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General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/26/06


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Robert and Tracy awaken tied to chairs in the basement. He is ready to tell her more stories about the good old days wit him and Luke. Right then, Edward arrives. Tracy tells her father she is very happy that he’s come to rescue them. He asks her why she thinks he would rescue both of them.

Lucky is in his hospital room having a dream that he’s paralyzed and watching Elizabeth with Patrick Drake kissing. He then awakens. She runs to him. And he knows he’s just been having a dream.

Carly calls a meeting at the metro court with Nikolas. He asks her what she wants to tell him. Jax comes by and tells her he’d like to know also.

Sonny is sitting alone and depressed. Max comes and announces that his brother is there to see him. Sonny tells Ric he needs to leave. He has something going on that is “business” and not what he cares to discuss with Ric. Hearing that, Ric tells him he knows what he’s about to do. He’s going to have someone take Jason out.

Surprisingly, it looks like Edward is willing to untie Robert so that he can make sure Luke Spencer never shows his face at his door again. But he’s not about to untie Tracy. She tells her father she will never again do him any favors. He doesn’t seem to care. Right then, Alice, Dillon and Lulu enter. Lulu tells them that Robert is not going anywhere any more than Tracy is.

At the hospital, Lucky tells Elizabeth he had a nightmare the previous night. He hates being stuck there unable to go home and be with her. And last night he was unable to get a hold of her. He called and she never answered the phone. She explains that she took the ringer off the phone after she and Cameron went to sleep. And right then, she gets a page and leaves. Patrick appears and she confirms that they have a little secret and she just lied to Lucky. Right then, Robin enters. She asks Patrick if he can do a consult on one of her patients. She’s ready to get back to business but realizes that he might have been distracted the previous night.

Carly sits down at the table with Jax and Elizabeth. She tells them the reason she’s called the meeting with Nikolas is to have a fundraiser in the hospital in honor of Tony Jones. Hearing that, Nikolas reminds Carly that although he does not mean to judge, he knows she had a “problem” with Tony. Carly confirms that she knows she ruined his marriage to her mother and slept with him. But she still wants to hold this fundraiser because Tony was a great doctor and great man.

Right then, Manny is on the phone with some woman confirming plans to be at the fundraiser.

Sonny tells Ric that the way the business works is if he does not take back what is his, then he’s worth nothing. But Ric tells Sonny that if Jason shows up dead, then the cops will be all over him. Sonny snaps back that they won’t be able to prove anything. Ric reminds Sonny if something happened to Jason, Emily will be very upset and never get over it. Also he must think of Carly. She will hate him. Not to mention what it will do to the boys. He suggests that maybe instead of taking Jason out, maybe he should just take him out of commission. Run him out of the business. He tells Sonny he is offering a solution to save both himself and Jason. Sonny asks Ric how he would do that. Ric reminds Sonny that Jason murdered Mr. Escobar last night. He can send Jason to prison.

Nikolas confirms to Carly that he did admire and respect Tony Jones so he will help with the fundraiser. He tells her he appreciates her letting him see little John. So it’s the least he can do. He then leaves. Jax privately apologizes to Carly for jumping to conclusions. When he saw her with Nikolas, he thought she was ready to tell him that he was little John’s father. She tells him that he need not be suspicious of her. He then tells her that he is lucky. He thought it would just be him and little John. Now it’s the three of them. She puts her arms around him.

Epiphany goes into Lucky’s room and shuts down his morphine supply. He tells her he needs the stuff so that he can push himself further in physical therapy. She tells him it might cause him further injury. And she explains that it was not her choice to take away his morphine drip, nor Elizabeth’s. IT was the order of Dr. Patrick Drake.

Patrick notices his father looking at some medical records. Patrick tells Noah that this patient, Nancy Dixon is his patient. And Noah cannot just cherry pick records from other doctors. He and Robin had a consult about her and he got orders from Dr. Alan Quartermaine to be her surgeon. Noah tells his son that he is more qualified to perform surgery on Nancy. Patrick tells his father that he is just doing this for his one shot of redemption. Alone with Patrick, Robin asks him what the deal is with this patient. He informs her that she has the exact same neurological condition as his mother. His father has this “mission” to save her. But he cannot let him cut her open. If he fails, he’s had it.

Sonny tells Ric it might be difficult to get any evidence tying Jason with Escobar’s murder. There are no fingerprints. It’s untraceable. Jason knows how to get away with anything. Ric tells Sonny there’s only one thing Jason did not realize. There is an eyewitness. Sonny asks who that might be. Jason says it’s him(Sonny).

Nikolas goes to see Lucky struggling and in pain. He tells him that he looks to be pushing himself too hard. He asks him what the rush is. Lucky tells Nikolas he has a timetable. Nikolas tells Lucky that he’s been laid up in this hospital also. He knows what it’s like to want to get out. But the pain is a sign that you need more time to heal.

Alone in the basement, Robert tells Tracy he knows ways to get free. He moves toward her and manages to untie the ropes around her feet.

Carly tells Jax that she believes that they are a good team. But they are a little confused as to what their role together at the party will be.

Nikolas goes to find Patrick Drake and informs him that his brother is in agony because Patrick took him off his pain management. He asks if this is standard procedure. Patrick tells Nikolas that Lucky’s pain is a direct result of over medicating himself. Nikolas asks Patrick if he is punishing Lucky by taking him off his pain medicine. Patrick tells Lucky that he is not taking him off pain medicine. He’s just taking the morphine away. He goes away and Nikolas asks Elizabeth if egotism is the driving force for Patrick. She tells him that Patrick has his ways and takes a bit of getting used to. But he’s not as bad as he appears.

Ric tells Sonny he wants him to do the smart and honorable thing, which is to spare Jason’s life.

Carly tells Nikolas that she is a little weirded out to invite all of those women to the party. The one thing they all have in common is they all hate her. She knows that Alexis and Robin will trash her behind her back to him. He then tells her that Alexis and Robin are his friends. But they do not tell him who to date. He makes his own choices. He is there with her in order to make money.

Tracy asks Robert why she is untying him. He tells her it’s because he is the only man who can save her hapless husband. She tells him that Luke does not deserve to be saved. He tells her he understands the way all US law enforcement officials work. Since he is hand-cuffed, he needs her to remove the hand-cuffs and needs to “show”her the way to do it. And that involves having her sit on his lap on the chair with his hands in front of her and his arms around her. Dillon comes by and watches them in that position and wonders what is going on between them. At that point, she manages to unlock the handcuffs and Robert is free..

Elizabeth informs Lucky that Patrick did write the order to remove his morphine drip. But Nikolas chewed him out for the way he was treating Lucky. He tells her that maybe she can make it up to him. The hospital food is lousy. So they can have pizza together and watch a movie in his room. She tells him that’s not going to work. She has a staff meeting tonight. But maybe this weekend. And she leaves.

Carly goes to see Patrick and tells him about the charity event. Elizabeth comes by and he asks her if she plans to come. She says no. She’s too busy. And she cannot afford a ticket. He tells her he can treat her. Carly encourages Elizabeth to come and accept Patrick’s offering. Patrick tells Elizabeth she will have fun as well as support a worthy cause. At that point, Elizabeth agrees. Not a good move.

Ric goes to the DA’s office and “pleads the case” for Sonny. She asks him if his “client” had any involvement in the shooting of Miguel Escobar. Ric tells her Mr. Corinthos was a first hand witness in what happened. She asks Ric if “his client” has any clue who actually did shoot Miguel Escobar. Right then, Sonny appears and confirms it was Jason Morgan.

Lorenzo and Skye go to the metro court and meet Jax. Right then, Jax is alarmed when he believes he’s seen Manny Ruiz in a crowd. He tells her he must go and see something. He runs after the guy whom he believes is Manny. But he disappears.

Sam goes to the office and demands that they let her talk to Jason. Alexis tells Sam that they will not let her see Jason because Jason is under suspicion for the shooting. Sam asks Alexis where that would come from. Just last night she talked to Durant who admitted that he had no evidence against Jason. Alexis tells Sam there is new evidence. There is now an eye witness. Sam asks her whom that would be. But she realizes she probably already knows the answer.

Sonny and Ric return home. Sonny tells Ric that he is not ok with committing perjury before a grand jury and before God. But Ric tells Sonny that he needs to go through with this. He will be able to have everything back without having to kill Jason.

Epiphany tells Robin that she and Patrick need to take their personal issues outside. She tells her she realizes that is probably true. But Patrick really makes her angry by constantly reminding her that she has no life.

Nikolas walks into Lucky’s room and is shocked to see him with a gun. He asks Lucky where it came from. Lucky replies that Mac gave his gun back to him after Jesse’s funeral. He also informs Nikoals that Elizabeth is finding too many excuses not to be with him. And she’s spending too much time with Patrick Drake. Nikolas tells Lucky that his decision to grab the gun because of this is insane.

Lorenzo and Skye talk to Jax about her pregnancy. Lorenzo agrees to write a check and go on the stage. He leaves and Jax tells Skye it might not be a good idea to make Lorenzo noticeable at the fundraiser. She reminds him that Lorenzo could bring in a fortune. But Jax reminds her of Lorenzo’s previous life style. She tells him that Lorenzo has gotten past that and is now committed to her and the baby.

Alexis tells Ric that she knows that Sonny is not really going to testify against Jax. He’s only making empty threats to do so as a stall tactic. She asks him if he has any idea how ugly this could get. He tells her he has all the confidence in the world in her legal expertise. So she may build her case against Jason.

Carly comes to see Sonny and tells him she has to ask him to do something. She knows he will say yes. He’s going to be surrounded by festivities and beautiful women. HE tells her he cannot discuss this with her now. He is very upset. Something very serious is going on. Jason has been called in for questioning in the shooting. Right then, Sam runs in and tells Sonny he is a bastard. After Jason has saved his life, he wants to send him to jail.

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