a marriage, being the new DA and finally taking care of the daughter that she abandoned. Alexis assures Jax that she will be attending the christening and leaves. Carly wonders if Jax was listening to her concerns about the Cassadines being at the christening at all. After Jax leaves, Carly’s cell phone rings from Sam who asks for a favor.

Nikolas asks Robin why she invited him to lunch. He sees Patrick and gets the hint that Robin wants to be with him and leaves. Robin insists on a rain check and walks over to Patrick.

Emily starts to walk out of the hospital and tells Liz to wish her luck, she is going to talk to Jason. When Liz asks why, Emily tells her so that he can reconsider about Sam. Liz defends Jason’s actions about Sam and Emily wonders why.

At Jason’s, he is talking to Stan and showing him some pictures. Stan interrupts to ask Jason about his conversation with Epiphany. Jason assures Stan that he has no intention of firing Stan for her. Right after, a “messenger” walks into Jason’s apartment. That messenger winds up being Diego. Diego tells Jason that he’s there on behalf of Juan Escobar. He tells Jason that he wants to have dinner with him and then warns him that he won’t get out of the dinner alive.

At Patricks, him and Robin walk in with her holding a rose. She assumes that there is another woman lurking about. He assures her that tonight is just about her. They begin to kiss and find their way over to the bed and make out. Robin stops the kissing and realizes that her mom was right. Patrick wants to know what Robin is talking about. She tells him that her mom thought she was attracted to Patrick because he reminded her of her father.

Georgie tells Dillon they are an example of opposites attracting. She lists the reasons why, but Dillon doesn’t care about those differences. Georgie admits they are changing and growing, but still love each other. She wants the freedom to grow and doesn’t want to be exclusive. Dillon realizes it’s because she wants to see Diego. She defends her friendship with Diego. Dillon thinks that Georgie is easing her out of his life. He tells her that he’ll give her a divorce. She gets upset at him.

Diego tells Jason that the dinner is an ambush. He mentions about Juan Escobar wanting to get into business with Lorenzo, but Lorenzo doesn’t want anything to do with it, so Escobar wants to take Jason out himself. Diego hopes that Jason will throw some jobs his way for proving that he can help. Jason doesn’t see it that way and takes it as a sign of lack of loyalty. He tells him that there is no room for him in his organization. Diego tells Jason he’s not afraid of him. Diego leaves and Stan realizes that Diego doesn’t have anything, but Jason believes that it was Escobar who took the shot at him because he feels powerless that Jason killed his brother. Jason tells Stan that he is going to the restaurant.

Emily and Liz discuss Jason’s actions. Emily feels that he is betraying everything he stood for in regards to freedom of choices by dumping Sam. Liz defends Jason’s point of view and realizes that Jason is doing the right thing. Emily is shocked, but Liz tells her that Jason’s ways make more sense than she thought before.

At Sam’s room, Carly walks in and wants to know what Sam wants. Sam tells Carly that Jason broke up with her. Carly agrees that she knows that Jason loves Sam and knows that Jason is just trying to protect her. Sam informs Carly that she has already asked Emily for her help, but doesn’t think that she will be able to get through to her. Alexis walks by and begins to eavesdrop on their conversation. Sam begs Carly to talk to Jason for her because she is the one person that can get through to him.

Dillon comes back to Georgie because she doesn’t want to break up over Diego and Lulu. She admits that she loves him and missed him when he went away. Dillon admits to not trusting Diego. They agree not to break up and Dillon jokes that he’s being a typical Quartermaine. Georgie tells him that she loves him and she’s not going anywhere and they kiss each other.

Patrick doesn’t know what to make of Robin’s revelation. Patrick wonders how he is like her father. Robin tells him that he’s self centered, that they think they’re God’s gift to women. Patrick doesn’t see the compliment. They begin to make out again and Robin admits that she wants to be there with him.

Jason is getting ready for the meeting with Escobar when Emily comes in. She tells him that she’s not going to be dismissed, she doesn’t want to see Jason break his own heart as well as Sam’s to prove a point.

Carly tells Sam that she doesn’t think sending someone to plead her case is a good idea. She tells Sam that Jason doesn’t do anything that he doesn’t want to do, but Sam points out that Jason has done lots of things for Carly that he wouldn’t normally do. She doesn’t want Carly to plead her case for her. She can do that on her own. She just needs someone to get through to him to speak with her. They both agree that they want Jason to be happy and he is happy when he is with Sam. Sam tells Carly that if she can’t do it for her, to please do it for Jason. Carly agrees, but cannot guarantee the outcome. Carly leaves Sam alone and an eavesdropping Alexis follows Carly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke and Tracy are together when Dillon and Georgie come in holding hands. They announce that they are more in love than ever, which is why they are getting an annulment. Lulu is looking on from a distance smiling over the news.

Patrick and Robin begin to take off each others clothing. They are half undress when Robert bangs on the door and demands to know about Patrick’s intentions toward Robin.

Emily is pleading Sam’s case to Jason. She tells Jason that she doesn’t believe that he can just turn off what he feels for Sam. Jason reminds her that she was shot in his arms with a bullet that was meant for him. He tells Emily that it’s going to get worse since he is the mob boss. He says that he would rather walk away than have her die. Emily tells him to give up the business, not Sam.

Jax is getting over the elevator planning John’s christening and runs into Nikolas. Jax invites Nikolas to the christening. A stunned Nikolas wants to know what has changed. One minute he isn’t allowed to see John, the next minute he’s invited to the christening. Nikolas tells Jax that he’s confused.

At the hospital, Alexis catches up to Carly. Alexis informs Carly that she overheard Sam asking Carly for help. She begs Carly to not help Sam and Jason get back together for Sam’s own good.

Back at Jason’s, Emily tells Jason to walk away from the business to make a life with Sam. Jason tells Emily that is impossible. Jason admits to missing Sam every second and that he went to the hospital to watch her sleep. Emily knows that he still loves her and won’t give her the opportunity to change her mind. She begs him to go to her just as a bullet is shot. Jason pushes Emily down to the floor to protect her. He sees the crack in the window where the bullet hit.

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