GH Update Monday 5/8/06

General Hospital Update Monday 5/8/06



Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Robert prepare a bath for Holly in a place they found to stay in. They also want to bathe. But are they more interested in watching her in the tub?

Sonny tells Carly that he does not want the kids to get in the middle of the fight with himself and Jason. And he’s glad that she feels the same way. She confirms that is true. Her dad’s death taught her a valuable lesson. Sonny tells her that although he didn’t have much use for John Durant, he is sorry for the loss of her father. She then tells him that she does not want to prevent the boys from having a father. She tells him that their marriage is over. But she won’t keep him away from his children.

At the hospital, Monica informs Emily that they are doing everything they can to keep Sam alive. But her blood is not clotting and her pressure is dropping.

Right then, Jason knows he has to do something when Sam may not have much time left. As she’s asked him to do for her final wish, he goes and finds Alexis. And he drops the bombshell upon her that Sam is her daughter. Hearing that, Alexis tells Jason there’s no way that could be. Her daughter is dead.

Jax, Michael and Morgan are ready to take little John home. But Michael reminds him that maybe they should wait for his mom. Knowing that Carly has some processing to do in regard to her dead father and is not certain what to tell the boys about their grandfather, Jax knows what he has to do without her. Right then, Nikolas appears and notices they are taking the baby away. Still nobody knows, except Jax, that Nikolas is the baby’s real father.

Patrick, Robin, Lulu and Dillon are on a plane together. They are going to look for Robert, Luke and Holly. Patrick tells Robin he will assist her if her dad needs surgery. But he’s not going to make efforts to help some super spy.

While Holly is in the bathtub, the two men argue.

Carly tells Sonny that before he was the father of her children and before he was the man she loved, he was Jason’s best friend. Jason had faith and loyalty toward him. And now he’s betrayed Jason and does not deserve that faith and loyalty. Sonny then reminds her that he, alone, was with her when she had a nervous breakdown. Hearing that, she tells him that maybe he was just doing that with ulterior motives. She tells him that it does not matter when he can turn on Jason. The three of them used to be together. He tells her the reason he no longer cares about Jason is because Jason has broken their bond. She tells Sonny no. It was he(Sonny) who broke it and turned on Jason because he is selfish and wants everything his way.

Alexis tells Jason that she knows that her daughter died when she was very young. She saw the death certificate. Jason informs her that he happens to know that she gave birth on the very same day Sam was born. He and Sam went and investigated it at the Belmont Clinic. They know when and where Alexis gave birth to Sam. She says she does not believe that. He tells her if she cannot believe it, then she needs to go and get a DNA test ASAP. Sam is her daughter. She is dying. And she needs her mother.

Luke goes off and Holly asks Robert where he went. He tells her that Luke will probably be back soon. As soon as she’s ready to get out of the tub, he will probably come by to pat her dry. He asks her if she wants to put that little theory to the test. Holly then calls to Luke, telling him that she’s ready to get out of the tub. And Luke comes right away. Robert then confirms to Holly that Luke Spencer has three priorities in his life; money, booze and women. Luke tells Robert that he cannot even go and take a little strol without getting the third degree. And he affirms that he has as much right to the money as the other two do. Holly reminds them that this is her dead husband’s money.

At the hospital, Lucky tells Nikolas that Elizabeth is not spending very much time with him. But she has plenty of time to spend with Patrick Drake. Nikolas tells his brother that he must realize that his wife is busy with her work and with her baby. And if he does not trust her, he needs to talk to her instead of talking about her behind her back.

Jason tells Alexis she must remember that nobody was a match for Kristina’s bone marrow except for Sam’s baby. She saved Kristina’s life when nobody else could. Why would that be? She still says she cannot believe that. He then tells her that it’s impossible for somebody to falsify information in an adoption file for a baby that did not live. Again, Alexis cannot grasp the concept that all along, she’s overlooked her daughter and she is Sam. Jason, again, tells her that Sam is running out of time and she needs Alexis.

Sam tells Monica and Emily that if anything happens to her, they must stay close to Jason. Right then, she slips into unconsciousness. Her machine beeps and Monica lets the others know that she needs a transfusion. She urges Sam to hang on and stay awake.. But she’s out.

Holly gets into a dress that Robert likes. They talk about whether they should revisit their old memories. But at that moment, they are interrupted by Luke who asks them what happens when somebody finds the combination to a lock. He asks if something “pings” or “bings”. She answers back to him then resumes her “interaction” with Robert. Luke then asks her if it’s a 5 digit code. She attempts to answer. But Robert tells her this is exactly what Luke wants. He wants to distract her and get her attention. Luke then gets Robert to help him so that he will go away and let Luke be alone with Holly.

Emily informs Sonny that she was in the hospital visiting Sam. The doctors don’t think she will live much longer. She also informs him that Jason had to run an errand and she and Monica stayed with Sam. Sonny reminds Emily that Jason is going to need her after what happened to Sam. He also acknowledges that Sam is a good person and does not deserve any of this. He tells Emily that he wishes he could be with Jason through this. Emily then says to Sonny why doesn’t he do that.

Ric calls Alexis after he cannot find her at her office. He leaves a message telling her that he’s worried about her after she was talking to Jason. The secretary then informs Ric that Alexis and Jason went somewhere together. They were in a hurry and Alexis seemed upset.

Alexis accompanies Jason to see Sam at the hospital. She goes in and notices Sam is currently unconscious. Outside Sam’s room, Monica asks Jason what Alexis is doing there. She also informs her son that since Sam does not have much time left, she knows Sam would want to spend it with him, not Alexis. At that point, Jason drops the bombshell upon Monica that Alexis is Sam’s mother. Monica is shocked. Alexis watches Sam while she drifts in and out of consciousness. Sam opens up her eyes and says mom. Alexis then informs Sam that Jason has told her the whole thing. She also tells Sam she wishes she could tell her the magic words that could make everything better. But she does not know what they are. She tells Sam that she wants her to know that she is there and she’s not going anywhere this time. Sam cries and thanks her. Alexis touches Sam’s hair and looks at her in a motherly way.

Sonny tells Emily that he’s very worried about Jason. If Sam dies, Jason will shut down. He has the business. He will never give it back to Sonny. And he will never accept Sonny being with Emily. Emily then tells him that unfortunately, she can see that there is no middle ground for him and Jason in this situation. He tells her that he knows what Jason is facing. To watch someone you love die because of you. Sonny appears very emotional remembering his own experience. He then takes Emily’s hand and looks at her and tells her he could not bear to lose her. She tells him one thing she’s learned is that life and love are precious. And you have to hold onto whatever you got. He tells her that is what he intends to do. And he holds her.

Carly goes to see Jax. He’s been keeping her sons at his house. They don’t have much of a choice after what happened so near to Carly’s house at Jax’s prospective house, and the fact that Carly is not letting them stay at Sonny’s. Jax informs Carly that he and Michael have been taking care of baby John. He also assumes that she and Sonny will be having a custody battle. She then informs him that there will be no custody battle between herself and Sonny. They have problems. They are divorcing. But she’s not going to keep her kids away from their father. It wouldn’t be right. Hearing that, Jax asks her if it’s “right” for him to be keeping his son away from his father. Carly then concludes to Jax that they have some things to talk about.

When Alexis is with Sam, Jason returns. Sam thanks him for bringing Alexis there. He tells her he’s happy for her to have found her mother. She cries and tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too and always will.

Nikolas helps Lucky get home to Elizabeth and Cameron. He is still in pain. He holds Cameron. And he apologizes to Elizabeth for this mess. She tells him she’s so happy that they are all back together again. When she leaves and Lucky is alone with Nikolas, he admits to his brother that he rests his case. He was a fool to have ever doubted Elizabeth. She is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Carly justifies to Jax that Michael and Morgan are old enough to be damaged if they were taken from their father. They have developed a relationship with him and cannot be separated from him. But little John is a tiny baby and won’t have any memory of Nikolas. He then concludes that maybe he will wait until John is 18 before telling him who his biological father is. And he tells her if John is going to be staying with him, maybe he should take him to meet his grandmother.

Dr. Lee informs Alexis that Sam was shot. And she is bleeding to death. They keep giving her medication. But no matter what they do, they cannot save her. She informs Alexis that her daughter is dying. Alexis won’t accept that and tells Dr. Lee that they must do something in order to save her. She goes back into Sam’s room and asks Jason if she can sit with her daughter. He tells her that Sam has fallen asleep again. She tells him that she’s convinced Dr. Lee to give her more transfusions and she’d like to wake Sam up in order to tell her. She attempts to awaken Sam but Sam is out again. Alexis urges Sam to wake up but she won’t.

Carly tells Jax that she has nothing to do or plan in the way of her father. He did not ask for any funeral arrangements, which kind of surprises her, since Durant was such a “glory hound”. Jax admits to her that maybe Durant assumed that nobody would come and that was the way he wanted it. He also tells her that he can arrange for them to go to Australia together. That way, they can get away from everything. Carly tells Jax she thinks that’s great and she will go and make arrangements. Jax then tells baby John that they are going to go to Australia and he will meet his grandma Jane.

Robin, Patrick, Dillon and Lulu arrive at the island looking for Luke, Robert and Holly. Right away, they know they’ve come to the right place when they hear Luke and Holly talking. IT seems as though Luke and Holly can hear them outside the door of the house they are staying in.

Lucky is in pain and asks Elizabeth where she put his prescription. She tells him she has it and also informs him that Dr. Drake changes his dosage. Lucky then looks for it and finds an incriminating note. It looks like his suspicion might be true.

Ric goes and finds Sonny and informs him that he has not been able to find Alexis. He last heard that she went somewhere with Jason. She has not answered her cell phone all this while. He’s afraid that maybe Jason has taken Alexis somewhere. Hearing that, Sonny does not seem worried and seems to know exactly why Alexis and Jason are together and why Ric cannot find his wife. Sonny tells Ric this must be in regard to Sam. Ric, who still has no clue that Alexis is Sam’s mother, asks Sonny what Sam would have to do with Jason and Alexis going somewhere together. Sonny then drops the bombshell upon Ric that Alexis is Sam’s mother.

In the hospital, Alexis demands that the doctors stop making any more excuses not to save Sam. She tells them they better keep her daughter alive. She won’t accept any more excuses. She then goes into Sam’s room and breaks down crying when she notices that her daughter is in serious condition. Jason notices her and seems like he might be changing his attitude about her.

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