GH Update Wednesday 4/19/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/19/06


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Alexis has some movers deliver some furniture to her home. Ric comes in and she tells him that she just got them a new home office. He asks her if she wants to practice law in their living room. She tells him that it will be really cool that they no longer have to leave home.

Right then, in the hospital, Lucky is struggling to get out of his hospital bed and walk again. Elizabeth enters. He asks her if she’s there to give him a lecture. She tells him no lecture here. She can handle it if he can.

A man comes to Jason and Sam’s house and tells Sam he needs to talk to Jason personally. She informs him that Jason never came home the previous night.

Jason awakens on Carly’s couch. Michael runs down the stairs and is very happy to see his uncle. He asks his mother why nobody told him Jason was there. And is Jason there to take him to school? Carly tells her son that Jason is a little busy today. Jason tells her it’s ok. He can take Michael. Michael then notices a cut on Jason’s mouth and asks him what happened. Jason replies a fight. Hearing that, Michael says he thinks that’s really cool. Carly grimly tells her son that it is not “cool” and he should not talk about it. Michael asks Jason whom he got into a fight with. Right then, Jax enters. Michael proudly informs him that Jason got into a fight. Nobody messes with Jason. And he bets the other guy got really messed up. Little does he know who Jason got into a fight with.

Robert is on the phone telling somebody that all access to Holly is completely restricted. They must only talk to her lawyer. Tracy is listening and concludes that she knew it. Luke has gone back to Holly

Dillon comes to tell Lulu that he intends to make up with Georgie and admit that he was a controlling, selfish, jealous stupid dufus. She tells him that if he wants to win Georgie back, he needs her help. He will need to romance Georgie. He asks if she means flowers and candle light. He cannot afford that. Lulu tells him what he needs to do is tell her that he respects and trusts her judgment about whom she chooses to be friends with. Then he needs to sweep her off her feet and tell her that he cannot live without her.. He then tells her that maybe what she suggests is not what he’s about. Guys like him do not do the romance thing quite like that. He asks her if she would want her “Elvis” to do something like that. She tells him if he screwed up the way Dillon did, she sure would, whether Elvis is a “fictional character” in her life or not.

Ric asks Alexis how and why it was that she gave so much thought about their new home office without mentioning it to her husband and partner. He tells her he is not comfortable meeting clients in their living room. She tells him he may look on the bright side. They can save time and money on commuting. They can dress casually and spend more time with their kids. Right then, Kristina comes out and tells them she wants them to color with her. Alexis tells her daughter they are working. Kristina tells her they are not and they must color with her.

At Kelly’s, Georgie is concerned about Maxie. Diego says he knows she was out all night drinking and revealing she is upset about something. Georgie urges her sister to face the way she is feeling about losing Jesse. Maxie tells her sister that she has her own way of grieving.

While Lucky is painfully trying to get up and walk with Elizabeth’s help, Emily comes in and tells them that maybe he is pushing himself.

The guy who is now in business with Jason makes Sam uncomfortable. She is not ok with the fact that Jason is not there and so adamant about being at war with Sonny. She goes out the door.

At Carly’s, Jason takes Michael to school. Alone with Jax, Carly asks him to tell her the real reason why he is there.

Robert tells Tracy that he was involved with Holly for a while. So was Luke. But Laura came back. Had she not, then Luke would never have forgiven Robert for taking Holly from him. Tracy then tells Robert she’s really tired of always hearing that everything comes back to Laura. Hearing that, Robert tells her that he can see that she has real feelings for Luke.

While Ric is discussing business with Alexis in the living room, Kristina asks them questions that they cannot answer in a way that is appropriate to talk to a child. They ask her to go and play with her dolls while they talk privately. She announces that she can hear everything they are saying. Ric tells Alexis he knows she has some “plan” for wanting to practice law in their home. Knowing Kristina is hearing and watching them, Alexis goes to talk to her daughter and tell her that her stepfather is going to cause them to lose a case that could prevent them from affording her college education.

Maxie tells Georgie that she is unable to think or concentrate or work or study. She can’t sleep because every time she closes her eyes and attempts to drift off, she can hear and see the gunshot and has to relive losing Jesse. She tells Georgie that’s the reason she was out all night at a bar.

Emily tells Lucky that maybe he has to use caution and let himself heal before doing what he believes everybody wants him to do. She asks him what the big hurry is. He tells her that he has a family and many responsibilities and things he has to get back to. He can’t afford to stay in the hospital any longer. She tells him that he should let Nikolas help him with the medical bills. He tells her that he can’t keep depending on Nikolas to bail him out of every debt he has. She then tells him that he needs to think about Elizabeth and realize he could become permanently paralyzed if he does not check his pride at the door. If he cannot be patient with his healing process for himself, he should at least do it for Elizabeth.

Sam goes to find Monica and tells her that she is very worried that Jason is going too far. He is going to take Sonny’s business from him if Sonny does not give up Emily. Monica admits that she cannot believe that Jason would go to such drastic measures and turn on Sonny.

Carly admits to Jax that she’d like to pretend that everything is ok. But she’s worried. Jason came by her home last night after Sonny physically attacked him. He did what he thought was right in order to keep Emily away from Sonny. He tells her that Jason is lucky to have her. She then tells him that there is a major crises she is in that involves people that are very important in her life. And she needs him to respect that.

Ric gets on the pone and reschedules an appointment with a client while Kristina is nearby and Alexis is holding baby Molly on her lap. Right then, Durant comes in and asks if they can handle some cases for him. He admits that he believes that Alexis might be better qualified to help him than Ric is.

Tracy tells Robert that the only reason she wants Luke back is to punish him. And now, since he mentioned it, Luke left her at the alter. She asks him how much they are paying him to take Luke back to the island. Is it $50,000? She can out bid them so that Luke can come back. He asks her how amazing it would be if her husband had left her to go off and find true love. He laughs but she doesn’t seem to find that funny.

At Kelly’s, Georgie tells Diego that Maxie has gone up to shower and hopefully sober up. He tells her that he wanted to “help” Maxie last night. But he knew his parole officer might not approve of that. She reminds Diego that he never told her how he so conveniently ran into Maxie the previous night. He admits that he was kind of “networking”. She then tells Diego that she believes they are friends and nobody is going to prevent that. She admits that she regrets lying to Dillon and keeping the letters from him, however. And she never plans to lie to Dillon again.

Elizabeth asks Emily what has happened between Sonny and Jason. Emily admits that it’s getting worse.

Sam informs Monica that Jason’s face was all bruised and cut when he came home after his confrontation with Sonny. He told her he almost murdered Sonny and will never accept Sonny’s seeing Emily. He completely shut down and left for the night when she tried to talk to him. She admits she called Jason a hypocrite. She doesn’t know what to do. Monica tells Sam she realizes this is difficult for her to deal with and she must know that Jason needs her right now.

Carly tells Jax that she knows what it’s like to have secrets. He must know that he is not the only person with stress and issues in his life. So she’d like him to tell her what is going on. He asks her if she means something involving Courtney and Nikolas and the baby.

Alexis gives Durant a book with some legal torts. And she asks him why he came by. He must have an ulterior motive. He tells her that he can benefit her by his visit. He’d still like her to work at a D.A and still promises to never give her a case that involves Sonny or Jason. She tells Durant she still doesn’t want to do it. Durant gives up and leaves.

At the hospital, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she must know that Lucky is keeping secrets from her about what he’s attempting to do and she needs to go and talk to him.

At Kelly’s Dillon tells Georgie he needs to talk to her. He tells her he’s come there because he has some things to say. He never wants to hurt her ever. He respects that she has principles. And he admits that one night without her is one night too many. He was up all night thinking about what his life would be like without her in it to sleep with him and be with him and wake up with him. He admits that much of what he’s just said is rehearsed. He does not care for Diego and is not comfortable with the fact that he’s living nearby them after just getting out of prison. But he respects the fact that she sees Diego as a friend and he trusts her judgment. He tells her that the love they have is worth too much to end it. It’s worth working through whatever they have to work through in order to make it work. She admits that she also believed she could not spend even one night without him.

Jax tells Carly that he knows that Courtney asked, before she died, that Nikolas to be in her baby’s life. But he has to realize that Nikolas’ family is dangerous. He asks her what she would do if she were in his shoes. Would she do whatever Courtney said? Or would she want to protect the baby. She tells him she would do what her heart told her to do for the baby. She does not look happy with Jax knowing that he has not revealed to her the very important secret that she’s found out. He then tells her he has to go to a meeting and goes out the door.

Ric and Alexis debate about whether Durant really does respect her legal brilliance. He tells her she must realize that Durant does not make a move without ulterior motives. He’s only appealing to her ego. She tells him he’s behaving like a jealous child. He tells her she needs to find out what is up with Durant.

Emily comes to Carly’s and tells her she must realize that Jason has gone way too far. Carly tells Emily that Jason is merely protecting her. Emily tells Calry that she does not need protection. Jason needs to realize that somehow. Calry is the only person who can get through to Jason. She must make her best friend listen and realize that he is going to destroy himself if he does not stop this thing he’s doing.

Jason comes home and tells Sam he will never agree with her opinion but does not want to argue or fight about it. He respects how she feels about it. But she needs to know that he cannot let this situation go. She then tells him they can agree to disagree. She will support him and let him do what he believes is right. And she loves him.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky. He tells her that he believes now that he’s been selfish to her and should have been kinder and more patient. She tells him she loves him so much and just wants him to get better.

Carly tells Emily that she is the one with the power to solve this problem right here and now. All she has to do is leave Sonny.

Sam tells Jason that she knows what he is going through. He has to choose between his sister and his best friend. She trusts his judgment. He asks her to be honest. Is she really ok with this? She tells him she may not fully understand but it’s ok. She may have overreacted last night. And she now realizes that what happened with her when they argued last night had nothing to do with Sonny and Emily. She tells him that she has to say something although it might not make sense. He encourages her to say what is on her mind. She tells him that she is afraid that the more she reaches out to him, the more he shuts her out. She knows that he hates Alexis. And she fears that he sees her mother in her. He then assures her that he doesn’t care whom her mother is. He loves her and wants to be with her and doesn’t want any of these issues to come between them.

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