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They bounty hunters have Dillon, Holly, Robin and Lulu tied up on the Island as Robert and Luke are standing there with guns pointing at them with their hands up.  They bicker back and forth about coming up with a plan and who should run when one of the bounty hunters fires the gun in the air; shutting the both of them up.  He tells them having them dead would be a lot more peaceful. 

Carly is standing in the room letting the fan blow her, when Lady Jane walks up towards her calling for Jax.  When she gets closer to Carly she sees that itís not Jax and asks what sheís done to her son when Carly says hello.

Back outside Sonnyís house, him and Emily are talking about him buying the car.  He tells Emily that Jason did him a huge favor by taking over the business because he doesnít have it to stop him from experiencing lifeís pleasures anymore.  Emily says itís great, but feels he went overboard by purchasing the car.

Ric walks into Samís hospital room and asks Jason if Sam went into surgery since sheís not in the room.  Jason tells him she is, and Ric says that Alexis is too late.  Jason asks him what sheís too late for.

In the Operating Room, Patrick walks in and begins to make the incision into Samís head.  Alexis bursts through the door and tells them the operating stops now.  They can not operate on her daughter since she has an injunction.  Patrick tells her that Jason signed the consent.  Alexis tells him that she is her mother and the only one with the legal authority to give the consent to operate.

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On the Island, the bounty hunters tie up Luke and Robert.  They say they are going to take Holly, Luke and Robert back into town and claim their reward.  Robert tries to get them to let the kids go, but they wonít budge Ė not until they get paid for their efforts.  Luke tries to convince them that the kids arenít any use to them, and Lulu says that they are too old and feeble to try to run and tells them that they should let them go because they can have the jewels for much more than the bounty is worth.  The bounty hunters want to see the jewels, but Holly tries to convince them that they arenít worth anything.  They take the jewels and realize that they are real.

Down Under, Carly tells Jane that Jax brought her, the boys and her grandson to see Jane.  She appears excited to see her grandchild.  She tells them that they are at the beach and theyíll be back soon.  Jane canít wait to show Jax her new find Ė a dragon lizard.  Jane asks Carly where Jax is and she tells them that he got an urgent call from his brother that he went to take care of.

Max and Milo are standing next to each other drooling over the car.  Max calls it a chick magnet and he canít wait to drive the car.  Emily and Sonny are discussing how much Sonnyís life has changed.  Emily is afraid that the anger Sonny had for Jason has turned to heartbreak, but wonít let her see it.  Sonny tells her that heís not going to wallow in the pain anymore.  He tells her that he feels terrible about Sam, but since he canít be by their side, he can just move on and life and appreciates life.  He tells her that the only thing they can do is live there life because life is too short.  Sonny suggests that they go for a ride in their car.  Max assumes heís going to be the one to drive and Sonny laughs.

In the operating room, Patrick tells Alexis that she is wasting valuable time that could help Sam.  Alexis reminds him that the procedure itself could kill her.  Patrick tells Alexis she is listening to Noahís advice instead of accepting that the surgery can work.  Epiphany leaves to go get security and Alexis tells her that the law is on her side.  At that point, Jason barges into the OR and says that they have to operate and Patrick stops because the room has been contaminated.  Jason asks what happens now and Patrick tells him that he can get Alexis to lift the injunction so they can continue the surgery.

The bounty hunters take the rest of the jewels away from Holly and conclude that between the bounty for turning them in and the jewels, theyíll be rich.  Holly is upset at Lulu for having them take the jewels.  Dillon starts laughing.  He tries to scare them by telling them that Robert Scorpio is an international spy and tells them that theyíre probably looking for him as they speak and gives them a scenario that sounds like itís right out of a movie.  He tells them that when they find Robert theyíll probably execute them, so they donít stand a chance.  Robert knocks Luke to the ground still tied to his chair and tells him that this is all his fault.

Max starts planning out a roadway to take and then Sonny tells him that heís the one who will be doing the driving.  Max tells him that he knows that it makes him kind of nervous, but Sonny tells him that things will be different now.  He reassures Max that he still needs him to do other things for him.

Liz is talking to Ric telling him to get Alexis to withdraw the injunction.  Ric tells Liz that Alexis is with Sam and that he doesnít understand why Alexis should drop the injunction when all the information that Alexis has received has proved that the surgery could be fatal.  Liz tells him that itís risky, but itís Samís best chance.  Ric says that Noah told him that the medication is Samís best chance.  Liz tells him that the medication has a very slim chance of working.  Ric says that they are not Samís family and canít make that decision.

Patrick walks over to Noah and asks him if he likes messing with his patients lives.  Noah tells Patrick that he simply gave Samís mother a second opinion.  Patrick tells him that he played on Alexisí fears and Noah tells him that he may have saved both Samís life as well as his sonís career.  Patrick wonders if this is his fatherís way of protecting him.  Patrick accuses Noah of risking Samís life because he thinks heíll fail.

In Samís hospital room, Epiphany tells Jason and Alexis to not kill her patient while sheís gone.  Alexis and Jason continue to argue about what is best for Sam.  Alexis still feels as if the surgery isnít the best option.  Alexis tells him she knows he wants to take action, but thereís nothing that he can do.  Jason yells at her and tells her that the surgery is best and he doesnít want Sam to die.  Alexis tells him she doesnít want that either.  She tells him that all they have are opinions and nothing definite, which is why she feels that they should go with the medication and if that doesnít work, then they can do the surgery.  Jason tells her to believe what she wants, kisses Sam on the head and then walks out of the room.  Alexis sits next to Sam.  Alexis says she hopes sheís doing the right thing.  Alexis takes hold of Samís hand as Ric walks over to the room.  She tells Sam that she is waiting for her.

Noah tells Patrick that he realizes that heís Godís gift to surgery, but heís wrong about Sam.  Her best chance is to wait.  Patrick tells Noah that heís thinking about his patient.  Noah tells him that heís thinks itís because he has something to prove.  He tells Patrick that if heís trying to prove something to him, then he shouldnít bother.  Noah tells Patrick that if he cut into Sam sheíd bleed to death right on the table.  Patrick isnít so sure about that.  Noah tells Patrick to leave Sam alone.  Jason walks in and tells Patrick that Noah seems sure.  Patrick tells him that he is as well and that he needs to get Alexis to drop the injunction.  Jason tells him thatís not going to happen and offers Patrick whatever money he wants to do the surgery.  Liz walks in and Patrick asks her if she still believes this surgery can save Samís life.  Liz tells him yes and Patrick tells her then he wants to do the surgery with the injunction and break the law.  Liz tells him that she took an oath to save lives and sheís not going to watch Sam die.  They agree to do the surgery even with the injunction in place. 

On the Island, Luke and Robert are arguing back and forth as the bounty hunters are holding a gun on them.  Robin yells at both Robert and Luke; telling them that they are too old.  She distracts the bounty hunters with enough time for Robert to free himself and go after one of the bounty hunters. 

Down Under, Carly brings Baby John in to see his grandmother.  Lady Jane holds John and is very excited to see him.  She mentions that he looks like Jax.  Michael and Morgan walk into the house and Lady Jane appears somewhat turned off by their manners.  She shakes Morganís hand, but he has sand on his hand and then Michael drops the cage that has the lizard that she caught.  Carly looks on annoyed.

Ric walks into Samís hospital room and over to Alexis.  He puts a hand on her back; starling her.  Alexis tells him that she doesnít know if sheís making the right decision.  Ric tells her that she needs to follow her instincts because she needs to make the decision for her.  Ric thinks Alexis is feeling guilty because she was blaming herself for her babyís death because she gave her up and now she has a second chance and doesnít want to make the wrong decision.  Alexis is upset and Ric gives her a kiss.  Epiphany comes in and tells Alexis that sheís coming in for the patient.  Alexis tells her that sheís not going anywhere with her daughter.

Liz walks into the room to get Sam.  Epiphany, Ric and Alexis walk out into the hall and she tells Alexis that she only takes orders from doctors.  She tells Alexis that she needs to take Sam for a CT Scan to monitor her and if she has a problem with that she can take it up with the chief of staff.  Jason walks over and asks what is going on.  Ric tells him that they are taking Sam for another CT Scan.  They wheel Sam out of her hospital room and Alexis walks over to her.  She tells them that she is going with her.  Jason looks on; concerned.

Back on the Island, Robert and Luke take out the bounty hunters.  Once they are all on the floor, they run over to the others and untie them.  Dillon congratulates Robert; telling him that he didnít know that she had it in him.  Just then another bounty hunter walks in and Dillon knocks him out.

Lady Jane comes back in from looking for the lizard.  She seems angry that the lizard escaped because it is an endangered species.  Michael apologizes.  Carly tells the boys to find Leticia.  She tells Lady Jane that it was an accident and that sheís sure that her boys got into trouble when they were little.  Jane tells her that her boys were good boys, and then Carly reminds her of the trouble that Jerry got into.  Jane says that sheís sure the boys are just homesick and that when Jax returns, she, Norma and Jax will take care of her grandson.  Carly says she was wondering how long it was going to take her to ask her to leave.  Carly tells Jane that she knows that she doesnít like her and doesnít think sheís good enough for her son.

Emily and Sonny are together outside at Vista Point Ė the prom site.  Emily tells him that itís a beautiful night and itís very romantic.  Sonny tells her that was the point.  Emily tells her that this is where everyone is.  Sonny says that heís never been over to that spot.  Sonny tells Emily that when he was a kid, he never went to his prom.  Emily calls Sonny a Vista Point Virgin.  Sonny tells Emily that heís going to start at that spot and do all the things that he couldnít do when he was worrying about the business.  Emily wonders if Sonny is really okay with this.  Sonny says he feels like a free man Ė no worries.  Sonny tells Emily that he wants to go to Coney Island and she says that they should take this slow.  Sonny tells her that slow is for people who donít care about life.

Sam is being wheeled into the room.  Alexis wants to know how long this is going to take.  Epiphany goes into the room with Sam.  She shuts the door behind her.  Alexis tells Ric that she thinks Jason is upset with her because sheís been her mother for 24 hours and now sheís calling all the shots.  When Ric asks what she thinks, she says that she agrees with him.  She says this is a tough decision, because legally she is the only one who can make the decision for her and she doesnít know what to do.  Sheís waiting for a doctor or someone to tell her what to do.  Ric tells her that the hard choices always need to be made for themselves.  Alexis wonders if she wants her daughter to live so badly that she has lost all her instincts.  What if she makes the wrong decision and kills her?

Liz comes in and tells Jason that Sam is on her way to the OR.  Jason assures Liz that he wonít let her take the blame, but Liz tells him that it was her choice because she believes Patrick is Samís best chance.  Liz tells Jason that if roles were changed, she wishes Lucky would make the same decision.  She says if heís not sure, itís not too late to change his mind.  He tells her that he has to do everything he can to save Sam Ė itís what she would want even if she knew she could die. 

Sonny and Emily are still outside kissing.  He tells Emily that he wants to drive the car through Bensonhurst.  Emily asks if his friends are still going to be there, but he tells her that most of them are in prison or dead.  He tells her he wants to know what it would feel like to drive the car home.  He tells Emily about when he was younger and used to watch the rest of the kids with their expensive cars that their daddyís bought them.  He says that his car puts it to shame.  He tells her that he built the business because he didnít want to feel that shame, but he lost 10 times more than he ever thought that he would have.  Emily gets saddened when she realizes that he lost it because of her.  Sonny assures her that he doesnít regret it because he got the car and the girl.

At the hospital, Alexis realizes that Kristina has a recital and Ric offers to go for her.  He tells him where the shoes are, the blue tutu and that he needs to take pictures.  They kiss and Ric walks away.  Alexis gets up and walks into the room after a second of hesitation.  As she walks in she asks if everything is alright, Epiphany yells at her and a girl who is supposed to be Sam gets up and asks if that is her sister.  A shocked Alexis realizes that they pulled a fast one and wants to know where he daughter is.

The doctors and nurses are pulling Sam into the Operating Room, Jason is walking next to Sam.  Patrick asks Jason if heís packing.  Jason looks at him confused.  Patrick tells him that when Alexis puts him in jail for operating on Sam, he would like to say that he put a gun to his head.  Jason tells him that if he doesnít operate on Sam, heíll shoot him.  Patrick thinks itís perfect that they are on the same page.  Patrick goes to scrub in.  Jason tells Sam that she would be laughing if she knew how many rules they had to break to get the surgery done.  Jason tells her to come back to him and heíll tell her all about it and talk her ear off.  Liz comes out.  They are ready for Sam.  She takes Sam into the Operating Room.  The doors close and Jason says that he loves her.

On the Island, they have the bounty hunters all tied up.  Robert thanks Robin for acting all crazy and nutty to allow him to free himself, but Robin assures him that she meant every word of it.  Robert tells his daughter that she has the makings of a fine agent and Robin doesnít seem too amused.  A helicopter comes aiming down towards them.  They look up wondering who is coming to rescue them.

The helicopter sends down a ladder.  A figure begins to climb down the ladder as they all look on wondering who it could be.  The figure takes off the helmet to reveal Anna.  Robin looks at her surprised.  She turns around to see Robin and they share a hug.  Robert looks at Anna in disbelief.  Robert tells Anna itís been awhile and she gives him a kick and knocks him on the ground.  The others look on in amusement.

Back in Australia, Carly and Jane are playing a family game.  Jane is surprised that Jax told Carly about the game.  Carly makes the game about her and Jax.  She tells Jane that if Jane wins, Carly will leave, but if Carly wins, Jane needs to back off.  The two go back and forth throwing simple insults at one another.  Jane thinks that Carly is a temporary distraction.  With that Carly winds up winning the game.  Jane tells Carly that she doesnít want her son to invest himself in a lying tramp like Carly.  Carly says she doesnít need her approval.  Jane faints in Carlyís arms.

Sonny and Emily begin to make out in Sonnyís new car.  Emily is taken aback by the new Sonny and wants to know what is going on with him.

At the hospital, they are operating on Sam.  Jason is looking in and heís concerned.  Patrick says that he doesnít want to repeat anything twice and Liz says that Samís holding her own.  Jason looks in worried.

Alexis comes charging up to the OR and calls Jason a bastard for going ahead and having the surgery performed anyway.  Jason grabs Alexisí arm and she tells him to get his hands off of her.  Jason tells her that itís too late Ė itís already started and theyíre almost done.

Patrick says that they need to hurry because when they get arrested it would help if the patient was alive.  Alexis tells Jason that if Sam dies, sheís going to personally see to it that Jason gets put away for murder.

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