GH Update Thursday 4/13/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/13/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Jax are on the phone, making plans for later. Carly is at the hotel, and Jax is at the hospital. Elizabeth sees Jax smiling on the phone and notes that he must have a hot date. Jax lets her know that he is dating Carly. Elizabeth reacts like most people, but maybe a little more mildly. He chats with her about the baby. He tells her that he will never forget the baby that she carried for him and Courtney, then he leaves. Epiphany hands Elizabeth a paper and tells her to read it. Both are unsmiling and Elizabeth looks disappointed.

Lainey comes by the hotel, looking for Justus. She tells Carly they were at Jesse's funeral. Somehow Carly gets out of her that she and Justus have hit a plateau in their relationship. Carly gets the idea that they should have dinner with her and Jax, and she talks Lainey into it. Justus is surprised that he and Lainey are meeting Jax and Carly. Jax arrives. Carly gives him a very sexy kiss. Later, Jax tells an exciting story about mountain-climbing with his family. However, Carly keeps distracting him by the way she's touching him. Carly insists they leave and there is more kissing. Jax tells Lainey and Justus that dinner is on them, and he and Carly leave. However, Ric phones Carly to tell her that all hell is breaking loose over at Sonny's. Meanwhile, Justus and Lainey discuss what happened. Lainey explains her talk with Carly and how she wishes they could be more spontaneous. Justus suggests that they get a room right there in the hotel, and he takes out his phone to make reservations. That is too quick for Lainey, who tells him that she has a meeting in the morning. They agree that they are moving too fast and should take their relationship in their own speed.

Jason and some other guards are going through Sonny's house, taking stuff out. Max tries to stop them, but not very effectively. He tries to phone Sonny, but there is no answer. Before it can ring very long, Jason comes up and puts his finger on the receiver to cancel the call. He tells Max that Sonny can't know what's going on until it's done. He asks Max how he wants to handle this. Does he want Jason to knock him over the head or tie him up? So that Sonny will know that he was loyal and put up a fight. Max relents, saying Jason can tie him to a chair. Max asks Jason to go easy on his brother, and Jason agrees. Max is upset and wonders how Sonny is going to handle this, since Jason is like a brother to him. He wonders how Jason can do this. Jason tells him that Sonny can't run the business because he is too distracted by Emily. He is giving Sonny a choice--the business or Emily. Ric wanders in and asks what's going on. Jason ignores him at first. Ric points out that Sonny will hate Jason for this. Jason tells Ric sarcastically that this is his big chance (to take Jason's place with Sonny). Jason tells someone on the phone that there are new guards and they answer only to him. Ric says that it's ironic that his best friend is taking him down (rather than Ric, who tried so many times). Ric tries to point out that Sonny will not be happy with this choice and that Jason will no longer see his nephews. He suddenly realizes that Jason has it all planned out and that maybe Jason is not so dumb as he thought him to be after all. Jason orders him out angrily and tells him to wait for his brother to call him. Carly arrives and confronts Jason. She says that it is up to him what happens next. They argue. She stresses that this will tear Sonny apart and may cause him to have another breakdown. Jason yells that he hates this, too, but it is the only solution. He rants about how he feels. Frustrated, Carly goes to phone Sonny.

Elizabeth brings the paper to Lucky. it is a bill for the hospital. Since Lucky had quit before he got hurt, his cop insurance does not cover his hospital expenses again. Lucky gets very upset and tries to get up, but he falls. She helps him back into bed, but he is very worried about their being in debt again. She warns him that he will injure himself more if he keeps getting up. She has to phone Nikolas to ask for help again, which Lucky hates, but she knows that there is no other solution. After she leaves, Lucky takes more pain medication. She returns, saying she couldn't get hold of Nikolas. Lucky tells her groggily that she'll be fine with Lucky, Nikolas, and Patrick to handle everything (he's saying that he feels useless). She kisses him.

Nikolas finds Maxie drinking at a bar. She is angry about Jesse' death and upset. She says he died too soon and she doesn't want "closure". Nikolas takes her arm and they leave. They go to Windemere, where they find his butler, Alfred. Maxie orders champagne, so they drink it. Maxie, drunk, comments about his place. He worries whether she should be drinking with her heart the way it was, but she assures him that she's fine. She says that the advice she gave him when Courtney died was BS and that things don't get any easier. She remembers the last time she was there, when Elizabeth and Lucky got married. It was also her birthday, so she left early and Jesse had celebrated with her at Kelly's. Nikolas holds her hand as she talks about it. Maxie passes out, so he has Alfred call the commissioner to let him know that she is safe. Nikolas covers her with a blanket. She reaches up and pats him on the face with her hand.

Luke is at the Quartermaine mansion with Tracy, Skye, and Lorenzo. Luke sees Skye and Lo kissing and it clearly disgusts him. Tracy yells at Luke for some bills he had sent to her. He gives her a big kiss and suggests that they renew their vows. Tracy is confused as to why they would do that, and it's Skye's turn to be disgusted. Alice announces Robert's arrival. Robert says that Luke is wanted back in the Markham Islands for questioning about the disease, and adds that they are paying Robert a big finder's fee: $50,000. Luke balks, but Robert hints that he will be tortured. Tracy and Luke agree that he cannot leave because they are renewing his vows. She takes him out into the foyer and tells him to phone her lawyer to get an injunction so they can't make him go back to the islands. Luke is happy to get the help. He asks Robert to be his best man, and Robert happily agrees. Luke suggests that Skye be Tracy's maid of honor, but they are both appalled at that idea. Lorenzo kisses Skye and says that it will be very romantic to see her walking down the aisle, so she gives in. Lulu comes in and is not thrilled about the vow renewal idea. Tracy goes over and, much to Lulu's horror, gives her a big hug. Tracy whispers to Lulu what is going on, so Lulu's tune suddenly changes. She acts very happy to see Luke and Tracy renewing their vows. Ned, Monica, and Lana arrive as Luke is on the phone to the lawyer. Georgie and Dillon also arrive. Luke announces the vow renewal, but no one cares. They all begin to make excuses until Lulu reminds them that Luke is being extradited afterwards. They all suddenly warm to that idea and toast the happy couple.

Later, Luke is on the phone again to the lawyer. He and Robert are wearing tuxedos. They chat about Holly. Robert tells Luke that Holly is in a country club facility and he plans to visit her after he drops Luke off. He says this with a glint in his eye. Next we see Alice in white, in a bride's outfit, and starts to kiss Luke. Her fantasy, however, is interrupted by Tracy yelling at her that they need a minister. Alice says she can perform the ceremony because she got her minister's license off the internet. Tracy's mouth drops open in shock. Later, Lulu chats with Luke as she helps him with the flower in his lapel. They talk about finding the "right person" and reminisce about Laura. Luke and Lulu agree that Tracy has really come through and seems to care about him after all. Robert listens in on their conversation; he hears Luke say that he plans to outwit Robert.

Tracy, wearing white, looks at a picture of Lila and sniffles. Lulu comes in, so Tracy expects her to yell at her, but Lulu thanks her for helping her dad. She wonders why she's helping and says she thinks that she really does care about Luke. Luke is in his suit when he gets a phone call from someone unexpectedly. He is surprised to get the call from Holly, who says that someone wants her dead. Luke tells her, "Stay there. I'll come and get you".

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