GH Update Wednesday 4/5/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/5/06


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After Skye has persuaded Luke not to kill Lorenzo for switching her chart with Lulu’s, and Luke is gone, Lorenzo knows that Skye is still very angry at him for what he’s done. She tells him that she did not tell Luke what he did. He wonders, then, who did. Somebody set Luke up to kill him

Lulu returns home to find her father drinking and in a bad state of mind. He admits to her that he almost killed a man tonight. She asks asks him why. He tells her it’s because this man almost killed her.

Sam and Alexis find themselves locked in a room together.

Emily goes into the interrogation room to talk to Jason. He tells her he wants her to go home. She tells him that she does not take orders from him. She’s not going anywhere until he hears her out.

Luke drinks and informs Lulu that he let the hospital extract his serum so that he could save her. Only her. She tells him that no harm was done. It went to Skye. The woman he loves. And everybody is ok now. He tells her that makes no difference. Lorenzo Alcazar had no right to play God with anybody’s life. He tells her he wishes he could offer her a drink. But he must wait until she is 21. He informs her that Skye was there and urged him not to murder the father of her child. He tells her he should not have listened and normally would have murdered the dude regardless. But he’s an idiot and a sucker for the look in Skye’s eyes. Lulu tells her father she knows all too well the feelings he still has for Skye.

Lorenzo tells Skye that maybe Elizabeth spilled the beans to Luke about what he did. She tells him that he cannot blame Elizabeth for this. He then realizes that Manny overheard the whole thing. He must have been the one to go to Luke. Luke was supposed to take him out for Manny. But what Luke did not count on was running into her. So let’s take inventory, he says. Manny running around unchecked. Sonny believes that Lorenzo ordered a hit on him and Emily. Luke still wants to finish what he started before she showed up and urged him not to. SO that leaves her angry and repulsed. She tells him he cannot put words in her mouth. She tells him that she thinks it’s reprehensible what he did. But at least Lulu did not have to pay with her life. She does realize, however, that she’s done a lot of bad things in her life. So maybe she cannot pass judgment. He then concludes that this is no environment to raise a child. She tells him she knows what a psychopath Manny is. And she bets Manny is behind the shooting at the amusement park. Lorenzo says he knows Manny is. He wanted Lorenzo to blame Sonny and retaliate. And that brings him back to the reason why she came there. She must want him to have nothing to do with their child, right?

While Alexis and Sam are locked in the room, Alexis pounds on the door calling for somebody to let them out. She then gets on her cell phone. Sam tells Alexis she was not stalking her. She was just looking for Justus. As soon as she got into the room, she discovered Alexis was there and the door locked.

Emily tells Jason that this has been, by far, the most humiliating day of her life. She was having a private moment with somebody everybody wants her to stay away from A shooter came and tried to kill her and Sonny when she was in her underwear. Then her brother comes in and further humiliates her. He dismisses her like she’s a stranger. He’s shutting her out. She tells Jason he’s been so concerned about protecting her form Sonny. He was so concerned that Sonny could hurt her. And it was Jason who has hurt her more than anybody else. She tells him she does not buy that he loves her. He then tells her that he does love her. And the reason he cannot accept her with Sonny is because he wants to protect her from getting hurt.

Lulu tells Luke that perhaps he should thank Lorenzo Alcazar. He asks her why. She tells him that Lorenzo is the reason why she got so sick in the first place. And that is why Luke came into her room and told her that he loved her. She then asks her father if this is what it takes to get his attention, what does she do to get an encore?

Skye tells Lorenzo that she so wishes things could be different. But they must realize that they are not in love and are not the typical couple who should be expecting a child together. Her priority is doing what’s best for this child. But she hasn’t a clue as to what that means. He tells her that his only priority is to make certain that she and this child are safe. She asks him how they can be safe in a town where cops are getting shot by criminals.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that now that he’s turned in his badge, they can catch up on many things. With the money they won at the Haunted Star, they can start fresh. He can write a resume and get a job elsewhere. He then asks her who would hire him for any job with his history of running scams with his father. That was what qualified him for the only thing he can do; be a cop. She tells him she’s glad he’s no longer on the police force. Now he’s safe. He asks her what she is talking about. He is not dead from his job as a cop. He gets people killed. She must stop living in a fantasy world about all of this. He is very angry and not ok with the fact that he got his partner killed. Right then, Cameron awakens and cries.

Jason asks Emily to remember how shocked she was when a man busted into the room and opened fire and could have killed them both. She must remember what it felt like to have found herself in her underwear on the floor lucky to be alive and thoroughly humiliated. And then to have to talk about all her intimate moments with Sonny to a bastard like Durant. But if she does not remember it and she is so deep in denial about what was the cause of it, then she should enjoy it while she can. Because something like it or worse will happen again.

Alexis asks Sam if she had a bad night. Sam tells her she cannot pretend she cares. Alexis tells Sam she knows that Sonny got Emily into a very dangerous situation. Jason really went off the wall and almost got charged with murder himself and took it out on Sam because he disapproves of Sonny’s and Emily’s relationship. She tells Sam that she should realize that things like this are bound to happen when she’s with somebody like Jason. She tells Sam she is an adult. She has a choice. There are lots of nice guys out there who are not in the mob. Sam should choose one of them. She so wishes that Kristina had a choice. But she does not. She cannot just “get out”. Does Alexis unconsciously know that she is speaking to her eldest, adult daughter whom she cannot control? She tells her that Kristina is stuck with the “mob”. Hearing that, Sam asks her “mother” why she is always so concerned about Kristina. And why the hell does she never give any consideration for her other daughter?

Lorenzo tells Skye that when he sets a goal, he is really serious about it. And nothing is more important to him that the safety and well being of the mother of his child. He tells her he knows she has doubts. But he’s willing to accept the parameters. He cannot make her fall in love with him and marry him. But he can make their lives as safe as he can for their baby. She then asks him what about Manny. If he won’t say it, she will. There is one more dangerous thing he has to do to keep them safe.

Luke tells Lulu she has to stop hoping he will turn into some sort of typical dad. Because it won’t happen. He doesn’t even know, anymore, what a typical dad is. She tells him she knows that he can do it if he wants to. He tells her he meant what he said to her in the hospital. He loves her and that will never change. She does not need his attention. She does not need his approval. She’s a Spencer. She lives in her own skin. She’s independent. She cultivates her own interests. He tells her that the reality is that he will always disappoint her. That is one of the consistencies of who he is. Lulu then tells her father that she loves him regardless. She tells him he is supposed to say he loves her too. Right then, he tells her she must realize that he will never do what he is supposed to do. That does not mean he does not love her. And he tells her it’s time that he teaches her the facts of life. That means playing poker.

Jason tells Emily he remembers the night when she found out she had breast cancer. She relives losing her birth mother, afraid she would lose Monica as well, and remembering how kind and supportive he was to her. That was when she realized how lucky she was to have a brother like him. She tells him that if he keeps pushing her, he will lose. He tells her he’s afraid she’s going to lose all of who she is. He remembers her telling him that she wishes she was like him where she could not feel and could not hurt. But he knows that is not whom she is. She feels everything. And that is why she cannot be with Sonny.

After blurting out to Alexis that she does not care for her “other daughter”, Sam tells Alexis that nobody would even know that she has a baby daughter because her life revolves around Kristina. Did it make any difference and did she feel anything when she gave birth to Molly? Did she ever think about what is wrong with doting on one child and having total and utter disregard for the other? Hearing that, Alexis angrily tells Sam she has had it up to here with her judgmental attitude. She tells Sam she is sorry for her “hardships”. But she has suffered in her life just like Sam is. Sam knows nothing about her or her life. She tells Sam she’s been around much longer than Sam is. She’s old enough to be “Sam’s mother”. So she screams that Sam better show her some respect. She explains to Sam that she may be a bit more protective of Kristina than she is of Molly because Kristina’s father is a career criminal. Molly’s father is a respected lawyer. Sam then gets ready to yell at Alexis. But Alexis raises her finger, demands Sam shuts her mouth and listens for just one minute. She sounds so like a mother laying down the law to her daughter. And she lets Sam in on “another secret” that she’s never told anybody. She reveals to Sam that she has another daughter. She gave birth and gave her up for adoption many years ago. Little does she know just whom she is talking to.

After Elizabeth puts Cameron to bed, she comes out to be with Lucky. They apologize and hold each other and admit they love each other.

After Jason expresses his opinion about his sister’s relationship with Sonny, she yells at him to shut up. He needs to realize that she is a grown person. She’s not a sheltered little thing who’s never had any hard knocks in her life. She was raped by a man who looked just like her husband. She shot him. She broke up with her husband. She knows what she’s getting into with Sonny. He tells her that he knows all about Sonny’s pattern of using women. And he’s worried that in the end, Sonny will just break her heart and ruin her life like he has ruined the lives of all the women he’s been with.

Alexis then calmly asks Sam to sit down while she confides in her about something. She informs her that when she was 16 and going to boarding school, she got pregnant and her father made her give her baby up for adoption. Sam asks Alexis about the baby’s father. Did she love him? Alexis says that was not important. Sam then asks Alexis if she even considered her baby. Did she think about her or even try to find her or wonder about her? Alexis asks Sam why she’d care.

After Jason has told Emily the “ugly truth” about Sonny, she gets up to leave and tells him that that was an ugly thing to say. He tells her she must realize that she does not have a future with Sonny. She tells him he does not know that. He tells her he does know that. Sooner or later, Sonny is going to ruin her life. She then asks him why, if he believes that Sonny is such a terrible person, does he work with him? He tells her he does not believe that Sonny is a terrible person. He’s like a brother to him. He realizes that Sonny cannot help what happens to him. He lives in his private hell. He wishes he could change but he cannot. He sees, in Emily, this “thing”, this way out of his private hell. But it’s completely unrealistic. She tells Jason if he does not accept the choice that the people he cares about have made, then he will be the one who will be left behind.

Alexis tells Sam if she wants to know what Alexis thought or felt about the daughter she left behind, she thought about her all the time. She did not want to give her up. She was not in charge of her life at that time. She was just a kid herself. She would not be able to support her in any way. And Alexis’ father would have disowned her if she had not done what he’d wanted and what he’d ordered. Sam may not know this about her, she tells her. But growing up, she was very sheltered. Very controlled. There is no way she could have survived on her own, much less with a child. So she wrote her daughter letters that she put in a box. She knew her daughter would never see them. But she wrote them because they kept her connected. Hearing that, Sam smiles, seems very interested and asks Alexis what she said. She says she wrote about how she felt guilty and wished she could be there for her daughter. Sam asks Alexis when she stopped. Alexis admits she realized it was pointless and her daughter would never see the letters. Sam tells Alexis she is a woman of many resources who could have easily found her daughter. Alexis tells Sam that her father was even more resourceful than she was. She was discouraged. And she forgot about that when she had Kristina. Sam tells Alexis that means she gave up. Alexis tells Sam that rightly or wrongly, she saw no point in looking for her. She tells her that Ric brought it up for her when he was delirious in the hospital. He could sense something about it when he relived being abandoned by his own mother. So that motivated Alexis to search for her own daughter. Sam asks Alexis if she is currently in the process of looking for her daughter. Alexis tells Sam not anymore. She’s dead.

Luke is teaching Lulu all of the psychological skills of playing poker. And she blows her father’s mind by beating him.

Jason tells Emily he used to be able to tell when people were lying. But he’s not so good at it anymore. She then tells him she should have been honest with him from the start. She is sorry. He tells her he knows she is not lying now. But Sonny is lying to her and to himself. He is promising her a future that he cannot deliver and he knows it. That is the difference. She tells him he cannot assume that. He asks her if she is going to give Sonny up. She replies no. He then yells to the guard that he is done talking to Emily and they may take him away to his holding cell. He leaves with the guards.

Alexis informs Sam that her “daughter” died at the age of three. She was struck by a car. And Alexis is right back where she started wondering all about her. What did she look like? Did she have Alexis’s eyes? Hearing that, Sam asks Alexis what if she is wrong? What if her daughter was alive now? Alexis replies if that were the case, she’d tell her that she is sorry. Right then, the security guard comes and unlocks the door for them. Alexis then tells Sam that maybe loss is more of a common ground for them than Sam realizes. It’s a very emotional moment for both of them. It seems like maybe now Sam appreciates her real mother and all the anger is gone.

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