GH Update Monday 4/10/06

General Hospital Update Monday 4/10/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

After Sam has talked to her deceased daughter and brother by their gravesites, she runs into the priest and confides in him that she has discovered that Alexis is her mother and that she has a real dilemma on her hands about whether or not to reveal this to Alexis. Right then, Alexis appears and acts friendly. Little does she know what they are talking about.

Sonny tells Jason that he now knows that they both need not to let their tempers get the better of them. He tells them that they both need to think before they act or else they could both lose.

Right then, Elizabeth is in the hospital, uncomfortably near Manny while he mops the floor. Skye walks in and Elizabeth is able to see him pull out his knife and follow Skye. She then goes after Skye, tells her she needs to look out and is ready to knock Manny out from behind. But he grabs a hold of Elizabeth. At that point, Lucky walks in and pulls a gun on Manny. Manny holds onto Lucky and tells him he better put his gun down or Elizabeth will die. Lucky demands that Manny lets Elizabeth go. But he’s ready to take her hostage. Lucky offers to go in her place but Manny tells him Elizabeth goes with him. She is his ticket. He “promises” Lucky he’ll take good care of her like she took good care of him when he was a patient. Epiphany enters and she and Lucky call the cops while Manny takes Elizabeth away.

After Noah awakens and finds out that Patrick donated his own liver to his father without his consent, he is very angry at his son. Robin wheels Patrick into Noah’s room so he can talk to his father, after the surgery. Bobbie tells Noah she realizes he is angry at Patrick but must realize that his son did what he did out of love. The two women leave them alone. Noah tells his son that he deliberately ignored his wishes, violated hospital policy as well as every law of ethics by going through with that behind his back. But Patrick tells his father that he saved his life when he was not able to save his mother’s life. And the only thing he’s violated is his father’s pride. Noah tells his son he’s an arrogant bastard. Patrick tells Noah he now has another chance at life, which he may either make good of or ruin with drinking again.

Alexis tells Sam that she came to bring flowers for Sam’s baby. Sam seems courteous and thanks her. Alexis tells Sam she’s glad she’s talking to Father Coates. She tells Sam she likes him a lot and believes he has good intentions. She tells Sam that is concerned however, that she might need counseling because of the “problem” she has in staying with Jason. Sam asks Alexis just why she has this strong opinion about her relationship with Jason. Alexis tells Sam she just wants her to know that there is help available if she needs it.

Emily and Carly are ready to get into physical combat after Emily finds out that Carly set her up to meet Nikolas at the meeting place so that he could persuade her to stop seeing Sonny. Carly tells Emily she is selfish and has no consideration for Michael and Morgan. Nikolas and Max pull them away. Nikolas tells Carly that the only reason he came to the place was because she called him and told him that Emily needed him. Carly goes out the door with Max and Nikolas tells Emily he is sorry. He had no idea that Carly would set them up.

Jason asks Sonny if he loves Emily, then why did he put her in this situation? They almost got killed and now she is exposed and humiliated by the press because of Sonny. Sonny reminds Jason that he and Emily were hiding. And the reason they had to hide in the first place was because of Jason. He reminds Jason that he was very cold and disrespectful to his sister. He tells Jason that Emily has done nothing wrong. If Jason disapproves of her decision to be with him, Jason can have that opinion. But he has no right to treat her the way he has. Jason then admits that maybe he was unreasonable with Emily. He admits he has never been scared like this before. He admits he’s been against this ever since Carly told him that Sonny and Emily were together. But he intended to handle this right. He knows that Sonny and Emily went to Spain together, had been sleeping together and lied about it. Sonny reminds Jason that he and Emily are adults and can do what they choose. Jason tells Sonny that he is concerned about Emily getting hurt. Right then, Jason gets a call from the hospital informing him that Manny has taken Elizabeth hostage. He then goes off and tells Sonny that this is one more example of somebody getting hurt while Sonny is too distracted with Emily.

At the gravesite, Sam asks Alexis where she would get the idea that Jason is abusive to her. Alexis tells Sam she realizes that Jason may not beat her. But he is abusive in other ways. He keeps her isolated and dependent upon him. That’s abusive whether she realizes it or not. Sam protests to Alexis that she’s been in many abusive relationships before. She’s been lied to and cheated upon and smacked around. Jason is completely unlike that. He is kind and loving and respectful to her. Alexis tells her she’s paid a big price for that “support” that Jason has given her. Sam then tells Alexis that Jason is the best thing that’s ever happened to her and she wishes Alexis would stay out of her life. She leaves.

At the hospital, Skye, Bobbie, Lucky and Epiphany are worried about Elizabeth being taken hostage by Manny. Mac comes and assures Lucky that he mustn’t worry. They will find Elizabeth. She can’t be far from the hospital and she will be ok.

Right then, Manny takes Elizabeth down the stairway. She tries to get away. But he prevents her from leaving. He acts nice and promises he won’t let her get hurt when the cops come after him. He has an idea involving a body bag

Nikolas tells Emily that when she got hounded and humiliated by the reporters and by Durant, he felt helpless to do anything for her. He tells her he realizes that Jason is not ok with her decision to be with Sonny. But he wants to be there for her. He tells her if she needs to talk or needs anything, she must feel free to contact him. Hearing that, she asks Nikolas if he is really sincere about being supportive of her decision. He tells her he will fly her away or help her in any way he can. But she cannot ask him to hide his opinion about the decision she is making to be with Sonny.

Carly tells Sonny that she arranged for Emily to meet Nikolas, so he could help her and hopefully get her to drop Sonny. He tells her he does not buy her concern for Emily or for Nikolas. The only reason she did that was because she was jealous and cannot bear the thought of him(Sonny) with anybody else.

At the hospital, Monica tells Jason that she was not there when Manny took Elizabeth. But she believes he took her down the stairs. Lorenzo enters and Jason tells him he needs to help them. It’s partly because of him that Manny kidnapped Elizabeth. Lorenzo agrees to help but only in order to save Elizabeth.

Manny has a “plan” to put Elizabeth in a body bag so that he can get her out of the hospital. He acts nice. But she is very scared. She is ready to grab her cell phone.

After Sam has left the gravesite and Alexis is alone, Ric comes by. She tells him that since she cannot visit her own daughter, she thought she’d visit Sam’s. She admits to him that she cannot stop thinking about her daughter. What would have become of her by now? What would she be doing? Would she be married or have kids? Would she hate her for what she did? Ric tells her she cannot drive herself insane with all of the “what if”’s. She then tells him that maybe she can find somebody who can give her the answers in her daughter’s place.

Carly tells Sonny that he must realize that the choices he is making is hurting people. She tells him that all the while they were together, with all the bad things he’s done and all the problems they’ve had, she’s always known that he is a good and sensitive person who cares about the well being of other people. She tells him she wonders if she was wrong this whole while. Does he have no consideration for anybody and only care about himself? He tells her that she must realize that Emily is good to him and the boys love her. She tells him that he is hurting Jason with this. He tells her that Jason needs to mind his own business and realize this is not about him. She tells him she does not believe he loves Emily. He is just using her. He tells her that Emily has changed his life and he loves her. Carly then goes out the door.

Emily tells Nikolas that she realizes that her family always finds something to fight about, no matter what goes on in their lives. But regardless, she does not want to hurt them with her “thing” with Sonny. She tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt or confuse Michael or Morgan about being “daddy’s girlfriend”. And she doesn’t want to hurt Jason. He tells her perhaps she and Jason can sit down and come to an understanding. She tells him that she knows that Jason means well but will never understand. She then stops herself and tells Nikolas she is really sorry to be dumping all this upon him. He tells her it’s perfectly ok. She may confide in him whenever she wants or needs.

Manny takes Elizabeth up on the roof. He tells her she can scream all she wants. Nobody will hear her. She tells him that she need not scream if he’s promised not to hurt her. He has her arms tied and is ready to send her across the harbor on a boat. When he turns his back, she grabs her cell phone and calls Lucky. She screams that he comes and saves her. Manny grabs her phone and informs Lucky that he must come alone and let him get away or he will kill Elizabeth. Lucky then leaves the hospital to save his wife. Mac tells him he cannot do anything crazy. Lucky tells Mac he’s not going to sit around and do nothing. If Mac wants to stop him, he must arrest him. Mac then agrees to let him go but urges him to be careful. He tells him he must call them if he finds Manny or Elizabeth and he mustn’t be a hero. Jason gets on the phone to call his contacts. Epiphany informs Jason that she’s noticed Manny spending a lot of time talking to the other janitor who is standing and mopping the floor not far away. Jason then asks her if she can help him.

Robin comes to see Patrick and tells him when he stops pouting, there’s a treat with his name on it. He laughs and tells her that she cannot bribe him with sweets. At that point, a woman enters and tells Robin she knows she forged Dr. Winters’ signature on the psyche evaluation that Patrick had to take in order to donate his liver to his father. And her medical license is suspended pending further investigation.

Sonny informs Emily that Manny has taken Elizabeth and he blames himself.

Epiphany tells the “other janitor” that there is a spill in one of the rooms and he must get on it. He then goes to the other room. He then goes inside and makes a lot of noise. This gives her time to make her plans. Jason looks to be working with her. She tells him that she will go and find Elizabeth for him.

Right then, Lucky finds Manny and Elizabeth. Manny holds a knife on Elizabeth. And Lucky pulls a gun on Manny. Neither puts their weapon down and they get into physical combat. Right then. Lucky falls to the ground and is in pain. Manny is ready to take him out of his misery. He points the knife at him. But Elizabeth pleads with Manny not to do what he is intent on doing.

Patrick walks out of his hospital room and into his father’s room. Noah asks his son why he’s out walking around. He needs to be in bed. Patrick tells his father he needs to shut up. It’s not bad enough that he’s got to trash his own life. He has to get Robin in trouble. He tells Noah he better drop the lawsuit and get Robin reinstated. At that point, Patrick falls to the ground.

Nikolas comes to talk to Jason. But only Sam is there. He tells her that if he can’t talk to Jason, maybe he can appeal to her. He’s concerned about the way Jason has been treating Emily. Right then, he notices her legal papers. And he tells her he notices that she has something regarding his aunt Alexis. He assumes it’s Jason’s file. Little does he know that Sam is Alexis’ daughter and his cousin.

Right then, Alexis comes talk to Carly about her “client” who had a baby many years ago and gave her up for adoption. Carly asks Alexis why she’d be concerned about her opinion. Alexis admits to Carly that she might be able to offer some insight on what it is like to be the child of a mother who gave her up for adoption since it happened to Carly. Little does she know what Carly knows about Sam.

Emily tells Sonny that she is as much to blame for what has happened to all the people as he is. She tells him that Elizabeth has already endured being brutally raped once before. And now she is enduring another nightmare because Emily was too engrossed in her own situation to help Elizabeth. So she needs to do what she needs to do and accept her own responsibility in all of this.

On the roof, Elizabeth pleads with Manny not to let Lucky die. He tells her the only reason her husband is still alive is because she was decent to him. And he’s ready to take her hostage and let Lucky lie there. Right then, Jason comes and pulls a gun on Manny and demands he lets Elizabeth go. But Manny tells Jason he better put his gun down or Elizabeth will die

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