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General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/17/06


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Carly finds Ric at Kelly’s and tells him that he owes her a favor. She remembers that he chained her to a wall when she was pregnant and unconscious. And so he owes her a favor. He needs to tell her where Alexis has taken Sam. She believes she owes that to Jason.

Jason goes to find Alexis in her office and demands to know where she has taken Sam. She has already alerted everybody in the office about Jason, knowing he will be there. And her contacts assure her that Jason will not be allowed access to “the patient”.

Holly awakens and discovers that her jewels are missing. She believes that she has been robbed. When she fell asleep the previous night, somebody must have drugged her and snatched them off her body. And that means that one of them is a thief. Luke and Robert tell her she must realize that they are not “her” jewels. Dillon tells her that he knew she got a little “wasted” last night. She tells Dillon that she would never get “wasted”. It’s not “attractive”. Right then, Luke assumes that his daughter would have to be the “larcenist”. He tells her he’s very proud of her but asks her to hand the jewels over to daddy. She denies that she did it. Holly says she knows they did not just walk away on their own. Anna tells Holly she needs to stop making all these ridiculous accusations.

At the hospital, Lucky gets off the elevator to once again notice Elizabeth and Patrick together and very chummy.

Jax is alone in his office calling one of his “contacts”. After getting an anonymous statement that confirms that Nikolas is Courtney’s baby’s father, he tells his contact that he knows he’s about to be blackmailed and needs a favor from them.

Nikolas finds Emily and she asks him if he might have some clue where Alexis (his aunt) has taken Sam (her brother’s fiancé). He tells her Alexis has not told him anything and he does not know that she’s taken her anywhere. But he assures his ex wife that his aunt has her daughter’s best interests at heart. Right then, Maxie comes by and indicates that she really likes Nikolas. Emily smiles and observes.

Carly tells Ric that Jason went looking for Sam. And after Sam has just had brain surgery, Alexis has had Sam “moved”. He reminds her that Jason authorized illegal surgery against a court-ordered injunction. He tells her he knows she does not care about Sam. This is just about her wanting to score points with Jason. Sam is his wife’s daughter and Alexis is merely trying to protect her child. And he tells Carly, he’d expect nothing different from her in regard to her children.. Carly then asks Ric what he would do if Sam came in and kidnapped Alexis, 5.minutes after discovering her mother. Would he believe that she was just looking out for her mommy’s well being?

When Jason comes to confront Alexis, many cops and DAs come by and are ready to take him away if he gives her any grief. She instructs them not to take Mr. Morgan away just yet. She is hoping they can discuss this calmly and rationally so that she will not have to have these gentlemen come and escort him to lock-up. He then asks her why she did this.

At the hospital, Epiphany observes Patrick and Elizabeth so chummy together and “jokes” about how they could file a sexual harassment suit against Patrick. Elizabeth tells her that she would never do that to him after he’s been so good to her. Right then, Lucky enters and tells Patrick he is there for his follow-up. Patrick then tells Lucky that he is going to refer him to his father. He won’t treat Lucky after Lucky ripped his head off last night.

Anna then concludes that the previous night everybody fell asleep and wouldn’t have a clue what happened the night before. She gives her theory about how Dillon and Lulu could have woken up and found a way to snatch the diamonds from Holly. She knows all about Dillon’s “crime dramas” and how found a “lovely young lady” to be his willing accomplice. Hearing that, Robin asks why they would not just take the jewels and run. Lulu then says that this is absurd. They may have reason to suspect her. But why Dillon? Dillon then says that this is a nice little theory. But in order for him to get to Holly and take the jewels form her, he’d have to stumble over all of those other people. That would be hard to do without waking somebody up and being seen. Anna then says that Robert would have motive to steal jewels from one ex wife right when he was sleeping near the other.

At the hospital, Nikolas tells Emily that he doubts that Maxie has a crush on him. They jut talked a little bit and she needed a shoulder to cry on after losing Jesse. She tells him that men are so oblivious to these things. He tells her that even if that’s true, Maxie is just a sweet young girl with a “crush”. She, on the other hand(Emily), is in love with Sonny.

Carly tells Ric that he must realize that Alexis has no business making decisions for Sam when she’s been her mother for 5 minutes. Sam is not a little child. She is a grown woman and she happens to be in love with Jason. Her mother cannot respect her wishes. Right then, Carly gets a phone call from Jax who informs her that he has a problem and needs her help.

Jason asks Alexis just what she thought she was doing. Alexis tells him that she took her daughter to an excellent facility that can give her top rate care. He asks her if she believes, for a minute, that Sam would want that. She tells him that whatever chance Sam has will be greater if she gets care from doctors not associated with that hospital. That is, unless the surgery has not caused her permanent brain damage. And if it has, Jason will be in big trouble for letting the medical team do it.

Robert tells Anna that “this” is the reason why he was the preferred police commissioner over her. She tells him that she knows the irreparable damage he has caused to his wife, daughter and brother. And she wont’ believe his denial that he’d do anything “unethical”. Robin then tells them they need to get the jewels out of their minds. And listening to their arguing, she tells Dillon that he needs to observe and understand what a “no fault divorce” is about. He might want to listen to her parents and then he will understand. Robert then reminds them that in order for him to disentangle himself from Anna while sleeping, then get up, steal the jewels, get back and entangle himself to her again, would have to be impossible. Hearing that, she tells him that he’s gotten to be very “resourceful” in his old age.

Lucky tells Patrick that he was upset and worried about Elizabeth getting into trouble because of him and he may have said some things he should not have. He then notices that Lucky is in pain, tells him he’s concerned and agrees to give him some more pain killers.

Alexis attempts to explain to Jason that he must know that any mother would be very concerned about her daughter getting mixed up with somebody who has the dangerous life that he has. He tells her that Sam has chosen a life with him. And he needs her to tell him where Sam is. She then tells him that she has heard that he has a “reputation” for always telling the truth. And so she’d like him to look her in the eye and honestly tell her that Sam is better and safer with him. Jason does not respond.

Carly goes to meet Jax and looks at the statement that somebody slipped under his door that confirms that Nikolas is John’s father. He tells her he’s afraid that things like this can generate all over. Anybody could just print it off of the internet. He tells her that he knows he could take away the “power” for anybody to extort him by simply telling Nikolas that he is John’s father.

Anna tells Luke that she knows he would have “motive” to want to set Robert, (his “competition” for Holly) up to be falsely accused of stealing the jewels. And she knows that given the choice between a woman and her rubies, Luke will pick the rocks every time. Maybe Holly grabbed for him and called him Robert. And that was what caused Luke to steal her jewels. Dillon then talks about a Kevin Spacey movie. He sees himself as Kevin Spacey and “somebody” is the woman who falsely accuses him of theft so that she could do the “victim” act. Robin then tells Dillon that is brilliant. They got the wrong suspect. And right then, she assumes that her mother is the one who has stolen the jewels.

Patrick tells Lucky that he knows of some pain killers that will be affective but highly addictive. He can give him the prescription but will Lucky will have to wait until he can refill it again. He reminds him that Elizabeth is too busy to fill it for him. He is Lucky’s doctor so Lucky will have to rely solely on him.

Diego meets Maxie and reveals to her that he is “working” with Coleman. She has some things she needs somebody’s help with in regard to the secret about Nikolas’s baby. And he tells her that she needs him whether she likes it or not.

Carly tells Jax that there’s got to be a way to get the extortionist to leave him alone without forcing him to tell Nikolas before he is ready.

Emily finds Jason and tells him that she wants to help. He tells her that he knows her intentions are good but nothing has changed. He is not ok with her seeing Sonny. She asks if he cannot accept the fact that she loves Sonny just like he loves Sam.

Lulu asks Robin if Anna Devane was not the top police chief of Port Charles for a long time. Robin says that is true. And it’s for that reason that she would know exactly how to cover her tracks and pull off the perfect plan in stealing the jewelry. She theorizes how Anna masterminded the whole thing. At that point, the others finally hear a theory that they want to listen to.

Elizabeth finds Patrick and tells him she’s sorry to keep him waiting. He tells her he can always wait for a beautiful woman. They talk about how they keep “doing this” and “meeting like this” and “keeping this secret” from Lucky. Right then, Lucky observes them and gets on his cell phone to inform his contact that he has just noticed his wife get into an elevator with Patrick.

Emily tells Jason that he must know that somebody could judge the “safety” of his relationship with Sam. Alexis has as much right to be protective of Sam as he has to be protective of her. What could be worse than being at a party, running into the arms of the man one loves and then getting shot? She tells him that she knows that Sam chooses to be with him because she loves him and the risks are hers to take. So how can he expect her to leave Sonny any more than Sam can be expected to leave him. He then thanks her for the food she has prepared. But he does not respond to her question. She then tells him that she loves him no matter what.

Luke and Holly go out the door together. But right then, they get a surprise visit from Tracy who demands that Holly gets away form her husband. It looks like Tracy has some natives carrying her on a little stretcher thing. Luke then greets his “spanky” and tells her she must know Ms. Sutton.

Jax gets an anonymous call from Diego. Carly is with him listening to the call. It turns out that Diego is being the extortionist, and not making himself known to Jax on the phone.. It looks like Maxie needs a way to help Nikolas and knows of no other way except to put Diego up to doing this for her Diego tells Jax he needs a lot of money in order to keep the secret for him. Right then, Carly goes and finds them together and seems to know that those two are plotting a plan against her friend, Jax.

Nikolas finds Emily in the hospital. He notices she is crying and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is sad that her brother is pushing her away because she is with Sonny. Nikolas then tells Emily that maybe he has a point. She then asks Nikolas if he believes that she should give up on Sonny and go back to him.

At the clinic where Alexis has taken Sam, she is ready to go in and see Sam. Ric finds her. She asks him what he is doing there. Jason will find him. He grabs a hold of her and tells her that he does not think she is being fair to Sam.

Right then, Monica goes to see Jason and informs him that she’s found out where Sam has gone. She is getting better. Jason urges her to tell him. But Monica tells her son that she must keep that information a secret from him.

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