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General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/28/06


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Lulu goes to see Nikolas to ask him if he can help prevent her father from losing everything. She knows that Tracy is ready to pay off the back taxes that Luke owes and take the Haunted Star from him. She tells him if he cannot do that for Luke, realizing that Luke treats Nikolas like dirt, he can do it for her. She tells Nikolas that her father may not be concerned about abandoning her. He’s done it so many times before. But she believes that Nikolas might have power of persuasion over Luke.

Lucky is happy to have won the money at the casino the previous night. But Elizabeth informs him that after she paid off their bills with the winning, they have nothing left. He tells her they may be coming into more money soon. She asks him why he’d believe that. He points to Manny mopping the floor down the hallway. She asks how Manny can enable them to get rich. He explains to her if he puts Manny away, he can get a promotion with the police department. She asks how that’s going to happen. A judge and jury already acquitted him and determined that he’s changed. But he tells her that he happens to know about Lorenzo Alcazar’s secret computer chip that has evidence that Manny is just as dangerous as he was before the surgery. He knows that Lorenzo has the key to Manny’s ankle bracelet. She tells him that messing with both Lorenzo and Manny could be very dangerous and not worth it just to get some money. He tells her that it’s not just about the money. He wants to keep her safe from having to be anywhere around Manny.

Sam is obsessing about Alexis.

Alexis and Ric want to open up an office at the metro court. But Carly overhears their conversation and tells them there’s no way that’s happening. She will never forgive them for setting Manny free. She remembers Ric kidnapping and chaining her to a wall. And Alexis is a hypocrite to tell Carly she cannot go hear her precious daughter. She tells Alexis she is a lousy mother and must have her own skeletons in the closet to be judging Carly. When she notices Alexis’ response to that, she can see that she’s hit a nerve with her. Alexis and Ric protest that Jax will let them rent the office space. But Carly reminds them she owns half and won’t let that happen.

Elizabeth goes to see Jason. She informs him that Lucky has discovered that Lorenzo Alcazar has the key to Manny’s ankle monitor. Hearing that, Jason tells her that does not surprise him but he’s had no way of proving that. He asks her what she wants him to do with that.

Sam goes to study at Kelly’s. Kristina walks in and greets Mike and says hi to Sam. At that point, Sam gets up, collects her books and walks out. But she forgets to pick up one of the books. Not far away, Diego tells Georgie that he wants her to be happy and does not want to complicate her life. He won’t tell Dillon anything she does not want him to know. But he tells her that thinking about her was the only thing that kept him gong in while he was in prison. She was his life line. She tells him that he must know that he’s free now and Dillon would never accept the two o them being friends. Right then, Maxie enters and reminds Georgie that every time she is not around Dillon, she finds Diego. Georgie reminds Maxie that she cannot help running into Diego. He has no choice but to live and work there. Maxie reminds her that she realizes Dillon has no choice because his witch of a mother forced his hand to move out. But Diego has a choice and could always live with his rich daddy.

Right when Lorenzo and Skye are kissing and acting all cozy in his home, Manny walks in and interrupts them.

Elizabeth informs Jason that Lucky has a theory about how to find out what Manny is up to with Alcazar, he can get him off the street and keep her safe. She needs Jason’s help because she’s afraid if Lucky goes through with his plan alone, he will just end up getting into more trouble.

At the metro court, Alexis talks to Jax and tells him that she and Ric would like to rent an office at his hotel. He tells her it’s totally cool with him. But she informs him that she knows he works with Carly and has more than a “business” relationship with her. Carly dislikes her and Ric and does not want to let them have the office space. So, she informs Jax, he will have to choose between herself and Carly. She stands next to Carly. Jax finds that he cannot make a choice. Carly admits she is very confident that he may very well not side with Alexis.

Jesse walks into Kelly’s and informs Georgie, Maxie and Diego that he has to put Diego into protective custody. Georgie tells him it’s absurd that he wants to arrest Diego. He hasn’t done anything. Jesse explains that he is not arresting Diego for anything Diego has done. He has to put him in protective custody because some guys tried to kill him by running him down in their car.

At Lorenzo’s, Skye asks Lorenzo what Manny is doing in his home. Lorenzo does not have an answer as to why Manny is there. She leaves and Lorenzo walks in to see Manny making himself at home in Lorenzo’s living room and observing the baby crib. Lorenzo asks Manny what he thinks he’s doing in his home. Manny informs Lorenzo that he knows that Lucky is onto their scheme.

When Alexis observes that Jax cannot make a decision between herself and Carly, she informs him that Nikolas told her that Jax and Carly are sleeping together. Alexis urges Jax to please tell her that Nikolas was hallucinating with what he saw. Jax says nothing and Carly gloats.

Lulu goes to see her hungover and oblivious father. She tells him she knows that Tracy is about to take everything from him and he must do something.

Diego informs Jesse and maxie that the driver missed him. Georgie informs them that that may be. But they aimed at him and intended to kill him. He pushed her out of the way and saved her life. And if he had not done that in time, they’d both be dead. Jesse assures Diego that he does not intend to falsely accuse him of anything. But he needs to go to the station and file a report. Diego tells Jesse he can do that under one condition; that Georgie stays out of it.

Alexis tells Jax that she realizes he is emotionally devastated what with losing Courtney and having to raise the baby alone. She forgives him for being desperate but hopes that he will realize that he is completely out of his mind if he is remotely considering having a relationship with Carly.

Diego goes to see his father and tells him that the cops want to question him about the guys who tried to kill him and he wonders what he is supposed to do. He wants to know what is going on and doesn’t intend to implicate his father. Lorenzo doesn’t tell his son exactly what is going on with what happened to him. But he tells him he will accompany him to the station. He tells Diego that he merely wants to protect him and Skye and knows what he is doing.

Tracy walks into the Haunted Star and tells Luke and Lulu that the jig is up and she’s going to take everything. At that point, Luke pulls out his shotgun.

Alexis tells Jax she cannot believe that he’d choose sex over friendship. He tells her he cannot play referee every time she runs into Carly and they get into a brawl, which is bound to happen if they work in the same building. He tells her it’s bad for business and she must find another office. Alexis and Ric go out the door. Alone with Calry, Jax tells her he does not appreciate being backed into a corner and forced to choose. He would prefer, in the future, if she simply asks him what his choice is instead of doing things the way she did. She then tells him she understands and tells him she wants to ask him to have dinner.

Jason goes to Sonny’s, on the warpath again. Max tells Jason he has not seen or heard from Sonny. Jason tells Max he better not be lying to him. Right then, Lorenzo enters and says he needs to find Sonny also. Jason informs him that Sonny is supposedly out. Lorenzo tells Jason that is fine. He should probably discuss this with Jason before he talks to Sonny.

When Sam returns home, she gets a call from Mike informing her that she left one of her books at Kelly’s. She thanks him and goes out the door but leaves the door open.

Luke goes to Nikolas’ home. His butler asks him if he’s a family member of Nikolas. Luke tells Nikolas that he could bail him out of his debt. At first he tells Nikolas he will only offer Nikolas 30% while he gets 70%. Nikolas talks him down to 50/50. Luke concludes that that is fair. But he will retain all ownership rites. And they both agree that this is for Lulu.

At Sonny’s, Lorenzo informs Jason that he is expecting a child with Skye. He does not want Skye or either of his kids in danger. So he has the same interest Jason has to get rid of Manny. And he swears on his children’s lives that he will back off from Jason and Sonny if Jason helps him put Manny away. He concedes to Jason that he knows Jason is the sensible one who listens and is more willing and able to reason than Sonny. So he’s asking Jason to talk to Sonny about working together to put Manny away. Jason replies to Lorenzo that Sonny makes his own decisions and he cannot promise to persuade Sonny to do anything.

Manny is back at the hospital working and informing another guy that he knows what is up with the plan to nail him.

At Kelly’s, Maxie tells Jesse he must do something in order to keep Diego away from her sister. Sam talks to Mike, knowing he’s observed her law books. She informs him that she plans to finish school and consider law school. He asks her what would cause her to make this career change. Hearing that, she’s not certain how to answer that question.

Right then, Carly enters Sam and Jason’s open apartment, realizing they cannot get angry at her for entering without knocking because the door is open. She notices they are both out but she goes to discover the file that Sam has left on the table that confirms that Alexis had a baby daughter that she gave up for adoption 25 years ago.

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