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General Hospital Update Friday 5/5/06


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Luke and Robert wake up in the sleeping bag together from the night before. Holly walks over to them and hands Luke a piece of paper. Opening up the piece of paper, it reveals that Holly, Luke and Robert are all wanted.

In the hospital, Jax walks out of the elevator and over to Dr. Meadows, who reveals that she is retiring and that she is cleaning out her office. She offers her condolences for Courtenys death and brings up the matter of Baby John's paternity. As Carly walks over to them, Dr. Meadows asks Jax why he bribed her to fake a paternity test if he thought the baby was his. Carly just looks on with a shocked look.

Over at Sonny's, Emily is hanging over the stairs with a hangover. Sonny holds up a glass for her, offering her a remedy for her tequila hangover. While at the hospital, Kelly and Liz are also dealing with their own hangovers from the night before. Liz has "tequila oozing out of her pores" and offers Kelly some coffee to help her. Kelly tells Liz that coffee won't help her with the fact that she must tell Sam's fiance that her blood counts haven't changed, she is dying. In Sam's hospital room, Jason is standing vigil. Dr. Lee walks over towards Sam and Jason asks her how she is doing. She tells Jason that Sam is not getting any better.

Back on the Island, Holly informs Luke and Robert she got the paper back in the Village while looking for coffee. Realizing that there is a bounty on all three of their heads, Luke tells Holly, they should turn Robert in; rationalizing that Scorpio is a "terroist" and that if they turn them in, they can split the bounty and maybe get a metal. Robert tells Luke that what him and Holly did is much worse and that the police will realize it. He reminds Luke about the chimpanze and the virus. Then turns it on Luke and tells Holly they can turn him in and split that bounty. Luke doesn't like that fact because then Holly would wind up with Robert.

In the hospital, Jax lies to Dr. Meadows telling her that he really is John's father and that he wanted her to fake the test to protect John from the Cassadines. Dr. Meadows appears to be happy for Jax and walks away. Jax does the same and walks over to Carly, asking what she is doing there. Carly tells Jax that she needs to tell Bobbie about her father, John Durant's, death because the Mayor's office wants to keep it quiet. Over at the Nurses station, Dr. Meadows hands Ephiphany her "last official act as doctor": an order for a paternity test on Baby John. As Dr. Meadows walks away, Carly tells Jax that she slept at Jason's and shares some not so great memories of her father. As Jax and Carly are discussing Michael and Morgan in regards to them knowing their grandfather, Ric comes by and suggests that Carly let him take the boys back to their fathers.

Sonny hands Emily the glass, as she begins to drink it, he tells her that after she's done drinking it, they can go have sex like Emily wanted to the night before. To that, Emily spits up the drink. Sonny reminds Emily of what she told him and uses the same vocabulary, taking Emily off guard; looking very appauled. Sonny plays with Emily as she gets embarassed.

At the District Attorney's office, Alexis expresses frustration at Durants no show at a meeting. Mayor Floyd arrives at the office and advises Alexis that Durant will no longer be a problem. Mayor Floyd tells Alexis that Durant was murdered because of Organized Crime and offers Alexis the job of interim District Attorney. Alexis is shocked and Mayor Floyd informs her that Durant choose Alexis in case a situation such as this arose.

At Sam's room, Jason asks Dr. Lee if Sam is getting any better. Dr. Lee informs Jason that Sam's blood still isn't clotting properly and asks if Sam is sleeping through the night. Jason tells her that when she is awake she's very tired and when she's asleep she is restless. Dr. Lee informs Jason that Sam is getting weaker by the hour and Jason tells her to try something else. Dr. Lee says she'll order more tests and walks away as Jason walks back into the hospital room and sits down by Sam. She wakes up and asks how she's doing. Jason tells her that she is doing great. Sam smiles, but Jason just looks worried.

At the hospital, Carly gets angry at Ric for his suggestion and tells him that she will make those decisions. Ric continues to reason with Carly as Jax intervenes and tells Ric that if anyone tries to take the boys away from Carly, he'll crush them. Jax brings up Jason, which angers Ric and begins to tell Carly and Jax about Jason putting a gun to his head. Carly doesn't want to hear it and Jax dismisses Ric. Carly tells Jax she is mad at Ric and Sonny, but she's upset about her father.

Back at Sonny's, Milo brings in a greasy back and hands it to Sonny. The smell is a turnoff for Emily, but he takes out a nice greasy burger and tells Emily that it will help her hangover if she had food in her stomach. Emily doesn't want to eat the burger, but Sonny tells her to give it a try. Handing Emily the burger, Sonny tells her to "Slam it. Lick it. And Suck it" Emily's embarassment grows and Sonny says that it was cute seeing a different side of her. As Emily begins remembering that night, Emily explains why the girls were out drinking that night. As she does, she remembers that Kelly told her that Sam was dying.

Alexis is stunned that Mayor Floyd offered her the position. The Mayor explains that he doesn't want to announce Durants death without having a replacement for him in place. As Alexis begins to process the offer in her mind, the Mayor tells her that he doesn't want her to take the job because she's too soft on organized crime and because of her involvement with Sonny Corinthos. This challenges Alexis and she accepts the offer on the spot, putting Mayor Floyd in his place for his accusations. Alexis then dismisses the Mayor from her office.

Back on the Island, Holly informs Robert and Luke that she knows the area pretty well because her husband spent a lot of time on it. She then stuns the two of them by telling them that his family has a Villa on the island. Robert gets frustrated because she has a Villa, but they had to spent the night in the same sleeping bag. Holly tells them that she wanted them to feel like they were rescuing her, but she doesn't want to suffer anymore. She leaves and heads toward the Villa. Robert and Luke follow.

At the hospital, Bobbie brings Michael and Morgan to see Carly. Carly sends the boys with Jax to see Baby John so that she could be alone with Bobbie to tell her about her father. Carly tells a stunned Bobbie about the ambush. Bobbie shows concern for Carly and expresses confusion about all the shootings that have been going on. Carly tells Bobbie that the last few moments with her father were the best moments that she has shared with her father. Bobbie tells Carly that she is sorry for her.

In Sam's hospital room, a very pale and weakened Sam looks at her hand and wonders where the engagement ring went. Jason reassures her that he has it and they had to take it off before surgery. He puts the engagement ring back on her finger. Jason tells Sam that she has been very good to him for sticking by him through so much. She begins to get teary eyed as she and Jason talk about how the other has changed them for the better. Jason thanks Sam for making him a better person. He gives her a kiss as Dr. Lee and Monica exchange ominous looks about Sam's condition.

Emily tells Sonny about Sam's condition and Sonny realizes that is why Jason was so upset when he held a gun to Ric's head. Sonny doesn't tell Emily about the incident, but is upset that Sam is dying. Emily doesn't know how Jason will deal with it if Sam dies. Sonny begins to feel sorry for Jason and the hell he will go through if Sam dies. He tells Emily that Jason will always be like a brother to him as a dejected Ric listens in.

Ric knocks on Sonnys door and wants to talk to Sonny alone. Emily excuses herself to rest. Ric expresses his jealousy and anger to Sonny about defending Jason and feeling betrayed as his actual brother. The two exchange words and Ric informs Sonny that Carly plans on keeping the children away from Sonny permanently.

In Baby John's hospital room, Michael and Morgan are holding John as Carly and Jax watch. Jax tells her that he enjoys spending time with Carly and her children. While in the D.A.'s office, Alexis is on the phone saying that she is going to bring to justice the person who shot Durant. At that moment, Molly, Kristina and the babysitter walk into the room, informing Alexis that they were trying to get in contact with her. Kristina shows disappointment that her mommy is too busy to spend time with them. Alexis tells Kristina that nothing is more important than her girls and that she loves them.

In Sam's hospital room, Jason is holding and kissing her hand gently. Sam recalls the first time that she saw Jason. Sam tells him that she doesn't regret anything because she loves him and they're going to spend the rest of their lives together. Monica walks in and startles Jason; telling him that she needs to talk to him. Monica tells Jason that she wants to go over Sam's chart. Jason realizes that Sam is dying and Monica tells him that her blood isn't clotting and her pressure continues to drop. Jason begins to cry and asks if she will be in pain. Monica assures Jason that she will not feel pain and she will just go to sleep. He asks her how long and she tells him that the blood transfusions are helping, but it doesn't look good. Monica tells him there isn't too much time left. He tells Monica that he needs to go do something for her and asks her to stay with her and make sure she hangs on until he gets back. As he walks into Sam's room to say goodbye he tells her that he is lucky to have her as his mother. He walks back into Sam's room and tells her to hold on for him.

On the Island, the trio arrive at the Villa. Luke asks for a wine cellar. Luke says that "this calls for Waldo." Holly wonders who Waldo is. He surprises both Holly and Robert when he tells him that not only does he have a pilot waiting on standby, but also a cell phone.

Carly arrives at Sonny's house to discuss the children with him. She tells him she doesn't want the children back in his house, but Sonny tells her that he will not be kept away from his children. She informs Sonny that her father is dead.

Jason barges into the D.A's office to find Ric waiting for Alexis. Jason demands to know where Alexis is and when she is going to come back. At that point, Alexis comes in wanting to know why Jason is harassing her secretary. Jason tells her that he wants to speak with Alexis alone.

On the Island, Luke gets ahold of Waldo and tells him to hurry, but Waldo is too preoccupied with gambling to come to Luke's aid. Robert concludes that they are going to be there for awhile if Waldo bets the plane. Luke goes to look for the wine cellar and Holly says that she needs help taking a bath.

In the hospital, Jax is holding Baby John with Michael and Morgan as they bond. Jax expresses delight in being a father while a fax comes through at the hospital with the paternity test results which Dr. Meadows ordered.

Sonny and Carly talk about Durants death. Carly tells Sonny it was a setup and Sonny blames Jason for not protecting Carly, to which Carly tells Sonny that if he's concered with her safety and Jason protecting her, then how would she be protected if Sonny actually did kill Jason. The conversation leads back to the boys and Carly takes a court document out of her purse. Sonny tells Carly again that he is not going to be kept out of his children's lives because he will fight her in court for the rest of their lives if he has to. Carly compares the loss of her father to how the boys would feel if they lost Sonny and tears up the document because she doesn't want the boys to miss out on a relationship with their father.

Monica is still keeping vigil over Sam. Sam wakes up wondering where Sam is and Monica tells her that she'll be back soon. She asks Sam how she feels, to which she tells her that she feels tired. She tells her to try to stay awake and Sam asks where Jason went. Monica tells her that he said that he needs to do something for her. Sam looks pleased because Jason is always thinking of her. She begins to drift off and Monica tries to keep her awake.

Jason tells Alexis to ask Ric to leave because there isn't much time. Ric looks confused and tells Alexis that he doesn't want to leave her alone with him. Alexis assures him that she'll be okay and that he won't be able to do anything to her in the D.A's office. Ric walks away and Jason tells Alexis that Sam is dying. Alexis expresses her sympathies, but doesn't understand what that has to do with her. Jason tells her to listen because it's important to Sam that he do this. He tells Alexis that Sam is her daughter. Alexis is shocked...

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