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General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/11/06


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On the rooftop, Manny holds a knife to Elizabeth while Lucky is on the ground too injured to get up and fight back. Jason then comes and pulls a gun on Manny and demands he lets Elizabeth go. Manny tells Jason he must drop his gun or Elizabeth dies. Jason does not listen to him and demands Manny lets Elizabeth go or he will blow Manny’s head off. When Manny refuses to listen, Jason fires at him and he falls to the ground. Elizabeth then goes to help Lucky. They call for an ambulance for him.

Alexis goes and talks to Carly about her “client” who gave her baby up for adoption and asks Carly what the abandoned child would think or feel or do if her “client” were to find her child. Not revealing to Alexis that she knows her secret with Sam, Carly tells her that it would be a bad idea for her “client” to pursue her long lost child. Right then, Michael comes down the stairs and asks Alexis when he can see Kristina again. Alexis tells Michael that Kristina is not available to visit him. Right then, Carly lashes out at Alexis about how she is so judgmental of her and her kids and she has no business having her nose up in the air and preventing Michael from seeing his sister. Right then, Jax walks in to hear the two women arguing.

Patrick is back in his hospital room after his confrontation with his father.

Maxie, Georgie, Dillon, Lucas and Lulu are ready to have a private memorial services for Jesse. Right then, Lulu gets a call from Epiphany informing her that Lucky named her as next of kin and that she should know that her brother has been badly injured.

When Nikolas goes to talk to Jason and decides that maybe Sam can help him change his attitude about Emily and Sonny, he notices that Sam has some files on her desk about Alexis and asks what her “issue” is with his aunt. She does not reveal to him what is really going on with her and Alexis. Right then, he gets a call from Lulu about Lucky being hurt and goes out the door to help his brother before continuing his conversation with Sam.

Sonny tells Emily that they both made a mistake to hide from everybody and decide to break up just because others have a problem with them being together. He asks her if after all they have been through, if she can tell him that she no longer loves him. He tells her she cannot just walk away. Right then, Emily gets a call from her mom about Lucky being hurt. She tells Sonny she must go to the hospital for Lucky. But he tells her they are not done. They cannot be. She goes out the door.

Lucky gets rushed to the hospital. Elizabeth, Monica and Epiphany take care of him. Elizabeth tells her husband she loves him

Georgie tells Maxie that any time she wants to “stop”, she may. Maxie asks her what she means by “stop”. Georgie tells Maxie she needs to stop pretending that she is not devastated by the loss of Jesse. She tells her sister she cannot keep all this anger and grief and pain locked inside or it will hurt her worse than if she allows herself to feel it. Maxie tells Georgie she needs to keep it together for Jesse and have dignity at his funeral.

Robin informs Noah that Patrick has popped out his stitches after going and confronting him for what he did. She tells him the reason Patrick was angry with him was because he filed charges against her for forging a signature for Patrick in order to authorize him to donate his liver to his father. Noah tells her that she and Patrick had no business going behind his back. She tells Noah she knows his son is arrogant and impossible. And she now knows just where he got it from.

Carly tells Alexis that she is so tired of her behaving like Michael is so unworthy of being in the presence of her precious little Kristina. Alexis tells Carly that she has come in peace to ask her some questions and gets some advice from her. Why is Carly so angry at her? She then goes out the door.

Alan informs Emily and Nikolas that Lucky is badly hurt and will need surgery. There is no paralysis, but he will be in the hospital for a long time. Emily asks how Elizabeth is. Alan tells her she’s fine. Nikolas then asks Emily what has happened to Elizabeth. She tells him that Manny held Elizabeth at gunpoint on the roof. And she blames herself for it.

Mac goes to Sonny’s and informs him that Manny held Elizabeth Weber at knifepoint up on the roof and threatened to kill her. He tells Sonny he knows that the brain operation did not cure Manny. He asks Sonny if he knows anything he wants to share with the police about Manny. Does he know if Manny was in any way responsible for what happened to Sonny and Emily at the hotel? Sonny admits to Mac not that he knows of. Mac tells Sonny that’s just the answer he expected and he informs Sonny he does not need to have a lawyer yet. He’s very concerned that Manny has gotten away. Nobody has found his body anywhere. So he must be alive.

At the scene of the crime, Jason informs a detective about what he saw and what happened with Manny holding Elizabeth at knife point, how he shot at him but now Manny is nowhere to be found and escaped again.

Robin tells Patrick that she will take care of him. He tells her that he did not intend for her to play surgeon with him. That is not her specialty. The whole reason he went to confront his father was to get him to drop the lawsuit against her. She does not seem to be concerned about that and tells him that she used to dissect in school and is very capable of taking care of him in the OR.

Carly leaves Alexis alone with Jax. Alexis tells Jax that he is making a big mistake if he thinks that Carly has changed. She is the same jerk she always was. But he tells her that he knows what Carly is. She has helped him beyond what he could imagine with his baby. She tells him that he is lonely and grieving the loss of Courtney and not using good judgment. But he must wake up sooner or later and see that Carly is no good for him. He tells her he does not agree. He believes that Carly is good for him. But he will take her opinion into account.

Emily tells Nikolas that Sonny now blames himself for what happened to Elizabeth and Lucky. She cannot keep doing this. So she has no choice except to break up with Sonny.

Sam informs Sonny that she and Alexis got locked in a room together and they got into talking. And Alexis informed her that she went looking for her “daughter” recently and got the idea that she’s died. She does not know what to do in regard to this. He tells her that he cannot give her any advice about whether to tell her she is Alexis’ daughter. She tells him that she is concerned about how her decision could affect Jason. He tells her that she should make her own decision and not worry about Jason. He asks her why Jason should get to run any of their lives.

Lucky gets taken into surgery. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she needs to go home and she will call Lulu if anything happens. Lulu tells Elizabeth that Lucky has to be ok. She looks optimistic for Lulu but when she’s alone she cries. Jason then comes and puts his arm around Elizabeth.

Carly comes down to talk to Jax after Alexis has left. He asks her how much of their conversation she overheard. She tells him she heard nothing. She tells him that he forgot to tell her why he is there. He replies that he was thinking about her and realized how much he missed her. She admits that she missed him also but most men would have waited for an invitation. He tells her he does not wait and wanted to take matters into his own hands. And he kisses her.

Diego comes to see Georgie when he notices she is alone. He tells her he’s been debating on whether to go to Jesse’s funeral. He is afraid he will be unwelcome and blamed for his death. She tells him that he is in no way responsible for what happened to Jesse and has as much right to attend and pay his respects as anybody else does. He tells her that it was she that made him feel as though his life could be worth something when he was locked up.

Nikolas reminds Emily that she told him and others that she knew that she loved Sonny and was willing to fight to be with him. Why should she give up and deny herself of her true love? Shouldn’t she follow her heart?

Sonny tells Sam that Jason’s job is to protect him and his family. Not to tell anybody what to do. So when he starts giving orders and making ultimatums, that is not what Sonny pays him for. He tells Sam that he’s not going to let Jason control him or push his buttons. And neither should she. She defends Jason. But he tells her that Jason is trying to manipulate both of them. He’s not going to stand for it and neither should she.

Jason informs Elizabeth that he could not have found her and saved her from Manny if it were not for the help of Epiphany. Emily comes out and hugs Elizabeth. She tells Emily how grateful she is to Jason. But Jason does not greet his sister or act friendly to her.

Robin goes and informs Noah that Patrick’s procedure went well. Noah seems to have no response. She tells him his son is going to be fine. But he says nothing.

Patrick is recovering when he awakens to see Robin by his side. He asks her what happened. She tells him she’s not all that confident about all the sutures she replaced. But there’s good news that the vasectomy she performed on him went super. Right then, he knows she is messing with him.

Lulu finds Georgie and tells her that she is trying and failing to find her father to tell him about Lucky. But she’s concluded that if Luke refuses to turn on his cell phone and pick up his messages, it’s not her job to worry about making him be a better dad. Dillon then comes and Georgie leaves with him. Lulu notices them and silently wishes she could have the life of a normal young person.

Elizabeth tells Emily that she’s sorry that Jason has his attitude and perhaps Emily needs to have a little patience with her brother. Emily informs Elizabeth that Jason blames Sonny not only for what happened to Sonny and Emily. But also for what happened to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Emily that in no way does she blame Sonny for what happened to her and Lucky. And Emily may tell him that. She tells Emily that she must follow her heart with Sonny and not worry so much about anybody thinks.

Sonny tells Sam that he and Jason need to learn to compromise, or somebody is going to get killed.

Robin tells Patrick that with her type of “stitching”, she should take up quilting. He tells her that this is the way she repays him for putting his life in her hands. She tells him she’s forgotten how good it felt to hold a scalpel in her hands and have the patient’s life at her mercy.

Carly tells Jax that he has to go. There are children upstairs. And if they come down and see them together, it could scar them for life. He then tells her that they can go to his house. She tells him she cannot. Leticia has gone. He tells her that he can be super quiet. He can pay for her kid’s therapy through adulthood. But they decide that he has to leave.

Lucky awakens from surgery and tells Elizabeth that he wishes he’d shot Manny in the nurses’ station before he could drag her out. But she tells him no. He is her hero and mustn’t think like that. She goes out the door and Nikolas asks how he is. She tells him Lucky is going to be ok. The doctors are optimistic. But he’s in a lot of agony right now and there’s nothing she can do. Nikolas then hugs her.

Jason comes home and is panicked that Sam has gone out. He gets a call informing him that somebody spotted Manny. Sam then walks in and he tells her she cannot leave the place again. She could be in danger. Manny could have killed Elizabeth and Lucky today. That could have been her. He tells her it’s not safe. Manny is still on the loose because Sonny is too distracted and not thinking clearly. And he concludes that he now needs to step in.

Sonny finds Emily and tells her that he’s glad that Elizabeth and Lucky are going to be ok. She tells him that Nikolas reminded her of a few truths that she must realize. She has to do what she thinks is right and not be so worried with what other people think. She believes she must follow her heart and realize she wants him and wants to be with him if he still wants her. He tells her that he wants nothing more than to be with her. He kisses her and Max enters. Emily goes upstairs and Max informs Sonny that he cannot get a hold of Jason. Sonny tells Max he now realizes that Jason is out of reach because he chooses to. He has now concluded that he no longer knows how much he can trust Jason. And he will have to deal with that.

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