GH Update Monday 4/24/06

General Hospital Update Monday 4/24/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Carly informs Jax that she has found out the secret that Nikolas is the real father of baby John. She asks Jax if he was ever going to tell her. He replies that he didn’t think it would be fair to her. He didn’t want to get her in the middle of his mess with Nikolas. He asks her what she plans to do. Does she plan to tell Nikolas that he is John’s biological father? Carly does not know how to answer that question. Right then, there is a knock on the door. It’s Nikolas. He asks if this is a bad time. Nobody knows what to say.

Robin goes to see Patrick. She tell him she is tired of hiding what she is feeling. She knows what she wants. She is ready to seduce him on the floor. She then realizes that this is not fair to him. She is just using him because she is angry with her father. Patrick tells her he does not mind.

Sonny discusses with Ric whether they should fear Jason.

Jason talks to Escobar about what to do with Sonny. Although Jason doesn’t want to make it too ugly or violent and tells Escobar that he has no reason to believe Sonny is a personal threat to him, Escobar tells him they both know that it would be in Jason’s best interest for Sonny to die as soon as possible. He must realize that Sonny is dangerous. Right then, Sam walks in. And Escobar concludes to Jason that everything has been settled.

Lulu calls Dillon to the Quartermaine house. She tells him she needs to talk to him alone. He asks her why she had this urgent need to see him. She tells him she needs his help with something. He then looks over the couch and notices that Robert Scorpio is passed out on the floor. She tells him there must be a way to get him out of there and remain unnoticed. He is a big film pro. He must have some idea. Right then, they hear somebody come in. Instantly, she jumps on him and kisses him in order to distract attention from the guy passed out on the floor. Alice walks in and is shocked to notice Dillon cheating on his wife with Luke’s daughter.

When contemplating sex with Robin, Patrick tells her he knows all about condoms and spermicidal jellies that will protect him from contracting HIV. Hearing that, she pulls away from him and tells him he is an arrogant jerk. He reminds her that she initiated sex with him and now she’s angry because he wants to be responsible.

Nikolas tells Jax and Carly the he knows he was not invited and does not want to interrupt anything. But he hopes they will “consider” letting him visit Courtney’s baby in the future. Carly tells Jax he must realize that Nikolas is not a threat to the baby or to anybody and should be able to visit him.

After Escobar leaves, Sam tells Jason she can see that he is dangerous. He cannot be trusted. Jason tells her that Escobar has been an associate of theirs’ for years. She says she believes he would not hesitate to kill Jason. He admits to her that he knows she has good instincts. He knows that Escobar is treacherous. But he did see Escobar’s point about what he might need to do to protect himself from Sonny now that he’s taken Sonny’s business.

Ric asks Sonny if he believes he could kill Jason or believe that Jason could kill him. Sonny tells Ric that he knows he’s created this whole animosity with Jason. He antagonized him by seeing Emily. He admits that Jason feels he’s been disrespected. He’s worked hard and helped Sonny build everything he has. Jason has eliminated every obstacle there has been for Sonny. Now Sonny wonders if Jason will see him as an obstacle. Does Jason believe he must “protect” himself from Sonny, he wonders? Ric tells Sonny that he wonders if Sonny believes he must protect himself from Jason. Sonny admits to Ric that he’s killed before to protect himself and be able to get what he wanted. And he needs to protect himself now that Jason is determined to stop at nothing to keep him from seeing Emily. Ric asks Sonny if that is his only choice. Sonny admits that he realizes he has many choices. He could stop seeing Emily. He could run away to the island. But he tells Ric he knows that Ric is only seeing one choice. He is focusing on Sonny’s “choice” of killing Jason. So this sounds like it’s less about Ric’s concern for Sonny, than it is about Ric’s hatred for Jason. Ric admits to Sonny that Jason is a direct personal threat to him and to his family. He also has a protective instinct for Sonny. And that is more important to him that any so-called brotherhood between Sonny and Jason.

After walking in on Dillon and Lulu, Alice tells them that she believes that Georgie deserves better than this. Lulu asks Alice to please not tell her. Dillon fakes having interest in Lulu. Alice then tells them that she does not believe the two of them are serious. She asks what those two kids are up to. She then notices Robert attempting to stand up from behind the couch. And she punches him out again so he stays unconscious. She tells the two young people that she is not going to let that guy get Mr. Luke into trouble.

Patrick tells Robin that she does not appreciate living in the moment. She tells him she cannot afford to be spontaneous. She is HIV positive.

Carly tells Nikolas that Jax has agreed to let him see little John. So there is no more misunderstanding or conflict. She tells Nikolas that maybe they should all sit down and work out a visitation agreement. Nikolas tells her that he’s not asking for anything special. He just wants to be able to visit the baby now and again. She tells Nikolas that maybe they should draw up an a written agreement or something so that there are no misunderstandings. Hearing that, Nikolas asks her why she is now, suddenly willing to offer him more than he is asking for. Jax tells Nikolas he just doesn’t want there to be any more misunderstandings. Nikolas then tells Carly and Jax that he’s cool with their letting him see the baby. He has no more axes to grind with them. And he leaves. Alone with Carly, Jax tells her he appreciates her not telling Nikolas the big secret. She tells him that she can now see the irony. When she lied about Michael’s paternity, many people judged her, including him. And now the same thing is happening to him. He tells her he bets she is really enjoying holding this over him. She admits to him that she does not understand why he would do something like this. Why would he want to steal somebody else’s child out of desperation? Did something happen that forced his hand to do that? He tells her he has thought about this very carefully. He did not do this on an impulse. He chose to lie about the baby’s paternity in order to protect him from the Cassadines. And if she cares about the baby, she will do the same.

Robin tells Patrick that to him, the fact that she has HIV is just another obstacle about getting her in the sack. To her it’s a reality she has to live with every day of her life. She has to take medication and monitor her condition regularly. He tells her he believes that she is just using this as an excuse to hide from him. And she’s been doing this since the day they met.

Dillon, Lulu and Alice transport unconscious Robert Scorpio and tie to him to a chair somewhere where he will hopefully not be found.

Sonny tells Ric that Ric always tells him he wants to protect him. But he knows that Ric always has an agenda. There has to be something in it for Ric. Ric tells Sonny he is concerned about what Jason could do. He tells Sonny he realizes Sonny may not like the way he thinks. But he will tell Sonny what he believes, regardless. He has always believed that Jason is a stone killer. Jason knows how to make his moves in a way that is calculated and dangerous. He is very capable of killing Sonny under situations like this. Sonny must realize that Ric is his real brother. He is the one who has Sonny’s best interest at heart. Not Jason. Sonny says nothing in response to that but informs Ric that they are finished now. Ric then tells Sonny that he might want to figure out where his loyalties lie; with his brother or with Jason. Because one of them might not be around much longer. Ric then gets up to leave.

Robert awakens to see Dillon and Lulu. He asks them if they are kidnapping him in order to make him talk. They inform him that they do not want him to talk. He asks them where he is. They inform him it’s a freezer at the Quartermaine house. He tells Lulu he knows she knocked him out. She tells him she had to protect her dad. Dillon informs Robert that nobody comes down there and nobody will ever find him. But he need not worry. They will only keep him there until Luke gets away safely.

Patrick tells Robin that it’s easy for her to judge him with everything he does. From his bedside manner, to his sexual behavior, to his relationship with his father. That way she can just stomp off, not have to deal with anything and never get close. She tells him that every time he cannot deal with something, he goes into his “horn dog” routine, which makes him a coward. He asks her what she believes he is afraid of him. She replies emotional intimacy.

Jax admits to Carly that he was heart-broken when Courtney dumped him and wanted Nikolas to be the father of the baby. And he found out from Dr. Meadows that Nikolas was the real father. That further devastated him. In response to that, Carly concludes so much for doctor/patient confidentiality. He concludes to her that he went to the other clinic and got the paternity test falsified. He tells her he knows what Helena Cassadine did to Nikolas and to Emily and what she did to Courtney. And if she ever found out that Courtney had Nikolas’ baby, then the baby would be in danger. Carly tells Jax that she knows he had Courtney believing that he was the father and not Nikolas. She never knew the truth.

Sam tells Jason that regardless of what has been happening, she wants him to believe that she is with him and she believes him. He kisses her and then goes out the door.

Alice returns upstairs to the living room and moves the couch. Edward asks her why she has not gotten the usual work done that she always has done by now. He concludes that he knows she has something on her mind. She must be in love and distracted. Alice distracts him by giving him his paper and goes out the door. But she leaves something behind on the floor that Tracy picks up. Something that may confirm what she and Dillon and Lulu were up to.

Robert talks to Lulu and Dillon about his and Luke’s competition for Holly. He tells them that he believes that Luke has been a patsy for Holly. He tells them he believes that Holly will use Luke, spit him out, dump him and break his heart. Lulu tells him her father would not allow that to happen to him. He tells the two of them that they must know that Holly was ready to let a ton of people die from a deadly virus and committed extortion to for the antidote to save them. They should know what she is capable of doing.

Patrick asks Robin if she feels like going away. She admits she does not. But right then, there is a knock on the door. It’s another woman asking Patrick if he is there and informing him that she’s been “looking forward” to this all day.

Jax tells Carly that Courtney did find out the truth that Nikolas was the baby’s father. Of course she was furious at him to find out he lied about that. But she got over it when he explained to her his concerns for the baby if he is seen as a Cassadine. Carly finds that a little difficult to believe. He asks her what she wants for the baby. Does she want him to be a pawn to the Cassadines? Or does she wants him to grow up happy, healthy and safe with both of them?

Sonny calls a meeting with Escobar and a few other guys. He announces that he is there to talk to them. Escobar tells Sonny that he is wasting his breath trying to talk to them. They no longer deal with him. They deal with Mr. Morgan.

Alone with Dillon, Lulu asks him what they are going to do. Robert Scorpio is a very clever con artist. He tells her he also knows that Robert has been a hero. He and Luke have been like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. He believes that Robert can negotiate with Holly. They then agree to let him go under the condition that he gives them his word that he will not go after Luke. But he tells them that he’s not going to be conned by them. He will give Luke their regards when he sees him if he (Luke) is not already incarcerated.

After finding out that Patrick has another woman lined up for the night, Robin tells him she never wants to see him again. He tells her they can always have sex later. She tells him that will never happen. Not now or ever. She runs out the door and tells the woman that she can have this sleezeball. The woman asks Patrick what that was all about. He tells her that Robin just came over to give him some unsolicited advice.

After hearing Jax’s question about whether she would choose having Nikolas know about his baby or keeping the secret and the relationship they both have with the baby, Carly tells him that that sounds like a cheap shot. She tells him that he is using her attachment for that baby as a threat to make her keep her mouth she to Nikolas. He obviously knows if Nikolas ever finds out that he is the baby’s father, he won’t let her near the baby. Jax tells her that is true. And they both need to know that the baby needs them and they need him.

Right when Sonny is meeting with Escobar and the guys, Jason is outside, watching them through the window, ready to pull the trigger on a gun.

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