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General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/18/06


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After Carly has asked Jax why he’s keeping Nikolas away from the baby, he replies that when he saw her with Nikolas it made him have a flashback of losing Courtney to Nikolas and all of the things Nikolas he is afraid that Nikolas could take from him. Hearing that, she asks him why he would possibly be jealous of her and Nikolas Cassadine. She is not “interested” in Nikolas. She doesn’t even like him.

Lulu informs Dillon that she’s concerned that Luke is going to run into Holly Sutton. Right then, Georgie enters and asks them what they are discussing.

After Robin has run into her father on the docks, she asks him if he’s even considered contacting her. He then pulls out a list of numbers and contacts. She asks him why he’s answering her question with the slip of paper. He then replies that if he shows her that, then perhaps she will be able to understand why he did not feel it was in her best interest that he contacts her.

At Sonny’s, he has smacked Jason and is demanding Jason gets out of his house and leave him to his business. It is his, he yells. And Jason better get out or he will hit him again. Jason does not respond and refuses to leave. Sonny then grabs a hold of Jason. Right then, Emily enters and urges Sonny not to do this. Right then, Sonny pushes Emily out of the way and “accidentally” knocks her down. Right then, Jason is ready to really hurt Sonny.

Carly tells Jax she understands why he is jealous of any man who comes near her. They are ready to kiss. And right then, there is a knock on the door. It’s Nikolas. He thanks the two of them for giving him the “privilege” of seeing Courtney’s baby. He humbles himself, telling them that he is willing to comply with any policies at Mercy hospital. But it looks like he knows the secret. He knows that Jax has falsified the paternity tests and has kept from him that he is the father of baby John

Robert asks Robin what it will take in order to convince her that he has reasons not to contact her right now and it’s in her best interest. She tells him that she knows that he has made the choice not to contact her. She wishes that he would admit that he does not care enough about her to find the time to contact her.

After Sonny has accidentally knocked Emily down, Jason is ready to choke him. Emily then pulls them apart and tells Jason he cannot do this. He yells that she must know that he is protecting her from Sonny. He is out of control and could have hurt her. She yells at him that it was an accident. It is he(Jason) who is out of control. And he needs to leave. Jason then goes out the door and Emily puts her arms around Sonny.

When it looks to Carly that Nikolas is ready to find the documents on Jax’s desk that confirm that baby John is his(Nikolas’) son, Carly distracts Nikolas by acting concerned that he’s standing too close to the fire place and that his coat could catch on fire. Jax asks Nikolas to continue saying what he was going to say. Nikolas tells them both that he would like the “privilege” of seeing baby John again. Jax then surprises him by telling him that he may see the baby, provided he has no public outbursts. But he asks Nikolas why he has so much interest in the baby. Nikolas replies that when he held him, he really felt a need to develop a relationship with him. And he hopes he can have that opportunity. Jax tells him he can but would prefer that Nikolas let him know before he comes to the hospital to visit the baby. Nikolas seems content and walks out to leave Jax and Carly alone. Jax has not yet heard Carly confirm to him that she’s found out the truth about the paternity test. And he asks her why she had to distract Nikolas by telling him she thought his coat caught on fire.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward enters and interrupts Dillon’s conversation with Georgie about Diego. He leaves and Dillon tells his wife that he thought they had an agreement that she has no more contact with Diego. She tells him that she and Diego are friends. And there is nothing Dillon can do about that.

Robert protests to Robin that he did not intend to abandon her. She tells her father that whether he intended or not, he did a terrible thing to her when she was a teenager, by having her believing he was dead. She cried herself to sleep so many nights. He asks her why she cannot give them another chance. She tells him it’s too late. He tells her how sorry he is. She tells him she wishes he knew what her life was like working so hard to get good grades in order to make her heroic father proud of her after he saved her mother’s life. And it was all a lie. She gets ready to walk away.

At Sonny’s, Emily gets on the phone to call Jason. He’s not home yet. Sam answers and Emily informs her that Jason almost choked Sonny. Right then, Jason enters and tells Sam if that is Emily she must hang up. She does but asks him what is up. She believes he really went too far in attempting to choke Sonny for seeing Emily. She tells him he must realize that they are choosing to see each other. They are in love. There’s nothing he can do about it. And he must back off from this.

Carly tells Jax she did not “pretend” that she was concerned about Nikolas’ coat catching on fire. She was really afraid that he was standing too close to the fireplace. He asks her what is up. Does she have a secret she is not telling him? She asks him why he is being so nice to Nikolas all of a sudden. He tells her that he is not going to keep holding a grudge against Nikolas and asks her why she is so concerned or if she has a problem with it. She then tells him that she cannot have a relationship with him if he continues to keep all these secrets from her. Does he know, specifically, what she is talking about?

Dillon asks Gerogie why she is vilifying him when he told her he did not want her keeping corresponding with a convicted felon. She asks him why he was sharing this secret with Lulu. He tells her that he and Lulu were both concerned about the bad judgment she was making to be in contact with Diego. She tells him that his “precious little Lulu” was snooping through her personal belongings and has been holding the secret over her head. As they argue, the rest of the family witnesses and adds in their two cents. She tells him that distrust is the quickest way to ruin love.

Sonny gets on the phone and talks to Escobar. He tells him he must understand something. Jason is his employee and nothing more. He deals solely with Sonny. Emily then warns Sonny that Jason does not make empty threats. If he said he was going to take away the business, he meant it. Sonny tells Emily, he will not respond to Jason’s threats. She tells him that he better not mess with Jason. If he wants his business back, he needs to break it off with her.

Sam tells Jason he has gone too far in taking Sonny’s business away from him. He tells her he has to protect Emily. She tells him she understands that. But he cannot force Sonny to choose between his business and Emily. It’s not going to solve anything. He has to let Sonny and Emily make their own decisions. And he’s being very hypocritical. He then gets up to leave and tells her she just doesn’t understand. But she tells him she loves him and cannot let him leave like this.

Georgie tells Dillon that when they were dating, they trusted each other and kept no secrets from each other. He tells her that’s not true. She’s been keeping many secrets from him and has promised each time never to do it again. And he knows she’s been having this secret correspondence with Diego for months now. She tells him that she thought he loved and respected the fact that she was compassionate and trusting and able to see the good in people. He tells her he has a problem with her seeing Diego. She tells him that he must know that she does not love Diego. She only feels sorry for him. And if he cannot or will not trust her, then they can get the annulment that his mother wants them to get. She angrily goes out the door.

Robert tells Robin that he could make time for her. She tells him he mustn’t put himself out for her. She’s had years of experience having to go it alone. So she will be fine. He may go and take care of business. He then gets up to leave. Alone with Nikolas, Robin tells him she hates that her father “gets” her and that she still cares about him. Nikolas replies that she loves Robert because he is her father.

Jax tells Carly he can see that they have a lot in common and get along. He realizes that maybe he should trust her. But he has a problem with that. He knows about her history of manipulating every man she’s been with. So he wonders why he would be any different. She says she realizes that. But they are going to have to find a way to try to develop trust or they don’t have a chance. She then gets up to leave and tells him she must get back to her kids.

Sam tells Jason that he needs to think really hard about he damage he has done and try to make it better. She knows that Sonny and Emily are two of the most important people in his life. She knows the last thing he’d want is to hurt them. She tells him that she can disagree with him and still love him. He is not alone. She asks him to please not shut down on her. He then concludes that he’s listened to her and believes she is wrong. And there is nothing left to say. And he goes out the door.

Emily tells Sonny that the very thing he’s feared and warned her about has happened. And now they must stop seeing each other before it gets worse. He tells her she cannot let Jason dictate their lives to them. She tells him he mustn’t blame Jason. They can fix this by walking away. Again, he tells her that he does not take orders from Jason. He’s not going to let Jason “punish” him by taking away his business until he’s a good little boy. Hearing that, she then concludes that this is not about love. It’s about his need to “beat” Jason. He tells her that he has warned her that this is an ugly business and realizes she has the right to leave if she chooses. She tells him that she feels responsible. She started this. He tells her that she did not start anything. It was Jason who started the conflict. Jason has disrespected him. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to leave but realizes she has the right to do so if she wants. And he has to do what he has to do.

Robin tells Nikolas that her dad went off and played dead when she was young and has abandoned her many other times throughout her life. And now, all of a sudden, he wants to have a relationship with her. Hearing that, Nikolas tells her that sometimes, it’s difficult for fathers to know if they should be in their kids’ lives or not. He admits to her that he had real mixed feelings about whether to have a baby with Courtney. Now he wishes that he could be in her baby’s life right now. Hearing that, she tells him she knows it must have devastated him to find out that the baby was really Jax’s. He tells her it did. But the first time he held the baby, he felt a connection just like he was his own.

Carly returns home to find Jason there. She asks if he had a fight with Sonny and Emily. He admits to her that Sonny hit him. Emily tried to break it up and Sonny pushed her out of the way. When he saw her fall, he lost it and almost strangled Sonny. And he’s afraid of what would have happened if Emily and Max had not shown up and prevented him from what he intended to do with Jason.

Sam goes to talk to Sonny. She admits to him that she knows that Jason is out of line. He’s treating Emily like a child and not being very cool to Sonny. But she urges Sonny to at least consider giving Jason some time to cool off. Sonny tells Sam she must realize that Jason is never going to change and never intends to cool off. And he tells her that his suggestion for her is that she stays out of it.

They guy who has previously threatened to expose Jax’s secret to Nikolas comes by after Jax has called him. He assures Jax he has nothing to worry about. He has not breathed a word about the paternity test to Nikolas Cassadine and does not plan to. Right then, Jax presents a check for a whopping sum of money and tells the guy he can enable him to live very comfortably a long way from there, anywhere he wants. And in exchange the guy must never tell anything about the paternity test to Nikolas or anybody else.

Nikolas is attempting to convince Robin to give her father another chance like what he wants to have with his son.

Carly tells Jason that regardless of the problems he is having with Sonny, he can see the boys whenever he wants. He tells her that is impossible. She tells him that he will always be a part of Michael and Morgan’s life. He asks her if she believes that he is overreacting. She tells him she predicts that Sonny and Emily will break up in due time.

Emily is still at Sonny’s. He tells her if she wants to leave, she can. She tells him it breaks her heart that he and Jason are fighting. She wishes there was some way they could make peace. But she tells him she has decided to stay with him no matter what happens.

Sam returns home to see guards outside the door. She notices tons of flowers and discovers that they are from Escobar. The guard explains to her that they are “paying their respects” to the “new boss”.

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