GH Update Friday 4/14/06

General Hospital Update Friday 4/14/06


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Robert and Luke chat at the Quartermaine mansion. The plan was for Luke and Tracy to renew their vows and stall so that Robert does not cart Luke off to the Markham Islands, where he might be tortured. However, Luke is on the phone to Holly, who has told him that someone is trying to kill her. Luke quickly covers and hangs up after telling Holly that he will be there for her. He and Robert chat for a minute about what will happen. Robert gets suspicious when Luke pretends to be happy about marrying Tracy again. Luke switches tactics by saying he has cold feet and is scared to marry her. He says that none of their past adventures were as scary as this. Robert can tell he's stalling and calls him on it, but Luke keeps at it. They argue about it. Robert points out that Luke and Tracy seem fond of each other, and Luke agrees. However, he says, he's only said vows and meant them to Laura.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Tracy denies to Lulu that she cares about Luke, more than just not wanting him to be tortured, but Lulu knows that Tracy loves him. Alan, Monica, Ned, Georgie, Dillon, Skye, and Lorenzo all come in, ready for the wedding. They are all being very cynical and want to hurry up and get the vow renewal over with. Skye pleads with them to wish the bride and groom well, but Monica thinks it's her hormones talking. Alice arrives, dressed as a minister. The Quartermaines are surprised that she is a minister, so she tells them she was ordained by the Church of Online Divinity. They all bicker, as usual. Alice is really enjoying the whole thing. Tracy looks worried about why Luke is not there yet.

Tracy enters the room just as Luke is telling Robert that he's not sure how he will be able to say vows to her. She says, "Find a way". Robert leaves them alone. Luke tells Tracy that there is no word yet from the attorney, who is supposed to be getting an injunction. Robert now tries to get Tracy out of the room so he can skip out, but it does not work, and eventually she get suspicious. She tells him that Alice is their minister. He knows that Alice will rush through the ceremony, and he tells Tracy that they should stall as long as possible by reading really long vows about how much they love each other. He pours the sentiment on a little too thick, so that's why Tracy keeps getting suspicious. Luke says he is having trouble with what to say, so Tracy knows that he is always ready with the right words. Finally, she goes. Luke prepares to go out the window, noting that it's very high up. Lulu comes in and agrees, wondering why he's skipping out on Tracy. He tells her about Holly. Lulu doesn't know why Luke would care, since Holly almost killed so many people (including her). When he doesn't answer, she realizes that Luke has a thing for Holly. He denies it, but she knows that he is also competing with Robert again. Lulu is angry about his leaving her with Tracy, who will be even more angry. She also reminds him that Lucky needs him. Luke tries to make it up to her, but she tells him to just go. He promises he'll be back and hugs her, but she does not return the hug. He adds that he'll miss her and asks her to go downstairs for him and stall.

Tracy argues with her family about whether Luke is serious about renewing their vows. Lulu comes down and lies that Luke is still writing his vows. Robert wants to go back up to see Luke, but Alice stops him, saying that the wedding is about to start. Tracy starts to worry and Robert looks suspicious. Suddenly, Tracy looks at Lulu's expression and realizes that Luke is standing her up. She screams his name. Luke is still trying to climb out the window, and his foot gets caught on the drapes. When Tracy screams his name, it seems to startle him and he falls out the window.

Carly is with Jason. She's angry about finding out that he's stealing Sonny's business, so she phones Sonny. However, when Sonny answers, she hangs up. She tells Jason she couldn't do it because he's her best friend. They argue about it, and Jason yells some more. She puts a guilt trip on him about everything Sonny's done for him. She leaves after saying that she will help pick up the pieces, if there are any left after this.

Sonny and Emily are on the island. She wonders what he wants to do next, and she lists several possibilities. He is very distracted and a bit down. The phone rings, but no one says anything, so he hangs up. He tells her that she was right to suggest they come here so he could cool down. Now that his anger is gone, he's had time to think things through. He understands Jason and trusts him. He thinks Jason has just been testing him, and once he realizes that he and Emily really do love each other, he'll adjust. Sonny chuckles, realizing he should have been more patient. He knows Jason will come around. He wants to go back and fix things with Jason, so Emily agrees.

Jax comes back to his place to find a man standing outside the door. It's the lab technician who helped him put in the fake test results about Nikolas' paternity. The man still has a copy of the results, even though he was supposed to destroy them. The man says that he saw Nikolas mentioned on the news and realized he is a very rich Cassadine who could probably give him more than Jax did. The man wants a million and a half from Jax. Jax suggests two million instead, and writes him a check. Jax acts very cordial as he writes the check and says the man must be nervous to be blackmailing him for two million dollars. Jax is still all smiles when he hands the man the check and threatens him, saying he'd better not ever try to get any more money out of Jax, or approach Nikolas. The man leaves quickly. Later, Jax looks at the test results on his desk. There is a knock on the door, so he puts the paper under another paper. Carly is at the door. Jax is cold to her, saying that he was not happy about her running out on their date. She says that the two people she loves most are about to destroy each other. He asks her why she's there, then. She starts to leave, but he stops her and apologizes for his jealousy. He doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes he made with Brenda (when he and Sonny fought over her). She says she needs him, and they kiss, then they start undressing. After they make love, she suggests champagne. They kiss and he gets up to get it. She says she needs to call her boys because she will be late. When she goes to call, she sees the paternity test and picks it up, reading it. She is shocked. Jax brings the champagne back. She fakes a call to Leticia and tells Jax that she will have to get home soon. She has time for one glass of champagne. He toasts to the future. A little later, Jax goes to GH to see his baby. Meanwhile, Carly is already there, talking to baby John. She wonders what she should do about this information she has found out. She debates with herself about secrets and lies. She looks up and sighs, wondering if Courtney will send her a sign about what to do. Nikolas walks in just then.

Also at the hospital, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that Iris Sneed (an upper administrator) wants them to prepare Lucky to move to County hospital. Elizabeth is outraged. Epiphany says that this hospital policy for patients without insurance. Elizabeth gets mad and yells at Epiphany, telling her to tell Iris that it is the hospital's fault for hiring psycho Manny, and for her being kidnapped. She threatens a lawsuit and also says she will get Nikolas to pull all of his money out of the hospital.

Jason is on the docks, thinking. Elizabeth walks up nearby, obviously upset. He asks her why, so she explains about her financial woes. He offers to pay the hospital bills, but she turns him down. She says they will get the money from Nikolas or take out a loan. She vents about her problems, saying she loves Lucky so much but they are always struggling, one step forward and two back. Jason comments that he knows how that is. She apologizes to Jason for bending his ear when he is having these problems with Sonny and Emily. He tells her that "it's over", so she wonders what he's done. He tells her that he is taking away Sonny's business and that he will have to give up Emily to get it back. Elizabeth knows that he's just trying to save Emily, no matter what the cost. Jason doesn't want to do it, but he thinks this is the best option. Elizabeth talks about all that he might lose. Jason tells her that Emily will need her friend after this. Jason walks her back to GH. He offers again to help, and again she turns him down. She says she will pray that it works out for all of them. The phone rings just as Jason is leaving. She tells him that Sonny needs to see him immediately. Jason leaves in the elevator, looking ready for the worst.

Sonny returns home to find a guard that he doesn't know at the door. When he asks about Max, he's told that Max is upstairs. He finds Bernie, the lawyer, waiting inside for him. Sonny tells Bernie that he is going to work things out with Jason. Bernie gives him some papers that Jason wants him to have. Sonny says he will sign them, but Bernie tells him they are already signed. Sonny looks at them and sees that all of his businesses and money have been moved. He gets angry and demands to know where his money is. Bernie tells him that he has a message from Jason. Jason made these changes for Sonny's protection. He feels that his current domestic situation has affected his ability to conduct business. Sonny realizes that Jason's stolen everything. Sonny apologizes to Bernie for getting mad, then he reminds him about his brother Bennie who used to work for Sonny, how loyal he was, and how generous Sonny was in taking care of his family after he died. Sonny notes that Bennie would never have gone along with Jason's plan. He tells Bennie that he is in charge and Jason is his employee, and so is Bennie. Bennie says that he means no disrespect, but technically he and the others all work for Jason now. Sonny asks him to leave. Sonny takes a drink, sits down and is clearly furious. He picks up some big wooden pole (some kind of decoration near his window) and smashes some things.

Jason arrives at Sonny's. He finds Michael coming down the stairs and wonders why he's there. Michael laughingly reminds him that he lives there. They go out to the patio and find Sonny sitting at a table with the kids and food, having dinner. Sonny seems happy. He tells Jason jovially that he's been looking for him, leaving messages all over town. Jason sits down. Sonny makes a toast to friendship, saying, "it's carried us a long, long way". Jason looks stressed out.

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