GH Update Thursday 4/6/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/6/06


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas comes into the library, where the butler is waiting with the newspaper for Nikolas to read. Nikolas looks at the headline on the front page, which details Sonny and Emily's time together the night before.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Emily comes downstairs into the foyer and finds the whole family crowded around Alice (the maid) attempting to see what the morning newspaper headline is. They are shocked to see a picture of Emily and Sonny with the headline: "We were making love when bullets were flying!" Emily is mortified.

THE POLICE STATION: John Durant is in the interrogation room with Jason. He shows Jason the morning paper and asks Jason to cooperate with him.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Jax arrives just as Carly is getting Michael and Morgan ready for school. Jax says that he has come to take the boys to Disney World instead. Carly is shocked and asks why Jax couldn't run this by her first. Jax shows her the newspaper headline and notes that it might not be a good day for the boys to go to school.

GREYSTONE: Max (Sonny's bodyguard) hides the front page of the newspaper before Sonny comes in. Unfortunately for Max, Sonny realizes it's missing. Sonny demands to know what happened to the front page?

PATRICK'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin has fallen asleep on Patrick's bed. She wakes up and apologizes to him for falling asleep there. He doesn't mind. He asks how his father is and she admits that she doesn't know because she spent the whole night here with him.

CARLY'S HOUSE: The boys are all set to go. Carly has them packed up and thanks Jax for doing this. Jax tells her goodbye and he and the boys leave.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: THe Quartermaines are all a buzz about Emily's night with Sonny. Luke shows up and wonders why all the reporters are outside? Lulu stands up for Emily and asks the Quartermaines to back off. Tracy says that Emily is a mob mistress now. Dillon and Georgie come in and Dillon reminds Tracy that she herself was once involved with a mobster some years ago. Most of the Quartermaines file out of the room, leaving Emily and Monica alone. Monica warns Emily that she could have gotten herself killed.

GREYSTONE: Max admits to Sonny that the headline for the paper is Sonny and Emily's night together. Sonny worries that Emily hasn't called him yet. Suddenly Mike comes in. He is about to lecture Sonny but Sonny doesn't want to hear it. Mike hands Sonny a phone number on a slip of paper -- it's Brenda's phone number. Mike wants Sonny to call Brenda because, according to Mike, it may save Emily's life.

THE POLICE STATION: Durant has started to read the newspaper to Jason, in an attempt to get Jason to turn on Sonny. Jason refuses to say anything without his lawyer. Sam comes in and asks to speak to Jason alone. Durant leaves.

Out in the main area of the station, Alexis arrives. Durant wants to talk to her about the open DA position, which he would like to give to her.

Back in the interrogation room, Sam wants to help Jason get out of here as soon as possible. But now Jason doesn't want to go home with her.

JAX'S PRIVATE JET: Jax is on the jet with Michael and Morgan en route to Disney World. Morgan is chowing down on chocolate, which Carly had told Jax earlier Morgan was not allowed to eat. Michael helps Jax deal with Morgan and then asks Jax a question himself -- he wants to know if Jax and Carly are building a "love nest"? Jax looks startled.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The Quartermaines are all in the parlor bickering about Emily. Tracy thinks that Emily is sullying the Quartermaine name. The other Quartermaines realize that Tracy is trying to distract them from remembering that it's her birthday. Luke is thrilled and wants to know how many candles to put on her cake? Tracy refuses to tell him.

Back out in the foyer, Elizabeth has arrived and Emily confides in her about Jason's recent actions. She worries that her relationship with Sonny has caused a rift between Sonny and Jason and she worries about what Jason will do next.

GREYSTONE: Mike wants Sonny to call Brenda -- in the hopes that Brenda will come back to town to save Emily from Sonny's lifestyle. Mike thinks that Emily will listen to Brenda because they used to be close. Sonny refuses, saying he and Brenda have their own lives now. Mike and Sonny start to argue. Mike warns Sonny that something could happen to Emily. He leaves. As soon as Mike exits, Ric comes in. Sonny thinks Ric is here to lecture him, but Ric says he has come to offer his help.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis does not want the DA position because it would put her at odds with Sonny, the father of her child. Durant promises that if Alexis becomes DA he won't give her cases that have to do with Sonny. Alexis asks him why he even wants her then?

Back in the interrogation room, Jason wants Sam to just leave him alone and go home. Sam reluctantly agrees and leaves.

Alexis watches Sam go and then turns and looks into the interrogation room, where Jason is standing. They stare at one another.

PATRICK'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin returns to Patrick's room and says that Noah hasn't regained consciousness yet. She is going to try to do her best to take care of Patrick now...starting with giving him a sponge bath. Patrick is pleased and warns her not to miss a spot. As a joke, Robin splashes cold water on him and he freaks out. Epiphany, the nurse, comes in to take over the bath for Robin. Robin waves cheerily at Patrick and leaves.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy continues to refuse to tell Luke her real age. She also demands that all the Quartermaines refrain from commenting on her birthday any further. The Quartermaines one by one trickle out of the room.

Carly arrives at the mansion and asks to speak to Emily. Emily comes downstairs and she and Carly head into the parlor. Carly reminds Emily that she tried to warn her about this. She adds that Michael and Morgan saw Emily and Sonny on the news the night before. Emily apologizes but Carly doesn't care, reminding Emily that she is the one who has hurt two innocent children.

JAX'S PRIVATE JET: Jax turns the conversation back toward the fact that Carly is just helping him take care of little baby John. Michael offers to help Jax with John whenever he needs it. Jax agrees and says he would appreciate it if Michael could help them raise John. Michael agrees. He says to Jax, "You're not so bad after all," and they shake hands.

KELLY'S: Alexis walks into Kelly's, where Sam is. Sam approaches Alexis and gives Alexis back some glasses she'd misplaced earlier. Alexis takes this opportunity to tell Sam that she overheard Jason yelling at her earlier. She warns Sam that Jason has no right to treat her like that, and she comments that she used to work with female victims of domestic abuse. Sam, shocked that Alexis is insinuating that Jason has been abusing her, stares at Alexis dumb-founded.

GREYSTONE: Ric offers to file legal documents keeping the media away from Emily. Sonny thanks Ric, but he's still angry. He wants to know why Ric is helping him and Ric says it's because Sonny needs it. Sonny comments that Ric is the only one who hasn't said that he and Emily are a mistake. Ric compares his marriage to Elizabeth with Sonny and Emily's relationship...saying that Elizabeth and Emily are both good women who are forgiving and kind. Ric wants Sonny to be able to hang onto that kind of love better than he was able to.

THE POLICE STATION: Elizabeth comes into the interrogation room to see Jason. She wants to talk to him about Emily.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu comes running into the foyer with Tracy chasing after her. Luke is there waiting as Lulu gives him what she has taken from Tracy -- Tracy's wallet and driver's license. Tracy is furious and demands to have it back. Luke checks the birthdate and announces that Tracy is 39 years old! Tracy smiles smugly.

In the parlor, Carly continues to accuse Emily of scarring Michael and Morgan. They argue about it and eventually Carly leaves.

THE POLICE STATION: Elizabeth is worried that if Jason continues to press Emily to break up with Sonny, that Emily will spend the rest of her life wondering what might have been. Jason says that at least Emily would be safe. Durant comes in and says that Jason is free to go.

KELLY'S: Sam denies that Jason has ever abused her. Alexis points out that Jason was yelling at her violently. Sam again says that Alexis doesn't know anything about her and Jason's relationship. Sam storms out of the diner.

GREYSTONE: Ric says that Elizabeth was always good and strong and full of hope for the future -- she loved him purely. He says that while he loves Alexis now and that his daughter with Alexis, Molly, is the best thing that ever happened to him, he never forgets how it was with Elizabeth. He says that if that's how Emily and Sonny's relationship is, Sonny should hold onto it. Sonny thanks him for offering to file the injunction against the media and Ric leaves. Max comes in and Sonny announces that he is going to go to the Quartermaines.

WYNDEMERE: The butler at Wyndemere says that Nikolas has been getting calls from the media asking if he has any comments on Emily and Sonny's recent scandal. Nikolas says there is no comment. Alexis has arrived -- she and Nikolas talk about the scandal, and Nikolas asks her to help him get this out of the press. He says that he needs the damage control done right since Sonny has bigger problems to deal with right now.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason arrives and Sam is there waiting for him. They both apologize for their argument and Jason says he understands that fear can make people do bad things sometimes.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly finds Elizabeth at the hospital -- she wants Elizabeth to tell Emily to break up with Sonny. Elizabeth is hesitant. She doesn't know whether Carly is trying to protect Michael and Morgan or if she's just bad at Emily? Carly says it's both. She just wants Emily to be stopped. Eliazbeth refuses to help Carly. She wants Carly to go to Jason and tell him to accept Emily's relationship with Sonny.

GREYSTONE: Emily arrives at Greystone, where tons of reporters are outside. Max lets her in but she is horrified to learn he has already gone to the Quartermaines. She thinks that that will be a disaster. She rushes out the door.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke is throwing a surprise party for Tracy. He gives all of the Quartermaines various wrapped presents for them to give Tracy when she arrives. Tracy comes in and is shocked to see a cake and all of her family members with gifts. As the party is getting underway, Sonny arrives.

PATRICK'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin comes back into the room after Patrick's sponge bath. They flirt with one another a bit (Robin actually has pictures of Epiphany giving Patrick the bath!) and they also worry about what will happen when Noah wakes up and realizes that Patrick gave him some of his liver. Epiphany comes in and tells Patrick to think fast because Noah is waking up.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is at the house when Jax brings Michael and Morgan (loaded down with Disney World stuff) back. Michael and Morgan had a great time. They rush upstairs. Carly thanks Jax again for doing this and Jax thanks HER for letting him bond with the boys, who he thinks are pretty great. Carly says that Jax is pretty great himself.

WYNDEMERE: Alexis worries that Nikolas' desire to cover up the Sonny/Emily scandal is evidence that Nikolas wants something more from Emily. Nikolas says that there is "no more" now that Emily has told him that she is in love with Sonny.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam make up from their argument and kiss. Jason has something he says he needs to take care of before he gets some rest. Sam goes upstairs and Jason goes into the closet to get out a box with a gun inside. He takes the gun out and loads it. Then he leaves the penthouse.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The Quartermaines, especially Alan, are outraged that Sonny has shown his face around the mansion. Luke tries to stay out of it until Lulu stands up for Sonny and Emily's relationship, which prompts Tracy to comment that Lulu sounds almost smitten with Sonny and if Luke doesn't watch out Lulu will be next on Sonny's list of conquests. Luke grabs Lulu's shoulder and steers her out of the room just as Emily arrives. Emily hears Sonny announce to the Quartermaines that he feels that Emily is a wonderful woman and he would appreciate if the Quartrermaines didn't try to stop him from seeing her. Emily and Sonny stare at one another as he finishes his speech.

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