GH Update Monday 5/15/06

General Hospital Update Monday 5/15/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Right when Robin, Robert, Luke, Holly, Lulu nd Dillon are in the jungle wondering how they’re going to get out of there and avoid being captured by bounty hunters, they get a surprise visit from long lost Anna Devane. She seems to have arrived by helicopter. Robin is very surprised to see her mother after all this time. Anna hugs her daughter. But when Robert greets her, she karate kicks him. He pins her but she seems to know how to win the fight. She tells him he’s a miserable son of a bitch.

While Carly is trying to get into Jax’s mother’s good graces, Jane makes it clear to Carly that she does not like her. She firmly tells her that she believes her son has recently had a serious lapse in judgment with his choice of women. First with Courtney. And now, he sunken to an even lower level by considering Carly. She tells her that she will make certain that her son comes to his senses and realizes that Carly is noting more than a temporary distraction. And he will drop her like a bad habit. She tells Carly there is no way she’ s going to “allow” her son to get mixed up with a scheming low-life tramp like her. Hearing that, Carly responds by firmly telling Jane that she will see Jax whenever, wherever and however she pleases. It’s between her and Jax and none of his mother’s business. There’s nothing she can do about it. And she better get that straight. Right then, Jane passes out. Carly is very worried that maybe she’s killed jax’s mother and doubts he will forgive or overlook that.

Alexis finds out that the doctors and nurses have resumed the surgical procedure for Sam although they know that she’s gotten a court ordered injunction to prevent it. She tells Jason if Sam dies, then it will be all his fault. Patrick, Elizabeth and Epiphany all confirm that they have chosen to go ahead with the surgery against her wishes.

Carly is worried about what might have happened to Jax’s mother. She is ready to call 911. Michael enters, notices Jane passed out on the couch and asks his mother what has happened to jax’s mother. Carly does not know what to tell her son. Right then, she splashes cold water upon Jane, and Jane awakens and screams. Carly then knows that very possibly she faked the whole thing.

Sonny is with Emily telling her that he was seduced by money and power when he started this business. And he thought the only way out was in a coffin. But now Jason has changed all that. He’s solved all of Sonny’s problems.

Alexis tells Jason that he could have waited only a few minutes to see if Sam’s pressure would stabilize. But he could not do that. He had to force the surgery. Jason always has to play God. She tells him that she’s very worried that Sam will not be strong enough and won’t survive. And if anything happens to her daughter, she will never forgive him.

In the OR, Patrick admits to his colleagues that it’s too soon to be able to predict if the procedure has caused Sam permanent brain damage or not.

Anna tells Luke that he’s really become a piece of work going all the way out there, bringing back a deadly virus and infecting an entire town with it. She looks at Lulu and remarks that Luke endangered his own daughter as well as hers/ Holly then looks at Anna and tells her she was always a cold, nasty bitch.

Emily concludes, to Sonny, that they both have Jason to thank for many things. He tells her that after a life time of working and suffering, he’d now like to just sit back and relax and have fun without having to worry about bombs and guns. He just wants to be happy and make her happy. She acknowledges that he does make her happy. He kisses her. She then asks him what happened to his “fantasy” of making love in the back of a car. She encourages him to know that there are no guns or bombs or anything to worry about.

In the hospital, Noah finds Patrick and tells him that he is out of his mind to have defied a court order. Elizabeth tells Noah he must realize that his son may have just saved Sam’s life. Right then, the cops enter and ask Patrick and Elizabeth if they performed illegal surgery upon Sam. They admit that they did. The cops then tell them that they are under arrest. Right then, Mac comes and finds Jason and tells him that he is under arrest for illegally authorizing the surgery. Jason protests that he did this to save Sam’s life. He did not have a choice. Mac tells him perhaps the courts could have compassion for him under the circumstances. But he has to arrest him. He also notices that Epiphany also assisted in the surgery and he reads her her rights along with Jason.

After hearing Holly yelling at Anna, Luke tells them that as “ladies” they must have decorum. Holly tells Anna that she knows she kept her daughter away from her father for many years and has had a very soiled history. Anna admits to Holly that she has made mistakes. But she has no outstanding arrests. And she tells her that she is going to hand her ex husband and his friends over to the authorities. Lulu then steps forward and tells Anna she can guess again.

When Jane comes to, she tells Carly that trying to cover up a murder could get her in a lot of trouble. Carly reminds Jane that she faked a heart attack. She tells Carly that she is not going to let Jax get mixed up with her. Carly will corrupt her son. Carly reminds Jane that she may not know this. But her son is a corporate raider. He is ruthless. He messes around with many women and wheels and deals and does things just as dirty as she does. Jane tells Carly that she knows that her son is not thinking like himself to be considering Carly. She knows Carly is using him and still in love with another man.

Ric asks Alexis if she really wants Elizabeth arrested. She tells him that she doesn’t want anybody arrested. She wants Sam to be safe. They could have waited to find out if the medication could work before cutting into her with a scalpel. She’s very worried about what could happen to Sam. Right then, a doctor comes out and announces that Sam has stabilized and will be ok.

At the hospital, Mac tells Jason, Patrick, Elizabeth and Epiphany that whether their intentions were good or not, they have broken the law and he has to do his job. Jason then informs Mac that he is the only person who should be there. If he’s going to arrest anybody, it should only be him. He “confesses” to Mac that he held a gun to Patrick’s’ head and threatened to kill him if he did no perform the surgery on Sam. So he’s the only person here who has broken the law. Elizabeth stands up and tells Mac he must know that what Jason has just confessed to is not true. Mac asks Patrick if Jason did in fact threaten him. Yes or no? Patrick does not answer but indicates that Jason lied. Mac then tells them that only Jason would have to spend the night in jail because of his priors. The others can probably get out if they can find somebody to post bail. Right then, Epiphany’s son comes and tells his mother that he will bail her out. She tells him that she won’t let him do that. He’s a brilliant young man with a bright future who threw his life away. Se’s not going to let him bail her out. She tells him that he must accept the fact that mommy is going to spend the night in jail.

At the hospital, Alexis and Ric ask Noah if he is willing to testify against his son in a court of law, by admitting that Patrick committed an illegal act. Noah then admits that he does not agree with what Patrick did. But he indicates that he might not be completely impartial about his son. Alexis then tells Noah that she knows that both he and Patrick might not be completely qualified to be doctors for Sam. He knows that Patrick had a need to play hero because of his failure to save that other woman. And Noah might have an issue with the fact that Patrick is his son. So what she wants for Sam are doctors who have no agenda accept to act in her best interest.

Carly admits to Jane that she has spent a lifetime getting mixed up with the wrong people and getting burned. She tells her she knows that Jax likes her. He appreciates her for whom she is. He does not expect her to change. And she’s not going to give that up.

Right when all the people in the jungle are arguing, Robin pulls a gun on them. And she tells her mother she kind of agrees with Holly that it might be time for some “family happiness”. Robin admits that this is the first time that she has been with both of her parents together in probably 15 years. That’s pretty amazing. So she asks them if it’s too much to ask of them to have just a moment of their attention. She tells her father if “winning the battle” is more important than being with his daughter, then he may go ahead and do it. Robert says nothing. She tells him it’s his choice.

Carly asks Jane why she doesn’t just ask Jax what he wants. Jane tells Carly that her son is a hopeless romantic. The man has suffered more heartaches than anybody should have in their life. And now he’s starting all over again with her. She remembers that Jax was in love with Brenda. She broke his heart and he never got over her. And now because Sonny took Brenda from him, he has to take Carly from Sonny in order to even up the score. Carly then tells Jane that she doesn’t sound like she wants her son’s happiness. She must realize that Jax chose Courtney and she had no regard for that. She also doesn’t understand that her son likes Carly. Jane then tells Carly that she will consider what she has said. But Carly must pass one more test.

Sonny and Emily return home. They talk to Max about all the fun they had in the car. Right then, Max has a fantasy about being in the car with Carly and having her all over him. He is completely distracted and lost in thought when his brother opens the door. While leaning against the door, living his fantasy, Max almost falls over. But he tells his brother that he has a deal for him involving a really cool car.

While inside the house with Emily, Sonny gets on the phone and calls somebody asking them to come down right away and that it’s important. Emily asks but he does not tell her whom he is calling.

At the station, Lucky discovers that his wife has gotten arrested. He angrily tells her he knows that Patrick Drake “pushed” her into risking her career and performing illegal surgery. He tells her he will find a way to get her released. She tells him she’s not going anywhere until all of the others are released.

Holly goes inside the house with Dillon and drinks some wine with him. She tells him that if Robert has any sense, he will resist Anna this time around. Dillon reminds her that Robert tried to kill her. Holly tells Dillon that she will have to teach him a lot of things about women.

Right then, Luke and lulu are talking. He tells her that that poor Australian, Robert did not know what hit him when Anna came out of the air. He then tells his daughter that in a few years she will have the same power over some poor, unsuspected stud. Lulu tells her father that she envies Robin. She has both her mother and her father to talk to at the same time.

Anna goes to talk to Robin and Robert. She explains to her daughter and ex husband that she knew how to find them knowing that Robert was up to his old tricks and that Robin was probably not far behind. Robin then tells her mother there is something she would like to know. She asks Anna if she is not just a little bit sorry.

Right when Carly and Jane are alone, Jax enters. Carly rushes to hug him, smiles and acts all happy. Jane hugs her son, appearing equally happy. They both appear to Jax to be getting along great, having all kinds of fun and becoming buddies.

Ric comes to Sonny’s when Sonny is with Emily and he tells them that he’s worried. Sonny then tells Ric that he deserves a break from all the stress. And he tells them they are all going to Vegas. He smiles but Ric doesn’t seem to understand what is up.

At the station, Patrick is sitting with his colleagues. He tells them that he might not be able to do the “noble” thing. As soon as his lawyer arrives, he is getting out of there. But right then, Lucky walks in and confronts him for what he put Elizabeth up to.

Noah admits to Alexis that it’s entirely possible that there will be complications for Sam after the surgery. And they won’t be certain until she wakes up.

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