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General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/10/06



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Lulu, Dillon, Robin and Patrick all wake up in close quarters with Holly, Robert and Luke. Robin awakens believing she is sleeping next to Patrick. But she is startled to see that Holly is between her and Patrick. Luke is on the phone while Robert is passed out on the bed. Luke then awakens Robert by banging upon a safe. They both know that there is something inside it and he may never be able to open it.

At Kelly’s, Maxie is staring at a document that confirms that Nikolas is the biological father if baby John. Mike notices that she is a million miles away. Right then, Nikolas enter and asks her what has gotten her so distracted today. She does not know what to tell him.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee tells Alexis that they only have a limited amount of blood to give Sam. And then it’s over and she will probably die. Ric comes by and shows Alexis a get well card that Kristina made for Sam. She asks if Kristina knows the big secret. He informs her that Kristina does not know that sam is her sister. She just believes that she is the “nice lady” who helped her when she was sick. Alexis then remarks that by the time Kristina finds out that Sam is her half sister, Sam will already be dead. Surprisingly, however, when Elizabeth goes to check on Sam, she discovers that Sam’s bp is stabilizing and she might pull through after all. Jason is there and very surprised.

At the house on the Markham islands, Robin seems to be pretty perturbed to notice that Holly has fallen asleep on top of Patrick. She tells Holly that she has to stop all of her drama. She is the very reason why they are all trapped inside this place. Patrick does not seem to be as worried as she is. She then asks if she is the only person who can see this woman for whom she really us. Lulu then responds that that is not the case. She knows that this woman also wants to manipulate her father. Luke and Robert both seem to be amused and not worried. They then tell the four young people that it’s time for them to all run off. Robin and Lulu ask why they intend to get rid of them. But right then, it looks like Luke has dropped a diamond bracelet on the ground. And Dillon picks it up and notices it.

Maxie and Nikolas are at Kelly’s together. She talks about how she’s studying, realizing she is not great at history. She wants to make it look like that is what is on her mind. In their conversation, they seem to enjoy being together. Right then, Georgie enters and tells her sister that she has an emergency. She needs a prom dress. Maxie tells her sister that she has lost her by asking that. Why would she want to go to a prom with Dillon? Didn’t they just get into a big argument? Georgie then explains to Maxie that she is not going to the prom with Dillon. She realizes Dillon is out of the country. She is going with Diego.

Meanwhile, Diego is in the bar talking to Coleman about how he’s going to find a limo to take his date to the prom. Coleman tells him he can find him a commercial BMW Coleman warns him that he has to be careful or he will regret it. Diego tells Coleman he can relax. He knows how to make himself invisible around cops. Right then, Lucky and his detective partner walk in and seem to know what Diego is up to.

Alexis tells Ric that she realizes that she and Jason have a common cause. He tells her she must be strong for Sam. She tells him she knows what Sam needs is blood. And there is none that can save her. But right then, Elizabeth comes in and informs them that she believes that Sam has unexpectedly turned a corner. They go into her room, Dr. Lee rushes in. Alexis asks Jason what has happened. He informs them that Sam’s blood pressures has unexpectedly stabilized and she will very possibly be ok. Dr. Lee then comes out and for the first time smiles as she tells them she believes that Sam will come through. She tells them Sam will wake up soon and Jason may go back in and be with her. He goes in and asks her if she can hear him. She is still unconscious.

Holly explains that the mysterious diamond bracelet was a gift from her deceased husband. Lulu and Robin see her as a gold-digging woman who uses men for sex and money. But all of the guys seem enamored by her. Robert and Luke tell her they cannot hand over her jewels unless she gives them a part of the money she is going to get out of this con.

Maxie tells Georgie that she believes she’s making a big mistake going to the prom with Diego. It’s a terrible insult to Dillon. Georgie tells Maxie that Dillon has really crossed the line with her. He’s gone half way across the world to play Mission Impossible. There’s no reason for him to be going with Lulu to find grown, middle aged people who choose to have foolish lifestyles. She also seems to be concerned that Dillon and Lulu seem to be getting unusually friendly to each other.

Lucky approaches Diego and asks him what he is doing. He tells him that he is staying out of trouble and doing what his parole officer expects. Lucky resumes the conversation with the PI that he’s asked to find out for him whether Elizabeth is cheating on him. And it looks like she is.

Jason is talking to Sam who is still unconscious. Alexis asks Dr. Lee why Sam has not yet woken up. Dr. Lee says it’s hard to say. And maybe Alexis should go in and see her. She goes in and tells Sam she must wake up. The two of them have a lot to talk about, she tells her.

Dr. Lee tells Elizabeth she must find Patrick. Elizabeth informs her that he’s out of the country. She tells her, in that case, she must find Noah. ASAP. Jason then looks out the window and wonders what is up.

Holly tells the guys she demands that they turn over her property immediately. Robin then tells them there is a reality check. If they don’t get out of there and back to civilization soon, it will not matter what anybody does with that thing. Not far away, they can hear people outside. Luke asks if Robert has seen cops outside the house. He tells him worse. It looks like bounty hunters.

Diego looks to be attempting to illegally enter a car. A guy comes and asks him what he is doing. He tells him that he’s been a little distracted and locked his keys in his car. He’s going to take his girlfriend to the prom. The guy remarks that he looks a little old to be in high school. He confirms that he is not in high school. He’s just taking his girlfriend to the prom. The guy then wishes him luck with the car and with the girl and he leaves. Right then, Diego successfully gets inside the car, fires it up and drives away.

Nikolas walks into the bar to see Lucky talking to his PI friend and asks him why he’s running around so soon after he’s been released from the hospital. Lucky tells Nikolas he really needs to stop being so concerned about him. Nikolas tells Lucky he knows there must be some reason why he’s out and about, hobbling around on a cane and meeting with a PI. Lucky admits to his brother that he is suspicious that Elizabeth is having a thing with Dr. Patrick Drake. Nikolas tells Lucky he thought he’d resolved that. Lucky admits that he has reason for his suspicion. He needs to find out what is up. And he will need Nikolas’s help to do that.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee informs Alexis and Jason that Sam has developed another serious condition and she cannot speculate what her outlook is.

The bounty hunters enter with their shot guns. Robin and Patrick snuggle up and sound like they are just there for one reason. Dillon and Lulu do the same. And it looks to them as though they would be wasting their time looking around because they will not find anything.

Mac Scorpio enters Kelly’s and notices Maxie and Lucas. He makes a comment about not recognizing Lucas because he has not seen him for so long. He also tells Maxie that he is worried about her. He knows that losing Jesse was a devastating blow for her. But he’s concerned that she has something else going on with her. Maxie tells her dad she is fine. It is now Georgie who is the problem child. She is having serious problems with Dillon and another problem involving another individual.Lucas goes and talks to Mike about how his mother is dealing with finding out he’s gay. Right then, Guy enters. And Lucas gets up the courage to ask him to the PC high prom. Guy then tells him he needs to get this straight. Lucas actually wants to come out of the closet and ask a guy out on a date and be seen out in public by everybody he knows. Lucas then tells Guy that a simple yes or no will suffice. Guy then responds that he would love to go to the prom with him.

Dr. Lee tells Elizabeth that Sam now has cerebral edema. And it’s not likely that there is much they can do. Right then , the mayor etners and tells them he needs to find Sam McCall’s room. He cannot wait. Not far behind him, Jason’s computer guy who investigates everything for him is there. It looks like Epiphany knows him. And he reveals that she is his mother. Elizabeth is a little surprised to find that out.

Dr. Lee tells Alexis and Jason that Sam has a potentially fatal condition. It won’t cause her any pain. But if their plan to treat her will not work, it will cause brain death. The mayor comes and tells Alexis that her first priority is being district attorney.

Nikolas asks Lucky if he has ever seen Elizabeth and Patrick in a “compromising situation”. Lucky tells him he wants to find out if it is happening behind his back. He then asks his brother if he can hear himself. He tells Lucky that if he has suspicions, he needs to address them, directly to Elizabeth instead of resorting to these drastic measures. Lucky then tells his brother that he so hopes that he will not have anything to suspect. And he asks Nikolas if he will help him. Nikolas tells his brother he will.

Epiphany informs Elizabeth that being that guy’s mother has been a major challenge for her. He was such an over achiever. So independent and ambitious. And then, what does he do? He throws it all away to go and work for Sonny Corinthos. Elizabeth tells her that she knows Sonny and Jason. Ephiphany then tells Elizabeth she has no personal conflict with Mr. Corinthos or Mr. Morgan. She gets along with them. But she is concerned about her son (Sanford? Stanford?). He could be something very prestigious. A CEO, a computer wizard, Bill Gates. But he has to put himself in danger working for Sonny and Jason.

Patrick and Robin are huddled together when he gets a call from Elizabeth. He tells her he’s busy and she must call back. But she tells him it’s an emergency. Sam McCall has a fatal condition. He must come back and save her. She tells him she will do whatever she has to do if he does. When she gets off the phone, she reveals to Ephiphany how “in awe” of Patrick she is. And Lucky is, once again, overhearing his wife’s “interest” in Patrick.

The mayor tells Alexis that he has recommended her as the top candidate for the job. And she cannot make a liar out of him.

Jason’s computer guy, investigator (Epiphany’s son) informs him that he may have reason to suspect Lorenzo Alcazar.

The mayor privately tells Alexis that if she could use her new found “access” to her daughter in order to find a way to put her fiancé away, she could own this town. She looks at him not knowing out to respond. And from outside the door, Jason overhears them.

Patrick decides he must get back to Port Charles and save Sam. He kisses Robin good bye.

Edward Quartermaine goes into Kelly’s to find Mac. He informs him that he’s had to walk because his car has just been stolen. He tells him that this town is crawling with murderers and thieves and criminals. And he asks Mac what he intends to do about it.

Right then, Diego finds Georgie, shows her his new car and tells her that he did not let his father buy it for him. He got some extra work.

Alexis tells Jason she must go home and check on her girls. She then asks Dr. Lee how she’s going to treat Sam’s condition. Dr. Lee tells her the only way is with medication. There is no surgery that will work without causing her to bleed to death. Elizabeth tells them that Dr. Drake is ready to come back and she believes that he can save Sam’s life. Alexis looks through the window at her daughter, speechlessly

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