GH Update Monday 3/27/06

General Hospital Update Monday 3/27/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At Luke’s opening party at The Haunted Star, Skye is getting ready to leave. She goes to get her coat and Tracy stands in her way. Tracy won’t let Skye past her and they get into a struggle. At that point, Skye falls. Lorenzo comes and notices what has happened. He tells Tracy if anything happens to their baby, she is in trouble. Luke looks equally protective of Skye.

Jax and Carly return home and go at it.

Ric goes to Sam and Jason’s. Sam asks Ric how he can do it. Does he live with blinders on that make him incapable of seeing what his wife really is?. Ric tells Sam that she must realize that Alexis did not kill her baby. Sam tells Ric that giving birth does not make anybody a mother. If somebody has no consideration for anybody except themselves, then they do not deserve to have children or make any excuses for themselves. Hearing her say that, Ric asks Sam what is up. It sounds like she wants to punish Alexis for being a mother.

Jason goes to Sonny’s. But before he can get inside, he sees through the glass door that Sonny and Emily are lying together and kissing. He moves away but is obviously not going to accept what he has just seen. Sonny tells Emily he does not want to rush and intends to take their time. They then join hands and go upstairs.

Ric tells Sam that the doctors were very clear. What happened to her pregnancy had nothing to do with Alexis. Sam tells Ric that she knows all too well that nothing is ever the fault of the saintly Alexis Davis. She can take all the stem cells and let homicidal freaks like Manny Ruiz run free and terrorize society. Hearing that, Ric asks Sam just what her hatred of Alexis is all about. He indicates to her that he wishes she’d get over it. It’s causing a problem in regard to his relationship with his brother. Hearing that, Sam tells Ric that he cannot use Sonny or anybody else as an excuse. He has no clue what it means for her to be connected to her family or about her mother. Ric still has no clue what she means by “her mother”.

Noah is in a hospital room, very sick. Robin tells Patrick that he must realize that his father’s condition is critical. He’s being very immature. He needs to stop acting like a disappointed son and start acting like a doctor.

At the Haunted Star, Dr. Lee tells Skye and Lorenzo that she can go to the hospital with them and run an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. They go with her. Luke comes to see if Skye is all right. She tells him she “appreciates” his concern. But Lorenzo is taking excellent care of her. After they are gone, Tracy approaches her “husband” and asks why he’s so concerned about Skye. Luke asks his “wife” if she intended for Skye to take that tumble.

Jax and Carly have a conversation after their encounter in bed, about how they’d have never expected to hook up. They both agree that Sonny would have gotten very upset if she’d been with Jax a while back and Sonny still might not be ok with it. He asks her if what this is about is for her to get revenge upon Sonny. She asks him what he thinks.

Tracy tells Luke that Skye fell by accident. She was clumsy. She reminds Luke that he does not need to care about Skye. She has Lorenzo. Luke asks Tracy if she has any appreciation for his jumping in to defend his wife. She angrily tells him that she does not buy anything he says or does. She tells him they can end it all of he gives her the money. Luke, then goes to find Alexis who is with Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky. He tells them they must stay and gamble and he might need Alexis’ brilliant legal mind.

Patrick goes to see his father telling him about all the terrible things that will happen to him once his liver starts failing. After hearing him go through all the morbid details, Robin tells Patrick he must stop. Patrick tells Robin that he is only giving the “patient” the prognosis of having liver failure. Noah still wants to ignore his son and not care about his medical condition that doesn’t have to happen. Robin asks Noah how he can abandon his own son.

Jax admits to Carly that he was so well aware of her bad side that he could not see the good. She tells him she knows he throws his money away like it’s all a game. He married Alexis for a reason she will never be able to figure out. He made a bet with Courtney just to get her into bed. He then tells her that he has re-evaluated many of the assumptions he’s made of himself and others, especially her.

Sonny tells Emily he’s so glad she’s there. She tells him she wouldn’t be anywhere else. She admits to Lucky and Elizabeth that she had to leave the party in order to study for a lab exam. He implies to her that he’s afraid he’s gotten her into trouble. She asks him if he believes he’s “made her break her curfew”. He admits he may have come across that way. She tells him he may not have noticed but she is a grown woman. She comes and goes as she pleases. He tells her in that case, he’d like her to spend the night. She agrees to that and says that waking up in his arms would be like heaven

Sam admits to Ric that she has good reason to hate Alexis. Alexis has earned it. She will keep hating her until the day she dies. And if he defends Alexis, she hates him along with her. Hearing that, He asks her if she also hates Kristina. Does she remember Kristina? The little girl who’s life her baby’s stem cells saved? She tells him she’s made all the sacrifices she’s going to make for Kristina and she demands he gets out of her house and yells at him. At that point, Jason enters, pushes Ric to the ground and proceeds to punch him with intent to kill him. Sam then, pulls Jason off Ric and urges him to stop. Jason is obviously angry at something else and taking it out on Ric.

At the hospital, Skye returns and informs Lorenzo that the doctors have told her that the baby is fine. He tells her he apologizes for behaving like an overprotective husband. She tells him she is the one who should be apologizing. She had to antagonize Tracy when she should have just been happy to be with him. Hearing that, he asks her if she was antagonizing Tracy because she still has feelings for Luke.

Alexis tells Luke that she is a bit reluctant about representing him. He shouldn’t be so concerned about his livelihood since he’s married to one of the wealthiest women there is. He tells her that’s just the problem. Tracy could ruin him. She suggests that maybe he should get Justus to represent him. But he tells her no. Since he’s Tracy’s relative, it’s a conflict of interests. She tells him perhaps he can try the yellow pages. He tells her she must help him or else Tracy can cut him off at the you-know-what.

Not far away, Justus and Lanie are ready to gamble and have fun.

Alexis tells Luke that unfortunately he has no case. He and Tray have no community property and she does have the legal right to collect the $50 million from him. OR she could take the Haunted Star and his you-know-what in lieu of payment. Right then, Tracy overhears their conversation and gloats to Luke that she told him so. So he better pay up. And right then, it looks like Lucky has made a big win. Luke knows that could mean Tracy can take all his wealth from him

Patrick tells Robin that he’s given up on his father because he’s given up on himself. He won’t even take his pain medication and wants to die. Robin tells Patrick that she knows he told her that if she was the patient he lost, he’d never be able to forgive himself and she’ be the patient who’d haunt him. Hearing that, he tells her that was just something the may have said out of exhaustion during the epidemic. She concludes to him that maybe he needs to realize that if he lets his father die, then his father will haunt him.

Carly tells Jax that she doesn’t want her boys to know she’s with him. She’s not concerned with what Sonny thinks. But she wants her boys to be able to be kids, be carefree and not have to worry what’s going on between the adults. He tells her he agrees to give new meaning to the word discreet

At Jason and Sam’s, she tells him that he overreacted when he heard her arguing with Ric. Jason protests that he saw Ric put his hands on her and now Ric will know not to do it again. Jason is pacing and drinking. Sam tells Jason she’s never seen him so angry and knows there is something going on with him that has nothing to do with Ric. Something must have happened at Sonny’s. He admits to her that he saw Sonny and Emily together. He knew they were lying. But now he’s seen it with his own eyes.

Right when Sonny and Emily are in the bedroom having their private moment, they hear Ric demanding that Max lets him in although Max tells him Sonny cannot be disturbed.

Carly tells Jax that she is enjoying her freedom. She’s not looking to fall in love. But she does want to help him with little John and he’s great in bed. She thanks him for a good time and leaves his apartment.

Noah notices his son with a drug and asks him what that is. Patrick replies that it’s enough tranquilizers to stop his heart.

Skye admits to Lorenzo that she’s always known that she and Luke are completely different. So, no; she is not doing anything anymore to get Luke’s attention. He tells her he believes her. But he’s a little concerned about how she lives so close to Luke and Tracy and runs into them so frequently. And he’d prefer that she’d move in with him.

At the Haunted Star, Elizabeth tells Lucky that he might have to give up the money. Luke then approaches his son and tells him he refuses to profit on the poorest cop in Port Charles. Lucky may keep the money on the house and spend it on his beautiful wife. Right then, Tracy comes and gloats to Luke that he might be getting desperate.

Ric goes and tells Sonny that he had a misunderstanding with Jason and Sam where Jason walked in on an argument he was having with Sam and tried to kill him. Sonny reminds Ric if Jason thought he was going to hurt Sam, then maybe Ric is lucky he’s still breathing. Ric asks Sonny what he would have done if Jason had killed him tonight over a misunderstanding. Sonny tells Ric that he apologizes for Jason and will go and talk to him. Ric tells Sonny that he could go and press criminal charges against Jason for assault. Sonny needs to know that Jason is way out of control and do something about it.

Jason explains to Sam that he went to Sonny’s and saw him and Emily in bed together. And it devastated him. He tells her that years ago when he saw Sonny with Carly, it affected him. But he got past it. It wasn’t easy. But he found a way to get over it and accept it. He never asked Sonny to give up Carly. But he must draw the line if his little sister is in danger. He has always trusted Sonny. Always believed he was a man of integrity and loyalty. But he’s lied. He is with Jason’s little sister behind Jason’s back. And from here on out, he owes Sonny nothing.

Patrick tells his father that if he gives him the tranquilizers then his father won’t have to face the public embarrassment of people knowing that the brilliant Dr. Drake ruined his life. He will be able to go out the easy way like a coward.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny knows that he’s bad for Emily. But he goes ahead doing whatever he pleases and he lies about it. Sam tells Jason that maybe they need to go away together and de-stress. He tells her that now is not a good time to leave. He needs to keep an eye on Alcazar and on Manny for Sonny. And if he leaves, then he’s afraid that Emily will be in worse danger.

Sonny tells Ric that he will make certain that Jason does not endanger him. Ric asks Sonny if he has any idea what this “thing” is with Sam in regard to Alexis. Sam seems to be obsessed about Alexis doing something terrible and she wants to make Alexis suffer for the rest of her life. Sonny tells Ric that maybe he and Alexis need to stay away from Sam and Jason. Sonny tells Ric he appreciates him coming by and expressing his concerns and he’s sorry for what happened. He shows him to the door. Emily comes down stairs and confirms that she heard everything. They both know very well the reason why Jason threatened Ric’s life and what he might be capable of doing.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that his “tactics” with his father were completely unorthodox and unprofessional.

Ric returns to Alexis at the Haunted Star. She’s concerned about the injury on his face. He tells her it was just a misunderstanding. Sonny will handle it. It’s nothing to worry about.

Luke goes to the gambling table. Both Tracy and Nikolas tell Luke he should maybe shut down the Casino since he owes both Tracy and the Cassadines the money he took from them. He tells them that he will pitch and toss and see who wins. After the wheel spins, he determines that he wins, the Haunted Star will stay open and both Mr. Cassadine and Mrs. Spencer have lost. Tracy then walks away. He tells her she need not worry. As long as the place is open, she will always have a job. She tells him she refuses to put up with his stunts and “work” for him. She’s going to take what is rightfully hers and he will be working for her.

Jax goes to see little John and holds him as he sits in a rocking chair. He tells his infant son that he and Carly are getting closer. He used to really not care for her. He now realizes he’s doing something very similar with the baby to what she was doing, in the best interest of her child when Michael was a baby. He admits that he’s now seeing Carly in a whole new light. And he tells little John he likes Carly.

Carly is alone in her home after Jax has left. Morgan comes down the stairs. She tells her young son he better come down and give her a big hug. She tells him that the one thing she likes about living here is that her boys are with her. That makes it all worth it. She’s made a lot of mistakes. But she’s very happy about the situation now. She’s going to make it all better.

Sonny admits to Emily that the situation with Jason is not good. But they will deal with it. She tells him he cannot minimize how serious it is. Jason will stop at nothing to protect anybody he loves. What he did to Ric tonight in regard to Sam is an example of that. And she’s very worried what he will do when he finds out the two of them are lying to him.

Right then, Jason is sleeping next to Sam and having the reoccurring nightmare where he walks into Sonny’s, enters his room to hear Sonny hurting Emily and he pulls his gun to shoot Sonny. He awakens and Sam asks him what is wrong.

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