GH Update Monday 4/3/06

General Hospital Update Monday 4/3/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is alone in the doctor’s locker room when Robin enters. He looks very emotional and not ready to admit to the strong feeling he has about his father. She informs him that Jesse is now an organ donor and Noah can have his liver. At that point, Patrick admits to her that Jesse is the only “patient” he’s lost. And he accepts the fact that his father wants to die and is no longer going to fight him.

Maxie is dealing with the devastating shock of losing her boyfriend. Mac tells her he intends to find the shooter. Bobbie then enters and informs Maxie that she realizes she probably doesn’t want to deal with this now. But somebody needs to decide what to do with Jesse’s organ donation status. She could sign the liver donation over to Noah. Maxie asks if that means there is no way that Jesse will wake up. Bobbie confirms that is true. Maxie then decides to sign the authorization for the organ donation.

Not far away, Lucky enters and pushes Patrick up against the wall. Elizabeth watches and tells her husband he must back off and not blame Patrick for what has happened to Jesse.

Right when Sonny and Emily are going at it and having fun, and it could sound, to somebody outside, as though they are having a fight, “somebody” enters and opens fire. And it looks like Jason is right behind the unseen shooter. IT looks like it’s too late to catch tem but everybody is all right. Jason advises them both not to touch anything as not to contaminate the crime scene and he reminds Sonny that he is not doing a great job of “protecting” Emily.

At Haunted Star, Luke tells Lulu that she cannot act like they are rich just because they were lucky enough not to lose the casino the last time. Lulu tells her father that he should just be grateful that Nikolas saved them from financial ruin.

After Lorenzo has revealed to her that he switched the medical records so that she could have the serum that Lulu was supposed to have and Lulu could have died, Skye asks him how he can act so calm about what he has done. She’s very angry and shocked that he’d do that.

Carly and the boys return home after a family outing. Right then, Jax enters and asks Carly if she wants to go out for dinner. Michael, then stands up and tells Jax that his mother is not going out with him tonight or any night. Carly then tells her son that she is the grown up and she will decide what she does and who she spends time with. And she plans to have dinner with Jax.

At the hospital, after Lucky is ready to hurt Patrick, Monica, Bobbie and Robin defend Patrick. Lucky tells them that he knows that Patrick has never before lost a patient before. Isn’t it a little coincidental that Jesse would be the first one who’d die under his care? And wouldn’t it be very coincidentally right at the same time when his father can get a fresh new liver from a recently deceased patient. Robin confirms that she was there and knows that there was no negligence on Patrick’s part. He did everything he could do. Patrick tells Lucky if he doesn’t leave him alone, he can sue the police department for harassment and have Lucky’s badge. Elizabeth tells her husband he needs to let Patrick go.

Lulu asks her father why he is so down on Nikolas. What has he ever done that was so wrong? Luke replies that Nikolas was born. She asks him why that’s his fault. He’s her brother and her mom’s son. But Luke reminds his daughter that he loves her because she is the product of two people who love each other. Nikolas, on the other hand, is the product of Laura messing around with some low-life-Cassadine trash.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she is not ok with what he did to Lulu. And she says she knows that he would not even be confessing this if Manny had not blackmailed him. He tells her he intends to be honest with her and have mutual trust. She must know that they are going to have a child together. She then tells him that she does not trust him and it’s not ok, now that she’s found that out. She gets up to leave. He tells her he urges her not to tell anybody this secret. She tells him it would not matter anymore whether she tells anybody or not. She does not want anything more to do wit him. He tells her she mustn’t tell Luke about this. She reminds him that if Luke were to find out, he’d kill Lorenzo. Lorenzo urges her not to tell Luke because if she did that, then he’d be forced to defend himself. He tells her it will ruin everything. She leaves and tells him it does not matter. Everything is already ruined.

Robin admits to Patrick that maybe she misjudged him. Alan Quartermaine enters and informs Patrick that his father has been approved to get Jesse’s liver and the surgery will be done tonight..

Diego shows up and Maxie asks him why he can be there after what has happened. Jesse has been murdered. Everywhere Diego goes there is violence and death. But Georgie protests that it is not Diego’s fault. She informs them that Lucky just got a call that Sonny and Emily were shot at at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Carly tells Michael he has to apologize to Jax. He’s the father of Michael’s cousin and his Aunt Courtney would not want Michael to be rude to him. Michael grudgingly apologizes. Carly asks Michael to go upstairs and do his homework and tells him that she will have dinner ready for him a little later. He asks his mom if she’s going to cook. She says of course she’s going to cook. This does not seem to encourage Michael. He goes upstairs unhappily. Alone with Jax, Carly tells him she knows he’s(Jax) a “danger junky”. He’s into many high-risk bets and life styles. But she asks him if he’s ready to face the ultimate challenge of having dinner with her and her boys.

The cops arrive at the Hotel where Sonny and Emily have been shot at and ask them many “personal” questions about exactly what they were wearing and what they might have touched. Sonny tells them he doesn’t want to answer all these questions. They tell him they must test the place for where there would be gunpowder so that they can have a clue and catch the shooter. Emily admits that both she and Sonny were scantily clothed. Jason listens disapproving, as does Nikolas. The one cop then tells them they are all going down to the station. And Jason is under arrest. Sonny tells them that Emily should not have to be a part of this. He asks Nikolas if he can take Emily out back so that she doesn’t have to be publicly humiliated by the press. The one cop reminds Sonny that he does not call the shots there. Nikolas then agrees to accompany Emily out the door.

Patrick admits to the nurse that his father is going to be very angry when he wakes up and finds out he’s been put on the donor list without his approval. She asks him what he’s babbling about. Didn’t Noah ask to be put on the list? Patrick sounds like he has to lie to her. He then goes in and talks to his unconscious father. He tells him that they haven’t been close for a long time. But he’s not going to let him die because he loves him and is proud to be his son. He admits that Noah was his hero when he was a kid. He always wanted to be like him. He knows his father will be angry with him when he wakes up and finds out what he’s done. But he knows it will be worth it. He then kisses Noah on the forehead.

Diego asks what exactly happened at the hotel when Emily and Sonny were shot at. Maxie admits she does not know. But she tells him if he wants to help her sister, he has to stay away from her. Diego then goes off and Georgie tells him he has to wait. She doesn’t want him running off thinking nobody cares about him.

Not far away, the shooter is back in his janitor suit in the hospital looking inconspicuous. He informs Manny that neither Sonny nor Emily nor Diego were injured. Manny then tells him that’s good. IT will play out nicely. Now, Sonny and Lorenzo will blame each other and never suspect them.

Lulu keeps telling her father that he has to stop his attitude about Nikolas. He tells her that whether she likes it or not, Nikolas is part of that family of vipers who have ruined his life and tore up her mother’s sanity. They took her away from them. She then asks her father how he can be so smart about some things and so in the dark about other things. He then tells her if she cannot accept who he is and what he does, then it might be better if she just packs her bags and moves back with Grandma Leslie.

In Carly’s home, she and Jax are watching the boys playing video games and glad that they are distracted so that Michael won’t notice what the grown ups are doing. But it’s right then when there is a news bulletin on the televisions about Sonny and Emily being shot at. Michael and Morgan are able to watch their father, Emily, Nikolas and Jason all being escorted from the building by the cops. Carly enters to hear the “announcement” about Sonny Corinthos and his new “love bunny” being interrupted in the middle of their intimate encounter. She then turns off the television and tells her sons she does not want them watching this. Michael asks his mother if Emily is now his dad’s girlfriend.

Luke later tells Lulu that he does like her and doesn’t want her going anywhere and he apologizes for his threat to send her back to her grandmother. Right then, Skye enters and remarks to Luke that he and his daughter have come a long way in their relationship since she first arrived on his doorstep. He tells her that it was really amazing what happened during the epidemic when he was afraid he’d lose her and she-him. But he realizes that sometimes he really does not understand his daughter. She talks about how complicated it is to have a child. He then remarks about her pregnancy and future with Lorenzo. She knows she doesn’t want to admit to him that she’s broken it off with Lorenzo or inform him what Lorenzo did to sabotage Lulu’s life. So she acts friendly and departs right when he hopes she will stay.

Right then, Noah is ready for surgery. Patrick sits alone and Robin joins him.

Sonny, Emily, Jason and Nikolas are taken to the station. Durant greets them and asks what has happened. The cop reports that a gunman came and shot at Mr. Corinthos and Ms. Quartermaine. And Mr. Morgan came and shot the gunman in the back. Durant then asks the cops to take Mr. Morgan to the interrogation room. He asks Sonny why, when he has this big spacious house, did he and Emily have to have their private meeting in a hotel. Sonny tells Durant he has to leave Ms. Quartermaine out of this. Durant reminds Sonny that he has already made her part of it. The cops then escort Sonny into the interrogation room where Jason is.

Emily tells Durant that she and Sonny met in the room and it was hours later when the shooters arrived. Nikolas is with him and asks Durant if this interrogation is really necessary. Durant then asks Emily just exactly what she and Sonny were doing prior to the shooters’ arrival. She admits that they were making love. Sonny tells Jason he realizes Jason blames him for what almost happened to Emily.

Patrick tells Robin that he remembers when his mother was admitted to the ICU when he was a kid, before she died. He was worried and the odds were against her. But his dad was one of the best surgeons in the nation and determined to save her. The waiting process went on forever. And he was worried. And then they came out and informed him that his father failed to save his mother. At that point, Noah went across the street to a bar and drank until he couldn’t do anything again. And he’s never stopped since. She then tells him that at least now Noah has agreed to get sober and he has another chance. He asks her why she’s so concerned about his feelings and his situation with his father. She admits to him that although he really infuriates her at times, she knows that he is a good person, deep down, and a really good doctor. And she’s really glad that he did not have to donate his liver for his father.

Carly tells a suspicious Michael that there is nothing to worry about. She’s certain that his father will be ok and this whole thing will be straightened out soon. But Michael seems to know the truth of the matter.

Lucky asks Emily if anybody saw Lorenzo Alcazar anywhere. She admits no and asks why he’s asking about Lorenzo Alcazar. Lucky informs Durant that shortly before Sonny and Emily got shot at, somebody made an attempt on Lorenzo’s son at the amusement park. But the shooter was obviously very sloppy because his partner, Jesse Beaudry got shot in Diego’s place. And it looks like Lorenzo obviously wanted to retaliate upon Sonny for what almost happened to his son. Nikolas then tells Lucky that although he’s no defender of Sonny, he does not believe that he’d send a shooter to a carnival where there are children all around. Sonny is a father and Nikolas doubts he’d put a child in danger. Lorenzo then tells them they are free to go. Emily tells him she wants to talk to her brother first.

Patrick reminds Robin that surgery will take hours and asks her if she wants to get coffee. The nurse comes in and informs them that they’ve found out that Detective. Beaudry’s liver was not viable for Noah. Hearing that, Patrick tells her that leaves him with no choice but to donate his liver to his father.

Diego and Lorenzo meet at the metro court and Diego asks his father if he sent the gunmen after Sonny after what almost happened to him(Diego). Lorenzo says no. He’s no longer fighting with Sonny. Diego tells his father he believes him. Lorenzo tells his son he does, however, have a problem with Skye. He’s afraid he might lose her.

Manny then goes to talk to Luke at the Haunted Star. At first Luke does not want to talk to him. But Manny tells Luke he has some valuable information about his daughter. Luke then invites Manny in. Manny informs Luke that he was in the hospital during the epidemic when Lulu was very sick. And he happens to know that Lorenzo Alcazar switched his girlfriend’s chart with Lulu’s when Lulu was sicker than Skye and was supposed to get it first. He tells Luke that Lorenzo saved the mother of his child and left Luke’s daughter to die.

Alone with Jax, Carly admits that she thinks Sonny did a really stupid thing to cause all this negative publicity right when he’s with Emily. Did he ever think of how it might affect his children? He asks her if she wants to go and see Sonny and make sure he’s ok. She tells him no. Sonny got himself into this mess and is responsible for his own mess.

Durant admits to Sonny that he knows he has insufficient evidence to get him charged with anything. And that’s very unfortunate. Sonny asks Durant why he has to drag Emily through this. Durant tells Sonny that his history with all these women really shows what kind of a man he is. And he looks very weak to have gotten caught with his pants down, with Emily. Durant tells Sonny that some day, he’s going to get nailed, when he is his most vulnerable. He he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison. That is if he’s not dead before he’s convicted. Right then, Emily appears outside the door of the interrogation room. And after hearing and seeing what is happening to Sonny, she cries.

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