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General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/4/06


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Carly can tell that Jax is only “testing” her by offering to watch the boys while she goes and bails Sonny out. She is angry with him and tells him if he does not trust her, then she doesn’t want to be with him.

Patrick is ready to pull strings to donate half his liver to his father. But the nurse tells him that there is no way he can get it without a signature on his psyche evaluation form.

After Manny informs Luke that Lorenzo switched Skye’s chart with his daughters’, which could have prevented Lulu from having the blood she needed to save her life that was sucked from his veins, Luke is dumbfounded. Manny tells Luke he knows he’s shocked and he laughs in a vicious way about how the two of them could go after Lorenzo and kill him.

At the police station, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he feels responsible for Jesse’s death. She tells him he mustn’t blame himself. He saved Diego’s life. He tells her he failed to save Jesse and does not deserve to wear his badge.

After Sonny and Emily are ready to leave the station, Durant informs them that Emily can leave but Sonny cannot. Right then, Sonny approaches Nikolas and tells him he knows he can count on him because they both want the same thing.

Jax tells Carly that he’s sorry that she is offended. But he has had previous experiences with being the “competitor” for Sonny. So if she wants to vilify him for having his little “testers” out, then she may do that. And he tells her that she is only taking a vacation from Sonny. It’s never been permanent before. And he tells her he’s not going to be her little pit stop from the last time she was with Sonny until the next. She then realizes that it would not be fair to use Jax that way. So she concludes that she will just use Patrick Drake for that instead.

Patrick tells the other medical staff that he does not care about the hospital policies regarding the psyche evaluation in order to authorize the liver transplant for his father. Are they questioning his sanity? But Robin and the nurse tell him that they have these rules for a reason. Before he makes decisions like this, they need to test his mental stability.

Luke tells Manny that he knows that he has many enemies. Lorenzo Alcazar is obviously one of them whom he’d like to rid himself of without dirtying his hands. Why should he believe a word Manny says about this? Manny tells Luke that if he does not believe him, he may ask his daughter in law.. He informs Luke that as a janitor, he has an easy way to hear all the gossip and remain unseen. People ignore him and make themselves viewable to him. It is a fact that Lorenzo Alcazar messed with hospital records and prevented Lulu from getting the antidote that was meant to save her life. He overheard Elizabeth agreeing not to get Lorenzo in trouble for that. And Luke may check it out if he wants.

Right then, Lorenzo is calling Skye and getting her answering machine. He leaves a message that they must put their differences aside because they are going to have a baby together.

At the Quartermaine house, Alice tells Alan and Monica that she knows they are all stressed and need some chamomile tea. Monica tells Alice she must just tell them what Tracy has done now. Tracy then comes out and informs them that their precious daughter Emily got her name plastered all over the news after she got caught in bed with her boyfriend Sonny Corinthos during a shootout.

At the station, Emily tells Sonny that she really needs him to promise not to get into a brawl with Jason. He tells her she can’t worry about all of that. She must let Nikolas drive her home. He will call her later. And everything is going to be fine. Emily then leaves with Nikolas. Sonny then goes and tells Jason if he wants to hit him, he may go ahead. He’s right there.

Lucky informs Mac that he cannot help him find the shooter. He is no longer on the police force. He resigns immediately.

Durant goes into the interrogation room to talk to Sonny and Jason assuming there is a problem. Jason tells Durant he’s done talking. Sonny tells Durant he’s done talking also and if Durant wants to arrest him, he can. Sam then comes and asks Sonny how Jason is holding up. Sonny tells her that Jason needs to be nicer to his sister. Durant then goes in and talks to Jason. He tells him he realizes Jason does not like him. He does not like Jason either. He knows what Jason wants. And more importantly, he is the only one to help him get it.

At the Quartermaine house, they all watch the news report. Alan, Monica, Tracy, Dillon, Skye, Lulu and Ned are all gathered around. None of them can argue with Alan that it is a disgrace that Emily is sleeping with Sonny. Ned remarks that Emily is not an innocent little girl anymore. Right outside the door, Alice lets Emily inside with Nikolas, knowing that they need to get away from all the judgmental people.

Jax asks Carly if she is really done with him. He tells her he knows that she had the best time with him that she’s had in a long time. She tells him he gives himself too much credit. She’s been with many men before. He then kisses her. She tells him he needs to leave her house. He goes outside the door and he tells her maybe he’ll call her later.

Patrick tells Robin he’s not going to lose his father because of some signature needed on some stupid form. She tells him in that case, he has no more time to waste. She signs the form for him. He tells her that she’s committed forgery and can get into big trouble for that. They turn it over to the nurse. She tells them that was too quick. She knows what they’ve done but tells them they should not stand around because they have a liver to move.

Luke goes to ask Elizabeth what she knows about Lulu’s and Skye’s charts. He tells her he’s heard that Lorenzo Alcazar almost prevented Lulu from having the antidote she needed to save her life in order to save Skye. She evades the question, rationalizes about how fortunate it is that both Lulu and Skye are well now, and refuses to look Luke in the eye. He then tells her he knows she’s not telling him what she knows and he goes out the door.

Right then, Patrick gets ready to go under the knife to have his liver shared with his father. Robin is standing by him. He makes a comment about how she’s there to see him shirtless. And he kisses her.

Alan and Monica notice Nikolas with Emily and acknowledge that she’s now with the lessor of two evils. They all give their opinions. Nikolas tells them that the press has been hounding Emily. And she doesn’t need any more stress. After hearing that, Tracy assumes that that means that Emily is pregnant also.

Carly is watching the news that names her ex husband at the shooting at the cosmopolitan hotel. They also identify Emily Quartermaine, daughter of prominent financier, Edward Quartermaine. Right then, Sonny enters. Carly tells him it’s pretty messed up. But he should be more concerned about his boys. She noticed them glued to the television when the news bulletin came on. They were able to see what their “aunt Emily” is really doing.

Durant goads Jason about how despicable Sonny Corinthos is to be messing around with Jason’s little sister. He concludes that that dude is one piece of work. Jason keeps telling Durant that he has nothing to say without a lawyer. Sam then comes in and tells Duarnt that he’s wasting his time. Jason is not ready to kill Sonny. Durant leaves and Jason privately tells Sam that what Durant has told him is true.

Mac tells Lucky if he wants to throw away everything he’s worked hard for, he cannot stop him. But he’d like Lucky toe take some time and figure it out. He knows how upset Lucky is. He’s lost his partner. But he needs to realize he is not responsible for Lucky’s death.

Sam tells Jason that they both know the reason why Sonny and Emily are meeting in secret is because he could never accept them. And he is upset because he’s blaming himself for what happened.

Emily tells the others that it’s none of their business. But she is not pregnant. Nikolas tells Emily that he still loves her.

The doctors and nurses are in the OR when Patrick is out like a light. Very shortly, it looks like his bp is slipping and they could be losing him. Robin tells them she is not going to let Patrick die. She takes over and looks to have saved Patrick’s life.

Nikolas tells te Quartermaines that his love for Emily is a constant. But it means that he wants whatever is best for her, even if that means being with Sonny. Lulu then asks the others if they have their listening ears on. Do they realize that they must let people make their own decisions? He tells them that Emily is a grown woman. They must respect her right to decide for herself what to do and whom to do it with. And if they cannot give her that respect then they can deal with him. Alan tells Nikolas that he will not be lectured in his own house.

Carly tells Sonny that she covered for his butt. She told those boys that their dad is a powerful man and the press got some things wrong. She assured Michael that Emily cannot be dad’s girlfriend because she is their aunt. Sonny then acknowledges to Calry that maybe he needs to stop assuming the worst about her and all others and maybe he needs to stop hiding from the truth. Right then, Michael and Morgan come out and ask their parents what are going on.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny had no regard for Jason’s sister’s safety. Once again he put his own selfish ego first. He could have had her killed. Is he supposed to just forget that? He goes out the door. Justus is there and Sam tells Justus that she is very worried about Jason’s present state. She admits she kind of agrees with Sonny that maybe Jason needs to spend the night in jail in order to cool off. Alexis is not far away witnessing the situation.

Lorenzo returns home to find Luke waiting for him. Lorenzo asks him if he knows the big secret and confirms that it is true. Luke asks Lorenzo if he’s ever considered the 17-year-old kid who could have been condemned to death. Lorenzo tells Luke he has no excuse but asks what Luke might do in his position if it meant losing the woman he loved. Luke tells Lorenzo that does not matter. IT was Luke’s kid whom Lorenzo was playing God with. And Lorenzo will have to answer for that. Luke pulls out his gun on Lorenzo. Right then, Skye walks in and tells Luke no. She asks what is going on. Lorenzo informs her that Luke has found out about the charts and intends to kill him. She tells him she does not believe that. Luke tells her she does not know him that well. She tells Luke that even if he wants to murder Lorenzo, he must think about what he’s doing. If nothing else, spare his life for her. She tells him that she is begging him to just let this one go. For her. Luke then puts his gun down and tells Lorenzo he must be very grateful to this woman. She is the only reason he does not now have a bullet in his chest. Luke leaves and Skye tells Lorenzo she did not do this for him. She did it for their baby. She still does not plan to forgive him.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he’s quit the force. She tells him good. That’s exactly what she thinks he should do.

The nurse tells Robin that after she’s saved Patrick’s life, he won’t like owing her. Robin tells her that she doesn’t think Patrick will see it that way. Patrick thinks he’s invincible. They are very happy that Patrick is going to be ok.

Emily tells Nikolas that she really apologizes that he and everybody had to hear about her and Sonny. He then tells her he meant what he said. If she wants to be with Sonny and he makes her happy, then she should be with him. But she must be careful because he could not stand if something were to happen to her.

Sonny addresses his sons, telling them he knows they have a lot of questions. He informs them that he and Emily went out. There was a bad man who wanted to hurt them. But luckily, Jason came and saved them. Then there were lots of reporters who asked him and Emily lots of questions. He did not want to answer. So they made up many stories. Michael tells his father he believes him but he’s a little confused about his dad’s relationship with Emily. Carly then tells her son that the important things is that their dad and Emily and everybody are ok and they all love him and Morgan. Sonny assures the boys that everything will be ok.

Alexis is standing outside the interrogation room where Sam and Jason are arguing. He asks her why she is taking Sonny’s side on this. She tells him this is not about taking sides. He then kicks a chair and screams at her to get out. She goes out the door. Jason is stunned. And Alexis is standing by almost as if she has unconscious protective motherly instincts for Sam.

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