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General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/16/06


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Jane surprises Carly and jax by telling them that she wants them to get married. Carly plays into this by acting all friendly to her. Jax seems to know that they are both faking. He takes the drinks out of their hands. He tells his mother that he loves her. He also admits to being smitten by Carly. But there is no way that he’s going to marry her.

Anna admits to Robin that she and Robert were horrible parents and were really bad role models. Robert then tells her she may speak for herself. Robin cries. Robert tells his daughter he knows that she is just fine. And even if they were not the greatest couple or parents, they did one thing right. They made her. She is strong and brilliant, has a promising career. Not to mention a doctor boyfriend. Hearing that, Anna seems very surprised.

After Sonny calls Ric to come to the house and invite him to join him and Emily in Vegas, both Ric and Emily wonder why Sonny is inviting both of them.

At the station, Mac comes and surprises Jason, Elizabeth, Epiphany and Patrick, announcing that DA Davis has decided to drop the charges against them. They are free to go. All of them. Alexis enters.

Anna asks Robin if she has a boyfriend. She asks her why she has never heard it. Robin tells her mother that the reason she has not heard about it is because she’s been too busy jumping out of helicopters and running around the world. And B, Patrick Drake is not her boyfriend. Robert is just promoting that. Anna ignores her daughter and asks Robert about the fact that their daughter and her new man have a career in common and she asks him how serious it is. Robin then interrupts them both and tells them they need to know that Patrick Drake is not her boyfriend. She doesn’t even like him.

Luke tells Lulu that he knows that her mother would have been the greatest person in the world for her to have in her life. He knows that she would be the person who’d always be there for her daughter. And the cruelest thing that could happen is that Laura is gone. She then asks her father if Larua would like her. Not just “love” her, but like her. He then tells her that there is nothing not to like. He tells her that she is a miracle of genetics and he knows that her mother would be as proud of her as he is. He then admits to her that Spencer family Christmas cards are long gone, realizing that she wants to hear something different than what he is about to tell her. There is no use in yearning for something that is not there, he tells her. All she can do is get on with life and accept what is there because that is the best thing she can do.

Holly is talking to Dillon about how Luke and Robert are both so devoid of knowing how to treat a woman. But she admits that very possibly, he(Dillon) could learn what they have failed to learn.

Maxie meets Lucas at the hospital informing him that she got her car impounded. Maybe it was from too many parking tickets. But she needs to drive something. So she needs to borrow his car. He tells her she must know that cars are not cheap and she has no money. But she then reminds him that she has some sort of monetary (or other kind of) bargaining chip. He then tells her that that sounds like blackmail.

Jax asks Carly and his mother when the two of them got to be so chummy. They ask him why he would not believe that they can be compatible. Jax then grabs his mother’s hand and takes off her engagement ring. Jane angrily tells her son he needs to leave her ring alone. It’s hers’. His father gave it to her. He then tells his mother that he’s going to give the ring to the woman he loves. He declares his love to carly and proposes to her. She looks equally “unhappy” to how Jane appears. And he is able to tell that neither one of them want Carly to marry him.

Sonny asks Ric what Alexis has now done, knowing that it’s something. He replies that she had Jason, Patrick and, Epiphany and Elizabeth arrested.

At the station, Alexis tells them all that they broke the law and violated a court order. But she’s not going to be petty and vindictive. Jason protests that Patrick may have saved Sam’s life. She tells him that that surgery may have caused Sam irreparable damage.

Anna asks her daughter to sit down, ignore her father and tell her mother about her “young man”. Robin honestly tells her mother that Patrick is physically attractive but not as much as he thinks he is. He is arrogant and full of himself and adorns his ego. He appears to have a conscience. But he has no human depth or human feelings. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women. She’s never seen a man more arrogant in her life. With the exception of her father. She also reminds Robert that Patrick almost nailed Holly on the table. Hearing that, Anna appears to be disgusted by the thought of Patrick.

Luke tells Lulu if she gets the idea that she’s going to somehow mold him into some sort of “sweetheart”, she must realize that it will never happen. And she must give it up.

After Jax proposes to her, Carly acts all sappy and emotional. But she asks him where he was. He reminds her that she was about to turn him down. She tells him right. It’s not that she does not want to marry him. It’s just that she’s an old fashioned kind of girl. She takes marriage very seriously. She does not want him to be backed into a corner or give up his freedom or cramp his life style by tying him down to marriage. She acts all sweet to jax. At that point, after having too much to drink, Jane says “bravo”. She declares that Carly is totally awesome. She has a real head on her shoulders. And when she gets ready to commit, she might find somebody even better than her son.

At the station, Lucky tells Elizabeth that she is not going back to the hospital with Patrick and all the others who got her into trouble. She is coming home with him. She tells him she cannot miss her shift. She has to get back to work. He asks her where her husband fits in.

Alexis talks to Jason privately in the interrogation room. She tells him that she realizes that they both want the same thing for Sam. She realizes he just kind of has an unorthodox way of doing things. She tells him she is willing to drop the charges and over look it all under one condition. He asks he what that is. She replies that from now on, she needs to be solely responsible for Sam’s care. Hearing that, Jason pounds the wall and tells Alexis he knew she’d have to pull something like this.

Ric tells Sonny and Emily that they must know that Alexis is not going to let Jason have any more power over Sam. He leaves and Emily tells Sonny that this is not fair even if he’s ok with this. Sam is incapacitated. And her brother has been stripped of his rights. She tells him she is going. He then tells her he does not want her to go anywhere.

Anna tells her daughter that it is textbook psychology that most young girls choose guys who remind them of their father. So it would only stand to reason that her man would be just like her father. She then asks Robin to go down the checklist. She asks her if her Patrick is arrogant. Robin says yes. Shallow? Yes. Self-absorbed? Yes. She lists many other things. Robin says yes to everything. And she stares at Robert pointing out to her daughter that that is exactly what they see before them.

Jason acknowledges to Alexis that he only told her that Sam was her daughter because it was Sam’s last wish before she died and he wanted to help them know each other. But she does not even know Sam. He does know her and he loves her. And he will not let her come between him and Sam. So she must back off. Alexis goes out the door. Jason is ready to leave but Mac tells him they are not through. Jason tells Mac he thought he was free to go. Mac tells Jason they still have some things to talk about. The shooter is still out there. And he needs Jason to answer some questions. Right then, Sonny appears and asks if there is a problem. Jason asks Sonny what he is doing there. Sonny tells Jason he is there to bail him out. Mac tells Sonny that won’t be necessary. Alexis has already agreed to drop the charges. But he needs to talk to Jason. He can either cooperate or he can make it more difficult than it has to be. Jason goes to sit in the interrogation room. Alone with Mac, Sonny tells him he better find that freak before Jason does.

Anna and Robert argue about their history together, each reminding the other of their egotistical and irresponsible behaviors and infidelity during their marriage. Robin then demands that they stop. She then tells her parents that she has a question for them. Did they ever love each other like normal people? Robert replies more than she will ever know.

At the station, Georgie finds her father and tells him that he needs to cut Maxie some slack and not punish her by taking her car. Yes, she got drunk last night. But she’s very lost. He then agrees and asks his daughter what is going on with her. At that point, Georgie obviously doesn’t want to continue the discussion. She tells her father she is a happily married woman. She gets up to leave and thanks her father for the help with Maxie.

Anna admits to her daughter that Robert is right. She wanted him the first moment she laid eyes on him. And it was not just physical. She felt deeply connected to somebody for the first time in her life. And no other man has ever had the affect on her that he has had. But she takes great pride in her independence. Robert is the first man she has ever allowed to rescue her or take care of her. They shared some incredible adventures that many people can only dream of. And she believes that the best thing they ever did together was to create their extraordinary daughter. She then acts emotional while she watches Robin cry. And she tells her that that was the greatest day of their life. Robert then admits that she is right. Robin is their greatest achievement. He tells her that he loves this woman beyond reason. Robin then tells her father she can see it. So why can’t they get over their differences and see that? He then admits that still, to this day, Anna Devane takes his breath away. And then, he say that that was enough soul bearing for one day. He goes out the door. Robin notices her mother ready to cry and tells her she can see that she still loves her father. Anna hugs her daughter.

Lucas tells Maxie he can take her wherever she wants to go. She asks if he will not try looking over her shoulder. He tells her he will pick her up and take her wherever she wants without asking any questions.

In the interrogation room, Sonny tells Jason he’s sorry that he cannot accept what he feels for Jason’s sister. He misses Jason in his life and in his son’s life. But in a way, Jason did a great thing for him. By taking his business, Jason has given him back his freedom. But by being so determined to protect Emily, Jason caused Sam to get shot. Mac then enters and tells Jason he is free to go and do whatever he wants. Sonny tells Jason he hopes that Sam will get better.

Anna tells Robin that the reason why her marriage to her father ended was because of their love-hate relationship. Robin tells her mother that that is really sad. Anna tells her daughter that she does not believe that anything bad has to happen in her life. She encourages her not to hesitate to give her heart away if she is with Patrick. As Robin cries, Anna tells her that her father is certainly not perfect. But he wants his daughter in his life. So if Robin can find it in her heart to be more patient and more compassionate than she(Anna) was to him, then he will appreciate it. And Robin will not be sorry.

Lulu finds Dillon and tells him that she had a really “lame idea” involving her father. He tells her that she mustn’t regret what she did. He tells her that maybe now they don’t have a clue what this was all for. But one day they will know.

Holly finds Luke and tells him that it’s obvious that people like the two of them do not come around every day. He tells her that’s certainly true. But sometimes the perfect match will fall into your lap. They lie down together and start kissing. And Robert walks in to see them.

At Sonny’s, he finds Max and tells him that he can drive his own car and asks him for the keys. He laughs and tells him nothing bad happened. But when Sonny leaves, Max tells his brother that he knows this is unlike Sonny. He never jokes about things like this. He knows that something bad is going down. Sonny goes into the living room and pours himself a drink. Emily comes in and asks him if he’s bailed Jason out. He tells her he did not have to because Alexis did. He tells her that he is happy and asks her if she knows why. He then opens the door to the patio, asks her to come here and tells her that he can finally stand in front of a window with a beautiful woman who loves him and not have to worry. He smiles and they hold each other.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Patrick what his plans are with whether Lucky “finds out” something. Right then, Jason walks through looking for Sam. They tell him that unfortunately, Alexis has taken Sam somewhere. She has power of attorney over her daughter and there is nothing Jason can do.

Right then, Alexis has Sam hooked up to tubes, still unconscious, on a private ambulance. She tells her that she is taking her somewhere where she can find doctors and facilities that are solely concerned about her and nothing else.

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