GH Update Monday 5/22/06

General Hospital Update Monday 5/22/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas goes to Jax’ home to see baby John. Jax tells Nikolas that he is not ok with him coming over there so frequently. Nikolas tells Jax (still having no clue that this is his baby) that he apologizes for any inconveniences, does not want to overstep his boundaries but just wants to visit Courtney’s baby from time to time. Jax tells him it’s not about what is “convenient”. He is acting in the interest of baby John. Nikolas then tells Jax that he thought they’d already been through this. He thought it was established that he is no threat to the baby.

Right then, at Kelly’s, Maxie invites Robin to come and meet her so she can show her the confirmation papers that name Nikolas as baby John’s father. Robin looks at it shocked and asks Maxie where she found it and what she plans to do about it.

Sonny finds out that Emily is “researching” bi polar disorder. She tells him tat she is just doing an assignment for med school. But he knows the real reason. He tells her that he knows that she suspects that he is mentally ill. She tells him she is just a little worried about him after he flew into a rage and smashed the table because of the pasta. She tells him that bi polar disorder is a chemical imbalance that can be treated. It’s no big deal. She does not judge him for that. She realizes he’s been through a lot in the last year. He’s divorced, had his kids taken, many of his close friends have died or been injured, he’s had problems with Jason and a lot of pressure in regard to his involvement with her. He admits to her that he has had a “bad temper” throughout his life. He is claustrophobic because his step father locked him in a closet and beat him when he was a child. H eas stuck in the closet where it ws dark, he could not breath and could not get out. So it’s messed him up. But he has no chemical imbalance. She asks him why he wouldn’t just want to get checked out and find out if he can get treated for it and make it better. He tells her he knows he has scars. But he will never turn it on her. He asks her if she believes him. She cries but she nods and confirms that she does.

When Sam awakens, Jason explains to her what has happened to her. He tells her that he and Alexis had a common goal about keeping her alive and getting blood transfusions for her. She then tells him it must have been nice that he and Alexis were on the same side for once. He tells her many people donated blood for her including Nikolas, Elizabeth, Mike and Sonny. She then tells him it’s good that he and Sonny have reconciled their differences. He tells her that none of that matters. He just wants her to get better. She tells him that he is the best medicine for her. She knows what he has been through. She remembers how scary it was to be sitting with him when he was sick, talking to him and assuring him that he’d be ok. She then asks him if he talked to her. He admits that he did. She asks him what he said. He tells her that he told her he loved her and was sorry that he let this happen to her. He promised to keep her safe. He admits that he tried but could not get the words out about what she meant to him. It does not matter, however. Because nothing he could say could express the way he feels about her. Right then Alexis enters and talks to Jason about her consultation with Patrick Drake about Sam’s recovery. Hearing that, Sam asks why Patrick Drake is involved in her care. She thought Dr. Lee was her doctor. At that point, Jason explains to her that there were complications that they had not counted upon. And so they did brain surgery.

Lucky finally finds out that Elizabeth’s “big secret” with Patrick is that he’s found her a job.. She explains to her husband that Patrick has an acquaintance who needs home care around the clock. Patrick explains that since he’s busy, he’s arranged for Elizabeth to help care for him. She tells her husband that it’s flexible and pays better than being a floor nurse. He demands that she tells him why she kept this secret from him. She tells him he was sick and recovering and worried about his father and sister and she did not want to stress him. Lucky then angrily asks his wife why she has to treat him like a child and makes decisions for him. Patrick tells Lucky that this is the part where he should apologize and thank his wife for wanting to help him out. Lucky then yells at Patrick to stay out of his marriage and away form his wife.

At Kelly’s, Maxie tells Robin that she wanted to share this with her because she did not know what to do with it. She wanted to ask Jesse what to do. But she cannot. So she called Robin. She’s the closest thing she has to a big sister. Robin admits that she does not know what to do with the revelation that Nikolas is baby John’s father. She admits that he certainly has parental rights. But Jax is a friend of hers and she knows he’s bonded to the baby. And right then, they both realize that carly is involved in this. And that will cause a problem.

Jax tells nikolas that all of this dropping over that he’s doing is not good for the baby. Nikolas then tells jax that if it bothers him, then he will just visit the baby when he is not there. Carly tells the two men that all of this arguing is not good for the baby. Right then, Nikolas gets a call informing him that Helena is still at large. Hearing that, Jax tells him that is one more reason for him(Nikolas) to stay away from baby John.

Maxie admits to Robin that she has been indirectly blackmailing Jax. And they conclude that maybe they should not tell either of the men that baby John is Nikolas’ child. Robin admits that she does not want Carly involved in any of this. Right then, Robin gets a call from Patrick Drake telling her he’s just gotten back from his trip and would like to take her to dinner. She gets up to leave. Maxie asks her about her call from Dr. Drake. She tells Maxie she need never mind about her call from Dr. Drake. What Maxie needs to concentrate on is healing from the loss of Jesse and not worrying about this whole thing involving Jax and Nikolas and the baby. She gives Maxie a hug and gets up to leave.

Patrick talks to Sam about her prognosis. He tells her that there was reason to worry at first. But she seems ok and should make a full recovery. Form outside the window, Jason and Alexis wait. Jason keeps having flashbacks about Sam being shot while in his arms at the party. Alexis seems happy to know that her daughter will be ok. But Jason is lost in thought. Sam tells her mother that it may be seen as a blessing. At least now she need not be afraid if all the bad stuff is gone. Outside, Patrick tells Jason that he need not worry about Sam. But he tells him it might not be a bad idea for him to be honest with Sam about what happened. She will be a lot less disoriented if she knows the truth. He leaves and Jason stands by Sam’s room in a real emotional dilemma about what to do.

Carly goes to Sonny’s and tells him she’s realizes he may not be happy with her taking the kids to Australia without his knowing. But she is seeing jax and believes he should accept that. Sonny does not seem to show any real opinion or reaction to that. She tells him that she would rather he tell her if he has a problem. He tells her that he may not personally approve of all of the decisions she makes and who she chooses to be with, but he realizes she has the right to do as she sees fit and he has no problem with that. She leaves. Alone, Sonny tears up papers and looks like he’s depressed and out of it.

Sam tells Alexis that she knows this must really blow her mind. She just found out for the first time in Sam’s life that Sam is her daughter. And then she’s been faced with not knowing if Sam is going to live. She then thanks her mother for caring about her. Alexis tells her daughter that they will have a lot to talk about. Jason enters and Alexis leaves. Jason kisses Sam and tells her that she needs to get some rest. She tells him he needs to stop worrying. The doctors said she would be fine. But she can tell by his expression that something is wrong. She asks if the doctors told him that there was anything wrong with her. He tells her no. She then tells him she’s so glad she will not have to have a hysterectomy. She wants to marry him and have his children. But at that point, he interrupts her and tells her he cannot marry her. His life is too dangerous. He has to let her go.

The high school prom is underway. Dillon is with Lulu. They act like they’d prefer to go together. But since he is married to Georgie, they know they’d better not. Right then, Lulu gets a call from Nikolas. He tells her he needs to see her right away.

Sam tells Jason she does not care about anything else as long as he stays there. He reminds her that she almost died because of him. She tells him she did not die. He promised that he’d always be there for her, she reminds him. He tells her that since he’s taken over Sonny’s business and cannot get out, that makes him a target. And she is going to be at risk as well. She almost had to have a hysterectomy. And he cannot keep doing this to her. She tells him she knows he loves her. And she tells him he does not have to do this. She cries and grabs his hand and tells him he cannot go. Alexis comes in and Sam urges her not to let Jason go. She screams to Jason. Alexis hugs her daughter and tells her everything will be ok. But Sam does not want to let Jason go.

Diego takes Georgie to the prom. Not far away, Lucas and Guy notice them and Lucas remarks that he’s a little disappointed that his cousin would go with the likes of Diego. A girl comes and asks Georgie where Dillon is. Georgie admits that he’s out of town. The girl laughs and implies that she knows that their marriage is on the rocks.

Robin is at the metro court wearing an evening gown. Patrick finds her. They seem happy to see each other.

Emily goes to the hospital and asks Epiphany if she’s seen lanie. Epiphany admits she has not seen Lanie but maybe Emily can schedule an appointment with her. Right then, Emily gets a call from Michael. He tells her he’d like her to come by. She rushes to leave, assuming to know the reason why Michael wants her to be there when he’s alone in the house with his dad.

At the prom, Diego tells Georgie that if it makes her uncomfortable to be around all of the gossipy people, then they do not have to stay. She then tells him she will not give those people the satisfaction. She’s not going anywhere. And she tells him she wants to dance. Lucas and guy observe them and conclude that it’s obvious that Diego is crazy in love with Georgie. Right then, Diego kisses Georgie. She does not seem to want to stop him. And right then, Dillon walks in to see them.

Lucky enters Kelly’s, limping, in pain, with a cane. He meets Maxie. She informs him that she did something very stupid tonight. She asks him if he ever “sees” Jesse. He tells her that he sometimes he thinks about him. She admits that sometimes she hears Jesse’s voice in her head asking her what she thinks she’s doing. He admits to her that he tries not to ask himself those same questions these days. She then hears a song on the jukebox and informs him that she remembers dancing with Jesse to that song. He then tells her that it was he who got Jesse killed and he gets up to leave. She then tells Lucky that maybe they should just forget about that for a while. And she asks him to dance with her. He takes her hand and they dance.

Elizabeth sits alone at the docks. Jason comes by. She looks like she’s been crying. He asks her if she’s ok. She says yes. She will be. He tells her he came to look at the water. He has no place to go. He looks equally empty. She admits that neither does she.

In Sam’s hospital room, she cries hysterically and tells Alexis she must go and tell Jason that he needs to come back to her. Alexis tells her daughter that Jason would not listen to her. She cries also and tells Sam that she must believe her that it will all be ok. Sam cries and Alexis holds her.

Emily goes to Sonny’s. Max tells her that he knows that Sonny has a “lot on his mind”. Right then she hears Sonny and Michael yelling. But when she enters she discovers that they are just playing and laughing and having fun. He asks her to join them.

Nikolas meets Lulu at the metro court and warns her that she needs to be on the lookout for Helena. But he won’t let her live in fear. He also asks her if she has a date for the prom. And they talk about her imaginary “Elvis”. Carly meets Jax. And not far away, Robin and Patrick are having their dinner. She tells him that she has a lot of very serious issues on her mind involving other people’s lives. But she’d prefer not to have to deal with them tonight. He smiles at her and tells her then why not do that. He tells her that there is a room for them. But as soon as carly and jax walk past them, Robin tells her that she’s(Carly) pulled this kind of crap with too many people, too many times before. And she’s not going to let her get away with it.

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