GH Update Wednesday 3/29/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/29/06


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Sonny is with Max when he gets a call on his phone. Knowing whom it’s from, he asks Max to go and get some things for him so that he can talk to Emily alone. They are arranging to meet privately. He tells her he cannot wait to see her. She says she cannot wait to see him. Right then, he notices Lorenzo at his door. Lorenzo informs Sonny he is there to make peace.

At the hospital, while Lucky is obsessively staring at Manny, Elizabeth tells Lucky the carnival is in town. She wants for the two of them to take Cameron and have fun. But he is not listening. He is engrossed in watching Manny. He tells her he cannot attend because he’s has to work. Manny is mopping the floor when another janitor enters and brings him a concealed gun. He asks the guy if he’s ready. He says yes. Manny then instructs him to take somebody out at the park during the carnival

Jason enters his apartment to find Carly and asks her what is going on. She says nothing. Nobody was home. The door was open. So she came in and observed some college books. He tells her that Sam is going to take some college classes. She says she also saw a law book. Although she does not admit to also seeing the file on Alexis giving her baby up for adoption, she admits that she is able to put two and two together about why Sam wants to go to law school. She concludes that it might be in Sam’s blood because she is Alexis’ daughter.

Right then, Sam goes to the carnival alone. She runs into Alexis, Ric and the girls. Ric asks her why she’s there by herself and why they keep running into her. She doesn’t have an answer.

Noah is in his hospital room. The hospital attendant asks him why he won’t let his son help him. She informs Patrick there is no change in his father. Noah tells Patrick there is no point in looking at the chart. He knows there is no change. And there’s no point in having further discussion about the liver transplant. He’s not changing his mind. Hearing that, Patrick informs his father that he’s accepted his choice to die.

At Kelly’s, Georgie reveals to Dillon that she was almost hit by a car the other day and it was not an accident. She was not alone. He concludes she was with Diego. She explains that she met him in order to tell him she could not see him because she is married to Dillon. Diego saved her life. He asks her why she did not tell him. She informs him that there is more. A few days beforehand, she witnessed muggers beating Diego up and she chased them away. At that point, Dillon is very angry. He takes her into the kitchen and demands she tells him what this thing is that she’s having with Diego and why she is keeping secrets from him.

Maxie and Jesse meet and she tells him she wants to go the carnival. He asks her if the reason she wants to go there is to be with him or so that she can keep an eye on Georgie. She admits both.

At the hospital, Elziabeth tells Lucky it will be so much fun to go to the carnival with her and Cameron. As a father, it’s his obligation to do that. He cannot watch Manny all the time. He tells her it’s not just about Manny. He needs to get a promotion so he will be able to make more money and have more time to be with his family.

At Jason’s, he tells Carly she has no business walking into their home and snooping through Sam’s personal belongings. She protests that the files and books were right in front of her face. And she informs him that she caught Sam spying upon Alexis at the metro court. Sam seemed very squirrelly and would not admit to what she was doing. She tells Jason he needs to be concerned about Sam’s obsession about Alexis. And what will happen when Alexis finds out Sam is her daughter? She tells him she knows what is going on with Sam. She went through the same thing with Bobbie. He needs to be ready for what will happen next.

At the carnival, Ric tells Sam that this is the second time in two days when he’s caught her stalking him. He demands to know what is up. Right then, she tells him if he wants to know the reason why, she will tell him.

Lorenzo informs Sonny that he found proof that Manny was faking his “transformation”. And he has planned to expose him. Sonny asks Lorenzo what kind of proof he has. Lorenzo informs Sonny that he has the key to Manny’s ankle monitor and proof of Manny’s violent tendencies. Sonny asks Lorenzo why he would want to get Manny in trouble and want to protect Sonny from him. Why should Sonny trust Lorenzo? Lorenzo informs Sonny that he is protective of Skye because she is pregnant with his child. He tells Sonny he must understand what it’s like to be a father to a newborn. You want to avoid a war at any cost. He then asks Sonny if he is getting through to him now. Sonny asks Lorenzo why he did not come forward before. Lorenzo tells Sonny he’s tried and failed to find him and has already talked to Jason.

Noah tells Patrick if he has a “miracle” cure for his liver, he may bring it on. Patrick tells his father he can’t patronize him. And he reminds his father that he will die within days if they don’t do anything about it. Noah reminds his son that he killed Patrick’s mother on the operating table so he does not believe he should live. Patrick tells his father that he cannot make the determination about whether he should live. Why does he think his opinion should supercede everybody else’s about that?. Noah tells his son that maybe he needs to take a vacation to the Bahamas. And when he comes back, his daddy will be gone. Patrick then angrily goes out the door. Robin finds him and tells him he must know his father is going to be very angry when he finds out the Patrick put him on the donor list without his consent.

Dillon tells Georgie she must realize that her “soft spot” for Diego is going to get her killed. Why is she going behind his back? She tells him she wanted and tried to tell him. She cries and admits she screwed up and is so sorry. He tells her that their trust is everything and she needs to be straight with him. She promises from now on she will stay away from Diego.

Carly tells Jason that he needs to know what is going on with Sam in regard to law school and Alexis. He tells her he realizes Alexis is probably the reason Sam wants to be a lawyer. But she told him she did not want Alexis to know she’s Sam’s mother. She tells him that for a long time she did not want Bobbie to know. Sam has it worse than she did. At least Bobbie is a nice person. Sam has the no good Alexis for a mother. He tells her that they know what Alexis is. Carly tells him if Sam is anything like her, she will stop at nothing to make Alexis pay. Even if she destroys her own life in the process.

Sam tells Ric she is not stalking Alexis. She just ran into them. She tells Ric she did not want to have a confrontation with Alexis in front of Kristina. She protests that she has the right to go to a carnival. He tells her she needs to stay away from his wife or he will get a restraining order.

Lorenzo tells Sonny he should seriously consider a truce. They both have children that they need to protect. Having a family can be a fatal mistake for men like them. Or it can be their salvation. Sonny then tells Lorenzo that he will protect his own whatever it takes. He opens the door for Lorenzo to leave and Lorenzo walks out the door.

Emily goes to Jason’s to find that he is assembling his rifle. She is shocked and speechless.

Robin tells Patrick that she realizes she might do the same thing for her dad. She tells him that even if he authorizes the liver transplant, it could be too late. His liver damage could cause him to have diminished capacity before he gets to the top of the list. He tells her maybe in that case, Noah won’t be able to argue with him. She tells Patrick he needs to go and talk to his father.

Carly goes to see Sonny and indicates that she has “something” going on. She indirectly talks about Sam and Alexis and that she warned him not to get mixed up with either one of them. She then reveals to him that she knows the secret and laughs about how ironic it would be that he slept with a mother and a daughter and impregnated them both without anybody knowing they were mother and daughter. She gloats that she told him he’d be sorry. And she tells him he sure looks sorry now.

Emily tells Jason she was looking for Sam. They were going to meet for coffee. She should not have gone to the Haunted Star the night before. But Lucky and Elizabeth wanted her to join them. She had to leave early because she had a lot of work to do. She’s obviously not telling him why she’s there or what she did when she left the party. He tells her that he has “work” to do also. He puts his “instruments” in their case and goes up the stairs.

At the carnival, a suspicious looking person is disguised as a clown with face paint.

Jesse tells Maxie that he wants her to choose something for them to do. She concludes that she wants to go to a punk rock concert in Chicago. Georgie enters and asks them if they’ve seen Dillon. She was going to meet him there and she hopes he did not change his mind. Dillon is not there. But she passed the “clown” not knowing he’s spying on her. And she runs into Diego.

While Carly gloats, Sonny asks her if she’s “finished” because it’s not funny. She says she’s sorry. She realizes this is going to affect many people. He tells her she better not tell anybody. She tells him she does not intend to. She doesn’t want to hurt Kristina or the boys. He asks her what it will do to Kristina when she finds out that her dad slept with both her mother and her sister. He tells her that Sam has decided not to inform Alexis that they are mother and daughter. She informs him that she thought the same thing about Bobbie at first. But she knows Sam is going to go off the deep end in order to hurt Alexis, even if she ends up destroying herself in the process.

At Kelly’s, Ric informs Alexis that she went to talk to Sam and ask her why she has this obsessive anger about Alexis. They had a confrontation. He grabbed Sam’s arm. And then Jason came in and attempted to kill him. Hearing that, Alexis tells him she has just about had it with Jason. She can forgive Sam and understand she’s very upset and angry. But she would like Jason behind bars.

At the carnival, Jesse and Maxie agree to go to Chicago. Right then, a kid approaches the “clown” and asks him if he can make him a dog with balloons. The clown agrees to do so. Maxie goes to see Georgie talking to Diego again. Georgie, again, tells her sister that she just ran into Diego unexpectedly. She swears.

Elizabeth is with Cameron and Emily. Noticing Emily lost in thought, she says a penny for her thoughts. Emily tells Elizabeth that she went to Jason’s and noticed he was polishing his rifle. Elizabeth informs Emily that Lucky is ready to get the goods on Manny and knows that Lorenzo Alcazar has been “working” with Manny. She informs Emily that she went to inform Jason about that. Emily asks her how she could get involved in this.

Jason goes to Sonny’s and acknowledges that now Carly knows Sam’s secret. Sonny tells Jason that maybe he shouldn’t worry about Carly as much as he should worry about Sam. Jason tells Sonny that they both know that they have much bigger problems than this. And Sonny has been avoiding this for a long time.

Maxie asks Georgie how it is that she keeps running into the guy who almost got her killed twice and the guy whom she knows her husband despises. Georgie asks Maxie why she thinks she needs to “police” where she goes and whom she sees. Maxie tells her somebody has to. Georgie tells Maxie that although this is none of Maxie’s business, she and Dillon had a discussion about this very thing earlier today. Right then, Dillon appears and asks them what they are arguing about. Georgie admits to Dillon that she just ran into Diego again.

Patrick goes into his father’s hospital room and informs him that he’s moved him to the top of the donor list because his condition is the most urgent and life threatening. Again, Noah tells his son he has no business doing that. He’s told him from the start that he will not agree to be on the donor list. He tells him he’s going to call the ICU desk himself and tell them it can’t happen. He is very sick and in pain as he struggles to grab the phone. He almost falls over.

Lorenzo tells Skye that he thinks it might be best if he send her out of town for a few days. She concludes that he’s trying to protect her from something. She asks what it is. He turns to look at Manny as he is emptying the garbage.

Elizabeth informs Emily that she’s very worried about Lucky’s obsession to go after Manny. So she went to Jason for his help. Emily tells Elizabeth she loves Jason. He’s kind and loyal and would do anything for her. But there’s also a side of her brother that is dangerous. Elizabeth admits that she’s counting on Jason to deal with Manny so that Lucky does not have to.

Jason informs Sonny that Lorenzo came by and was waving the “peace flag” before he came to see Sonny. Sonny asks Jason why he did not tell him earlier. Jason protests that Sonny has been unreachable. Sonny says he’s so tired of hearing that excuse from everybody to go behind his back. Jason says he knows that Lorenzo is hiding behind family and using Skye’s pregnancy as an excuse. They cannot just sit and wait and blindly trust him. They have to take both Manny and Lorenzo out. But Sonny silences Jason by shouting no.

Sam comes by Kelly’s to spy upon Alexis and Ric. Alexis follows her out the door and tells her she is not angry but knows she’s obsessed about something and she is following her. Right then, Calry shows up and says how great it is that Alexis is with her daughter.

Elizabeth tells Emily that she knows Emily is in love with Sonny. She can hide from many people. But she and Lucky know Emily too well. That’s why Jason is acting “dangerous”. Emily tells Elizabeth that for the first time in her life, she is afraid of her brother.

Jason tells Sonny that they must know that Lorenzo wants their territory. They cannot trust him. They must know that he is working with Manny. But Sonny tells Jason that they are not going to have another war. Jason asks him why not. Sonny screams at Jason because he said so and he does not have to explain anything to him.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she appreciates his concern. But she does not think that she is the one he should be worried about.

At the carnival, Georgie takes Maxie and Dillon to find Diego and asks him to confirm to them what they were talking about. Diego confirms that she asked him to have no more contact with her and realize they cannot be friends anymore because she is in love with her husband. He asks Dillon and Maxie if they are happy now. Right then, Diego gets a call from his father. At that very moment, the clown is hiding behind the bushes aiming his gun. Lorenzo tells his son he cannot wait. He is in great danger and must get out of the carnival immediately. Right then, the clown fires a shot and everybody gets down on the ground. Diego drops his cell phone and cannot respond to his father. Right then, Lucky, Jesse and Diego are all on the ground, unconscious.

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