GH Update Monday 5/1/06

General Hospital Update Monday 5/1/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the fundraiser, Sam gets a note to meet Jason on the patio. She goes outside and they hold each other. Right at that moment, a shooter fires and shoots Sam in the back. Jason feels her collapse, carries her into the room and announces she’s been shot. She is unconscious. And the others ask why anybody would want to shoot Sam.

Right at that moment, Sonny is on the phone trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of somebody.

Somewhere far away, Robert enters a room with a gun and discovers Luke bound, gagged and sitting on the bed in his under shorts. Luke yells and kicks. Robert taunts him and laughs. He then removes the duct tape from Luke’s mouth.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward yells for Alice to call the police and believes they have an intruder. Skye asks what he is yelling about. He tells her that she needs to be on the lookout for somebody who might see her as a target now that she is pregnant by Lorenzo Alcazar.

Sonny instructs Max not to let Jason or Sam near the penthouse, knowing that if they enter, they could be in danger. He then calls somebody and tells them that he’s “cancelled” his plans. He doesn’t want anybody to shoot Jason. But looks like it’s too late.

Right then, Sam is rushed to the hospital.

Robert sits on the bed where Luke is stuck, and Robert drinks out of a bottle. They discuss what is going to happen when they find Holly. Robert reminds Luke that only one of them is going to find her.

After Sam has been taken out of the metro court, Durant questions Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Durant he had nothing to do with any attempts on Jason’s life. He is there to contribute to a charitable organization. He asks Durant when the last time was when he(Durant) did anything like that. Durant tells Lorenzo he has been “charitable” by not throwing Lorenzo’s ass in jail. Cops ask Jax if he’s seen anybody looking suspicious on the premises or if he knows of anybody who might want to shoot Jason. Carly tells Ric that she believes that he and Sonny are responsible for what happened to Sam. And they are very lucky that it’s not Jason with a bullet in his back.. He tells her that he and Sonny had nothing to do with this.

Emily goes to Sonny’s and informs him that she saw Sam get shot. Hearing that, Sonny reveals to her that they “missed”. Right then, she assumes that he must have intended for Jason to get shot.

Luke tells Robert that it’s really sad that he’s turned into such a low life bounty hunter. Robert tells Luke that it all depends on how much money they offer him. As soon as he reveals to Luke that he could get rich for this, he puts the tape back over Luke’s mouth. He then gets on the phone and asks somebody to bring Luke some food and adds that he(Luke) needs another pair of pants since he’s lost his first pair. He laughs and leaves while Luke kicks and screams.

Ric reminds Carly and Jax that they must know that Jason has a lot of enemies and they cannot accuse Sonny of something they have no proof that he did. Carly tells Ric that she’s not going to let anybody get away with trying to kill Jason, assuming that Ric could was behind this. The cops ask what has happened. Nikolas informs them that Jason took Sam to the hospital with doctors Scorpio and Drake, as well as Emily Quartermaine, a med student and Elizabeth Spencer, a nurse. After the cop leaves, Nikolas and Lulu confirm that they believe that Emily did not really go to the hospital with Jason and Sam as she said. She went straight to Sonny. Durant finds Carly and tells her that everybody knows that the bullet was intended for Jason. And thank God it was not her. She then tells her father that if that is his idea of “warm and fuzzy”, it’s not working. He tells her she must realize that she is in danger and so are her kids. And she must think about any or all people who might want Jason dead.

After finding out that Sonny has secret “plans”, Emily is very upset. He tells her he did not intend for anything to happen to Sam or even to Jason. Right then, the contact calls Sonny and confirms that he did not take a shot at Jason or at Sam at any time that night. Sonny then confirms to Emily that he asked his guy to call it off and he had nothing to do with Sam McCall getting shot.

Right then, we see Manny entering a private room, taking off a hat and gloves and getting on a computer. He has digital photos of Sam, Jason, Elizabeth, Sonny and Carly. And he deletes the picture of Sam.

Jason tells the hospital staff that he needs to be with Sam. She is his fiancée. He tells her that she will be ok and need not worry. She tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too.

While Luke is bound and gagged, a woman enters and sounds as though she thought he was scheduled to “do business” with her. She asks him if there is something he wants to say and she removes the tape from his mouth. She asks if one of “the girls” got carried away. He tells her she sure did. He asks her if she could help him out. She obviously assumes he has different “needs” than he has. She then cuts the ropes where his hands are tied and frees him. She obviously assumes he’s going to give her money and sleep with her but he tells her he has to get out of there. He has a “date with an old flame”. And he goes out the door

Dillon, Georgie, Lulu and Maxie return to the Quartermaine house and inform the others that Sam McCall got shot on the metro court patio. And the bullet was probably intended for Jason. Edward, right away, concludes that it must be Skye’s hoodlum boyfriend.

Carly informs Durant that Sonny is not at the party simply because she asked him not to come and had Max go in his place. He tells her it’s a little convenient that Sonny is one of the few men who would not want to enjoy a party like that. There must be a reason he did not attend. She tells him there is no way that Sonny would shoot Jason.

Sonny tells Emily that he tried to talk to Jason. There are some serious problems that he cannot solve. But the truth is he does not want Jason dead. So he cancelled it and he called off the hit. She cries and tells him thank God he stopped in time. But it does not excuse what he did. She admits that Jason has been unfair. He’s pushed Sonny’s buttons and taken over the business. But he would never, ever consider ending Sonny’s life. Sonny then tells her that he was scared. He had a need to protect his business. He admits he did the wrong thing. But he knows he cannot threaten Jason’s life ever again. She then concludes to him that she cannot be with a man who would want to kill her brother.

The nurse tells Jason that the bullet wound damaged Sam’s uterus and maybe the only way to save her life is to perform a hysterectomy. He tells her that that is not ok because Sam wants to have children. Elizabeth then comes out and tells Jason that he needs to sign authorization for Sam to have the surgery. He tells Elizabeth that he knows that the shot was intended for him. Sam got shot right when she ran to him. It should have been him instead.

Emily tells Sonny that they could all see it coming. But she never thought he’d go so far as to make a conscious decision to kill her brother. He tries to explain himself. But she yells at him to let her finish. She tells him that he deliberately set Jason up to get falsely accused of shooting Escobar. And then to get shot. And it’s blind luck that he was able to catch his sniper before he actually murdered Jason. He tells her he realizes that maybe she needs to walk away from him. But now knowing that the shot did not come from his guy, he needs to go to the hospital and explain the whole thing to Jason. She asks if he wants her to be there to help him fix this mess. He replies that he’d like her help. But if she wants to leave, she can.

Jax remarks to Carly that he observed her defending Sonny to Durant. She says she lied to Durant in telling him that Sonny had nothing to do with this. She does suspect Sonny. And she tells him that the man she once loved, the Sonny she knew, is now broken. She knew he had problems. He was capable of lots of things. But he was also capable of loyalty to people like Jason. She cannot understand what would have motivated him to kill Jason. Was it ambition or greed? She tells him that she is going to go home and take her kids out of Sonny’s house and they are never going to be in their father’s house again.

On the hospital rooftop, Patrick tells Robin he never knew that she and Sam were so close. She admits she did not know her very well. But she knew the look on Jason’s face when he brought Sam in. She tells him that she never liked the sight of blood. He tells her she made a good career choice, given that. She tells him that she remembers her parents always being in danger. And she admits that maybe he was right about her. Maybe she is a coward.

Holly is in her hotel room with her eyes covered, having servants pamper her. Right then, Luke comes with a drink for her. When she hears his voice, she is startled, gets up and asks him why he is following her. Right then, Robert enters and holds a gun on both Luke and Holly. Luke tells Robert he may shoot Holly because she has a bigger bounty on her head than he does. He reminds her that she is an extortionist. And they get into arguing. And Robert appears baffled about whom he should shoot.

Robin tells Patrick that her grandmother was killed right in front of her. Her stepfather was killed in a warehouse explosion. And she realizes that those things always stay with her. She says she knew how to compensate and live in denial by getting straight As and being “too careful”. She got the idea that if she was a good girl and behaved then mom and dad would come home safely. He tells her that she is not responsible for what her parents did. She tells him that she was at a party having a good time tonight. But that couldn’t last. She hates guns and hates violence. He tells her that is understandable. She admits that one must always take a risk. Otherwise, you cannot live. She once allowed herself to risk falling in love. And now she has to pay for that for the rest of her life. She then breaks down crying about what has happened tonight. And Patrick takes her in his arms.

Monica and Alan are ready to go out the door to the hospital to be there for Jason. Right then, Lorenzo enters and tells Skye that he’s glad she’s ok and was afraid that she might not be after what happened. Edward tells him he is not welcome in this house and is probably responsible for what just happened. Lorenzo tells Skye she cannot believe what Edward is telling her.

Ric finds Jax and tells him he appreciates his “loyalty” in not implicating Sonny to Durant and the cops. Jax tells Ric he did not do it for Sonny. He did it for Carly. He tells Ric that if he or Sonny endangers Carly or the kids or anybody else he cares for, he will crush them like cockroaches.

Carly goes to Sonny’s and informs Emily that Sonny has really blown it now. She’s going to get her kids and take them to her house and Sonny won’t see them again. Emily protests to Carly that she must realize that Sonny made a mistake but cannot be blamed for this. She asks Carly if she cannot at least consider giving the father of her children the benefit of the doubt. Carly tells Emily that she is not going to make any more excuses for Sonny. She’s going to get her kids, take them home. And Sonny will not be in their lives anymore.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Jason that Sam will be ok. She has him. Jason sits alone in the empty room waiting while Sam is in surgery. Sonny enters. Jason tells him that he should not be there. He tells Sonny he needs to go home and say good-bye to his family. Sonny does not know what to tell him.

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