GH Update Wednesday 5/24/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/24/06


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Skye returns to the Quartermaine house looking like she wants to avoid the family. But Edward invites her in to join everybody. He tells her that this day is very special. Lulu, Monica and Alan are there not looking happy to be there. Alan asks Lulu why she looks so grumpy. Edward tells her she can be as grumpy as she wants. Nothing will ruin this day for him. But right then, Tracy walks in and disproves that. Not far behind her, Luke is carrying luggage. They’ve returned from their trip and both look happy.

Maxie and Robin sit together at Kelly’s and admits she was out all night the previous night. Robin tells Maxie that she knows she’s grieving for Jesse. But she’s not certain that partying is the way to deal with it. Maxie tells her there is no reason to worry and asks her if she’s informed Carly that she knows that Nikolas is baby John’s father. Robin admits that she did not think it was the right time.

At the metro court, Carly is on the phone with Jax’s mother sounding like she’s going through with wedding plans to Jax. He comes by and seems to know what she is up to.

At Jason’s he is having a meeting with Epiphany’s son and anther guy about his dealings with Juan Escobar. Right then, he gets a call from Sam at the hospital. She tells him she needs him to talk to her. But he tells her he cannot talk and she cannot call him again.

At the Quartermaine house, Alice and Lulu are happy to see Luke. But nobody else looks happy. Luke tells them that he needs to make certain that his wife is well taken care of. Edward asks Tracy why she had to bring Luke back. Alan asks his sister why she did not just sell him to local tradesmen. Monica concludes that apparently, they did not want him either. Skye then tells them she’s had enough. She’s meeting Lorenzo. And even if she was not, she’d be telling them that she is. Right then, Dillon walks in. Skye notices the cut on his face and concludes that he must have discovered what Georgie planned to do at her prom. Tracy runs up and hugs her son, but indicates that she only wants him to come home so that she can have him “on her side”.

Jax asks carly if they plan on christening little John. And he also talks about who should be the God mother of the baby. He suggests Skye, Alexis or Robin. But hearing that, Carly is not ok with his choices. At that point, he asks her(Carly) if she will be the God mother to his son.

Robin tells Maxie that blurting out the secret to Nikolas at the wrong time won’t work. They are both concerned about whether Carly knows or not. Maxie asks Robin if Courtney knew that Nikolas was John’s father. Robin says she seriously doubts that. She would never keep a secret like that from him because she loved him. Right then, Nikolas walks in. he passes them and Maxie confirms with robin that she was tempted to tell him right then and there. Right then, Mac enters. Maxie tells him that he’s just like her keeper and he will probably demand to know where she is staying when she’s out of the dorms for the summer. She asks Robin if he gave her this much grief when she lived at home. Right then, Georgie enters and assumes that her father will lecture her about her life. He tells her that he wants both her and Maxie to live at his house. Right then, Robert enters and says there is nothing like a family reunion. Robin smiles at her father with a sarcastic tone. She tells Maxie and Georgie that they are lucky to have a father.

When Sam calls Jason, the two guys meeting with Jason can tell that he is not ready to go through with their plans quite yet and they leave. Jason then observes a picture of him and Sam together.

In her hospital room, Sam cries after Jason hangs up on her. Alexis enters and asks her daughter what she’s going to do. Sam admits she does not know but Jason told her not to call again. Alexis looks sincere when she tells Sam that she knows how much this hurts her. Sam tells her mother that if she just had a moment to talk to him. She doesn’t know who or what she is without Jason. Alexis tells her she knows and concludes that that is what they are going to figure out.

Lorenzo meets Skye at the metro court. She tells him that she has a lot to deal with. Tracy is back. Right then, a waitress comes and delivers what looks to be jewels for Skye that came from Escobar. He apparently wants to butter Lorenzo up by giving gifts to the mother of his child. She tells Lorenzo that maybe he should quit the business. He tells her he realizes that many people are addicted to the power and influence of that way of life. But he is no more. He does, however, admit that if he were to join forces with Juan Escobar then he will never have to fear Sonny Corinthos again..

At that point, Diego goes to meet with Escobar’s men. They inform him that they want to persuade his father to go into business with them. Diego tells them that his father might need some convincing. They can hire him instead.

Robert informs Robin, Maxie, Georgie and Mac that he plans to stay in town. Robin asks him why. He reminds them that he’s had a history in law enforcement in port Charles. Mac reminds his brother that he got fired. Robert says that he is looking for a place to stay and is considering Mac’s home. Mac tells him that normally he might consider having him stay over. But maxie and georgie are moving back for a while. And he’s remodeling his house. Robin suggests that her father stay in a hotel. But he tells her that he’d like to stay with her. He’d like to try this fatherly bonding thing again.

Jason goes to the hospital and asks Epiphany how Sam is doing. Epiphany says she’s doing ok physically anyway. She then takes Jason aside and tells him that she does not want to judge him. But when you love somebody, you need to speak your mind. So that is what she’s going to do. She has concerns about her son. He tells her that her son, Stan, is a great kid. He is smart and loyal and discreet. She tells Jason that she wants Jason to fire him.

Alexis tells Sam that she understands why Sam loves Jason. Jason is an easy man to love. But living in his world is a different story. She also reminds Sam that not long ago, Sam told her that she does not know whom she is without Jason. She then asks her daughter what her life was like before Jason. Did she have any hopes or dreams or aspirations? Sam tells her mother that she wanted to retire early. But now that Jason is in her life, she doesn’t have to worry about that. Alexis then ask her daughter to tell her about her. Only about her.. She remembers that Sam had previously planned on finishing school and considered going to law school. Sam admits that she considered it. Alexis tells Sam she must never give up. She knows that she is motivated and smart and determined. Right in the middle of their conversation, the mayor walks in and confirms to Sam that Alexis has now taken over Durant’s job, since he’s died. And she is the new DA.

After Robert asks Robin to stay with him, she tells her father that that is a really nice gesture. But she is a grown woman and has her own life. He asks her how long she’s going to be angry at him. She tells him she is not angry but no longer needs a father. Georgie then reminds Robin that not long ago, she told her and Maxie that they are lucky to have a father. Robin then clarifies to Georgie that what she meant is that she and maxie are lucky that they have the father that that have.

At the Quartermaine house, Alice is massaging Luke’s head. He tells her that she makes married life tolerable for him. Tracy comes in and informs them that she just heard that. She also informs Luke that Lulu informed her that Holly is no longer interested in him and has put jewels before him. Tracy then informs Alice that it is now she, and not Luke, who is the center of her universe. She has found out that her husband is in serious debt and has been committing illegal acts. Edward tells Tracy that maybe Luke should be behind bars. Tracy tells her father that she would prefer Luke right where she wants him, living there under her thumb

Right when Diego is telling Escobar’s guys that he wants to do business with them, Lorenzo comes in and tells them they are making a big mistake if they hire his son.

In response to Epiphany’s request that he fire her son. Jason tells her that he really respects and appreciates her for what she has done for Sam. But he cannot fire her son. She tells him that she is worried about his son throwing his life and talent down the drain. She knows that he has broken Sam’s heart. And she is not going to let the same thing happen to her son. She sounds very upset.

Alexis explains to Sam that John Durant was killed. He was caught between Carly and the snipers. And as it turned out, they’ve found out that they were the same snipers that shot her. Sam concludes that Alexis has obviously taken the job. Alexis tells her that she has taken the opportunity. But since she’s been spending so much time in the hospital with her, she wouldn’t be surprised if the DA’s office and the mayor will take away the job for her as quickly as they gave it to her. Sam tells Alexis that she’d prefer that she does not consider the job because she will be prosecuting the man Sam loves. And that could put a damper on their mother-and-daughter relationship. At that point, Ric walks in and asks if he can talk to Sam. Alexis tells them that she can come back later. Sam is obviously not comfortable to be alone with Ric. But he obviously needs to talk to her alone. Alexis leaves and Ric tells Sam that he realizes that the only thing weirder for her than finding out that Alexis is he mother is finding out that he is her step father. She sarcastically asks him if he wants her to be part of birthdays and anniversaries. He tells her that they need to face what has just happened. Sam informs Ric that she has just found out that Alexis is the new DA and will put the man she loves away. He tells her that is true if Jason breaks the law and gets caught. He tells her that she needs to know that throughout the entire time she was sick, Alexis stood by her side and put her career on hold. And he tells her if she is expecting a perfect mother, she can give up on that. Because there is no such thing.

Lorenzo tells Escobar’s men that his son is not going to do business with him. Right then, Jason walks in and tells Lorenzo that that is good. Because he would regret it if he was going to.

Robin finds Jax at the metro court and informs him that she was going to meet Nikolas but he’s not there now. She observes the invitation he has in his hands for little John’s christening. Having no clue that she knows that Nikolas is the baby’s father, he tells her all about the big plans he has for his child and fatherhood. She listens but does not look to approve of what he is doing.

Alexis talks to Kristina at the hospital about some very important things. She asks Kristina if she understands that some children her age are adopted. She then informs her daughter that the same thing happened to her mommy when she was very young. When mommy was only 16, she had a baby. But she could not take care of her or raise her. So she gave her up for adoption and another family raised her. And now, her baby is all grown up. They know her. She’s Sam. Sam is her big sister. Kristina asks her mom if she plans on giving her up for adoption. Alexis picks up her daughter, holds her, and assures her that will never happened. She now knows how to be a good mother.

In Sam’s room, she tells Ric that not long ago, he wanted to get her arrested for stalking. He must now be thrilled to know that she is his step daughter. He tells her that he hopes that she can have a quality relationship with her mother. He is asking her not to blow it. He thinks she needs to have a relationship with her mother completely separate from Jason. Right then, Alexis enters with Kristina and Molly. Kristina informs Sam that she just found out that she is her big sister. Sam smiles and tells her that their mother is not exactly subtle.

After Jason comes and finds Lorenzo and Diego meeting with Escobar, Lorenzo tells them he is done with them and moves his son out the door. Alone with the contact guy, Jason tells him that Escobar needs to know that they are all going to deal with only him from now on.

Luke is very unpleasantly surprised to find out that Robert is going to live at the Quartermaine house. Edward confirms that he has hired Scorpio to do a very important job for him. Pest control He is going to eliminate Luke. Robert confirms that he and Edward go back a long way. And he’s going to be living there and earning his keep for Edward.

Dillon runs into Georgie and apologizes for going away and hurting her. She tells him that they both made mistakes but none of that matters because she loves him. He tells her that he loves her too. But it’s not that simple.

At the metro court, Carly enters after robin has finished talking to Jax and asks Jax what kind of trash Robin was telling him. He informs her that Robin just wanted to know about his plans with the baby. And robin is a good friend.

Robin then meets with Nikolas, not afar away. He tells her that he is very concerned about being in Courtney’s baby’s life. But he also admits that he’s glad that John is Jax’s son and not his because Helena is on the loose. Hearing that, she tells him she cannot believe that Helena would hurt an innocent little baby. And, at that point, she is even more baffled about whether to tell him the big secret.

After his father has escorted him out of the meeting with Escobar, Diego asks Lorenzo what is up. Lorenzo tells his son that you do not mess with those guys. He must realize that if he does what his uncle did, he will end up dead like he is. He explains to Diego that he used to be Jason Morgan; a cold blooded ruthless killer. And all you have with a life like that is emptiness. It’s not what he wants for himself or for his son. The life he used to have and what Jason now has is not worth the sacrifices. At that point, we see Jason return home alone and unhappy to be without Sam. Sam is at the hospital, happily bonding with her new family and seeming to be able to have a life without Jason.

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