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Lulu and Dillon go to find Luke and Holly and catch them in a private moment while Holly is in the bathtub. Lulu is freaked to walk in on an “intimate” moment between her father and a woman. Noticing his daughter, Luke, however, sounds very “nonchalant” to be seen by her and demands that she gets outside and waits for him because he’s busy.

Right after Lucky gets home and is looking for his prescription, and Elizabeth has assured him that she is committed to him and he has nothing to suspect, he notices a note that has an address on Bristol St. and a meeting of 8 pm

While everybody is dealing with the fate of Sam’s life, Alexis tells Dr. Lee that she will not accept that Sam is terminal. She has to do something. Dr. Lee argues. But then Jason comes out and tells her that Alexis is right. They must save Sam

Lucky takes his medication and asks Elizabeth what Dr. Patrick Drake has told her about the pain management. He tells her he hopes it will work. She tells him if he needs to discuss it with Dr. Drake, he needs to make an appointment when Patrick gets back. He asks her where Patrick has gone. She informs him that he’s gone with Robin, Lulu and Dillon to the Markham islands to find Luke, Robert and Holly.

Luke and Holly discover Lulu, Dillon Patrick and Robin. Right then, Robert comes and notices his daughter and Dr. Drake and asks what they are doing there. Right away, it looks like Patrick is “taking a liking” to Holly. Robert appears jealous.

At the hospital, the insensitive bureaucratic woman tells Alan that since Sam is going to die anyway, the blood that is being used for her transfusion is wasted. And although she knows that Sam is his son’s fiancée, he must make a decision. Monica then comes out and tells her husband that it’s despicable for him to want to throw away Sam’s life because of “hospital policy”

After Sonny has dropped the bombshell upon Ric that Sam is Alexis’ daughter, Ric is not happy. He now knows he has a stepdaughter who hates his guts and hates her own mother. That also makes Sam a Cassadine as well as Kristina’s half sister. Not to mention the fact that Sonny slept with both a mother and a daughter and got them both pregnant. Sonny tells Ric that he need not worry about any of that. The doctors say that Sam is getting weaker is will die soon.

At the hospital, Alexis and Jason tell the doctors that they better not give up on Sam. They go into her room and notice she is unconscious. Alexis remarks that she looks pail. Jason reminds her that Sam is a fighter. She is relentless. She fought for him when he was near to death. Now it’s his turn to fight for her. Alexis tells Jason that she knows that Sam believes he’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. And maybe now she can understand why. He does love Sam.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Jason she knows that Sam and her unborn baby saved Kristina’s life. And the reason she gave Sam up when she was born was not because she did not love her. It was because she had no choice. They then go out and tell Alan Quartermaine that if they put hospital policy before Sam’s life, they will be sorry. Alexis blurts out to Alan that she will fight for her daughter. And he is very surprised to find that out for the first time that she is Alexis’ daughter. In the middle of the argument, Emily and Monica come out and inform them that they have an idea.

After Lucky finds out that his sister, Dillon, Robin and Patrick are out to find his father in the Markham islands he tells Elizabeth that he thinks that is absurd. He wonders why the four of them would do that. Lulu is just a kid and should not be taking care of her father. So is Dillon. Robin has no survival skills. And he hasn’t a clue what Patrick is doing there. Is he just there in order to impress somebody? Right then, Elizabeth gets a phone call from Emily who remembers that she has O NEG blood type and asks her if she can donate blood to Sam.

Maxie runs into Lucas at the hospital. She tells him she feels as though Jesse was cheated out of his life. And she wants somebody to pay. Right then, she puts a big manila envelope in a slot. It looks suspicious. She leaves and Lucas observes it.

At the hospital, Nikolas gets off the elevator and Alexis tells her nephew that she knows it will be a big shock to him. But he needs to know right away that the daughter she gave birth to, gave up for adoption and whom she thought died in a care accident long ago is not dead. She is Sam. Nikolas knows his aunt is in shock. He has difficulty processing this. But he holds her and tells her that he will help her find a way to save his cousin.

Back at Kelly’s without Dillon, Georgie is not able to concentrate on her job waiting tables. Diego seems to be supportive of her however.

Robin tells her father, Luke and Holly that they must listen to themselves and realize that they are stranded somewhere without the things they need. They protest that they are fine. But the two men notice that Holly and Patrick seem to be off alone and distracted. Luke then tells the four “visitors” that they better get back on a plane, return home and tell everybody that they never found them. Lulu reminds her father that that is his specialty. He then tells them they may tell people whatever they want, but they must leave.

Emily goes to see Sonny and tells him she has an idea to go on a blood drive for Sam. He tells her that he will help. But if it fails, then she and Alexis and Jason must know that they did everything they could to save Sam.

After finding out for the first time that his aunt is Sam’s mother, Nikolas confronts Jason. He tells him he’s pretty certain that he’s known all this while and has consciously prevented Alexis from knowing her daughter. And now it may all be too late if Sam is going to die. Jason informs Nikolas that it was all Sam’s decision and he simply respected the choice she made. Nikolas tells Jason that he believes that was just “passive aggressive” behavior. He asks Jason what is up with him. Is it because he does not have his own family that he has to take away everybody else’s? He had to take Michael away from AJ. Now he has to take Sam away from Alexis. Just what is his problem? Jason walks away and Nikolas notices Maxie has overheard their conversation. He asks her if she thinks he’s out of line. She tells him no. She just notices he is very upset.

Alexis goes and talks to unconscious Sam about what it was like to give birth to her and have to give her up. She was so afraid of her father she had no choice but to give her up and give up on school. For many years thereafter, she thought about her little girl. She thought about birthday parties and a future for her with her adoptive family. She saw her daughter as somebody who was happy and confident and believed she must have had a much better life than what Alexis could have given her. And when she convinced herself of that, she was able to go back to school. She buried herself in work and hid the empty void she always had for the loss of her daughter. She then tells Sam that she realizes she has no right to ask her for anything. But she must do so anyway.

Georgie tells Diego that she wants to go to a concert. But Dillon cannot be there with her. She has two tickets. She’s worked hard for them. He tells her she must still go. Right then, she asks him if he will go with her.

Lulu tells Luke, Robert and Holly that the four of them came all this way in order to save their sorry butts. Luke tells them they just cannot mind their own business. Robert asks his daughter and Patrick if they do not have any organs to surgically remove and install. Luke asks his daughter and Dillon if they do not have teenage hobbies. Lulu then tells her father that she must have forgotten. She is Luke Spencer’s daughter. She is supposed to turn off her feelings about whether her father escapes to the other side of the world and puts himself in danger. But she tells him she cannot do that. He is her father. She loves him. She does not care if he cramps his style. SO he must just get over it.

Alexis concludes that her father lied to her and falsified a death certificate so that if she were ever to go looking for her daughter, she’d believe she died and give up on her. She asks her husband how her father could have ever done anything like that. Right then, Sonny enters and tells them that he is there to help.

Jason overhears Dr. Lee and Elizabeth talking about what to do in order to help Sam. Elizabeth asks what she can do. Dr. Lee tells her if the family asks, she should not lie but also should not give them any false hope. Dr. Lee leaves and Jason approaches Elizabeth, knows she’s just donated blood and thanks her for that.

Nikolas tells Maxie that he feels so much emptiness to have found out that John is not his child. She tells him she knows that emptiness like that does not go away. He tells her he is devastated to have lost the baby he’d hoped was his. She tells him if he ever needs to talk, he has her. She leaves and Emily appears. Nikolas asks her if Jason is still giving her grief about her decision to be with Sonny. He tells her although he does not personally approve of that, he supports her decision to do what she chooses. Life is too short to hold grudges.

At the island, it looks like Dillon and Lulu are getting closer.

Lucky goes and finds a detective and tells him he’d like him to find something out for him. He suspects that his wife is having an affair. He thinks it’s Dr. Patrick Drake. He’s seen them together too many times at the hospital. She’s always leaving, not having time for him and not telling him where she goes. He tells him he’d like proof and gives him the Bristol St. address. The detective takes the slip of paper but asks Lucky if he’s sure he want to be told what the detective has found out.

Ric finds Alexis and tells her he is there for her while she focuses on her daughter getting better. Right then, the mayor comes and tells Alexis he’s been looking all over to find her. Has she forgotten that they have a very important meeting today? He’s about to introduce her as the new interim district attorney. Alexis is no longer consumed by the “ambition” she expressed to him before finding out the news about Sam.

Jason tells unconscious Sam that maybe he only wants her to have the transfusions because he does not want to ever let go or say goodbye. He kisses her on the forehead.

In the hospital, Maxie finds Monica and tells her she’s found some interoffice mail with Robin’s name on it and it looks to have been misrouted. Monica laughs and tells her things like that happen all the time and she should just send it back. Monica walks away but Maxie is still freaked by what she sees on the envelope. Right then, Nikolas enters. She seems to not know whether to tell him something. Could it be the paternity test of baby John?

Alone at the house in the Markham islands, Luke and Robert drink. Robert tells Luke he will never forget the day when he met this compelling captivating 7 year old who turned out to be his daughter. He says he always swore that he’d stay dead just to protect his daughter. But he’s now wondering if he just did that in order to avoid responsibility. Luke tells him that he always saw Lulu as Laura’s project. He only took her ice fishing. Robert asks how two people like the two of them can have children who actually expect something from them. He tells Luke he can deal with all kinds of death defying situations. But the look he sees in his daughter’s eyes when he knows he’s failed her is too much. Luke tells Robert that his daughter has never thought he was gone for good. He’s just spent her entire life leaving and coming back and breaking her heart a little bit more each time. Robert tells Luke at least his kid loves him. That does not, however, look like a positive thing for either of them to realize.

At the hospital, Ric tells the mayor that his wife has a very important family crises. And if he pressures her to go to this meeting without regard to that, it could ruin his election. The mayor leaves and Alexis thanks her husband.

Mike goes to see Sonny and informs him that after what has happened, Jason needs Sonny. He asks his son to try not to let him down. Sonny goes and looks at Jason and Sam through the window.

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