GH Update Thursday 5/18/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/18/06


Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

Holly and Luke are together outside of the Villa on the Island when Tracy comes through being carried by shirtless men.  She tells Holly to stay away from her husband.  Luke is surprised to see her.  She is holding a rifle and tells Luke she’s reclaiming what’s hers.  Her and Holly exchange insults and tells one of the men to take Holly’s gun.  She asks where her son is and Luke takes her inside the Villa.  Tracy is shocked to see them all handcuffed to chairs.  She refers to the gathering as a Scorpio Family Reunion.  Luke laughs and tells her that it’s easy to explain.

Jax is looking at a photo of him and Carly.  The  phone rings and Jax answers it.  The voice on the other end of the phone (Diego’s) asks him if he got the package that he sent.  Maxie and Diego are sitting outside of Kelly’s and Carly walks in on them.  Diego puts the phone away quickly to avoid suspicion, but Carly is suspicious anyway.

Jason asks Monica why he won’t tell her where Sam is and thinks that she wont tell him because he thinks that she is in danger with him.

At Sonny’s, he tells Max that he’s making dinner and doesn’t want to be interrupted.  Milo tells Sonny that the necklace he wanted to buy Emily is gone and Sonny gets mad at Milo for letting the necklace go.

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Luke unties everyone and Tracy wants to know why he tied up her son.  He starts to explain some things to Tracy, but she’s not amused.  Dillon tells Tracy about him and Holly, and Tracy wants an explanation.  Tracy reveals that the bounty hunters work for her and that she wants responsible for the bounty on Robert.

At Kelly’s, Diego covers for Maxie and lies to Carly about the real reason why Maxie and him are talking.  Carly buys the excuse and goes into Kelly’s.  Maxie gets Diego to continue to make the phone call to blackmail Jax about the paternity.  Jax tells Diego that taking him on is a mistake.

Monica tells Jason that the reason she won’t tell him where Sam is, is because she understands Alexis’ point of view and she would do the same thing if it meant keeping Emily safe from Sonny.  Jason tells Monica that Sam would want him with her, but Monica informs him that she’s not even awake.  She assures him that when she wakes up, she’ll contact him.  Monica leaves and Jason is upset.

Sonny apologizes for yelling at Milo.  He gives Milo money and tells him that it’s okay and he did his job.  Max goes to Milo and they talk briefly about Sonny’s behavior.  A beat up Mike comes to see Sonny.  Sonny is shocked to see Mike and asks what happened.

Mike reveals to Sonny that he got beat up because of some debts that he owes.  Sonny wants to know if Mike is gambling again.  Mike confesses to Sonny that he started again once Courtney died.  Mike reveals that he is coming to Sonny because he needs a loan and he’s been stealing from Kellys.  Sonny asks Mike how much he needs.

At Kellys, Dr. Meadows meets with Carly.  They discuss the baby situation.  Dr. Meadows assures Carly that she intends to let the paternity results go and she has no intention of trying to get more money from Jax. 

Jax is yelling on the phone to Diego (the blackmailer).  He tells him that he would rather reveal the truth than deal with a blackmailer.  He opens the door to see Alexis, who wonders why he’s so upset.

Stan arrives at Jason’s.  He asks him to hack into the hospital files to search for Sam.  He tells him to search for the transport records for private facilities with high tech equipment since Alexis would get Sam the best care money could buy.  He warns Stan not to get caught as his mother works at the hospital.  Stan leaves and Bernie comes into the apartment and tells Jason that the Escobars are trying to get Alcazar on their side.

On the Island, Tracy informs Robert, Luke and Holly that she got the authorities to drop the charges and remove the bounty.  Lulu is impressed that Tracy has come through.  She informs them that she has tickets for all of them to return to Port Charles.  Holly wonders why Tracy would help her.  She tells her that if she didn’t, Luke would feel compelled to help the damsel in distress and calls her a cheap tart.  Robin and Anna are very amused and they congratulate Tracy on her astuteness of the “cheap tart”.  Dillon asks Tracy how she managed to do all of that and Tracy tells him – money is power.  Tracy tells Luke she’s not sure if she wants to kill him or kiss him.  As she goes in to kiss him, Dillon and Lulu close their eyes.

Dillon and Lulu are shocked that Tracy and Luke want to kiss.  Holly tells him that it’s the least he can do for his wife.  Lulu wants to know if it’s as traumatizing for him as it is for her.  Holly, Anna, and Robin gross out Dillon and Lulu by talking about Tracy and Luke making out.  Luke thinks that before everyone goes, they should all share a dinner.  The others want to leave, but then Luke shows them the jewels and gets Holly and Robert to stay.  Robert leaves to take Anna and the children to the airport.  Lulu and Luke share a warm moment before leaving, as well as Dillon and Holly and Robin and Robert.  Luke tells Anna that she lived up to her hype and to give him a call.  As he hugs her he takes something out of her pocket.

At Sonny’s, Mike is telling him about his gambling debts and expects a lecture.  He is shocked that Sonny isn’t coming down hard on him, but Sonny tells him that he realizes it’s a sickness and he must get help on his own terms.  Sonny tells him that he doesn’t want him to get hurt, so he asks him what his debts are so he can pay them.  Mike is shocked and asks Sonny if he is okay.

At the hospital, as Stan is trying to hack into the computer system, Epiphany sneaks up on him wondering what he is doing there.

At Jax’s house, Jax asks Alexis for a favor since she is the new DA.  Alexis says that she would be willing to compromise her new position to help him.  She tells him that her new position is the least of her surprises, to which Jax brings up Sam.  Jax asks if there is anything he can do to help.  Alexis asks Jax to support her and not help Carly help Jason try to find Sam.  She doesn’t want to deal with Carly.

Carly walks into Jason’s place and tells him that she needs some muscle.  She wants to have someone intimidated.

At Kelly’s, Diego recognizes the voice on the other end of the phone as Jax.  Diego doesn’t want any part in blackmailing Jax, but Maxie tells him that he has a voice changer, so it shouldn’t matter.  Diego doesn’t want to blackmail Jax and gives Maxie the cell phone back and leaves.  Maxie picks up the phone and calls Nik.  She asks to meet up with him.

Alexis tells Jax that she feels guilty, shocked and a whole bunch of emotions regarding finding out that Sam is her daughter.  She reveals at some times she feels disconnected since she doesn’t know who Sam is, but other times she’s in shock by it.  Jax mentions the fact that Alexis and Sam aren’t the best of friends.  She tells him that she wants a future with her daughter, but she can’t if Jason gets her killed.  Jax reassures Alexis that he is on her side.  Jax tells Alexis that he would never defend Jason.  They agree that they don’t doubt Jason’s love for Sam, but Alexis wants to keep her safe – which is why she moved her.  Jax tells her that even though he knows that Jason loves her, he understands that as a parent sometimes the biggest responsibility is protecting the child.

Jason assumes that Carly is there because she wants to go after the guy who killed her father.  Carly tells Jason that she is there to help Jax – something that Jason doesn’t like the sound of.  Jason doesn’t want Carly to get in the middle of whatever Jax is doing, but Carly informs him that her and Jax are an item.  Jason tells Carly he doesn’t want to tell her how to run her life or anyone else’s life – he just wanted to protect Emily.  Carly brings up Sam which hits a sore spot in Jason.  Jason wants to know if whatever Carly is involved with Jax for is dangerous for Carly and she tells him no.  Jason then asks why she needs his help.

At the hospital, Epiphany is asking Stan what he is doing at the hospital.  Stan avoids the question, but she realizes that he is looking to find out where Alexis took Sam.  Stan tells her that Sam would want Jason near her, to which Epiphany tells her that even though she agrees, the information is restricted.  She tells him that she broke the law to save a life, but it’s not life-threatening if Jason can’t see Sam.  Epiphany tells Stan to leave.

Sonny tells Mike that life is too short to worry about anything.  He tells Mike that he’s the only father he has and he wants to fix Mike’s problems.  Sonny still wants to help Mike to stop punishing his father.  He wants to give him whatever help he needs.  At that time, Emily walks in.  Sonny invites his father to join Emily and Mike to dinner.  Mike  leaves; not wanting to push his luck.  Emily wonders if Mike is okay, since he left all shaken up, but Sonny informs her that things are perfect.  Sonny tells Emily that Mike just needed help and that he’s happy that he could, for the first time, give it to him. 

On the Island, Tracy, Holly, and Luke are enjoying a drink.  Luke pours something into one of the drinks and hands it to Tracy.  They share a toast and Luke tells her that he finds the side he saw very intoxicating.  Tracy insults Holly and reminds her that she’s married to him and she bailed him out.  Luke toasts to the future.

Carly informs Jason that Jax is being blackmailed, but Jason wants to know what the secret is.  She tells him that she can’t tell him what the secret is.  Jason is worrying about her thinking that Jax dragged her into this, but she tells him that she found out and agreed with Jax.  He doesn’t want her to get involved with this because it will lead to more lies and he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

At the Villa on the Island, Robert returns to see Luke.  The girls are gone and Robert wants to know what’s happened.  Luke is in a bad mood and tells Robert that Holly is upstairs waiting for Robert.  Robert correctly guesses that Luke is in a bad mood because he was close to rekindling something with Holly, and now Tracy has come back.  He asks where Tracy is, and he tells him that she is also upstairs.  He begins to pour the rest of the vial into another glass of wine.  He hands said glass to Robert and they toast yet again.

Jason’s phone is ringing.  He answers it and Stan in on the other line.  He tells Jason he found out where Sam is – at the New Hope Clinic in Connecticut.  As he tells Jason, Epiphany takes the phone away from him and tells Jason that Stan will have to call him back.  As Jason goes to leave the apartment, he runs into Alexis who informs him that she is bringing Jason back to the hospital.  She begs Jason to leave Sam alone and keep her safe from the violence that put her in the hospital to begin with.  She asks him to please stay away from her daughter.

At the airport, Robin, Lulu, Anna and Dillon are waiting for the plane.  Anna tells them that they’ve been split up – only two can go on the flight at a time.  They decide that Robin should go with Anna because she’s a doctor and might be needed.  Dillon and Lulu stay behind together and agree that they’ve had a good time.  Robin starts to head onto the plane, thinking that Anna is coming with her, but then Anna informs her daughter that she has something to take care of.  They share a hug goodbye.

Back on the Island, Robert stumbles into the room where someone is sleeping.  He climbs into the bed, thinking that it’s Holly.  Downstairs, Luke is putting the vial into his pocket when Holly comes down the stairs.  Holly wonders where Robert is.  Luke tells him that he’s here, but he has his hands full.

At Jax’s place, he’s holding Little John, patting him on the back.  Carly walks into the place telling him that she doesn’t think its Dr. Meadows.  Jax tells Carly that he doesn’t think it’s a problem.  Jax thinks he’s scared off the blackmailer.  He tells Carly that John is theirs and no one is ever going to take him away.

Nik approaches Kellys and sees Maxie waiting at the door.  Nik asks her what is going on and she tell him that she made dinner.  Nik assumes that Maxie is trying to seduce him and tells her he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  She assures him that once she sees what she has for him, he will change his mind.  Inside Kelly’s, the paternity test awaits.

At Sonny’s, Sonny is serving Emily the food that he has prepared for her.  Emily takes a bite out of the food and thinks that it’s delicious.  Sonny doesn’t think so.  He says that he ruined the meal and burned the sauce.  He throws the plates off the table, leaving a stunned Emily speechless….

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