GH Update Thursday 5/11/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/11/06



Written By Veronica
Pictures by Juanita

As the show opens, we have Robert, Luke, Lulu, Dillon and Robin watching a sleeping Holly.

Emily walks into Sonnyís house.  She runs into Max and asks him whatís wrong.  He opens the door to show Emily roses all over the living room.  Sonny walks down the stairs and smiles at Emily.  He welcomes her home.

At the hospital, Alexis is at Samís bedside.  She tells Sam that she wants her to get better so they can spend time getting to know each other.  She is distracted by Jason pacing back and forth and tells him that he looks like heís waiting for something.  He tells her that there is an operation that could save Samís life, but it needs to happen ASAP.

Patrick comes out of the elevator and walks over to Liz.  She hands Patrick the test results on Sam.  Noah walks over to Patrick and tells him that if he operates on Sam, it will kill her.

~opening credits~

Back on the Island, everyone is eating food that Robin cooked.  She gets compliments on the food and tells them that it was a snake  Ė to which Dillon starts chocking on the food.  Robin tells them that after breakfast, Luke, Robert and Holly need to turn themselves in.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Lorenzo walks over to Skye.  He tells her that he made a reservation for them to go eat.  She tells him that he might consider writing some thank you notes first.  She walks outside and Lorenzo follows to see a yard full of baby furniture.  Lorenzo tells her that he didnít buy any of the furniture and Skye shows him the card; saying that it is from the Escobar family as a tribute to the new boss.

Alexis and Jason argue over whether or not Sam should have the surgery.  Alexis says itís too dangerous, but Jason tells her that they should be trying to help her.  Alexis wants to wait it out.  Alexis questions where the information about the operation came from and Jason tells her that it came from Liz.

Emily is pleased with the roses and thinks that itís romantic, but shocked at such a gesture from Sonny.  She asks what the occasion is.  Sonny says he just wanted to surprise her and not be predictable.

Noah and Patrick argue over what is best for Sam.  Noah finds out that Liz called Patrick back to the hospital and tells her that she overstepped on that one because Samís condition is inoperable.  Liz defends herself and Patrick by telling Noah that before making that decision, Patrick should be allowed to examine her first.  Noah reams Patrick, telling him that Patrick just wants to do the surgery to redeem himself for losing a patient on the operating table last week.  He tells Patrick that if he operates, Sam will die on the table as well.  A mortified Alexis looks on.

On the Island, Lulu disagrees that they shouldnít turn them into the authorities.  Robin rationalizes that they have no reason to be on the run Ė they can clear this up.  Luke and Robert disagree with that idea.  Lulu thinks itís a bad idea.  Luke tells them that they should just go back to Port Charles because they are making it worse for them.  Lulu runs down the list of things that they used to do when they went on their adventures and implies that they are too old to do that still.

Emily and Sonny are outside, eating breakfast.  Sonny tells Emily that he made breakfast for her because she spent the entire night at the hospital and probably didnít have enough to eat.  Emily is pleased.  Sonny asks Emily what happened with Sam.  Emily tells Sonny about Samís condition.  She says that her blood pressure is stabilized, but she has other problems that they found when they did a CT Scan.  Sonny asks if she talked to Jason and she says no.  Sonny expresses a desire to help Jason and tells Emily that this is why he wanted to do these things for Emily Ė he realizes life is too short.  They kiss.  Max comes outside with more roses.

At Samís hospital room, Jason is sitting at her bedside.  Liz walks in to change the IVs.  Jason asks if Patrick is here.  She tells him yes, he is ready to operate, but Noah is halfway to convincing Alexis that the surgery is a mistake.  Jason asks her if she thinks the surgery will work and Liz assures Jason of Patrickís abilities.  Jason asks her if she would let him operate if it was up to her and she says yes.

Noah and Alexis are discussing Samís condition.  Alexis wants to know about Samís odds.  Noah tells her that with medication, they are slim, but with surgery it will be fatal.  Alexis wants to know why.  Noah gives her the low down on her condition, but Patrick walks in and tells him that his opinion is just that Ė an opinion.  Noah says that surgery on Sam would be reckless.  Jason walks in and asks him how does he know that when he hasnít let Patrick examine Sam yet.

Luke and Robert ask what they are implying.  They tell them they are too old for these types of adventures.  Luke shoots back at Lulu and she tells him to go to hell.  Holly gets mad at Luke for yelling at Lulu that way.  Robert looks up at Robin and tells her not to start with him.  Holly walks outside and goes to talk to Lulu.  She tells him sheís right, but sheís not as old as the men.  Lulu is upset because her efforts got her father mad at her, and heíll never admit that sheís right.  Holly gives Lulu advice on men and tells them that she needs to lie and never imply they are old or weak.

At the hospital, Sonny walks out of the elevator and over to Monica.  She stops Sonny from going to see Jason or Sam.  Sonny asks how Sam is doing and she tells him that Sam is in critical condition and the surgery could either kill her or save her life.  Sonny wants to know if there is anything that he can do and Monica tells him he canít buy his way out of this one Ė unless of course by helping he means giving up Emily.  Sonny defends his relationship with Emily and asks Monica why she would deny her daughter happiness.  She says because life is short and people die around him.  She doesnít want Emily to be one of them.

Skye tells Lorenzo that sending back the gifts is a sign of disrespect.  Lorenzo assures Skye that returning the furniture wonít put them in any type of danger.  Skye and Lorenzo discuss his role in the business.  Lorenzo assures Skye that his top priority is Skye and their baby.  Georgie walks in on all the baby furniture and is shocked by it all.  Georgie tells Skye she needs to have a girl talk with her.  She tells Skye about her senior prom and asks her to borrow shoes.  Skye is surprised because she wasnít aware that Dillon was back.  Georgie stuns Skye by Diego telling her that heís not Ė sheís going with him instead.  She wants to know why sheís going with someone other than her husband.

Jason is walking over to the elevator and sees Sonny.  He asks if sheís okay and he says no.  Sonny asks if itís about Sam and he says sheís alive Ė for now.  He tells Sonny about the two doctor opinions and that heís the one who has to decide and if heís wrong Sam will die.

Sonny tells Jason that he has good instincts and that he should listen to him.  Jason tells him that itís hard to sit around and not do anything Ė he needs to take action.  Sonny tells him that he shouldnít panic and that heíll make the right decision.  The elevator opens and Sonny tells him that heíll pray for Sam.  Jason thanks him.  Sonny tells him that he knows whatís itís like to watch someone they love get hurt because they were the target.  Jason walks away.

Holly and Lulu talk about Luke and come to an understanding about him and how things fell about since Laura got committed.  Lulu worries about Luke.  Holly tells her that Lulu, Robin and Dillon should go back to Port Charles and let her, Robert and Luke take care of things.  She says if they get caught, sheíll go with Robinís original plan.  Holly tells Lulu that she has her motherís looks and her fatherís personality.  Lulu asks her who she likeís better and Holly replies that a smart woman never tells.

Robin, Dillon and Georgie all prepare to head back to Port Charles.  Luke tells Dillon to call his wife to tell her heís on his way home.  Robert tells Robin that heís grateful she came and says that when he comes back to town, they should go get something to eat and talk.  A semi-enthused Robin says alright.  Lulu says by to her father and then walks away, but Luke stops her and tells her that he appreciates her.  They hug and then Lulu follows Robin and Dillon out the door.

Lorenzo tells Diego to get rid of all the furniture and send it back to Juan Escobar and tell them thanks.  Diego is surprised that they want to do business with them.  Lorenzo assures his son that there is no ďthemĒ.  Lorenzo tells Diego that the Escobars want him to take over Sonny and Jasonís territory while they are fighting.  Lorenzo doesnít want that type of life for Diego or his unborn baby.  Lorenzo says that he is finished with the business and he means it.

Georgie and Sky talk about Dillon.  She says sheís upset that Dillon didnít ask if she wanted to go.  She defends her actions to take Diego and Skye thinks that Georgie is being spiteful by taking someone Dillon hates to the prom. 

In Samís hospital room, Patrick, Liz and Alexis are around her bed.  Jason barges in and says that he wants Sam to have the surgery.  Alexis argues with Jason about the surgery.  She apologizes; saying that everyone is scared, but she believes the operation is a mistake.  Jason tells her that he has already decided.  Alexis tells him that since he told him about her being Samís mother, she wants a say in what happens to Sam.  Jason tells Alexis that the only reason that he told her was because he thought Sam was dying and it was her final wish, but as far as heís concerned, heís her family and heíll make the decision and he wants the surgery.  Alexis looks hurt and taken aback.  Jason tells Patrick that he wants to do it Ė heís ready.  Patrick tells Liz to prep her for surgery and that heís consulted Monica.  Patrick walks out.  Alexis and Jason continue to argue over the surgery and Alexis tells Jason that Patrick lost a patient and heís not thinking clearly.  Heís trying to prove something and compares this to when she loses a case in court.  Patrick comes in with the forms and says he needs a signature.  Jason hesitates for a moment and asks Patrick if he can do the surgery.  Patrick says yes and Jason signs away.  Jason assures Alexis that this is Samís best chance.

Jason looks on as Epiphany and Liz get Sam ready.  Epiphany goes to remove Samís ring and Jason stops her.  He wants to take the ring off himself.  Jason tells Sam that he didnít want her to spend her birthday this way.  He then says that the only present he can give her is to fight for her life and he tells her he loves her and heíll see her soon.  Liz stands in the corner looking sad almost.

Georgie tells Skye that being married is weird.  She tells her that the only reason they married was because they thought Dillon was dying during the epidemic.  Skye tells her that Mac and Tracy would be thrilled if they got the marriage annulled.  Georgie tells her that if theyíre going to stay together, then they might as well stay married.  Skye gives Georgie a weird look as she defends going to the prom with Diego and reminds her that he did spend time in prison.  She says that everyone deserves a second chance and Skye admits giving Lorenzo a 3rd and 4th chance.  Skye tells her that going to the prom with Diego will cause more problems for her and Dillon.  Diego leaves and Georgie asks if she can borrow the shoes and questions how Diego got the money to pay for the prom.

On the Island, Luke figures that his pilot should be back soon and Holly reminds him that the plane can only carry one person and it will be her.  Luke suggests tossing a coin.  The kids come back in because there is a hungry looking jaguar outside.  Luke and Robert leave to take care of that nasty old kitty. 

Emily hears a noise and walks over to Max to ask what that noise is.  Max tells her that he better see for himself and they walk outside.  Milo is outside staring at Sonny driving a car.  Emily laughs at the fact that Sonny is driving a car because he doesnít drive.

Luke and Robert come back from beating that jaguar.  They walk back into the villa to see the bounty hunters with the rest of the group.  ďHands up suckersĒ

Skye gives Georgie the shoes for the prom.  She tells Skye that Diego has been working at Kellyís.  She assures Skye that she will be careful and has no plans to cheat on Dillon.  She thanks her for the shoes and walks out.

Lorenzo tells Skye that the furniture has been taken care of.  Skye cues Lorenzo in on Georgieís situation.  Skye tells Lorenzo the best gift for their baby is to stay single.  Diego tells the Escobars that his father cannot accept their gifts.  He tells Diego that he looks bright and that they may have a job for him since itís a pity that his father doesnít realize it.

Sonny sends Max and Milo away.  Emily wonders why Sonny bought a car.  She says he has a full time driver, she didnít think heíd want to drive.  Sonny tells her that he hasnít since Lilyís death.  He says he doesnít have to worry about car bombs since Jason took his business.  He feels bad for Jason living in hell with Sam, but heís going to live his life.

With that, the ending montage to the song ďBreatheĒÖ

Sam is being wheeled away to the operating room.  Jason looks on from the hospital room worried.  Noah looks on as Patrick takes off the bandage to prepare for surgery.  As Epiphany is prepping Sam for surgery, Sam is lying face down on the table.  Jason stares at the ring.  Patrick and Liz are getting ready for the surgery in the washroom.  Alexis comes out of the elevator and struts through the halls of the hospital.  Jason is standing in Samís room with his back up against the wall; worried.  Patrick enters the room and prepares to start the surgery.  Alexis enters the room and Liz tells her that she canít be in there.  Alexis informs them that she has a court injunction forbidding them to operate on her daughter.  The show ends with a close up on Samís faceÖ.

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