GH Update Tuesday 5/2/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/2/06


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Luke finds Holly at her hotel room and tells her that she did not give him back the money she stole from him. She pretests that a girl has to live. Right then, Robert comes in and holds a gun on both of them. Luke argues that he should shoot only her. She has a bigger bounty on her head than Luke does. She reminds Robert that Luke was going to get Robert in big trouble. He should shoot only Luke. Luke tells Robert that he doesn’t need Holly. There are many other beautiful women on the island. But Holly tells Robert that he couldn’t actually shoot her, could he? Robert then admits that he could not. Right then, there is a crowd outside the door.

Carly goes to Sonny’s to pick up the boys and take them home. Emily is there and tells her she cannot do that to Sonny. Carly tells Emily there is no way the boys are going to spend one more night in that house after what happened to Jason.

Sonny goes to see Jason at the hospital while Jason is waiting for Sam in surgery. Jason tells him to go home to his family. Sonny protests to Jason that he had nothing to do with what happened to Sam. Jason asks Sonny if he has his word on that.

Right when Luke, Robert and Holly are arguing, the cops come in and pull guns on them. Robert protests that they should know that both Luke and Holly are wanted. But they take only him away for trespassing. Holly cries on Luke’s shoulder and the cops leave both of them alone. After they are gone, Luke and Holly laugh. He tells her it brings back memories. Like Madagascar and Madrid. He then tells her that they can propose a toast to a bright future without Robert Scorpio.

Patrick tells Robin that she is too emotional to be practicing medicine. She tells him that is so arrogant and so sexist. He tells her that she broke down in his arms just an hour ago. She asks him what he expects from her. First she’s too tough and too unemotional. Then there’s something wrong with her admitting she has emotions. Right then, Epiphany tells them that in the time they spend arguing, a patient could die.

Emily asks Carly if Sonny should not be given some consideration and the benefit of the doubt. He is the father of her children. Carly says not after he intended to get Jason shot. Emily tells Carly that she believes Sonny that he did not intend to get Jason shot.

Sonny tells Jason that he spoke to his contact. He did not fire a shot. Whoever attempted to kill him on the metro court terrace had nothing to do with Sonny. Jason tells Sonny in that case, somebody else wants him gone. Sonny admits to Jason that he has wanted him out of the picture. He is in love with Jason’s sister. Jason says that makes it obvious that Sonny would want him permanently “out of the way”. Sonny tells Jason that he has been thinking like a businessman. He’s been determined to take back what is his. He admits that he did order a hit against him. He justified himself in believing that it is the way they live. And so he waited in his house alone for the call saying that Jason was dead. Leticia came in with the boys and she had an emergency and asked him if he could take care of them. And then he realized he couldn’t go through with it. He assures Jason that the boys are fine. They don’t know what has happened to Sam or anything else about this. He admits to Jason that he attempted to explain to Michael that he and Jason are no longer friends. But it made no sense to Michael. He admits it makes no sense to him either. He tells Jason he is like a brother to him. And no matter how angry he is, he could never let him die. But Jason asks Sonny what would have happened if he had been responsible for Sam getting shot, Jason is not certain how he’d feel. Jason admits that he does not know anything anymore. He knows that he respects Sonny more than anyone he’s ever met. He admires him and has learned so much for him. He may believe that Sonny is not good enough for Jason’s sister. But what he’s really concerned about is that he knows that there is a part of Sonny that Sonny cannot control. And he won’t let his sister get hurt. So that is why Jason had to do what he did with the business. He hoped that Sonny would understand that and realize that Jason is not his enemy. Sonny then asks Jason that if it’s true that as far as the business, Jason is not backing out. Jason admits that he cannot. Sonny tells Jason that in that case, he will not kill Jason to take back what is his. He tells Jason that he “wins”. Jason looks at Sonny and asks him what he has won. Right then, the doctors and nurses wheel Sam out of surgery.

Michael comes down the stairs after hearing his mother and Emily arguing and tells them he knows that his dad would never get Jason shot. Carly tells Michael that there are some very complicated things that he may not understand. He demands to know what. She informs him that Sam was injured and she is concerned about his safety and has to get him out of there tonight. He tells her he won’t let her do this to his dad. She tells her son she does not want him to argue. He must collect his stuff and go home with her.

Holly tells Luke how dare he let their dear friend get arrested. He tells her she must realize that Robert is not their friend. He pulled a gun on both of them and wanted to sell them down the river. She tells him she knows that Robert would not shoot them or betray them. He tells her that Robert tied him to the bed and would have killed them both. She reminds Luke that he has a wonderful life in Port Charles. He has a daughter who loves him. And a woman. And many other things. She tells him he must enjoy his life of adventure dodging bullets. So why should he attempt to rescue his old, old friend. She then concludes that she will rescue Robert by herself without his help. He tells her no. They are in this together. But she tells him she has other plans. She is considering Montreal. He tells her she must know that Montreal is a disaster. She tells him it won’t be this time. She promises.

Robin and Patrick are playing cards in her apartment and arguing about who won.

Sonny returns home. Emily asks him how Sam is. He admits that they were taking her to ICU. And all Jason can do is wait until she wakes up. Emily asks him if Jason believes him when he told him he is not responsible for Sam getting shot. He tells her that Jason knows he would never lie about anything like that. He asks her where the boys are. She informs him that Carly came and got them. He tells her he knows that Carly must want to kill him right now. She must be very angry. He also tells Emily that he remembers her telling him that she was going to leave his house and wash her hands of him. But she’s still there. Why? She tells him she had to stay in order to find out if Jason is ok. But he asks her if there is another reason why she stayed in his house waiting for him. She admits to him that she loves him and was hoping that he will give her a reason to stay.

Dr. Lee informs Jason that as it turned out, she did not have to do a hysterectomy on Sam. But she is in critical condition. And she tells Jason that if Sam has any family, he needs to contact them. Right then, Sam is having a dream about being with Kristina and Alexis in a meadow, all happy with her mother and little sister. Alexis still does not know that Sam is her daughter. But she graciously tells Sam that if her first daughter had lived, she’d want her to be just like Sam. Right then Sam is ready to reveal the secret to her mother. But she sees Danny standing in the light telling her that it’s time. She has to “go” with him. She tells her brother not yet. But he tells her she has to go and be with him in the ever after. Before she leaves, however, she tells Alexis that the daughter she gave up all those years is her (Sam). And at that point, it’s as though Alexis can no longer hear her. It’s too late. She’s waited to long. And in her sleep, she is telling Alexis that they are mother and daughter.

Patrick tells Robin that he and his dad used to go to the car races and he got very used to junk food. She asks him what it was like to go to a car race. He talks about the smell of the engines. HE tells her that when he was a kid, he got his first racecar. And he won some very important races. But when he decided to become a surgeon, he could no longer justify the risk of injury. She asks him if he misses it. He tells her sometimes he misses the rush and being in control. She admits to him that she has never seen him this open and honest about anything before. She also notices that this is the longest she’s seen him go without hitting on her.

Luke goes to see Robert in jail and tells him that he’s (Robert) done so many stupid things. And he needs redemption. Robert relives all of the history he’s had with Luke. And this tops it all, he tells him. Luke is dressed like a priest. And Holly is behind him dressed like a nun. She says he can trust her and she will set him free.

Emily asks Sonny if he is sorry for almost having had Jason killed. He tells her he certainly is. She asks him if he can swear never to do anything like that again. He tells her he swears on his children’s lives. He asks her if she can forgive him. She tells him she may never forget it. But she forgives him. And she knows she will always love him. He asks her if she will always love him forever. OR just until the next time something goes wrong.

Jason goes to see Sam. She awakens and asks him what has happened. He tells her she is at the hospital after being shot. They were at the metro court on the terrace. The shot was meant for him. He first thought that Sonny was behind it. But he now knows that he was not. He tells her that Dr. Lee has just performed surgery. Hearing that and knowing that Dr. Lee is her gynecologist, she is worried and asks Jason if that means she can never have children.

Dressed as “members of the cloth”, Luke and Holly manage to get Robert out of jail. Right when the guard comes, Luke knocks him out. And Robert and Holly are totally distracted and kissing passionately.

Patrick then tells Robin that he’s ready to “do this” if she is. He is ready to deal with the HIV. He kisses her. And she tells him that she is starting to change her thoughts of him and believes that there is hope for him yet. She tells him that she is ready to consider him.

Sonny tells Emily that he realizes he cannot give her a perfect life. He cannot be a perfect man. She tells him she does not expect that. He tells her that he knows what happened when she thought he’d harm Jason. He admits that he cannot blame her for that. IF she wants to leave, she needs to do that and make it final. She tells him that she really loves him. And she knows he’s too generous to let her get involved in his situation. He tells her if he was generous, he would have pushed her away the first time she told him she admitted she loved him. He let her love him, he admits. IT wasn’t her doing. It was his. And now he is just trying to figure out a way to be right.

At the hospital, Sam is asking Jason if she cannot have kids. He attempts to explain to her. Right then, her machine starts beeping and Jason calls for Elizabeth.

After disarming the guards in the jail, Robert puts on a guard’s uniform and disguises himself with Luke as a priest and Holly as a nun. He tells them that he does not trust going to Montreal remembering what happened the last time they went there.

Robin tells Patrick that she believes that his conversations about racecars is a lame way to break the ice with a woman. He then tells her that he is not going to be her pet project. He doesn’t want to be “reformed” by her or by anyone. She then tells him that’s fine with her because she would not waste her time with that anyway. And she goes out the door.

Emily tells Sonny that she has already made a decision to stay. And now if she leaves, it will be because of his decision to get her to leave. He then tells her that maybe he should. He might need to do that in the interest of both her and Jason. He admits that it’s true that he’s had a history and a pattern of hurting everybody who comes near him. He discovered not long ago, that in order to protect his kids, he could be alone without Carly or anybody. But then Emily came along and gave him something better. And what he wants is for her to choose what is right for herself. She tells him that he is what is right for her. HE smiles and tells her she cannot ever leave him. She tells him she won’t. She promises.

Dr. Lee informs Sam and Jason that Sam is hemorrhaging. She tells him that Sam does not want anything to happen that would prevent her from having children. He tells Dr. Lee that all he wants is for them to save Sam.

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