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General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/3/06


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Holly, Luke and Robert are stuck in jail dressed as a nurse, a priest and a cop. Both men fall asleep on her shoulder. But she wakes them and they are startled to remember where they are

Carly and Jax are debating on how he can handle taking care of his baby alone. She asks him what he’s going to do when he brings him home. Who’s going to help him take care of him? He tells her he can hire a baby nurse. She tells him he should not do that. She can help him take care of the baby. She can even find him a new place to live. She’s been saving him a place that is right next door to her house for him. He asks her what about Michael and Morgan. She informs him that they are with their grandmother for the weekend. Right then, Carly gets a call from the realtor informing her that closing the deal on the new place is going to be impossible. Somebody else wants to steal the house out from under her buyer. And unknown to Carly, it looks like this realtor is working with Manny.

In the doctor’s locker room, Patrick tells Robin that the decision has been made. He’s going to perform surgery on Mrs. Dixon whether his father likes it or not. Noah then comes in tells his son that he is going to do it. He tells Patrick he knows the only reason he wants to perform the surgery is so that he could save her the way his father failed to save his mother.

Right when Sam awakens from surgery and Jason assures her she will be ok, Alexis walks into Sam’s hospital room with the cops and arrests Jason for murder. Sam sits up and tells her this is a conflict of interests. She is Sam’s mother. Right then, Alexis rushes to her daughter, tells her she loves her and she’s so happy to have found her. Right then, Sam awakens, knowing she just had a dream. Jason is with her and knows she’s been dreaming about her mother.

Outside in the waiting room, Alexis finds Nikolas and tells him that she knows he was a witness when Sam got shot. He admits that so was her husband. He tells her that from what he noticed was that Ric did not look too surprised and may have very well been behind it.

Noah tells Patrick that he believes he has some sort of mission to avenge his mother’s death by operating on Mrs. Dixon. She needs a procedure that Patrick is not qualified to do. And it won’t bring his mother back. Patrick then tells his father that he does not blame him for failing to save his mother in surgery. He blames him for how it made him become a drunk and ruin his life. He admits that he is afraid if he lets Mrs. Dixon die, he may follow in his father’s footsteps.

In the jail cell, Luke, Robert and Holly all argue about who’s fault it is for why they are all stuck there. Luke expresses his “problem” with the two of them sucking face. Robert tells him it’s obvious that he is jealous. Luke reminds Robert he is a married man and therefore not jealous. Holly then tells them both that there is only one way out of there. Bogotá.

The realtor who has Manny nearby calls Carly to meet him. He tells her that somebody is trying to steal Jax’s dream house out from under him. She tells Jax she has to get there and get the realtor to prevent that from happening. He tells her he is not the “house” kind of person. He prefers apartments. She tells him he can tell that to baby John when he gets old enough to want to play in the yard and have the life of a child.. Jax then agrees to let her look at his new house. Little do they know what is going on. Right then, the “realtor” gets off the phone and he and Manny plan to take out shot guns and murder Carly.

Luke, Robert and Holly all wonder where they should go where they will not get caught. The two men sound, to Holly, as though they know how to strategize better than she can. But she removes the top of her “habit” and looks like she’s passed out and needs medical care. A guard comes.

In the locker room, Elizabeth admits to Emily that she is really having problems with Lucky. He’s been very difficult after his injury. She also informs her that she is going to assist in surgery with Patrick on the Dixon case. She admits that she needs the experience as well as the money. And they both sound like they think Patrick is something very special. But Epiphany walks in and tells them that Dr. Drake really needs to humble himself and they are not exactly helping him do that.

Right then, Patrick, Noah and Robin go to talk to Mrs. Dixon and her son who seem very positive and looking for a positive prognosis from Patrick. He looks, however, like he does not know how to tell them what is likely to happen when she goes into surgery.

Nikolas admits to Alexis that Sonny was “conveniently” absent when Sam got shot. And it’s equally coincidental that Emily left right away, told the others she was going to the hospital. But she obviously went to be with Sonny. Alexis sounds, to her nephew, like she wants to prosecute Sonny for what happened to Sam. And he asks her if this is not a conflict of interests. She tells him that Durant did promise not to assign her to any case having to do with Sonny. But she would still like to see Sonny get what he deserves if he is responsible for an innocent young girl getting shot.

Jason is with Sam attempting to tell her what happened while she was in surgery.

Carly goes to meet the realtor in Jax’s empty new house. But she does not see him so she gets up to go. Right then, gunshot blows through the window. She ducks and crouches on the floor. But then another shot goes up through the floor from underneath.

The three people stuck in the jail cell all talk about who should operate the gun at Bogotá. They’ve tied up the guard. Robert believes he is the only one qualified. But the other two argue. He then asks the bound and gagged guard what he thinks.

Emily and Elizabeth are in the OR ready to operate on Mrs. Dixon. They talk about Patrick. Epiphany says that since this is Patrick’s opportunity to save a life, they should not expect him to be nice. Robin tells them that Dr. Drake needs to learn people skills. Right then, Patrick walks in and is ready to take over and run the show.

Alexis comes to Sam’s room to ask her and Jason what they know about the shooting. Again, Sam tells her it’s a conflict of interests. But she then realizes that Alexis is not there to arrest Jason. She wants to arrest the person who wanted to shoot him.

Shots are fired in the empty house. Carly hides and screams for help.

Luke, Robert and Holly escape from jail and keep arguing about who has the best ideas about how to get out of there. Holly admits that she does not like being in this wooded area with all the bugs. Luke finds a kit with a sleeping bag and other supplies. Holly admits she’d prefer a spa with a masseuse. Robert tells Luke he knows that he (Luke) would prefer the booze.

In Sam’s hospital room, Jason tells Alexis that Sam hemorrhaged last night, just got out of surgery and is not up to being questioned. She tells them she can come back another time. Sam tells Jason it’s ok. She can talk to Alexis. Alexis then tells Sam that it is not a conflict of interest in regard to Sonny. Although they share a child, it does not preclude her from asking questions about the shooting. She asks Sam what she noticed at the party before she got shot. Sam informs Alexis that she got a note to meet Jason on the terrace. She went out to see him and then she got shot. Alexis asks Sam if she knows of anybody who would want to shoot her. Jason then tells Alexis she must know that Sam was not the target. He was. Sam was in his arms. He spun her around. And he turned her into the line of fire. Sam tells Jason he could not have known. Hearing that, Alexis tells Sam that this is just what she was afraid of. She was afraid if Sam stayed with Jason, then she would get caught in the crossfire. And now it has happened.

In the OR, everybody is watching Patrick while he leads the surgical team on Mrs. Dixon. After very little time, they lose her. Robin tells Patrick he must know that she is gone. And he has to call it. He hesitates but then calls the time of death.

While Jax’s house is being shot at, Durant finds Carly and asks his daughter what is happening. She tells him a realtor called her to meet her there. But he never showed up. Durant informs her that somebody also told him he had to go to that house. And he concludes that some sniper is targeting them both.

In the wilderness  (jungle?) Luke, Robert and Holly are all talking about how they can camp out and take care of their needs in this primitive environment. The two men argue about who knows more about Holly and her tastes. They argue about how to build a fire. Luke tells them he’s going to sleep. Robert tells Luke that chivalry never made it into his vocabulary. They must realize it’s going to be cold. They will need blankets. Holly needs the two men to protect her. Robert decides that he has to share a sleeping blanket with Luke. Luke tells Holly that she can sleep in the middle if she wants. She tells them that nothing could compel her to sleep between the two of them.

While Carly and Durant are stuck in the house that is being shot at, she tells him she cannot make any calls. Her cell phone is dead. He tells her he bets Sonny is behind this. She informs him that shots are coming from the front and back windows. He concludes that must mean that that there are two shooters. So he tells her she must follow his lead. He instructs her to take off her coat, put it on a stick, go to the door and stay low. And on the count of three they both raise their sticks. Shots fire at both of them. And they both look scared.

After losing Mrs. Dixon, Patrick leaves. And Epiphany tells the others what they all need to do now. Robin tells Patrick that she will give Mrs. Dixon’s son the tragic news. He tells her no. He will do it.

In Sam’s room, Alexis tells her that she loves Jason. But it’s because she was with him that she got shot last night. Right then, Dr. Lee comes in and demands that Alexis gets out after Sam has just gotten out of surgery. Alexis apologizes and leaves.

Holly ends up between the two men in the sleeping bag. She cannot sleep.

Dr. Lee goes into the locker room. Elizabeth, Emily and Robin enter looking very upset and depressed. Elizabeth announces that she needs a beer. Emily says so does she. Dr. Lee says forget beer. She wants tequila. Robin says she wants shots.

Patrick relives seeing the surgeon who operated on his mother coming out and admitting that they failed to save her life. He asked him where his dad had gone. The surgeon tells him that his dad walked out of OR and did not tell anybody where he was going. Patrick now knows he must deliver the same unfortunate news to Mrs. Dixon’s son.

Jason tells Sam that Dr. Lee told him that she is hemorrhaging. But they will do everything to treat it. She tells him she can see that he is scared. But he need not be. She knows she can beat this. And they can have their whole lives together. He tells her she cannot let Alexis get to her. She tells him that she almost told Alexis that she is her mother just like she did in her dream.

While Carly and Durant are stuck in the house being shot at, he admits to his daughter that he can see in her the very strong survival instincts that he sees in himself. She reminds him of many heroic family members who went to war. He tells her that he knows that they can find a way to ambush the shooters. He then tells her he has to go and find a pipe or something. And he asks her not to move. He gets up. And the shooter hits him and he falls to the floor.

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