GH Update Tuesday 5/23/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/23/06


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Alexis notices that Sam is attempting to get out of her hospital bed and go to find Jason.

Jason is alone on the docks when he runs into Elizabeth. She is crying and upset and shares with Jason that she cannot reach Lucky. But he is impossible. She knows that what is really upsetting Lucky is knowing that he was not the one to save her from Manny. Jason did that.

Lucky is right then, at Kelly’s dancing with Maxie and happy to be with her.

At the prom, Dillon walks in to notice Georgie dancing with Diego. Diego kisses her and she doe not seem to mind it. Dillon right then walks up and decks Diego.

At the metro court, Robin tells carly that she’s not going to sit back and let her manipulate and ruin another person’s life. And now it’s time for everybody to hear the truth about her. Carly then tells Robin that she knows that it must drive Robin crazy that her “good friend” jax is spending time with Carly. Robin then tells Carly that Jax is a good person and she is using him. Ptrick then tells Robin that maybe they need to go away and not persist in causing a scene. They leave and Lulu comes and tells Carly that maybe she needs to cut Robin some slack. Carly protests that Robin thinks she is the queen of morality. Nikolas asks carly if she has a problem with robin admitting to th truth.

Dillon causes a scene at the prom and tells everybody that it is not ok that this creep is with his wife.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she knows that Lucky’s problems is that he saw Manny grab her and hold her hostage and there was nothing he could do about it. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Being helpless. You always think you could have fought harder or done something. She then remembers Manny grabbing her and reveals to Jason that it reminds her of how it happened when she was raped.

Alexis urges Sam to get back into bed. But Sam tells her mother that she cannot let Jason give up on them. She urges her to try to talk to Jason.

Lucky tells Maxie that he knows that Drake wants him out of commission so that he can have Elizabeth. She tells him that maybe he needs to have faith. But if Elizabeth were to cheat on him, then , she would be a fool

Jason tells Elizabeth that as long as her rapist is still in Pentonville, she need no longer worry. But she remembers that Lucky saved her after it happened. And the whole thing came back to her when Manny grabbed her. And she tells him that being able to talk to him has really helped her. He then asks her to tell him the rest of why she and Lucky were fighting, knowing that there is something else. She then explains to him that because of their medical bills, she took on a second job as a visiting nurse. Patrick helped her get the job and Lucky has seen them together and has assumed that the two of them are having an affair. She tells Jason that she would never cheat on her husband. He knows that. But she wishes Lucky had as much faith in her as he does. She knows that Lucky has good reason to be angry at her. But she believes that things will get better for them. She then concludes that she no longer wants to cry. She is really grateful that she has him to listen to her. She then asks him why he is out alone tonight and also upset. He tells her that tonight he had to leave Sam and realize that she has to get on with her life without him.

In her room, Sam cries and tells Alexis that she needs to see Jason and make him realize that she loves him and they can get through this together. Alexis tells Sam she knows that Jason loves her and best thing she an do now is get herself back into bed and get well. She tells Sam that she was out for days before and after the surgery. It’s difficult to watch her like this. But she was given another chance; one she is very grateful for. Sam tells her mother she’s glad she is there. Alexis tells her daughter so is she. She admits to Sam that after she as born, she often wondered where she was, what happened and how her life turned out. And she’s so glad that she no longer has to worry about that.

Georgie angrily tell Dillon that if he really cared about their marriage he would not have gone around the world with Lulu without even sending her an email. He had no regard for how important the prom was to her. He tells her that she had to ask this loser who just got out of prison to go with her, just to piss him off. She then tells him he must get over himself. Did he ever consider that maybe the reason she asked Diego was because she likes him?. She then goes back to Diego and asks him if he wants to dance. She tells Dillon that she chooses to be with Diego because he has had consideration and respect for her. Lucas then tells Dillon that maybe if he’d bothered to call, he would not have wound up in this mess. Right then, Dillon goes and finds Lulu dancing with Nikolas and asks if he can cut in. They notice he has blood all over his face and ask what happened. He informs them that his wife was with this loser and he lost it. Not far away he sees Georgie still with Diego and ok with it. When Georgie sees them together, she reveals to Diego that she is angry at Dillon because he has the gall to be dancing with Lulu after going across the world with her. He tells her that maybe they should go somewhere else.

At the metro court, Carly notices that jax is quiet. She concludes that he must be mad at her because of her confrontation with Robin. He then asks her if robin’s suspicions are founded. She tells him who cares. Robin blames her for everything from global warming to nuclear wars. He asks her if it’s possible that Robin has found out that Nikolas is John’s real father. She tells him that he is really paranoid about this and she believes that his problem has nothing to do with Robin.

Robin and Patrick to go to a room together. She tells him that she is really not ok with the fact that Carly thinks she can get away with anything and everything. She keeps ruining everybody’s lives. He asks her if they could change the subject. She reveals that she cannot. He then asks her to tell him what the big secret is. What has carly done? She then reveals to him that she was entrusted with a secret that could hurt Carly if she revealed it. He tells her that if Carly was responsible for this secret, then he knows she would have revealed it long ago. She admits that this is the wrong doing of somebody other than Carly. And the reason she has not told anybody is because revealing it would cause many people to get hurt. He then tells her that maybe they need to enjoy being together. She gets on his lap and they kiss. She asks him if he is ok with this and if he’s comfortable with her being HIV positive.

Back at the metro court restaurant, Carly asks Jax if he really thinks it’s smart not to let Nikolas know that John is his son. He reminds her that Helena has come back. So he’s worried about the baby’s safety if it got out that he is a Cassadine. She tells him she realizes that. But he must find a way to let Nikolas have access to his son because if he were to ever find out the secret and know that Jax kept it from him, he’d be very angry and never let Jax near John again.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam almost died because of him. Now that Sam has another chance to live, he has to break away from her in order to protect her. She asks him if there is not another solution besides giving up on them. He tells her he cannot put Sam at risk again. She tells him that it is not his risk to take. It’s Sam’s.

In Sam’s hospital room, Alexis talks to her about Kristina, revealing that her younger daughter likes her big sister very much. She reminds Sam about the time she ran into Kristina at Kelly’s and she invited Sam to join her at the tea party and be her big sister, almost as if she knew the truth. Sam tells Alexis that she is grateful to have her new family. But she cannot imagine her life without Jason. Right then, Alexis notices that Sam has a bloody nose. She immediately goes to find a nurse, informs her that Sam has just had brain surgery and is bleeding again and they need a doctor. She looks like she is ready to take care of Sam.

Diego tells Georgie that he is sorry. He knows she wanted to enable to enjoy her prom. She tells him that she had a great time and does not blame him for anything. She then tells him that the prom is a part of a life that she realizes that she does not have. All of her friends are living with their parents calling her friends and talking about homework and parties and boys. She does not have that. She is married and living above a diner and working in a restaurant kitchen. She said yes to Dillon because she loves him. What she did not know is the reality of what it would be like to be married. He seems to understand the shock of the reality for her. She tells him that it was a major shock. She hates to admit that their parents were right. But they are when they say that she and Dillon are too young to get married.

While Dillon attempts to get the bleeding to stop after the fight, he tells Lulu that he knows he screwed up this night for Georgie. She tells him he should not blame himself. Georgie screwed up too. He concludes that maybe it was not right for them to get married so young. She says she hates to sound like her father but maybe it’s true that marriage is not always the solution. Sometimes it causes worse problems. He admits that he knows the whole reason why Georgie married him in the first places was because he was going to die. And now they are both regretting their decision.

Elizabeth tells Jason that he’s finally gotten to the place where he does not like seeing the people he knows getting hurt. And now Sonny and Sam and Emily will all be safe. But they will not have him. And it won’t do any of them any good. She tells him he must realize that he is Sam’s entire life. And what does he expect Sam to do with the love she feels for him? Should she just turn it all off? And what is he going to do with the love he feels for her? And regardless of all of what he feels, how is Sam supposed to live without him? He tells her that Alexis is there for Sam and knows that Sam wants a chance to get to know her mother. She then tells him that he will break Sam’s heart. He tells her he knows that and that nothing has turned out the way he has expected.

Patrick kisses Robin and carries her to the bed. She tells him that he seems to really be having no concerns for her being HIV positive. He tells her he has no worries. She tells him that he has to be realistic. He tells her he’s ready. And they seem to be going at it and ready to sleep together. He then pulls out condoms and turns off the phone. But he gets a call on his pager and he knows that it’s an emergency. He admits to her that sometimes he hates this job. He calls the hospital and Epiphany informs him that Sam McCall is bleeding from her nose. He then tells her that he is on his way. Jason comes and asks what has happened. Epiphany informs him that Sam had a set back and she had to call Dr. Drake. In Sam’s room, Patrick tells Alexis that this time Sam is ok. But she might not be so lucky the next time. Sam was agitated and that is what caused her bleeding. He tells Alexis whatever caused her daughter to get upset has to be avoided. Right then, Jason walks in to hear their conversation.

Carly and Jax go to a private room. She tells him he can touch her at any time. He then takes a rose and removes the petals on the bed. She asks him if they can get back to romance. He tells her that she must be patient. He gives her a chocolate and seems to be avoiding the issue. She then grabs him and kisses him.

Robin meets Nikolas on the docks. He tells her he knows that she just go into it with Carly and something Carly did made her very upset. But he can tell by the big smile on Robin’s face that Dr. Drake got her “distracted”. She admits he did. But he got called away on an emergency pager. It’s the life of a doctor, she concludes. Se asks Nikolas if he has something on his mind. He tells her he’s a little “bummed out” that Jax will not let him visit baby John. Hearing that, and knowing the big secret that Nikolas does not even know about his son, Robin surprises him by angrily stating that Jax has no right to keep him from that baby.

Helena is on the phone telling somebody that she is back. Her accommodations are dreadful, she says. But at least she is back and near her precious Nikolas. And no, he does not know she is there.

After hearing Robin’s anger toward Jax for keeping Nikolas’ baby from him, and still having no clue what Jax has done, he tells her that he believes that jax has every right to do what he did. If he were the baby’ father, he would probably keep him away from anybody who has the dangerous situation that he has.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that Jason is putting Sam in danger and not helping her by making her choose between being alone or being tied to his lifestyle. He chooses to be a gangster. She tells him that Jason loves Sam and is suffering. And he might have similar problems with his women. He tells her that he would never put a woman in a dangerous situation and has chosen a different life style than what Jason has chosen. Right then, once again, Lucky gets off the elevator to see his wife happily chatting with Dr. Drake. And he’s not happy.

Sam cries as she sees Jason from outside the window. Alexis holds her daughter’s hand and tells her that Jason is staying away because he’s looking out for her interests. And what she now needs is to close her eyes and go back to sleep.

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