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General Hospital Update Friday 5/19/06


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On the Island, Holly and Luke are together in the Villa.  Luke reaches into his bag as Holly goes to reach for the jewels.  A comment made by Luke startles Holly and she stops.  Luke tells her that she is about the witness the emancipation of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.  Holly has a blank expression on his face, wondering what Luke is referring to.  He runs out of the room and tells Holly to follow – which she does.

Upstairs in the bedroom, a drugged Robert and Tracy think that they are with Holly and Luke, respectively.  They are lying down sleeping, calling out their names while hugging each other.

At Kelly’s, Maxie has the door opened for Nikolas with the paternity papers waiting.   Nikolas thinks that Maxie is trying to seduce him and tells her that he wants to put the brakes on right there before things go further.

At the hospital, Jason walks in on an “orderly” at Sam’s bedside.  He is fiddling around with her I.V.  Jason questions what he is doing there and he tells him that he works there.  Jason appears to let it slide and moves closer to Sam only to throw the orderly off guard and up against the wall.  He pulls a gun away from the man and holds it up against him; wanting to know who sent him after Sam.

Back at Sonny’s, Sonny and Emily are sitting down ready to eat the pasta that he made for her.  Emily eats the food and says that it’s delicious.  Sonny says it’s not, and that he burned the sauce.  He becomes really upset and pushes the dish off the table and then the table onto the floor – startling Emily who wants to know what he’s doing.  Max and Milo come outside with guns thinking that there is a problem.  Sonny takes a moment to collect his cool and apologizes to Emily for his behavior.

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Robert and Tracy are getting comfy with one another when a flash from a camera snaps them out of it.  They look up to see Holly and Luke with a camera is hand standing over them.  Robert and Tracy are stunned and scream over what just happened while Holly and Luke laugh about it.

Nikolas tells Maxie that he’s feeling a little ambushed and Maxie covers telling him that it’s a thank you dinner for being so nice.  Nikolas informs her that they’re already even because she helped him too.  Maxie begins by telling him that she wants to thank him for saving her life and reaches for the paternity test, but Nikolas calling her a “kid” offends her and she reconsiders.  With the paternity test still in hand, she crumples up the test and becomes very defensive.

Emily is looking at Sonny in disbelief.  Sonny says that he was just doing an imitation of Morgan when he doesn’t like his breakfast.  He tells Max and Milo to clean it up and goes inside the house with Emily.  He asks her if she’s alright and tells her that he wants to make it up to her.  He just wanted it to be a perfect night and he’s upset that he scared her.  She tells him that she’s not scared of him, but scared for him.  She makes excuses for his behavior, but Sonny tells her that he’s happy now.  He tells her he’s sorry and that it won’t happen again and asks her for her forgiveness.  She says yes and gives him a hug.

Jason is holding the gun on the orderly and wants to know if he’s the one who shot Sam.  He tells him that he is not.  Jason wants to know what he put in her IV bag and he tells him nothing, he was just sending a message.  He informs Jason that he’s there on behalf of Juan Escobar – if Jason leaves him alone, he’ll leave Sam alone.  Jason tells him that if anyone comes near Sam again, Escobar dies.  He then tells the man to get out.  He puts the gun away and then goes over to Sam’s bedside.  Jason tells Sam that he’s sorry about everything.  At that moment, Alexis comes in and tells Jason that she was hoping that he wouldn’t be there.

At the Villa, Tracy is upset at Luke and tells him that she’s disappointed that he would do this to her – today of all days.  Luke wants to know what is so special about today and she informs him that it’s their anniversary – not that he would care.  Luke tells her he is celebrating by recreating their honeymoon.  Tracy brings up when Luke drugged her and set her up with Coleman.  Robert tells Luke he’s disappointed that Luke is repeating himself.  Luke turns it onto Tracy and tells her that it’s her fault that she’s there.  Tracy reminds Luke of how she got him off the hook from the bounty hunters and that he should show her some gratitude.  While Robert, Tracy and Luke are arguing, Holly takes off.  Once they realize that she is gone, they scatter to find her before she takes off with the jewels.

At Kelly’s, Maxie takes the crumpled paternity test and puts it back on the table.  Nikolas tells Maxie of what Emily observed about her feelings and Maxie tries to defend herself.  Nikolas tells Maxie that he was just trying to be nice to her because he thought she needed a friend.  Maxie tells Nikolas that she thought that they had a connection, but Nikolas tells her that they shared a connection in that they both lost someone they love – nothing more.  Maxie tells Nikolas that she doesn’t want his pity.  Maxie calls Nikolas out on his cheating on Emily with Courtney who is now dead and loves Emily again.  She tells him that he’s getting what he deserves.  Nikolas agrees and walks out.

Sonny and Emily are still in an embrace and Emily tells Sonny that she must go.  She informs Sonny that she has a medical paper to write.  He tells her that he will take her because he wants to go to the hospital to check on Sam and speak to Jason.  Emily looks shocked, but he tells her that he’s not mad at Jason anymore.  He tells Max and Milo, who just walked in from cleaning up the mess that they’re going to order in next time.  Emily, Milo and Max all look concerned for Sonny.  Sonny and Emily walk out and Max tells Milo about his concerns.

At the hospital, Noah informs Alexis and Jason about Sam’s condition.  He tells her that it’s not time to worry because she’s still in the normal range for recuperation from her type of surgery.  Her vital signs are steady.  He tells her to worry if she doesn’t regain consciousness in a few days.  Jason wants to know if she’s going to be alright when she wakes up.  Noah informs them of the possible long term health problems that she may face, but doesn’t want to offer anything definite until after she wakes up.  When Noah leaves, Alexis tells Jason that she thinks it would be best if he left.  He tells her it’s not her decision, but she rebuttals telling him that it’s her decision to make legally until Sam can wake up.  Alexis tells Jason that she knows that he loves her, but it’s because of him that she’s lying in the hospital because of a bullet that was meant for him.  Alexis says that she may be in there for the rest of her life.  She knows that Jason is her family, but she has more family now that can take care of her.  He makes her feel guilty and tells her that he’s not going to walk away just because she now knows that she’s Sam’s mother.  He asks her if she would walk away from Ric just because someone wanted her to.  Alexis returns the guilt and reminds him that is what he did to Sonny and Emily – calling him a hypocrite.

At Kelly’s, Maxie is looking at the paternity test.  She takes out her cell phone and makes a phone call to someone telling them that she needs to talk with them.

At the hospital, Emily seeks Lainey out after picking up her lab book from the nurses station.  Emily worries that her asking Lainey for advice is like betraying Sonny, but Lainey assures her that anything she tells her will stay between them.  Emily tells Lainey about what she has noticed from Sonny, beginning with his problems in Spain.  She tells Lainey about his extreme mood swings and that after what happened with the dinner, she’s beginning to see what Jason was warning her about.  Emily asks Lainey if she should be worried.

Sonny is outside Sam’s hospital room watching Jason with Sam.  Jason notices Sonny there and leaves the room to go talk with Sonny.  They talk about Sam’s condition and that she’s strong and will make it through.  Sonny asks if there are any leads on the shooter, but Jason says no.  Sonny believes it was Escobar, but Jason is not so sure.

Jax is playing with a teddy bear for Little John when Carly walks in with food.  They play around for a moment, but it gets serious when Jax tells Carly that before she walked in, he was thinking about John and how he makes him happy and how selfish he is being about keeping him from Nikolas.

At Kelly’s, Maxie has a daydream about Nikolas coming back to the diner.  She daydreams showing Nikolas the paternity test results, where Nikolas is shocked and becomes grateful to Maxie and kisses her.  A knock at Kelly’s snaps Maxie out of her daydream.  She opens the door for Robin, who tells Maxie she got her message and wants to know if she’s okay.

At the hospital, Lainey informs a shocked Emily that the symptoms that she’s describing sound as if Sonny has bipolar disorder.  They talk about the possibilities, and Lainey thinks they should get Sonny in for psychiatric evaluation, but Emily doesn’t think Sonny would go for it.  Instead, Lainey hands Emily some pamphlets on the disease and tells her to keep an eye on him.  Lainey tells her to look over the pamphlets and if what’s going on with Sonny is accurate to what is described, he should come into the hospital for treatment.

Outside of Sam’s room, Sonny tells Jason about the burdens of being the new mob boss.  He warns Jason of the dangers that his new positions brings to himself and the people that he loves.  Jason tells Sonny that he never wanted the business and he can have it all back. Sonny tells him that he wants Jason to be safe because it keeps him out of the line of fire.  Sonny changes the topic to Sam and wants to know why Alexis moved her back to the hospital.  Jason tells him that she wanted Dr. Drake to take care of her and that Alexis wants him out of Sam’s life.  Sonny tells Jason that he agrees with Alexis’ decision and that she has a point.  He rationalizes that Sam is in danger because of what Jason does.  Jason tells Sonny that he has heard the same thing from everyone else and that he believes telling Emily to stay away from Sonny isn’t the same thing as him staying away from Sam.  Sonny reminds him that Sam is already hurt and he couldn’t protect her, so what’s the difference?

Tracy is sitting on the sofa as Robert and Luke come back inside the Villa.  They have been looking for Holly and want to know why she didn’t help.  Tracy tells them that she wouldn’t help them look for her and the jewels are probably long gone.  Luke tells them that plan B is already in motion.

On the plane, Holly tells the pilot to go faster; she needs to reach her destination.  Anna startles Holly and tells her that there is a slight change of plans.

Carly and Jax talk about protecting John from the Cassadines.  Carly rationalizes their actions and how they are doing the right thing.  Jax compliments her ability to put a positive spin on any situation.  Jax tells Carly that every time he thinks about how grateful he is for having John, he’s also grateful for Carly.  They kiss as there is a knock on the door.  Jax answers the door to see Nikolas standing there.

Sonny and Jason are discussing Jason’s new role in the business.  Sonny tells Jason, unlike he who had Jason to back him up, Jason has no one – and he’s unfamiliar with the territory.  Sonny asks Jason how he can guarantee Sam’s safety again.  Jason wonders if Sonny believes that if he loves Sam he should let her go.  Sonny tells Jason that he would never tell anyone how to live their life after everything that went down between them.  He resolves that he’s happy to be out of the business and he’s grateful to Jason, but reminds Jason that he can’t promise Sam’s safety.  Sonny tells Jason that if he needs advice he knows where to find him.  Noah and Alexis come rushing to Sam’s room.  Noah says that her monitors are activated and she may be waking up.  As Noah is checking on Sam, Alexis is talking to Sam telling her that she can open her eyes and that her mother is there.  While everyone is looking at Sam, Sonny slips out unnoticed.

At Kelly’s, Maxie and Robin are together and she tells Robin that she found out a secret and she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, but if it doesn’t come out, someone will miss out on something.  It’s too cryptic for Robin to understand, but she knows that it’s weighing on Maxie.  She tells Maxie that it’s hard because once you know it, you can’t forget it – so it will eat her up instead.  At Jax’s place, Carly brings out John for Nikolas to hold.  Robin tells Maxie that the truth will prevail.  Maxie isn’t sure so she hands Robin the paternity test and looks at it with a sudden curiosity.  Nikolas is holding baby John in his arms, when Jax tells Nikolas that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  Robin asks Maxie what she’s showing her.  She tells her that it’s a paternity test – proving that Nikolas is the father not Jax.  Jax tells Nikolas that he thinks that he shouldn’t see John anymore.  Nikolas and Carly both look stunned at Jax’s announcement.

On the plane, Holly wonders how Anna knew where she was.  Anna tells Holly her logic and how she stayed one step ahead of Luke and Robert.  Holly thinks that her and Anna would make a good team.  Anna agrees, except for the fact that they hate each other.  Holly offers a 50/50 split of the jewels.  Anna declines, takes the jewels from Holly and jumps out of the plane with a parachute – leaving Holly angry.

Back at the Villa, Luke reveals that he switched the jewels for one of Tracy’s travel bags while they were getting the camera.  Tracy asks Luke if he wanted to blackmail her for a divorce and Luke says no.  They fight over who gets the jewels.  While they are fighting and arguing their reasons why they each get to keep the jewels, the bounty hunters come in.  With guns aiming at them, they snatch the jewels out of Tracy’s hands.  They look disappointed.

Emily is looking over her lab book and has the pamphlets out.  She is reading up on bipolar disorder until Sonny walks in.  She covers the pamphlets up as Sonny comes over to her with a new pot of sauce he made.  He says it was bothering him and has Emily try it out.  Sonny tells her that things are turning around for them to do whatever they want.  He kisses her and during their lip lock, the pamphlets fall down.  Sonny picks them up and wants to know what they are for.

Back at the hospital, Alexis and Jason are at Sam’s side.  Alexis asks if Sam can hear her.  A semi-groggy Sam replies that she can.  Alexis asks if she knows who she is.  Sam says yes – Alexis.  She then adds “My mother”.  Sam apologizes and hopes that Alexis isn’t mad at her for keeping the secret.  Alexis tells her she’s not and that she’s just happy that she’s okay.  Sam seems Jason and he comes over to her as Alexis steps away to let the two have a moment.  Jason tells Sam that she is his whole world.  As they are together, Alexis watches with a small tear in her eye.

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