GH Update Monday 4/17/06

General Hospital Update Monday 4/17/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Luke bolts from his wedding to Tracy. Downstairs, all the Quartermaines know that something is up. He manages to make a clean getaway. And right then, Robert Scorpio seems to know that Luke is scheming something. Tracy plays her role as the angry bride who has been left at the alter. Ned says he knows that this wedding is not valid anyway. Right then, they hear a car driving away and Alan discovers that Luke stole the Bentley. Robert then comes up to Luke’s room and demands that Lulu tells him where her father has gone.

Alone in the nursery, Carly asks baby John what she should do now that she’s discovered the shocking news that Nikolas Cassadine is his real father. She tells the tiny baby that she wants to do the right thing by Courtney. Should she keep her mouth shut or should she tell Nikolas that he is his father? Right then, Nikolas enters and Carly does not try to prevent him from being with his son. He believes that he must promise not to make trouble and he just wants to be with his “stepson”. Little does he know. Right then, Jax enters and demands to know what Nkolas is doing with his son and why Carly hasn’t stopped him from entering the nursery. She looks at Jax coldly, the way she never has before.

Lulu tells Robert that he needs to realize that her father has a habit of escaping, going away and not keeping in touch with anybody. Doesn’t he realize she wouldn’t have a clue where he is. It’s not like he tells her anything He tells her he believes she must know why Luke has left and where he has gone. Tracy walks in and tells Robert that she is a jilted bride. He tells her he knows the only reason she even went through with this absurd wedding was to stall Luke’s extradition. He tells her if she does not reveal to him what she knows, he will have her charged as being an accessory to Luke’s crime.

Downstairs, Alan and Ned want to have Luke arrested for car theft. But Alice tells them if anybody makes any trouble for Mr. Luke, all of the staff will go on strike. That means no more breakfast buffets, cocktail hour or washed clothes. Monica tells them they cannot have Luke arrested because without all the amenities they are used to the servants providing, nobody could survive. Dillon sounds like he’s concerned about his mother being stood up at her wedding. Ned then tells his brother if he is really concerned about that, then he and Georgie are welcome to move back in. Dillon then reveals that he is not that concerned.

Robin is alone with Patrick in his hospital room as he recovers. They argue about who is interested in whom. Right then, the hospital administrator walks in, tells Robin she must leave and tells them that Robin committed a serious violation of hospital policy after forging a signature on the authorization for Patrick to donate his liver to his father. Patrick tells her that Robin has the right to be there.

Carly tells Jax that Nikolas has the right to Courtney’s baby. She sounds emotional to the two guys telling them they both need to lighten up and stop treating each other in such a bad way. She gives baby John to Nikolas, tells Jax it’s the right thing to do. She looks him square in the eye and tells him that they (herself and Jax) both know it.. Nikolas gets to hold his son for the first time. He thanks Carly. Outside with baby, John, Nikolas still has no conscious clue that John is his baby. Alone with Carly, Jax asks her what is up. Throughout the whole time, since he was born, she upheld the rules that Nikolas cannot go near the baby. Now she’s changed. Why would that be?

Elizabeth tells Emily she’s glad that Sonny is trying to make an “effort”. But she believes it’s unrealistic that he and Jason will ever reach a compromise about Emily and Sonny. Emily tells Elizabeth she wonders why Jason cannot respect her decisions about her life. Elizabeth tells her that she should look at it from Jason’s point of view. He wants to keep her safe and is doing what he believes is the right thing to do.

Right then, Jason is at Sonny’s visiting with the boys. Max knows that Jason and Sonny need to talk alone so he takes Michael and Morgan. Sonny tells Jason he wanted the boys to have “one last memory” about the way things “used to be”. Jason asks Sonny what he thinks and feels now. Sonny replies that Jason has double-crossed him. Jason has gotten what he wanted. And now they are enemies.

Tracy tells Robert Scorpio if he makes any threats toward Luke, she can get some lawyers after him and get him in trouble. And she can also get him charged with child abandonment and endangerment. She knows what he did to Robin when she was a child. She asks him if she’s made herself perfectly clear that she knows how to defend herself against her deadbeat husband as well as riff raff like him. He tells her there is no reason to get snotty; he just wanted to get her attention. She tells him he has it. He tells her he just wanted to possibly help her make Luke pay for what he did to her. She tells him she can take care of that without his help and that as far as Luke’s consequences, he need not worry about that. Because it’s become her mission in life to make Luke Spencer beg for mercy.

After holding baby John for the first time, Nikolas tells Jax and Carly he’s grateful to both of them. Being able to hold Courtney’s baby has been an incredible gift. Jax tells him you’re welcome. Alone with Jax, Carly angrily asks him if he’d stoop so low as to use a baby as ammunition to hurt people. He asks her if she really believes that he would use a child as a weapon. Does she really think he’s that petty? She replies if that is not the case, then he needs to answer one question for her. Is Nikolas that much of a threat to him?

While Emily and Elizabeth are talking about Jason’s current concern for Emily and Sonny, the nasty hospital administrator who wants to get Robin in trouble (Ms. Sneed) approaches Elizabeth and arrogantly tells her how dare she get Epiphany Johnson to fight her battles for her. She has every legal right to have Lucky moved to county general if he cannot pay his medical bills. Emily then steps in and asks the woman if her father, the chief of staff, knows that she is hounding Elizabeth for money. The woman tells Emily that she is a med student and has no say in the hospital’s billing policies. Nikolas then steps in and asks if the hospital’s chief benefactor has any say in what goes on.

Sonny tells Jason that he has betrayed him. He tells him he was willing to compromise with him in this situation. That was not easy to do, as Jason knows. It was Emily who convinced him to cut Jason some slack. The same Emily that Jason wants to keep away from Sonny and whom he has shut out and disrespected. He tells Jason it’s kind of ironic that Jason wants to keep Sonny away from his little sister. Sonny remembers that Jason had involvement and married Sonny’s little sister. Sonny stayed out of Jason and Courtney’s relationship. Hearing that, Jason tells Sonny it’s completely different. Emily has been recently emotionally damaged after being raped. She’s a med student. She has some issues, which Sonny is well aware. Sonny asks Jason why he would even consider that Sonny would hurt Emily. Jason tells Sonny he knows he would never intentionally do so. But he knows what happens when Sonny goes to his “dark places”. And Jason does not want Emily getting involved in that. Sonny then tells Jason he never thought he’d end up saying this. But he thinks Jason is being the biggest hypocrite.

At the Quartermaine house, everybody is wondering what is really going on with Luke, how it affects Lulu and the whole deal. Alan tells them he’d rather stop this debate and have dinner. Right then, Robert Scorpio leaves. Alice tells him he better not come in there and threaten Mr. Luke again. Lorenzo and Skye are alone. She tells him that she never thought she’d find herself feeling sorry for Tracy. She feels what Tracy must feel knowing that in all women’s heart of hearts, they want to be somebody’s cherished bride. Hearing that, Lorenzo tells her he’s happy she said that. He then asks Skye Chandler Quartermaine if she will do the honor of becoming his cherished bride.

Patrick informs Bobbie that his father is suing the hospital. She asks why. He tells her that right when Noah should be grateful that he got another chance, he wants to get into a snit about Patrick giving his father his liver without consent. And he’s now gotten Ms. Sneed to attempt to suspend Robin’s medical license after she helped them and save Patrick’s life.

Outside, in the hospital lobby, Nikoas tells Ms. Sneed that the board has obviously given her too much power if she has nothing better to do with her time than harass hospital staff. Elizabeth is a dedicated nurse who helps save lives. Lucky is a law enforcement officers who protects society from danger. And in doing so, he gets injured. Maybe she can get sued for letting Manny Ruiz endanger people in this hospital. He tells her that he and the board members can get her run out of her job if she keeps doing this. She then gives up and walks away. Emily, Elizabeth and other staff clap and praise Nikolas.

Sonny tells Jason that he wants to be respectful of him and his feelings. But he has no right to dictate his life. Jason tells Sonny he did what he had to do. He has to make certain that he is no longer a target. Sonny asks if that means he intends to steal his business. Jason tells Sonny he can have his business back if he agrees to leave Emily alone.

Skye tells Lorenzo she would love to accept his proposal. But she cannot. Not yet. He tells her that is not a definite no. It can still happen at another time. She tells him that a life with him would be extremely attractive to her. But she has to think about the baby.. She has enough history of failures in her own life. She knows what the marriage mode might do to her. It could make her needy and emotionally messed up. And she cannot risk what that could do to their child. He tells her he was thinking that his technique could stand improvement. He realizes it might be kind of backward for him to propose to her when he has never said he loves her.

Patrick tells Ms. Sneed that she needs to find better things to do than file frivolous lawsuits. She defends herself and makes new threats. And right then, Noah tells her maybe somebody should run her out of her job for what she has done. Bobbie then tells Noah she is really impressed. For such a long time, she has wanted to tell Ms. Sneed where to stick it. Ms. Sneed leaves and Noah tells his son, Bobbie and Robin that he were it not for the loyalty he has for them, he would not have done what he just did. He doesn’t want to get them in trouble. But he is not ok with what Patrick and Robin did.

In response to Carly’s confrontation of what he did, Jax tells her he has his reasons to never tell Nikolas that this baby is his. Nikolas is spoiled and arrogant and has a dangerous family. He only wants to protect this baby’s interests. And if she cannot accept his decision, then so be it. He walks away. Carly again asks the baby what he thinks she should do.

Jason asks Sonny when he has ever talked to any of the casino managers face to face or handled anything himself. Doesn’t he realize all the work and loyalty Jason has given him throughout all this time?. Sonny tells Jason that he has no right to take away his business and judge what he has with Emily. Jason tells Sonny that he slept with Emily behind his back. And again, he’s doing what he has always done; He’s cleaning up Sonny’s mess.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth what Lucky’s condition is. She tells him that her husband is having terrible back pain after going to Jesse’s funeral. He had to do it because he’s an honorable man. Nikolas tells her he wishes there was something he could do. She tells him he already has by paying Lucky’s medical bill. He tells her that he hopes Lucky will never find out. Elizabeth leaves. Emily then observes Nikolas and tells him that he looks “lighter”. She asks if something happened. He tells her for the first time, he was able to hold Courtney’s baby. He got to feel what it would be like to be a father.

Lorenzo tells Skye he knows all about losing people. He lost his brother, his first fiancé, and his niece. His son got sent away. His attempted love with Carly ended. She then tells him it might be a good sign. They have both been burned enough to value the process of really getting to know each other and taking their time. And if they can ever get to that place where they can really declare their love to each other, it could be the truest words they ever said. He kisses her.

Sonny tells Jason that he has stolen from him. Jason tells Sonny that he can have it all back if he gives up on Emily. Sonny tells Jason this is business, not a football game. He cannot just negotiate something under the condition that Sonny does what he wants. Jason tells Sonny that he’s been going off to the island with his sister when he should be at home taking care of business. Sonny tells Jason he may have not handled this properly. He should not have lied. Jason tells Sonny he does not want him hurting Emily. Sonny tells Jason that it is he(Jason) who has hurt Emily. He then tells Jason that there is no point in arguing. Jason cannot understand anything. SO what Jason needs to do is pick up the phone, give Sonny back what he stole and get the hell out of his home and out of his life. Jason then tells Sonny he does not get it. He’s not in charge anymore. Sonny smacks Jason and tells him it’s his business,. He built it. And he demands Jason gets out of his house.

At the Quartermaine house, Lulu makes a lame attempt to console Tracy. Dillon comes in and Tracy informs them both that having Luke Spencer out of her home and out of her life is cause for celebration. There’s nothing she’d like more than being rid of Luke. She leaves and Dillon and Lulu confirm that they know Tracy is lying. Dillon also confirms with Lulu that he knows that she knows where Luke is. Lulu confirms that she does know where her father is and why he did what he did.

Robin runs into her father by the docks and tells him how surprised she is that he’s back. She asks if he’d ever planned on picking up the phone and letting her know. He tells her that he wondered if she’d want to hear from him.

Carly goes to Jax’s home and tells him this may not be the right time. But she has some things to say. She tells him that for the record, Nikolas came by and just wanted to see the baby. She did not ask him to come. He just showed up and she let him hold the baby. She knew that Jax was nearby. Had he not been there, she would have sent Nikolas away. She would have respected Jax’ wishes. So she’d like him to be respectful enough to tell her why he is so adamant about wanting to keep Nikolas away from baby John.

When Jason refuses to leave Sonny’s house, Sonny grabs him, demands he gets out and tells him he will hit him again. Emily then comes by and urges Sonny to stop. Sonny then pushes her out of the way and it looks like he might have knocked her down and hurt her.

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