GH Update Wednesday 4/12/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/12/06


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Maxie tells Dillon and Georgie that she regrets her failure to do anything for Jesse. He never asked her for anything. He only saw her as high maintenance and was always taking care of her. They tell her she mustn’t see it that way.

Jason has a private meeting with a contact and speaks about a plan they are going to secretly partake in. Right then, Emily walks in the door and tells him he must give this up. She knows what this is about.

Ric comes to see Sonny and tells him he knows that there is a war on between him and Jason . And he knows which side he’s going to be on.

Luke is hung over when Lulu informs him that Lucky is in the hospital from going after Manny Ruiz. Luke asks her how that could happen when Lucky turned in his badge. She tells him that Lucky had to save Elizabeth. Manny held her at gunpoint. Luke asks if Lucky has been hurt. She tells him just a few cracked ribs. She tells him that she’s tried and failed to contact him and it’s not her fault that her father has kept his cell phone turned off. Luke seems more interested in casino games than about his son. She tells him he needs to start acting more like a father and put his son first. But Luke has a terrible attitude and does not listen to his daughter.

In Lucky’s hospital room, he tells Elizabeth and Nikolas that he has to go to Jesse’s funeral. He still fells responsible for his death. But they tell him that Jesse did what he had to do and it’s not Lucky’s fault that he’s dead. If he’s not up to going to the funeral, nobody will think less of him. He needs to get his rest.

Jax gets off the elevator at the hospital to see Carly. She tells him that she saw baby John smile for the first time. He recognized her. She remembers how weak and ill he was not long ago. Now, he’s growing stronger and developing and it’s totally awesome. He tells her he wonders when the baby will be well enough to be released from the hospital.

Ric tells Sonny he realizes that it’s none of anybody’s business if he’s seeing Emily. Sonny tells his brother that is obviously true but nobody seems to realize that. He asks Ric why he’s there. Is he there to be his lawyer? Does he plan to give him advice? Everybody else wants to give him their opinion. Does Ric want to be his hit man? What does he want? Ric tells Sonny that he is not the one Sonny wants to be going off on.

AT Jason’s, Emily tells him that she “almost” broke up with Sonny last night. He asks her what she means by “almost”. She explains to Jason that she realizes how adamant he is about his disapproval of her seeing Sonny. She knows it will cause many complications. But she believes she has the right to make her own decisions. She wants to be with Sonny. And she’s not going to let anything or anybody stop it. Jason then concludes to his sister that she may do what she needs to do. And so will he. She tells him she’s really worried about the way he is shutting down. He tells her she’s made her choice. She tells him that she’s seen him do this to other people in the past. She always took his side. But she really cannot deal with the way he is right now. She cries and tells him she can see the way he is looking at her right now, as if he doesn’t even know her. He tells her that she’s already heard how he feels about her and Sonny. They need not discuss it further. And now, he needs to protect her. Hearing that, she demands to know what he’s done. He leads her to the door and tells her she has to leave. She tells him he must tell her what he did. But he won’t. He only pushes her out the door and shuts it on her.

Sonny tells Ric that he appreciates his concern but there is not going to be a war.

Luke goes to see Lucky in the hospital. He tells him that his sister has informed him that he “fell off his blocks” to be a hero. Lucky tells his father that he needs a favor from him. He needs to go to Jesse’s funeral. Luke tells Lucky that he wants him to help him risk paralysis, in order to stand over a hole with Port Chuck’s finest for a dead guy who won’t even know he’s there. Lucky tells his father he knows he thinks they are just a bunch of lazy, donut-eating cops. But he must understand brotherhood, loyalty and respect. Luke tells his son he understands what it’s like to go into the trenches for somebody and feel responsible for the loss of them. He tells Lucky he smells guilt. And Lucky must know how pointless that is. Lucky tells his father that Jesse was his partner and he has to be there.

At Jesse’s funeral, Diego comes and tells the others that he had to pay his respects. Jesse died in order to save his life. Lorenzo is there with his son. Skye appears and tells Lorenzo that she is there for the guy who saved Diego’s life. Diego is her baby’s only sibling. She is still his friend regardless of what has not worked out between herself and his father. Guy, the “gay rights” activist comes and informs Lucas that he is there for Jesse. He is very grateful for Jesse’s efforts in putting the gay basher away. Durant comes and greets Justus and Lanie. Right then, Dillon, Georgie and Maxie enter. All of Jesse’s police colleagues arrive in uniform, assemble and the chaplain reads “The Lord is my shepherd”. When he’s done, Durant steps up and talks about Jesse’s history of never running away from a dangerous situation. He knew what was right and what was good and was never afraid. He was the first to save lives after the train wreck. When young women were being drugged on campus, Jesse worked hard and successfully caught the perpetrator. He says he knows that Detective Beaudry’s brother died in his arm, when he was very young, from gang violent. He believes this is what lead him down the path of law enforcement to protect society from evil And then his life was ended by a mob war, the very thing that he fought against. Right then, Luke comes and wheels Lucky in uniform in a wheelchair. Elizabeth tells them they should not have done this. Durant informs the attendants that Detective Beaudry’s partner, Lucky Spencer was wounded yesterday fighting a dangerous criminal. He endured painful surgery and is now here today to make his partner proud.

Carly and the boys come to see Jason. She invites him to go with them on their picnic

Emily goes to Sonny’s and informs him that she thought she could get through to Jason. But it’s gotten worse. He’s treating her like a stranger. He tells her she has to give Jason some room. She tells him that when she looks at Jason, it’s like her brother has vanished. Sonny then tells her he will no longer deal with this. If Jason wants to shut down, that’s his business. But he’s not going to make her unhappy. He won’t stand for that. Hearing that, Emily urges Sonny not to “do” something she’s afraid he will do. He tells her that Jason is not allowed to disrespect her. She’s done nothing wrong. He loves her and will not let her be hurt. She then tells him that she is afraid of that look on his face that is so similar to Jason’s. She is worried about what he can do. He tells her he’s not going to let her put up with Jason’s attitude. She tells him in that case, he needs to take her away.

Jason goes with Carly and the boys on a picnic. Michael talks to him about video games and the remote control airplane. Michael goes off with Morgan. Alone with Carly, Jason tells her he knows what she is doing and it’s not going to work.

The police and military leaders do the ceremony with the guns, the salutes, the flag detail and the trumpets playing “Taps”. They show the picture of Jesse in uniform. They fold the flag. An officer gives the folded flag to Maxie and tells her in honor of detective Beaudry, she must accept this flag for his heroism. They, then do “pass in review” and walk away in detail formation. Lucky, then gets out of his wheelchair with the help of Lulu and Elizabeth. He stands and salutes while he cries over the loss of Jesse.

Carly tells Jason that he cannot control Sonny and Emily. Sonny won’t let him interfere in his business. She urges him to please let Sonny and Emily crash and burn. They will have nobody to blame but themselves when it ends. But he tells her he cannot just walk away from this. Emily is his sister. She tells him he did not hear a word he said. He tells her he heard her. But he knows what he has to do. He asks her to tell the boys that he had an appointment he had to go to. She urges him not to leave but he tells her he has to go and leaves.

Emily tells Sonny she wants them to go somewhere. He tells her that the trouble with Jason will still be there. They are just delaying the inevitable. She tells him she is a big believer in the power of time to heal. Maybe it will enable everybody to cool off. He tells her he really loves her unrealistic positive powers. She tells him they must make it real. And he must take her away.

At Lucky’s funeral, Lucas tells Guy he’s glad he made it. Maxie appreciated it. Guy tells him she will need all the friends she can get right now. Lucas assures him that she has him. Guy then tells Lucas that he is willing to go out for coffee with him some time.

Mac tells Lucky that he could not find any next of kin for Jesse. But he was very lucky to have Lucky and Maxie. Lucky tells Mac that he should have had Jesse’s back. Mac tells Lucky that life sometimes does not work out the way you want. And sometimes the heroes that go after the bad guys do not always win. He tells Lucky that Jesse would like him to have something. Georgie and Dillon leave. The rest of the police force goes. And Maxie is alone.

Lorenzo and Skye go to the Quartermaine house. She thanks him for asking her to sit with him. She admits that this was not easy for anybody. He admits that anybody can imagine what Maxie is going through. He tells her he wants to be a part of her life. And it’s not just because of the baby. SHe tells him she wants to act in the interest of their child. He tells her he believes that things could be different. He knows what matters to him most is her and this baby and Diego. He does not want to lose her and will not let her walk out of his life without a fight. She then tells him that although common sense tells her she should not be with him, she admits she would not know common sense if it came and bit her. They kiss. Luke returns and Tracy says she demands to see her husband. He says “if this day could get any worse”. But as soon as he walks into the Quartermaine house, he sees it can when he watches Lorenzo and Skye kissing. He drinks and Tracy shows him that he got a bill for the calking of the boat. He apparently expects her to pay it. She tells him what she wants him to do with it. He then tells her that maybe she should just accept being married to him. He looks at Skye and Lorenzo and seems to know that he made his bed.

Lucky returns to the hospital where he still looks sick. Nikolas tells him he needs to get well and not push himself nor blame himself for Jesse’s death. And maybe he should not have turned in his police badge.

After the funeral, Lulu runs into Diego and tells him she does not buy that he has any reason to be there except to be with Georgie. She tells him she knows all about what kind of trash he is and why doesn’t he just leave Georgie alone. Right then, Georgie enters and demands that Lulu stays out of her business.

Right then, Maxie goes to the Haunted Star and orders a drink.

At the park, alone with the kids, Carly notices they are upset about the remote control helicopter breaking. Right then, Jax comes and tells them maybe he can fix it. He says with a little time and patience, anything can be fixed.

Sonny and Emily are on a private jet.

Right then, Jason brings some guys into Sonny’s empty house. Max does not want to let him in but he tells Max he must stay out of his way.

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