GH Update Wednesday 3/22/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/22/06


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Skye approaches Luke at the soon-to-be remodeled Haunted Star. She tells him that he always did clean up well. She notices the nude picture and tells him although she disapproves, he can do whatever he wants. She then reminds him that she has an hour of her time to tell her whatever is on his mind. She reveals to him that she got a call from “some guy” asking her to come and attempt to “help” him. Right then, Luke knows who was behind that. He then demands that his daughter comes out of hiding.

Georgie is alone and reading one of the letters that Diego sent her from prison where he tells her how unpleasant it is to live there and how thoughts of her are the only things that keep him going and how grateful he’d be if he had a girlfriend like her. Right then, Dillon walks in and seems to know that she is hiding something.

Jax is at the hospital making business calls when he notices Carly holding the tiny baby.

Jason goes out alone to Sonny’s. He calls for Max and notices the place is empty and the door is open. He notices furniture thrown and smashed. He also views the family portrait smashed. He gets his gun and goes up to Sonny’s bedroom, afraid of the worst. Right then, he awakens from his nightmare on the couch. Sam rushes to him and assures him that he was only having a bad dream and it was not real. But he tells her he fears that it was.

Luke asks Lulu what she thinks she’s doing by wasting Skye’s time as well as his by dragging Skye down there. Lulu pretends she does not know what her father is talking about. She asks Skye if she heard from a female. Skye admits it was a guy named Gerald. Luke asks Lulu how much she paid him. Lulu admits not enough for him to be effective. Lulu protests that her dad and Skye must realize that they love each other. They both deny it. She then apologizes that she butted into their business and attempted to get two people who are in love to admit it and even sorrier that they won’t realize they have another chance. She then leaves and Luke tells Skye she can start apologizing any time.

Dillon tells Georgie that he really has a problem that her grades are slipping and her ambition is going down the drain. She wants to drop out of school, live in a shack above a seedy restaurant and sling slop for lousy pay. And its disgraceful that she got a B. It will ruin her GPA.

At the hospital, Carly and Jax are with baby John. She remarks that the doctors are so amazed by how strong the baby is becoming so quickly. She then leaves and Jax holds his “son”. He privately tells baby John that his mom would be so proud of him. He’s a fighter. He knows he’s not his biological father. Things happen that we have no control over. But he promises the baby he will be his father in every way that counts.

Sam asks Jason why he slept on the couch when he came home. He tells her he did not want to disturb her. He admits to her that he went to the church. After talking to Emily, he needed somewhere quiet to go and think. And he saw Sonny. They were very surprised to see each other. Sonny thought Jason was following him. She asks if perhaps Sonny went there to pray. He tells her he believes that Sonny went to confess. She tells him maybe he and Sonny are making too much of this thing with Emily. He tells her he knows that Sonny was really weirded out to find out that Alexis is Sam’s mother. He needs to get over that and realize that it’s not his past he needs to confess about. It’s the present, with Emily.

Dillon tells Georgie that this is a worthless way to live. They never have any time together or any money. What’s more, there’s a murderer living down the hallway, as well as a convicted pervert in the next room. So on top of it all, he has to worry if she’s safe. Georgie tells Dillon that if they love each other, nothing else should matter. And she wishes he would take her B the way anybody else would take another person’s B and be happy for her. He tells her he cannot. Because he is her husband and believes she can and should have better in her life.

At the police station, Maxie tells Diego that for Georgie’s sake, he needs to tell Jesse everything he knows about those guys who tried to beat him up. If he cares about Georgie and something were to happen to her because she was stupid enough to be his friend, she knows he’d never forgive himself. She leaves and Jesse asks Diego again, if what happened to him on the pier had anything to do with the guy he ratted out in prison.

Lanie and Lucas are in the interrogation room. She says she’s going to administer a test for him and for Frank. He tells her that he’s concerned if she were to talk to Frank, that she must know that he is a manipulator and a liar. He seems like he does not trust her to help him. She goes out and runs into Justus. She tells him she’s in the middle of an evaluation. She then goes to meet Frank and introduces herself as his court appointed psychiatrist. She notices he has an attitude and asks him if there is a problem. He says she can bet there is. He doesn’t want to speak to “one of her”.

Luke tells Skye that she has made his daughter a hopeless romantic. She asks how she could influence Lulu. Young girls can do that all on their own. He tells her that he knows his daughter is level headed. At least she was until Skye started confusing her. Skye tells him if that is true, then they both had a hand in it. She tells him that maybe he should realize that his daughter just wants him to be happy. But she’s certain that Lulu will eventually realize that she made a mistake in assuming that Luke would be happy with Skye. She’ll see that they would only make each other miserable and understand that Skye and Lorenzo were meant to be and that Luke is fine without Skye. Luke then tells Skye that there is just one problem with her theory. He’s not fine without her. She then tells him that he’s in shock. He never thought he’d ever end up “second” in her life. But he’ll get over it. And she tells him that he should be patient with Lulu. She did not “trick” them. She just wanted her father to be happy. She tells Luke he should try not to sabotage his relationship with his daughter also.

An attendant at the hospital can tell that Patrick has a lot on his mind. She tells him that he must know that his father is MIA and back on the sauce. He asks her if she was on shift or saw his father earlier today. She says she did not see him. He tells her he’s going to find his father. She suggests if he does, that he shows him a little compassion and patience. He tells her the next time he wants advice from her on his personal life, he’ll ask for it.

Carly and Jax are in the nursery with the baby. He tells her he owes her so much for helping with the baby. He tells her were it not for her, his son wouldn’t be alive. Hearing that, she tells him he should not give her that much credit but he may knock himself out if he wants. He tells her that he is serious. She refused to give up on the baby. He tells her she not only gave the baby his life back. She gave Jax his life back also.

Jason tells Sam that he cannot deal with the fact that both Sonny and Emily are lying to his face. Sam tells him that it’s not easy for them either. They fell in love. And feelings cannot be dictated or controlled. And maybe they are lying to Jason because he left them no choice. Right then, Jason’s phone rings. He tells Sam that he has to go somewhere. Sonny has lied again. And now Michael is caught in the middle.

After hearing Frank’s problem with “her kind”, Lanie asks him if he’s referring to psychiatrists in general, African Americans, or all women. He tells her two out of three aren’t bad. She tells him this is not open for debate. She tells him this is a psyche evaluation and asks him if he’s going to cooperate or not. He tells her there is no way he’s going to bare his soul to some black bitch. He tells her that they must send him a man next time. A white one. She goes out the door and Justus is standing outside to hear the conversation.

Georgie is gathering Diego’s letters, stuffing them in a suitcase and not knowing whether to destroy them or keep them. Maxie enters and Georgie confesses to her sister that she is “living a double life”. She knows that Dillon is her husband and all. She’s ready to talk about their recent argument but she’s not about to tell Maxie what is really going on. Maxie then stops Georgie and asks her to talk about Diego.

Manny is right then in a car with a guy plotting a plan.

Patrick informs Jax and Carly that he cannot find his father or Emily.

Jason then goes to meet Michael who informs him that he missed a field trip. He could not go without a permission slip from his parents. Both Sonny and Carly thought the other had signed it. Michael informs Jason it’s not the field trip he’s concerned about. He’s tried and failed to find his dad at all of his numbers. He asks Jason if he thinks Sonny has left town again.

Luke tells Lulu about a teenage boy he knows who is a complete mess, has a worthless life and has no ambitions except for gambling. He tells her that the boy will pick her up in a few minutes. Hearing that, Lulu concludes that she knows he is just saying that so she will know what it’s like for him to have him play match-maker and interfere in his love life. She tells her father that she does not believe that his relationship with Skye was a mistake. When she first met Skye, she admits that she did not think well of her. But Skye made a believer out of her. She is perfect for Luke. Luke tells his daughter not anymore. Lulu asks her father why he’s rolling over for this creep, Alcazar. He asks her why she cannot let that go. She tells him she believes that he and Skye were meant for each other.

Frank notices Justus and says it’s obvious to him that Lanie would be “with her own kind”. At first Justus ignores him. But then Frank tells Justus he thought for certain that Lanie would be sleeping with some white guy. At that point, Justus is ready to attack him until Jesse and another cop physically restrain him. Justus demands that they get Frank out of there or he will kill him himself. Jesse then asks Frank what happened. Frank tells Jesse that that man attacked him and he must be arrested. Jesses then says he will file a full report. Frank may count on it.

Georgie tells Maxie that she is getting really tired of her painting Georgie’s friendship with Diego as something else. Maxie asks Georgie why she would even have a friendship with him. Georgie tells Maxie she must realize that Diego has been through hell. He wants and needs a friend. And there is nothing wrong with that. Maxie tells Georgie she must realize that Diego sees her as more than a friend. Georgie tells Maxie that is absurd. He knows she’s married to Dillon. Maxie tells Georgie that she needs to make it really clear to Diego that she is not “available” to him in the way he wants.

Jax informs Carly that he found out that Michael had to miss a field trip because neither she nor Sonny signed a permission slip. He could not get a hold of either one of them and had to contact Jason. She then tells him she has to go and runs out the door.

Justus tells Lanie that Frank is a known gay basher. It’s not hard to believe that he is racist. She tells him that it wasn’t long ago, that somebody like him was the rule and not the exception. She admits to him that she’s been used to not hearing that type of behavior for a long time. He tells her that his real father was a civil rights activist. And when he hears racial slurs like that, it just freaks him out. She asks him if that was the reason he was about to take Frank’s head off. He tells her the reason for that was because Frank hurt her.

Dillon goes to find Luke drinking. They get into a conversation about Luke’s dad. Luke informs Dillon that his father was a world-class bastard. Dillon asks Luke if his dad was at least around. Luke confirms that he was around to kick anybody’s butt until he got drunk and passed out. Then he’d sleep on the floor until he woke up and started his sick behaviors all over again. Dillon asks Luke if that is the reason he(Luke) didn’t want to have kids. Luke admits that he never wanted kids. But his wife had other ideas. She saw things that nobody else did. She called it potential. And Luke did not argue with her. So they had Lucky. He was Luke’s best friend and the smartest kid he’d ever known. Then they had Lulu. At first it was ok. She was so much like her mother. She was emotional, high-strung, high-maintenance and all. But when her mother went away, he could not look at Lulu anymore. It was too painful. He had nothing to offer her. So he could not keep her living with him. He had to protect her form her father.

Right then, Jason meets Bennie’s brother, Bernie, who will be their new accountant. Jason asks Bernie to liquidate all accounts the way he wants. The man says he thought that only Mr. Corinthos could make such decisions. Jason tells the guy that when Mr. Corinthos is in dispose, he must take orders from Jason. Max is standing and witnessing the conversation. Right then, Carly rushes in and tells Jason he must wait. She attempts to talk to Bennie but Max shows him to the door before she can

Luke asks Dillon what he can do for him. Dillon tells him he needs a job. Luke says he thought Dillon had a job. Dillon tells Luke he wouldn’t mind bartending at the Haunted Star.. Luke tells Dillon that he knows Dillon is not yet 21. Dillon tells Luke that he didn’t think Luke would be opposed to a fake ID. Luke says he could arrange to have Dillon work there if it did not get him into trouble. He then tells Dillon that maybe he could use his help. He could use a friend for Lulu. She has too much time on her hands. Enough time to get into his business. And maybe Dillon could offer her an alternative.

Right then, Lulu walks into Dillon and Georgie’s empty room and discovers hidden letters that Diego wrote to Georgie.

Georgie then goes to meet Diego. She tells him that it will not work for them to be “seeing each other” like this. She apologizes if she gave him the wrong impression and tells him that she loves her husband. Right then, it looks like somebody (probably the guy in the car with Manny) is ready to run his car into them and mow them down.

At Sonny’s, Max tells Bennie if Carly ever asks him for anything, he must make sure he calls Sonny or Jason first.

Jason tells Carly that he does not appreciate Sonny and Emily lying to him. And he knows that she is keeping the secret for them. Carly then tells him that there are some questions that you just do not ask.

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